Top Ways to Make Money Online (for a Full-Time-Income!)

Online earning opportunities seem endless once you learn where to look.  But for a full-time income, you have to strategize, and put a little more work into it. Once you do, you’ll find it is quite easy to earn a full-time income for doing part-time work.

All of the methods on this list are simple, do-it-yourself startups that you can do right there from your computer.  And most require zero investment (other than your time).  Follow the links below to get detailed instructions on how to get started.

The 10 TOP Ways to Make Money Online.. (For a Full-Time Income)

Taking surveys online is a best-kept secret of being one of the top ways to earn money online.

Paid surveys

Most people think that survey-money is small potatoes, but you really can make a significant amount each month.  With an hour or two each day spent on surveys alone, it is easy to bring in about $500 a month or more.  I had to learn the hard way what my survey-time is actually worth.  I started out thinking that what I was being paid was average.  Until I found this good set of survey companies that really pay well.  You get the advantage of jumping right in with the best.

The survey sites on this list are definitely worth your valuable time.  They pay well, and they pay every time.

The ones on this list of the highest-paying survey sites should get your undivided attention.

Affiliate marketing

Earning money online almost doesn't get any easier. Most businesses online have affiliate programs, making this one of the top ways to earn.

Affiliate marketing is commission-based referrals.  It is simple to sign up with a company, Amazon, for example, and tell other people about one or more specific products for sale on their site.  If you post a link on your facebook page, to a Kindle on, and one of your facebook friends clicks on that link, and buys something—anything at all—you’ll get a commission.  Cash straight to you.  Most websites online today offer an affiliate program today.  If you sign up with this free survey site called FusionCash, and post one of their links, you’ll get $1 for every person who signs up for free, even if they don’t do anything else.

You can do your affiliate marketing in a lot of places without having your own website.  You can post your affiliate links in places like your social media accounts, other people’s blogs, YouTube videos, forums, and free blog sites like Google Blogger.

Find out more about affiliate marketing.


Blogging is time consuming, but it is one of the top ways to make money online. Plus it's fun!

Start a Blog /Website

Many people are earning a full-time income by blogging.  This is so much easier than you ever imagined.  You can even test out your own blog with everything included, for free, just to see if you like it before you buy your own domain name (which is still only $10 a year!).

Get the full details here about how to make money with a blog.

Join a Co-opJoining a co-op like Wealthy Affiliate is the top way I earn my money online.

There are some top co-op sites online that you pay a monthly fee (usually) to join and remain a member.  With your membership, you are trained to promote the same membership to other people, and you get a hefty commission each time someone else joins.  Most of these aren’t exactly cheap, but this is definitely the area to get into for larger chunks of daily income.

You also need to be very careful with who you choose to sign up with, as there are a lot of scam sites that take your money and give you nothing in return. Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation.  Unlike most others, there is actually a fantastic service included. This site teaches you how to run a successful business on your own, and pays you referral commissions while you learn.  It quickly starts to pay for itself.


Microtasking is available to almost anyone, which makes this the easiest of the top ways to make money online.

Microtasking is also referred to as “Turking”, or grinding many tiny jobs for tiny payments. Businesses or employers who need a lot of work done can go to a crowdsource site, where thousands of workers are available and willing to do the job.  So instead of hiring one person to do a large job that would take him two weeks to finish, they pay 500 people small amounts to do a part of the job, and the job is done in two hours.  The amount paid to the worker is mostly based on the time it takes to do the job.  And most microtasks generally only take 30 seconds and up to a couple of minutes.

These tiny payments may seem incredibly insignificant, especially to someone checking out the site for the first time.  But after you get into the rhythm of Turking, it gets easier and you become more efficient at these little jobs.  And those tiny payments for tiny jobs add up quickly.  Turking full time can equal out to a full time job at about $8-$12 an hour, depending on your level of dedication.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is the most popular site for completing microtasks.  Find out more about Amazon’s MTurk here.  But if you want less competition working on the same tasks, check out these other microtasking options.

Because we all have access to Paypal and a little bit of extra stuff to sell, online selling is one of the top ways to make money online.


Sell on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, etc,.

Most of us have sold (or at least purchased) something on Ebay or Amazon.  They are both popular online marketplaces for average people to buy and sell their stuff.  Many, many people have made a business out of simple selling.  Even if you don’t have an actual product for sale, there is potential to sell almost anything on either site, and make a lot more than you probably think possible.

Learn how to sell on Ebay with these tips and tricks..  And use this guide to decide which selling platform is better for you—Ebay or Amazon.

Dropshipping is a full-scale business service, and one of the top ways to earn money online.

Start a dropshipping business..

A dropshipper is a manufacturer who sells you low levels of inventory at almost wholesale prices, and then ships them directly to the customer for you.  Just like any big retailer, you’ll get your resale product at a cost low enough to make a profit when you resell it.  But a dropshipper holds the product for you until you actually sell it, and then he ships it to the customer.  You don’t ever have to store inventory or package and ship what you sell.  This has the potential to be a lucrative business.  Get more details about how to get started with dropshippers here.

HD photos are in high demand to website publishers and bloggers everywhere, which makes this one of the best ways to earn money online.

Sell your photos online

There is a huge, huge demand for high quality photos!  And even that is an understatement.  With so many new websites and blogs going live every day, every minute, people need original images that portray whatever message they’re trying to get out.  You could take a close up of your backyard grass in HD and it would probably sell.  There are websites specifically for buying and selling photos that you can join and sell your own.  Start with any that you may already have, and see how it goes.

Find out which are the best places to sell your photos online.

Actual online employer/employee job..

An actual employer/employee job is one of the top ways to earn money online, and get benefits while you're at it.


There are employment opportunities available strictly online, with steady paychecks and even benefits.  Mostly, these include call center companies who hire people from home, train you online and set you up to answer calls for a scheduled number of hours each day.  Here’s a few good ones to get you started.

But you’ll find many other types of jobs if you actively look for them.  You can check with companies that you are familiar with for remote jobs, or search the online job search sites.  Hiring employees for remote positions is a new epidemic that is seriously growing in popularity.


One of the most popular top ways to earn money online is to be a virtual assistant to companies and bloggers who need you.

Be a virtual assistant

You can literally sell your talents, such as writing, typing, proofreading, and translating, at an hourly rate.  There are sites specifically setup for you to post your “resume”, while employers, bloggers, and just average people like you who need help, search through these resumes to find someone to help them do simple little tasks for them.  When you’re hired, your payment comes out of their account, and then you’re paid by the website.  If you have some strong skills behind your computer, you can really stand out on some of these sites, and earn well over what you would at an average full-time job.  A lot of people have gone on to start their own website with steady customers and a steady $40-$60,000 yearly income.  You don’t have to be an IT tech or programmer to make money this way.  Just offer your services, do a great job and get your hiring “customers” wanting to come back to you every time (and tell all their friends about you!).

Here’s what you need to know about becoming a virtual assistant, including the best sites where you absolutely must have your resume posted.

Pinecone Research Sign-up Invitation Link (US, UK, Canada, Germany)

Pinecone Research Sign-up link and detailed review to answer all of your Pinecone questions.

Pinecone Research Sign-up Invitation Links (For the US, UK, Canada, & Germany)

Pinecone Research Sign-up link is now available to US, UK and Canada. See if you qualify.

Pinecone Research is the most highly sought-after survey site where registration is on an invitation-only basis.  Right now Pinecone is accepting new members in the US, UK, Canada, and only recently added Germany to their list.

(Be sure to check the updated list below for any specific criteria that may be required for your country)


Pinecone Research surveys, earnings  and payment details

How does Pinecone Research Pay?

  • Check by mail

After you receive your first check payment, you will qualify for the Paypal option, at which point you will receive an email invitation to set you up for Paypal payments.

  • Paypal cash payments
  • Merchandise:  Accumulate your Pinecone points to buy stuff!

There’s an entire online mall of inventory you can purchase with your Pinecone points.

How much does Pinecone pay per survey?

For each survey you take through Pinecone, you’re paid:

  • US:   $3.00 (300 points)
  • UK:  £3 each (300 points)
  • Canada:  $5.00 each  (500 points)

Occasionally you will be offered an extensive survey requiring you to test certain products out personally.  In these cases, you are paid double!

Pinecone chooses users for at-home product testing.  Their choice seems random, but it is actually based on answers to the initial product survey.  When you’re chosen, you will be paid as usual for the initial survey.  A package shows up within days, usually via FEDEX, with specific instructions and a timeline included for testing out the product.  When you’ve adequately tested the product, a follow-up survey will become available to you, for which you will be paid your usual payment a second time.  Plus you get to keep the stuff (whether you liked it or not!)

More about Pinecone’s at-home product testing below.

What is Pinecone’s cashout minimum?

Pinecone allows you to cashout any earnings you have at any time, which would be a minimum of one survey’s worth of points.  So, it would be:

  • US:  $3.00 
  • UK:  £3 
  • Canada:  $5.00

How long does it take for Pinecone Research to pay?

  • Checks are mailed within days, and you will usually receive it within 10 days.
  • Paypal payments are sent within 24-48 hours, and usually received no later than the third day after it is requested.

How long are Pine Cone Surveys?

Each survey is about 10-15 minutes long.  Most follow the same exact format, so you eventually get to where you know what question is coming next and how long you’ve got left until the last question.

How many surveys does Pine Cone offer?

Not enough.  This is my only Pinecone Research complaint.  I’ve been a member for years, and at the most have received about 3 surveys per week.  But usually it’s one to two per week.

Non-paying Pine Cone Surveys..

Pinecone does send occasional non-paying questionairres they call “Household Questions”.  These are very short surveys with various questions about things you like and dislike.  The purpose of the Household questions is to prequalify you for other surveys.  Therefore, it is in your best interest to answer these as they come in, so you will be offered the paid surveys afterward.

Pinecone Research Best Feature:  Automatic Qualification

The real timesaver to Pinecone Research is that you are never disqualified for any surveys, ever!  If you get an invitation, you are automatically accepted once you click that link.  The only way you’ll ever be booted from a survey (from my past experience) is by not agreeing to be discreet about the survey products, or by answering “no” when you’re asked if you viewed the images correctly.  If your computer won’t allow you to see the image, you need to figure it out before answering no.  You don’t get a second chance to answer that question before you’re told, “That’s all the questions we have for you today”.


Need-to-Know: Here’s an excellent article every survey-earner MUST READ.  Finally we get valuable intel behind the surveys, and the secrets the market researcher DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW , including simple techniques (like updating your profile) that WILL double or even triple the rewards offered to you immediately!   Stop wasting your valuable time for pennies!

What if you exit a survey before it’s completed?

This is another awesome benefit of Pinecone Research—your answers are constantly saved.  No matter what happens, you can just click on the invite link from your email and get right back to where you left off!

How fast do you have to complete a Pinecone survey?

You’re usually given about 3 days to complete any survey, whether you’ve started it or not.  They send you a warning email if the survey is about to expire, telling you “Today is the last day you can complete this project”.

Occasionally, you will get Pinecone invitation emails that say right in the subject line:  “PROMPT RESPONSE REQUESTED!”  This usually means they need it completed that day.  I have attempted to take one of these within about 5 hours and was rejected with a message saying “this study is now closed”.  So take these immediately so you don’t miss out.

PineCone surveys participation required..

Each Pinecone member is continuously evaluated for participation.  If you repeatedly ignore the survey invitations sent to you, you will get a warning email from Pinecone telling you that you are at risk of losing your membership.  If you continue to not participate, your membership will be cancelled and you will not be accepted back.

Pinecone Research has a “Vacation” option under “Profile” page that you can choose if you’re going to be away or unable to answer surveys for a period of time.  I suggest you choose this option so you don’t lose your membership forever.

These Pinecone Research sign-up links will get you in the door, but you've got to keep up participation to remain a member.

Pinecone Research home consumer product testing..

Pinecone members who actively participate in the company’s surveys will be sent products to test at home.  Often these are new products that are not on the market yet.

You can’t really choose which products you’ll be sent, however you are asked if you would like to participate in home product testing during each survey.  In my personal experience with Pinecone, I am sent a product at home approximately once out of every eight-to-ten products I’m surveyed for.

These are sent by Fedex (in US), and show up within 2-3 days after the survey was completed.  It’s always a surprise when it shows up.. I’m never told for sure if a product will be sent to me or not.

You’re asked to try out the product within 7 days from receiving it, at which time you are sent a follow-up survey with an entirely different set of questions.  These are based on your experience with the product, whatever it may be.  If it was food, for example, you’re asked things like, “Did you follow cooking instructions?”, and “Was it creamy enough?”, or “Was it cheesy enough?”.  They really dive into specifics about your opinion of the product.

Does Pinecone pay for home consumer product testing?

You are not paid for home product testing, but you are paid for the follow-up survey that comes after.  The follow-up survey lasts about 10-15 minutes and you are paid an amount equal to the original survey you took:

  • US:   $3.00
  • UK:     £3
  • Canada:  $5.00

Pinecone Research Sweepstakes entries..  

For each paid survey and Household Questions survey you complete, you are entered into the Pinecone sweepstakes. Ever other week, a drawing is held from Pinecone member entries, and the lucky winner gets $500.  This is a great incentive to participate in all surveys Pinecone sends you. They’re certainly worth your time..

Current PineCone Research Sign-up Invitation Links for the US, UK, Canada and Germany

But don’t forget to JOIN FAST! Pinecone’s spots never stay open for long!

Pinecone Research Sign-up Link for:

Pinecone US is only accepting certain groups at this time. To qualify in the US, one of the following three must apply to you..

  1. All US resident MALE AND FEMALE of ANY AGE are instantly accepted.
  2. All HISPANIC US residents, including all Male AND Female of any age.

As long as ONE of these three apply to you, you’re likely a shoe-in for automatic acceptance. US residents sigh up HERE

If you fit this criteria, sign up with UK Pinecone Research HERE

If you’re within this age group, sign up with Pinecone Research Canada HERE.

Canada Residents are specifically invited to join the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel, a comparable, well-paid survey website.  More about this below..

None of those links apply to you?  Did you know…?

 Pinecone Research is a direct product of the Nielsen Company..

As I’m sure you know already, Nielsen is a top leading global information and measurement company.  This is the Research Company that all other Research companies look to for the most valuable research information.  They do the main research that tells top-performing companies around the world what consumers want–what they watch, what they buy, how they shop..

Now, all of us online survey earners have been told time and time again that by simply taking surveys, that we are making a difference in the world, in our future. I don’t know about you, but most of my motivation is the rewards I get! But after choosing to join up with Nielsen when allowed the opportunity, I actually felt like my simple, often stupid or naive answers gave them valuable insight, in one way or another. I installed their software and kept it on my laptop till it went dead, about ten months.  The purpose of the software is so they can watch the shopping behavior of the general consumer, or even their target audience.  They process everything you do online-on the device you allowed them to watch, of course-to determine things like do you research your brands of fabric softener online before buying at the store? Which sites do you use for this?  Do you compare prices across multiple sites or in-store before purchase? How long do you research your desired items before committing and buying..  Things like that tell them a lot about their target customer.

And even better, Nielsen actually pays you for your valuable time!  They offer members like you and me cash rewards for participating in his game-changing research.

For monthly cash incentive, Nielsen asks you to install their software, which I can tell you from experience, is very “in-the-background”. Its like a VPN on your mobile device, which is usually so invasive that you have to disconnect it every time you need to stream a YouTube video!  But you honestly forget its on there after installation. Meanwhile, you’re earning cash for each month you keep it installed.  I believe it’s $10 for the each month its kept installed.  Also as long as you keep it installed and active, you are privileged with those top-dollar surveys based on your interests.  This is easy, easy cash for 2 minutes of installation time on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Aside from the Pinecone Research sign-up link, you can also join Pinecone's home company, Nielsen, and earn more.

Get started today and get paid by the end of this month.

Sign up for Nielsen Digital Voice HERE..  Now accepting members from:




In certain countries, Nielsen also offers Homescan Consumer Panel..  Members are sent a scanner and offered rewards for scanning products they purchase.

Choose your country below to join the Homescan Consumer Panel.  Currently accepting members from:

After you use this Pinecone Research sign-up link, you can join Pinecone's sister site: Homescan Consumer Panel to earn even more!

Pinecone Research and the Nielsen Company’s Better Business Bureau Report

There is a separate record with the Better Business Bureau for Pinecone Research, however it’s the site’s parent company, Nielsen, who is BBB accredited.  For all of Nielsen’s divisions, including Pinecone Research and Homescan Consumer Panel, the BBB has rightly awarded them with an A+ rating.

Nielsen and Pinecone Research review from the Better Business Bureau..

The Better Business Bureau’s rating is based on the length of time the company has been in business, the number of customer complaints and the manner in which the company attempts to resolve those complaints.

I think this proves that Pinecone Research is a very trustworthy site where you can feel safe spending your valuable time.

Go get signed up and start earning some money.  And have fun!

Check out this list of top paid survey sites you should belong to already!

Pinecone Research Sign up link Banner for US, UK and Canada

Wealthy Affiliate University – Scam? or Successful New Business..

Is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam, or a profitable new business for you?Wealthy Affiliate University – SCAM? or your SUCCESSFUL NEW BUSINESS? 

So, I’ve talked a lot about Wealthy Affiliate here, because it is a major part of my life and my income.

So here is my official review.

While my opinion as a member may be a bit biased, I promise to be completely objective here, detailing the GOOD and the BAD..

My personal experience of Wealthy Affiliate University…

The Free Trial Offer

The free-trial deal was supposed to include most of “bells & whistles” of Wealthy Affiliate University.  Enough to try it out and make sure I liked the job before I committed to it full-time.

I initially joined for free, as promised.  Registration consisted of name and email, no question of a credit card whatsoever!  To prove I was a real person I had to confirm my email address.  That was that.

Once I was in, I’m told to setup a username, fill out my profile to introduce myself to the community. I was immediately given access to the lessons—10 lessons for a 10-day trial period.

I jumped right in and found the lessons to be incredibly fascinating!  Maybe most of you knew a little about affiliate marketing already, but it was mostly new information to me. I had no idea how so many people were making all this money online and how easy it could be for me to get in on it too.

My ten days worth of lessons were finished in two days!  I was overly eager, I zoomed through the lessons without waiting.

Here’s the gist of the lessons and what I learned..Screenshot 2015-10-09 08.07.02

Online Entrepreneurship Certifications:  10 Lessons

During the first course, they roll out the Welcome Mat..

“We’re so happy to have you here..  Here’s how to complete your profile, add your picture.. Here’s how to ask for help, and here’s a quick tour of Wealthy Affiliate”, blah, blah, blah…

Now while this IS very interesting, you can skip it, or skim through it and move on to the good stuff.


Here’s all the SECRETS I never knew—how to actually make money online.  How it’s all possible, how others are doing it.  CREATE CONTENT on a website, use KEYWORDS and SEO to get visitors, and GET COMMISSIONS from other businesses when those visitors click  on your links.


You pick a topic that interests you, and you start your website.  Your “content” that is necessary for the entire process to work, can be writing on your blog or website.  You can use your site to make an online store.  You can create videos and learn how to make money with those.. Whichever way you go, you’ll be learning how to GENERATE your own INCOME with your content.


Here’s your two free websites.  You get to design them, color, theme, etc..  You get to choose the names of both, and they’re widely available. You can add whatever you want to these sites, there are zero limits.

But, these are not custom domains—they are sites (example: yoursite@siterubix .com).  You can do whatever you want with these two, and they’re yours as long as you’re a member—for free or paid.

Your SiteRubix websites are LIVE, and reachable by the public.  So, as soon as you publish your site, you are officially a webmaster with your own website online.

If you follow the lessons, you can make these sites successful.  However, most people decide to choose a custom domain after they design their ideal website.  This will be on your tab, as most domains cost about $10 to purchase, and as an annual recurring cost to keep it..

I was surprised by this, as it is not mentioned anywhere in the WA starter lessons.  But it’s a small price to pay for your very own personalized dot com website.


I used to think that you’d have to be a programmer, or be prepared to dish out hundreds of bucks a month to have your own website.  I was so surprised to find out how easy and inexpensive it is!

The next few lessons show you in detail how to setup your website.  You can choose from thousands of different themes, and design it to give it the specific look you want.  You’re -shown step-by-step lessons of how to add categories, posts and pages, images..  It is all spelled out for you in text, and video walkthrough.  It’s so simple, and a lot of fun!

And keep in mind, it is all still FREE at this point!


I was already shown how to make money with my website, but these final lessons focus on the different types of content (articles, posts, videos, social media, etc) you can add, and how to attract visitors and ultimately profit from your content.

This is where you learn about SEO and how to use it.  SEO is “search engine optimization”, and it’s basically how to setup your website so that Google notices it..

Since it’s the search engines that will bring you the majority of your visitors (at least at first), you need to know what they people are looking for and what they like to see in a published website.  It’s really just a few simple steps that will quickly become second-nature to any website owner.

In two days (by Lesson 10), I had TWO published websites, live for the world to see.  Please keep in mind that both of these have changed in content and design many times over the years, as I continue to learn new things at WA on a daily basis.

Affiliate earnings and how much you can make…

Starting at Wealthy Affiliate, you’re given two sets of lessons.  You can start with either one, but most WA members eventually study and actively practice both earning methods.

Affiliate Certification Training

—  Certification Training teaches you how to make money from any niche, or topic of interest you choose.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

—  Bootcamp teaches you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate (if you choose).

No matter which training you start with, you are carefully walked through the entire process.  The Bootcamp training is a fantastic advantage to the already beneficial membership.  Wealthy Affiliate is it’s own affiliate program that pays its members very generous commissions for referrals.

As a Premium WA member, you get $22.50 commission payment for anyone who signs up under your link.  And this is a recurring commission—meaning you get it each and every month as long as that person stays a member.

So even if you only get as few as three new members per week, that’s about $250 per month, every month.

And this is only through Wealthy Affiliate.  You will be promoting many different products or services in addition to WA, which has the potential to bring in a lot of extra money.

For example, I promote an awesome survey site called FusionCash, because it was where I started with online earning and where I made the most money.  Now, in promoting it, I make ten times more than I did without a website. It is one of my more profitable affiliate programs.

And all I did was mention FusionCash and post a link.  Simply talking about my success at FusionCash gets people interested and they click on the link, which almost always brings me a commission.

With each FusionCash click, I earn $1 – $2, which is a tiny amount compared to many other affiliate commision programs.  But this one little link brings in about $300-$400 per month all by itself.

And from my three websites, I promote about 200 different programs. It’s that easy.

Wealthy Affiliate brings in the majority of my income, but many, many other “free” programs add up to a lot of cash!

Now this may take a while of devoted blogging on your site to get to this point.  It took me about 6-8 months to see a steady stream of visitors, clicks and signups.

But the niches I chose off the bat were highly competitive.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you suggestions of very narrow fields which will bring in immediate traffic simply because of a lack of options.  You just answer the people’s questions.

As long as my websites are active and I’m continually doing what WA taught me, Google automatically continues to reward me with more visitors.

WA taught me how to it all, and I’m still learning new stuff every day.

Keeping that big money in mind, let me tell you my Wealthy Affiliate complaint..

The cost.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a free service.  It comes with a hefty monthly fee.

But let me clarify–the free trial was actually free as promised..  The two websites also promised, including designing and publishing, really was free as well..

However, after the 10-day free Starter trial period is over, you’re required to pay the first monthly fee if you want to continue on with the lessons and keep building up your website and your content, and most likely you will.

I promise, it’s unexpectedly very addictive!

Okay, so the good news is that you’re offered a discounted rate for the first month of $19.

If you’re still there 30 days later, you’re billed $47 for your next month and each following month that you remain a member.

Okay so I know exactly what you’re thinking because I thought it too. If you could see profitable results immediately, then it would be a piece of cake paying a monthly fee out.  But no, they tell you straight up that it will likely take a while before you see traffic and earnings coming in.  It is very likely that you’ll get a few commission payments straggle through during your first month and your second month..  By the third month, again this depends on which niche you’ve chosen, you will likely get your first steady stream of income.  Not enough to live on, and very likely it won’t be enough to cover your monthly payments yet either.  But if you continue to follow the lessons, and adding content to your website or blog on a regular basis, the people (and the big money) will come!

Kyle, the WA owner hosts all the video lessons himself. As skeptical as I usually am, I believed him when he kept saying, “just keep working, it’ll happen”.  He gives a time-frame for success somewhere around 3-8 months.  And by the 12 month mark, you’ve got cash payments coming in from all over the place on a daily basis.

But still, just starting out with something so new, you really don’t want to pay a bunch of money on a promise that things will come back to you eventually.  But that’s what I did.  I believed in it, and honestly, I was having fun and I didn’t want to quit!

At about the six month mark at Wealthy Affiliate, I started getting regular traffic, and clicks, and the payments slowly started coming in.  And mind you, I chose the hard “make money online” niche that everybody seems to be doing!  Another niche probably would have made it happen in half the time..

But the point is that now my monthly payments going into WA are a tiny portion of what WA is giving me each month.  I would be paying $47 on the 13th (or whatever day of the month that I happen to start my membership on), and I would get a $64 payment from Wealthy Affiliate send directly into my Paypal account on the first of the month.  The next month it would be higher, and the next month even higher, and on and on…  I quickly learned what a terrific value that service actually is.  I could have easily taken my website over to a different hosting company for a little bit cheaper, and left WA for good, saving myself that outgoing payment each month.  But not being a member, I lose my biggest monthly commission payment each month.

After a year, I had good money!  I went ahead and paid the yearly subscription fee of $375, which cut my monthly payments down to $29 per month.  And out of that $29 per month, I am getting $22.5 handed right back to me, per referral, for each and every month.  Wealthy Affiliate is easy to sell–it’s worth it and people can see that for themselves for free.

Worst case scenario–quit when your trial period’s up.  Nothing lost on your end, and a lot of new knowledge gained.

My favorite part about my new Internet business…

I recently had a family crisis which took all of my time and left all three of my sites completely neglected for about two months.  I was worried about losing the income after being away for so long.  But the flow of visitors, clicks, and commissions coming in never even slowed down!  My business was running, and thriving without me.

Set it and forget it..

Affiliate marketing is not exactly what you’d call a ‘passive income’, because you have to put in the work.  But once your content is published and your affiliate links are placed, it’s there forever.  Set it and forget it!  If I completely walked away from my websites today, the money would probably still be flowing in for about a year or two.


THE KEY TO SUCCESS at Wealthy Affiliate

Helpful Wealthy Affiliate Community

Take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Community to learn tricks and tips..

When I joined, I automatically assumed that these people are my competition.  Why should I turn to them with any questions or comments?  I’m not a social person, personally.  But there are no competitors there.  They’re all friendly and helpful.  It’s the strangest lifestyle.  Everyone has one common goal, but very different methods of getting there.  There are many successful people at WA, many of whom are owners of popular sites that you probably visit on a daily basis.  Ask any question, anytime, and you’ll get professional answers or suggestions, usually within minutes.

Only promote products and services that you believe in!

You will come across plenty of affiliate programs offering you outrageous, hard-to-pass-up commissions just for mentioning them or linking to them.  It is just bad business to promoting products or services or websites that you are unfamiliar with, or that you know your readers will not be happy with.  It may earn you a commission, but it will probably lose you respect and credibility with that reader who trusted you.

Follow the instructions step-by-step and it WORKS!  

If you complete each step of each lesson, you will earn money from your website. No limits.

And each step of the process was fun.  Every little step or accomplishment gets you excited and you’re ready to do more and more!

You can actually see how Google notices your hard work and rewards you with better rankings, more visitors to your site, and ultimately, more earnings.

Depending on your devotion, the sky is the limit from there.

After a year of blogging, I quit my full-time job and worked solely from home, earning more than I was before.

I am now up to three websites total, which bring in three incomes.

I am my own boss..  I work my own hours. It’s a completely new lifestyle.

Wealthy Affiliate changed my life.

Get your new business started for free with Wealthy Affiliate.


Good Fiverr Gig Ideas to Help Start and Grow your Online Business

I’m hooked on Fiverr.. I can’t stay away!

There are so many things you can get done for $5.

Here’s a bunch of great Gigs active right now on Fiverr, any of which can help you start and run your business. Whether you’re a small business owner, blogger, YouTuber or musician, there are Fiverr Gigs that can help you grow your business and earn more money!

Good Fiverr Gig ideas to help you start and grow your online business..

And if you’re interested in becoming a Fiverr Seller, maybe these Gigs will spark some creative ideas for your first Gig!

Online Marketing & Advertising

Market your business, your website, or yourself with the many Fiverr Gigs in the Online Marketing section.


One of the most creative Fiverr Gig ideas for your site.. This graphic designer will make a mural out of your logo!

HAVE A MURAL MADE of your picture, logo or website URL on any wall texture.

For $5, you can get your business name or logo on this race car hauler and be seen around the country.  A very unique Fiverr Gig idea for buyers or sellers!MOBILE ADVERTISING..  For $5 you can be seen all around the country by advertising your BUSINESS or WEBSITE name/logo on this RACE CAR Hauler!



You can also..

Here's one of Fiverr's most creative Gig ideas.. get Michelle Obama to hold a sign with your logo.

  • HAVE CUSTOM BUSINESS FLYERS made and posted in far away cities like New York, Hollywood, Myrtle Beach, or even Japan.
  • GET A REVIEW OF YOUR WEBSITE or product on this seller’s PR5 BLOG.

Get more good Fiverr ideas in the Online Marketing & Advertising section..

Logos, Banners & Graphic Design


Good Fiverr Gig ideas can start and grow your business..  Get a 3D image created for $5.GET A 3D MODEL of your product or logo, or anything else.  





Business cards is a business necessity, and could be a good Fiverr Gig idea for a new seller to try out.

Have your own stylish and professional BUSINESS CARDS designed for you.





  • GET PROFESSIONAL INFOGRAPHICS and Powerpoint presentations made by Graphic Design experts.
  • GET YOUR CUSTOM LOGO designed for your blog, business, or any other reason!
  • PHOTOSHOP ANY IMAGE for your website design, logo, banner ad, etc.


Here's a good Fiverr Gig business idea.. Graphic designers will design your Facebook page ideal for conversions!

HAVE A FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO or banner designed for you and your brand..






Get more good Fiverr ideas in Fiverr’s Graphic Design section..




  • VIRTUAL ASSISTANT..  Hire a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT for data entry or here-and-there tasks.

Writers are making the big bucks on Fiverr!  Everyone has a blog, and everyone needs extra hands (and brains) to come up with fresh content.  Being a writer on this site is a great (and very profitable) Fiverr Gig idea.

  • WRITE YOUR ARTICLES.. Writers will write complete articles for you on any topic, using your chosen keywords, in English OR in Spanish.

Get more good Fiverr Gig ideas in the Writing & Translation section..



Have your own song professionally mastered for $5, another good fiverr Gig idea for any musician!Have your SONG PROFESSIONALLY MASTERED for you in 12 HOURS!

  • SOUND EFFECTS.. Get custom SOUND EFFECTS recorded for your video.
  • RINGTONES..  Have any audio or video turned into your own ringtone.


DJ Ric Santos had an awesome Fiverr Gig idea when he marketed his voice to other people's videos.  You gotta hear it, it's worth way more than $5!


VOICE OVERS.. Hire a DJ with an awesome voice to record a voice over of anything you want! 

And you’ve just got to hear this guy’s voice–it’s well worth a fiverr or two!



Get more good Fiverr gig ideas in Fiverr’s Music & Audio section..




Get more good Fiverr Gig ideas for everything E-Book related..



Whiteboard animation videos is another good Fiverr Gig idea to boost your website's ratings.WHITEBOARD ANIMATION..  Get a specialized WHITEBOARD animation commercial/video for any topic you want!




  • LEGO ENDORSEMENT.. Get a LEGO STOP MOTION VIDEO made with your logo or business name.


Get more good Fiverr Gig ideas in the Video & Animation section..

IT developers


Here's another one of those great Fiverr Gig ideas: Turn your blog or website into an app!  Genius!GET YOUR OWN APP..  Here’s a developer that will turn your blog or website into an APP!




  • WEBSITE CREATION.. You can find an WordPress expert to BUILD YOUR FIRST WEBSITE for you.
  • PROGRAMMER..Hire a programmer to fix your HTML, CSS, and any other bugs or issues your website may have.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY.. Hire a know-it-all to make your website more responsive.


Get more good Fiverr Gig ideas in Fiverr’s Professional Freelance Developers section..



So go browse through Gigs for more good Fiverr ideas…and HAVE FUN!


Do you have anymore good Fiverr Gig ideas to share?  Let us know with a comment..


How Does Fiverr Work?

How Does Fiverr Work?  An in-depth review of Fiverr Gigs, payments, levels, and how to earn a living selling yourself.

Fiverr is a very unique site with a lot of earning potential! There are loads of opportunities for individuals and small businesses alike.  Here’s everything you need to know about how Fiverr works, so you can get started earning right away!

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a leading marketplace for buying and selling services online.  Anyone can pop into Fiverr, sign up and sell their expertise.  It’s pretty much that simple.

Services offered on Fiverr now range from common tasks such as writing articles, marketing, and social media followings, to much more unique offerings like Facebook flirting, singing telegrams, and celebrity impressions.

You can choose to sell what you’re best at, or advertise any other tricks you might have up your sleeve.  Here’s what you’ll need to know to start working with Fiverr.


Related:  GOOD FIVERR GIG IDEAS for starting and growing your own online business.


How does Fiverr work?How Does Fiverr work?  Learn how to get started as a seller..

As a seller, you get to create your own Fiverr webpage showcasing your service being offered, which is called a Gig. To list your Gig, you click on your username in the top right corner, and choose Start Selling.  You’ll  be walked through the process, which is pretty easy.

Fiverr reviews all Gigs to make sure they’re within the guidelines of their terms of service.  This is a quick process, and if it’s decided that it’s not up to Fiverr’s standards, you’ll be notified of its cancellation.

The customer orders your Gig from you.  You complete the order, deliver the finished product to your buyer, and mark it as complete and delivered.

The customer is encouraged to leave feedback on you and your work.  Upon a positive feedback, they are asked if they’d like to leave you a tip.  You’d be surprised by how many will actually pay an extra “fiverr” as a tip for a job well done.

At this point, your payment (from the customer) goes into a 14-day waiting period to make sure  the customer is satisfied and allows their payment to clear successfully.  After the 14 days, you are paid.

If the customer is not happy with the work you provided, you should offer to fix it.  You can also choose to refund his payment, as long as it’s within that 14-day window.


How much can you charge for a Gig?

Each main Gig is a default $5 sale, hence the name: Fiverr.   So you must make sure the services you offer are within the “worth-about-$5” range, so you’re not wasting your valuable time.  But at first you should consider offering the customer something extra for their $5.  This makes you stand out, and will likely leave the customer feeling like he got more than his money’s worth.

Hoes does Fivver's Gig Extras work and how much can you charge for them?What are Fiverr “Gig Extras”?

You can offer Gig Extras on your Fiverr webpage.  Gig Extras are extra services you add onto your main service for extra money.  This is where most top-sellers make the most money.  They offer such quality results for their main service thatpeople jump on the chance to get more quality work out of that person.

An example of this would be a seller offering to write a 200 word paper for $5, and one of his Gig Extras offered would be to write your “About Me” page for $10, write you a press release for $15, or write you an e-book for $50.

What are “Order Multiples”?

A seller can also offer Order Multiples, which is basically doubling the basic $5 Gig.

An example of an Order Multiple would be if that same seller from above offered to double the number of words for double the money..  400 words for $10, or 600 words for $15, and so on.

But it’s not just writing content on Fiverr, there are 300 different categories you can plug your services into.

Find out how Fiverr payments work, and how to get the Fiverr revenue card/

The Fiverr Revenue Card

You can withdraw your earnings to your Paypal account, or to your Fiverr revenue card.  The Fiverr revenue card is like a Visa or Mastercard that you can use in stores and at an ATM just as you would a debit card.

The revenue card is powered by Payoneer, which is similar to Paypal.  There are many businesses starting to offer Payoneer as a payment option, which means that you can also add earnings from other sites onto the same card.

Payoneer acts very quickly after you withdraw your funds.  They’re usually available on your revenue card within the day.  There is a $2 fee for transferring a Fiverr payment to the card, and a $3 fee for withdrawing any funds from an ATM, plus any regular ATM fees.  But again, you don’t have to withdraw the cash, you can use it for spending in stores and online as you wish.

Fiverr Levels 1, 2, and Top-rated Seller

Sellers who consistently deliver quality work are rewarded by leveling up.  Every new member starts without a level.  The more Gigs you complete satisfactory, and on time, the higher up the levels you go.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the different Fiverr levels and what it takes to level-up, as explained by fiverr guy:

  • Level 1
    • Be active on fiverr for 30 days & make 10 sales to automatically be promoted to this level
    • 4X Multiples: Buyers can now purchase up to 4 multiple orders from you (versus one at a time)
    • 2X Gig Extras: You can now offer up to 2 upgrades to buyers
  • Level 2
    • make 50 sales over a 2-month period to automatically be promoted to this level
    • 3X Gig Extras: Offer up to 3 extras to buyers
    • 8X Multiples: Buyers can now purchase up to 8 multiple orders from you (versus one at a time)
    • Priority Support
  • Top-Rated Seller
    • Manually chosen by fiverr moderators based on these factors:
      • Seniority
      • Volume of sales
      • Extremely high rating
      • Exceptional customer care
      • Community leadership
      • Receive insider access for fiverr sellers
      • Access to beta features
      • VIP support


What if you can’t complete a Fiverr order?

If, as a seller, you get overloaded on Gig orders and can’t keep up, you can either discuss a time frame rearrangement with your buyer, or you can give your Gig over to someone else who’s requesting it.

When learning how does fiverr work, you really need to understand the feedback process, as it can make or break a Fiverr seller.Your Fiverr feedback is your reputation

While you should be aiming to make all your customers happy, you can’t please everyone.  By displeasing a customer, you’re risking your feedback, which is what customers use to pre-judge you and your work.  To protect your feedback rating, your top priority should be the customer and keeping him happy.  If the problem can’t be fixed to his satisfaction, offer a refund.

Keep in mind that once you request a “mutual refund”, any feedback given is removed.  So if you get a buyer who says he hates the work you’ve done, refuses to pay for it, and leaves you a negative feedback, you can return his payment and not have to worry about the long-lasting effects of a bad review.

Cover Photos and Video Auditions

Choosing a cover photo can be one of the most important parts of setting up your seller’s account.  People judge other people by the photo they choose to showcase.  You want to grab their attention, while also appearing professional.

Using a video is a great way to allow them to “interview” you.  But keep in mind that most people know within a couple of seconds of watching a video if they like that person or not.  And unfortunately, it’s that hasty judgment that makes the decision of whether or not they want to hire you.

So make them like you.  If you’re selling a particular skill that you can show with a photo image or video portfolio, do that.  That’s what they want to see–what you can do!

Also, videos and cover photos must be approved by Fiverr before they’re allowed to be posted.

Choose your Fiverr cover image wisely, as it is the first impression the customer gets of you.

Getting “Featured” on Fiverr homepage and category pages

Again this comes down to quality work.  Fiverr top-sellers who stand out from the rest, with exceptional work and positive feedback have a good chance of having their Gigs featured on Fiverr’s homepage or category sections.  This leads to automatic sales and a huge boost in income.  This should be the ultimate goal on any Fiverr seller.

Promote your Fiverr Gigs

Tell the world about your Gigs!  Tell all your social media friends and family and ask them to share it; blog about it; visit relevant forums and talk about it.

Fiverr conveniently has “Share” buttons on your Gig page, so you can spread the link directly.

And remember, the best way to get your next customer is by doing awesome work for all the ones before him!  Quality work is the secret behind making good money on Fiverr.


Learn how to start and run your own internet business with Wealthy Affiliate..


How to Make Money Using Fiverr..

I paid a guy on fiverr to write this article about how to make money using fiverr.. Check out his valuable tips here. I paid a guy on Fiverr to write an article about how to make money using Fiverr!


This was my first experience ever with Fiverr.  I dug right in to learn as much as possible.  But while I was there, I got caught up in all the possibilities.  You can get so much for $5 on this site!

I chose one of Fiverr’s Top-Sellers in the content/writing section to tell me all about Fiverr.  He charged $5 for 500 words (a great deal!), but I paid an extra “fiverr” for 1,000 words.  He gave me 1,260 total!

I was looking for specifics–how Fiverr works–such as how to start selling, what to sell, how to get more for gigs, tips, and payment options.  But I got something very different.

Even though it’s not exactly what I was looking for, it’s a great piece of writing with a lot of excellent tips on how to be the best at what you do while you’re there.  Check out this valuable information from a Fiverr Top-Seller.

Fiverr top-seller, AmitBT, wrote this article on how to make money using fiverr.The following article was written by:  amitBT at




Important Tips on How to Make Money Using Fiverr

As modern times hit the world, it opens to different opportunities that lead people on dreaming and aiming high. Everyone wishes to earn huge amount of money by using the fastest and most recommended way. One of the possible ways on making huge money is through the help of online marketing. This method considers as the most talked-about marketing technique that can make huge money in just one click. However, it might be a bit confusing to identify which online marketing site is the best fit for your needs.

There are several online marketing sites that offer different services. One of those is Fiverr. The most important question is “How to make money using Fiverr”?

Well, it is very important to know first the significance of using a certain site for your objective in making huge money. This also includes notable pointers on starting a business using the site, guidelines, and other important mechanics before starting your operation.

Online marketing offers a wide range of marketing places that can help beginning marketers succeed in their chosen career. Fiverr is commonly known as one of the online marketing places that offer varied services. Generally, its services start at 5 dollars each.  At the present time, Fiverr offers almost three million different services that start from 5 dollars to 500 dollars per job. 

This site seems to be a perfect place for freelancers to be partnered in their online jobs. The primary function of this site is to facilitate the nature of buy and sell, which is commonly called online micro-jobs. Different services being offered on this site are called gigs, and these gigs include the following specifications:

  • Different types of content
  • Personalized Caricatures
  • Technical works
  • Amazing Video animation
  • Online posts

It is indeed true that this site offers the cheapest services online like mentioned above. People will have the connotation that this would not be effective to be in this site if the objective is to make huge money. 5 dollars is nothing for those who live in progressive countries. However, it is a must to instill that big amount starts from small. Perhaps, this is also the principle which Fiverr tried to explain for those online marketers who also wish to be one of the most successful online marketers. All large amounts of money always comes from single cents. And this is the idea that can be realized on how to make money using Fiverr. 

How to start your business using Fiverr?

The most important things that everyone should learn on how to make money using Fiverr are the following steps.

  1. Create an account on the site. This is the first and important step before making money on Fiverr. This will serve as the communication channel to potential clients who seek for the services offered.
  2. Browse the list of services being offered and choose among them which will be the services you can offer too. Make sure to choose only those gigs where you have expertise. Another important consideration on how to make money on Fiverr, is to have a background of those in-demand services. This is to secure your consistent earnings from the clients who availed your services. Wise choice of services to be offered is a key to succeed in the world of online marketing.
  3. Plan out Fiverr gigs and design your page. This step on how to make money using Fiverr entails to the need of a profile photo for the account in order to give assurance to clients that the account is not computer operated. Another recommended idea is the use of video that explains the gigs being offered. According to some experts, video marketing has greater opportunity to sell more than those who do not have video.
  4. Make a catchy title for every gig. Every gig that you can offer must have the quality of good keywords that clients can easily search on. Always be reminded that keywords must have relevance to the gig you are offering.
  5. Set time of delivery. One of the common questions that clients will ask is delivery time of the services. Therefore, it is helpful to set a consistent delivery time which is achievable. It is a big no-no for late deliveries since it will affect to your credibility as seller on Fiverr.
  6. Endorsement of gigs. This is the most challenging pointer on how to make money on Fiverr as the real work starts in this part. It requires hard work and allocation of time in order to introduce the gigs that you offer. The more visitors and clients on your site, the more chance to rank on Fiverr site search.
  7. Exert extra time and effort to convince more clients to avail your services or gigs. You can start making more friends and convince them to purchase gigs from you. This is an effective way to be labeled as a top seller on Fiverr. Once you ranked as the top seller, you can start adding additional gigs and expand your online marketing. This is really an amazing style to pave the way of making huge money.
  8. Continuous communication to your clients. One way to build good relationships and keep loyal clients is by having good communication with them. One of your goals should not only fall on how to make money using Fiverr but also to make your clients contented with what they paid for.

More helpful tips on how to make money using Fiverr

Sellers have different styles on how to succeed in their career. Some might have the same marketing plans while some might have unique strategies in order to achieve their goals in making money on Fiverr. Listed below is the compilation of different helpful tips on how to make money using the site of Fiverr. Each of them might best suited for your idea to be one of Fiverr’s top sellers.

  • Clarity of services offered. There is a greater chance to avoid misunderstandings if the services offered are clearly explained. It must be applied on every title of gigs that you will offer.
  • On-time delivery. It is a big point to rank on Fiverr if you control late deliveries. As much as possible, keep records of every order in order to easily track which one needs to be done immediately.
  • No outside communication. One of Fiverr’s rules is that you cannot communicate outside the site. If you violate this rule, you might lose your account and you will no longer be part of Fiverr’s sellers.
  • Do not ignore negative feedbacks. You need to know that your Fiverr account is being rated by your clients which will be the basis of potential clients to order or not from you. Thus, good reviews should be kept on your account. You can offer refunds if the client gave you a bad review. This is to ensure your account won’t get a bad image for millions of potential clients out there to see.

It is a fact that the idea of using Fiverr to make money is now possible and can be carried out. No one succeeds without starting from nothing and small profits. Fiverr is always a market place that can fulfill every one’s dream to make money online. In addition, important pointers on how to make money using Fiverr are already emphasized in order to guide aspirant online marketers like you to achieve goals.


You can find AMITBT on and many other awesome writers to write your money-making articles for your blog.

If you don’t have a blog yet, here’s a great place to get a free blog and learn everything you need to know about using it to make money.  It’s a fun way to earn a living!


What is MintVine? MintVine surveys & their earning potential..

Take Mintvine Surveys and cashout twice a week.
What is MintVine?  

MintVine surveys & their earning potential..

MintVine is a pretty awesome survey site.  I have been a member for about a year now, but within weeks of joining it became one of my favorites.  I have cashed out so many, many times with MintVine.

Here’s everything you need to know about MintVine Surveys..

Who can join MintVine?

MintVine accepts US and UK residents.

Go here for MintVine US

Go here for MintVine UK 

How does MintVine Pay?

MintVine has a point system, whereas each point is worth one cent.  So, a 200 point survey is worth $2.00 (or £1.35 in the UK)

 What is MintVine’s minimum to cashout?

1,000 points are required to cashout.

  • 1,000 points = $10 (US)
  • 1,000 points = £7 (UK)

 What are MintVine’s payment options?

  • Paypal cash payments
  • Dwolla cash payments  (Paypal alternative).  Choosing Dwolla as your payment method gets you a 50 point bonus, and your payments are automatically deposited for you each time you reach 1,000 points.
  • Amazon or Target Gift Cards (US only).  Gift cards come in increments of $10 and $25.

How many survey invitations does MintVine offer?

MintVine offers about 10-15 surveys per week.  But they also have many other outlets on the site with a nearly unlimited amount of surveys available at all times.

 How much does MintVine pay per survey?

The generous rewards for MintVine surveys are what keep me coming back for more.  I think it’s because it isn’t yet saturated with members like most of the other survey sites, which allows them to pay more to their current members.

The lowest surveys offered to me are $1.00, but generally they run $2.50 to $5 each..  or about £1.50-£4.50 for the UK.

I get invited to quite a few research studies through MintVine that pay $10-$20 occasionally.  I’ve also gotten a bunch of “pilot” surveys, where I get to watch a new pilot episode about to air and give my opinion on it.  I really like those–they’re fun, and they pay a lot more.

 What are all the ways can you earn on MintVine?

There are many ways to earn on MintVine: Surveys, paid-to offers, coupons, polls and friend referrals.

MintVine Surveys:

There are the highest-paid MintVine surveys, to which you will get email invitations.

Third-party surveys & “paid-to” offers:

There are three other direct lines of surveys called:

  • MintVine Funnell
  • Rewards Road
  • Surveys Street

Surveys coming from these channels are carefully selected based on your behavior and answers to other surveys.  They choose these for you, so they come with a higher qualification rate.  These pay less than the regular MintVine surveys, but you’ll never run out of surveys to take.MintVine surveys and paid-to offers are also located under the new "Offers" section.

You’ll find paid-to offers under these tabs:

  • Offertoro
  • Personaly
  • Peanut Labs
  • AdWall

The paid-to offers reward you with points for signing up with a site, or for a free trial, or making a purchase.  There are some great earning opportunities here, you’ve just got to keep your eye out for new ones daily.

Local Deals:

These are basically coupons of places and activities you can do in your state.  Use a coupon and you also get credited some significant points in your MintVine account.

It's not just MintVine surveys where you can earn.. make money by referring your friends.

MintVine MVP Referral program:

For each friend you refer, you get a 50 point bonus as soon as they complete their first survey, and 15% of all earnings from that friend forever.

Answer the polls to add easy cash to you MintVine surveys money..

Daily Polls:

There’s a new daily poll up every day that gets you an easy 5 point bonus.  That’s an extra $1.50 each month just for one little click per day.

MintVine Benefits:

  • High-paying surveys
  • High qualification rate
  • 200 point bonus for signing up  ($2 US, or £1.35 UK)
  • Quick opinion polls on the homepage get you an easy 5 point bonus every time.
  • Low cashout minimum makes it simple to cash out 2-3 times per week.

 MintVine Complaints:

  • Credits are not given right away.  They are added to your total immediately, but you’re given an exact date (usually about 3-4 weeks) of when the points will clear.
  • Not enough MintVine surveys
  • When the surveys do come in, they come in all at once, so you get a load of invites in your inbox which appears spammy.

MintVine surveys invites come directly to your email inbox.

 The MintVine PROS definitely outweigh the CONS..

 MintVine and the Better Business Bureau

MintVine is from a company called Branded Research, based out of San Diego, California.   They are BBB accredited, with a “B” rating.

There have been 7 complaints filed from MintVine members in the past 12 months, but all have been resolved by the company and closed by the BBB.

In reading through the complaints and resolutions, it seems that most issues were surrounding payments not being issued at all or not on time.  But the explanations from Branded Research were mostly about fraud security.  Because the site pays out through Paypal, they have a lot of issues of fraud, so they keep on high alert with their security.

I have personally never had any issues with this myself, and I accept Paypal cash payments from MintVine.



Sign up with MintVine.. you’ll enjoy the surveys, the generous rewards, and the frequent cashouts.

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Top Paid UK Surveys


Here are some of the top Paid UK surveys and their earnings potential.

Taking surveys can bring in a steady part-time income each month.  

We’ve been over the best US surveys, and Canadian paid surveys..  

Now here’s the top paid UK surveys available and their possible earning potential for you..

Top Paid UK Surveys

Pinecone is the most highly sought-after top paid UK surveys.. Sign up while you can!



  • Pinecone UK is currently accepting 18-34 year old members only.
  • Each survey takes about 10-15 minutes.
  • £3 per survey
  • Best part about Pinecone is that you are automatically qualified for each survey invitation they send you.  No wasted time here!
  • This is a highly sought after site with rare openings, which makes it first on my list of the top paid UK surveys.

Sign up with Pinecone Research while you can!


MintVineOut of the top paid UK surveys, Mintvine is one of the highest-paying ones.

  • Free 200 points for signing up  (£1.35)
  • Offers 5-8 surveys per week
  • Each survey pays about £1-3 per survey
  • Minimum to cashout:  1000 points (about £7)
  • It’s so easy to cashout quickly at Mintvine..  I save up my points, but I easily reach my limit multiple times per month!

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 Opinion Plus Panel

  • Free 200 point bonus for signing up and taking short profile survey
  • Each survey pays about 200 points (£1.35)
  • Minimum to cashout:  1000 points (about £7)
  • Pays once monthly through Paypal
  • Quick and easy to earn and cashout with this site.  Plus, it’s somewhat new still, so you’ll have less competition and higher qualification rates.  Definitely recommend.

Sign up with OpinionPlus Panel


Clixsense is a UK based earnings site, it is still among one of the top paid UK surveys available.


  • Rewards based on US dollars
  • Clixsense has some of the highest paid surveys available, most ranging from $2-7 (or £1-5)
  • With many other survey sites accessible directly through Clixsense, there are about 100 surveys available at any time.
  • Minimum to cashout:  $8 (£5.50) or $6 for Premium Members (£4)
  • Payment options:  Paypal, Paytoo and Payza cash payments, or check
  • Plus there are so many other ways to earn here, including microtasks, offers, viewing PTC ads, and games..  It’s a fun site and I personally spend a lot of time there.

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Swagbucks isn't really known for its high-paying surveys, but UK residents love it for all the rest of its earning potential.


  • Rewards based on US dollars
  • Swagbucks has a lot of surveys always available, about 10-15 per day.
  • Each survey is worth about 50-150 swagbucks (1 penny each)
  • Minimum to cashout:  450 swagbucks for $5 Amazon gift card or 25,000 swagbucks for $25 Paypal cash payment (£16.85)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, Amazon gift card, plus lots of merchandise options
  • Swagbucks is great because there are many other ways to earn extra cash here, just by doing things you’re already doing like searching the web, browsing, shopping, installing a toolbar.. You can also earn for completing offers and microtasks.  It’s a valuable membership.

Sign up with Swagbucks

Survey Savvy is a US based research company, but is a must-have for the paid UK survey sites list too.

Survey Savvy

A Survey Savvy membership is an absolute MUST-HAVE for anybody into earning money from surveys.  About 50% of my survey earnings come from the research studies offered at this site alone.

  • By installing Survey Savvy’s SavvyConnect on any one of your devices (computer, phone, tablet) you’re guaranteed to be offered spots in their big-money studies.  I am involved in at least one per month.  My last one paid me an $450 (£303) just for switching to another search engine for a 30-day evaluation.  It was the easiest money I’ve ever earned!
  • SavvyConnect is a small piece of software that tracks your consumer habits (searching, browsing, shopping) for research purposes.  It is completely harmless, and is easy to forget about as it runs silently in the background.
  • Survey Savvy does offer a number of shorter $1-5 surveys a few times a week, with or without the SavvyConnect installed.
  • Minimum to cashout: $1 
  • Payment options:  Check
  • Survey Savvy sends out a check on request, and it is delivered quickly, within a week usually.

Install the SavvyConnect

Sign up with Survey Savvy


You won't make a lot of money here, but MySurvey is a great UK survey site of which to be a member.

  • Average of 100-200 points offered per survey  (£1-2)
  • Minimum to cashout:  345 points (£3)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payments, Amazon gift certificates

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Of all the top paid UK surveys sites, Valued Opinions is in the top five of best paying ones.

Valued Opinions

  • 3-10 surveys offered per week
  • Surveys here pay anywhere from £1.20-£5.00 each
  • Minimum to cashout:  £10
  • Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, Merchandise vouchers
  • No check or Paypal cash payment options

Sign up with Valued Opinions


Global Test MarketWith so many surveys offered to you at Global Test Market, it is easy to cashout a few times a month.  That's what makes this one of the top paid UK survey sites.

I personally love Global Test Market.  With so manysurveys offered each day, it is easy to cashout quick.  I cash in about 3 times per month.

  • 5-10 survey invitations come through each day
  • Minimum cashout:  1000 points (£32)
  • Exchange points for Check payments, Retail vouchers, Merchandise

Sign up with Global Test Market

Survey DownlineSurvey Downline is another great site with top-dollar UK surveys.

  • 4-5 surveys offered per week
  • Generally pays about £1-5.00 for surveys
  • Minimum to cashout:  $20  (£12.50)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payments, Facebook credits

Sign up with Survey Downline

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another top paid UK survey site you should be signed up with.

  • Multiple surveys offered per day
  • Minimum to cashout:  £2.50
  • Surveys generally pay £.50-£2 each, but can get up to £5.
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payments, Amazon gift cards
  • Mini-games offered after each survey, where you have good odds at winning prizes ranging from £1-£5 each time.

Sign up with Opinion Outpost

iPolliPoll is one of the best UK paid surveys site with a mobile app for earning on the go..

  • $5 sign-up bonus  (about £3.40)
  • Offers a few survey invitations per week
  • Minimum to cashout:  $35  (£24)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, Retail/merchandise vouchers
  • Has an iPoll mobile app so you can earn on the go..  on Google Play only.

Sign up with iPoll

Toluna has been around for so long, which makes it one of the most dependable UK surveys around.

  • 2,000-6,000 points for each survey
  • 500 point welcome bonus for signing up
  • Minimum to cashout:  80,000 points (£15)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, iTunes, Retail/merchandise gift cards

Sign up with Toluna


Sign up with YouGov and make a difference by giving your opinion on political matters when needed.  YouGov pays well, which puts it on this list of the top UK paid surveys.


  • YouGov UK is only accepting men at this time.
  • Minimum to cashout:  £50
  • Offers very few surveys per month (2-4)
  • Generally pays £1-3 per survey
  • Offers a £1 sign up bonus
  • Payment options:  Check payments and sweepstakes prize draws

Sign up with YouGov



The rest of the survey sites below do not offer cash rewards for surveys, but are definitely worth being on this list of top paid UK surveys for one reason or another..
Nielsen and Netratings don't offer surveys, but plenty of chances to win big, making it on this list of top UK surveys.


  • Nielsen NetRatings only sends occasional surveys and they don’t exactly pay you for completing them.
  • But if you install its software on your computer or laptop, you’re placed in the drawing for one of the many cash prizes they throw at their members each month.
  • NetRatings gives out £30,000 per year in prize drawings for active members.
  • The software is completely harmless and is not noticeable after installed.  I’ve had it installed for almost a year now and it has caused no problems for me.  It should also be mentioned that I still have not won my cash prize yet either.  But here’s hoping!  This is an easy way to be in the running for a large cash prize..
  • Nielsen is a highly-respected company that conducts valued research around the world.  It is a trustworthy company.

Sign up for Nielsen Netratings

Mobile XpressionMobileXpression rarely sends invites, so jump on board while it's on this list of top paid UK surveys.

  • Mobile Xpression is another piece of software from a comparable research company.  I have had it installed on my Kindle for about 6 months and it is absolutely harmless.  Occasionally I have to give consent to let it startup, but usually it manages itself.
  • By installing the Mobile Xpression and keeping it active on your phone or tablet, you’re automatically joined in their weekly prize drawings.
  • I’m holding out for the iPad!  But again, I haven’t won anything yet.  Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Sign up for MobileXpression


Because of it's high paying surveys and low minimum to cashout, YourWord is on the top paid UK surveys list.

Your Word

  • Offers a few (3-5) surveys per week
  • Free 50p bonus for signing up
  • 10p bonus every time you disqualify for survey
  • Minimum to cashout:  £5
  • Payment options:  Amazon gift cards, and other vouchers such as HomeDepot, iTunes, restaurants, and retail e-vouchers

Sign up with YourWord

WISAD doesn't pay cash, so I wouldn't say it is one of the top paid UK survey sites, But simply being a member can get you voucher prizes.


  • WISAD stands for..  “What I Say And Do”
  • No cash rewards
  • Occasionally offers guaranteed rewards for surveys, but every survey taken enters you into sweepstakes to win vouchers ranging from £2-£100. 

Sign up with WISAD Panel

 GfK Media View

Join GfK and take surveys on different media.

  • Operated by the same company as WISAD from above.
  • At GfK, you’re offered many surveys on television programs and other media, and are rewarded with points (or tickets) that you can spend toward sweepstakes entries for prizes.
  • No cash rewards here.

Sign up with GfK Media View

Because not all survey sites will always have surveys available to you, I suggest you join them all and then pick and choose the good ones from the survey invitations that come through your inbox.

Go sign up and have fun!

Wealthy Affiliate is a top paid UK affiliate program.

Ever considered starting your own website?  Get two websites to play around with for free, and step-by-step instructions on how to earn money with your sites.  Get started building your websites today. 

UK residents welcome..


Top Canadian Paid Surveys


Here's an always-updated list of the top Canadian paid surveys...

So we have gone over all the top US survey sites extensively, but most of those sites are not available to various countries, including our closest neighbor, Canada.  Here is a great lot of the top paid survey sites for Canada residents.



Top Canadian paid surveys and their earning potential..

Pinecone Research is a great Canadian paid survey site..

Pinecone Research 

Pinecone is a highly-sought after survey company with limited spots available.  Joining is by invitation only.  When Pinecone sends an invite, I come running.  You don’t have to worry about prequalification–you are automatically qualified for each and every survey you’re invited to, which is about 8-10 per month.

  • Surveys offered:  8-10 surveys per month
  • Survey value:  $5 each (in Canada)
  • Cashout minimum:  $5 minimum (one survey)
  • Payment options:  Check and Paypal cash payment options

Sign up with Pinecone Research

MintVine surveys are good for quick payments. Worth your valuable time..


Mintvine has finally come to Canada!  All this time it has only been available for US and the UK, so Canada has really been missing out.  MintVine means business–

  • Surveys offered:  5-15 per day.
  • Survey value:  from $2-7 each
  • Cashout minimum: 1000 points  (about $12)
  • Payment options:  Paypal or Dwolla (Paypal alternative)
  • Very fast payments (about 24-48 hours) after minimum reached

Sign up with MintVine

Global Test Market is a global site with high paying surveys, making it one of the top of this list of awesome Canadian paid surveys..

Global Test Market

This is a very reliable, surveys-only site with nearly unlimited surveys always available.

  • Surveys offered:  5-15 per day
  • Survey value:  35-150 points  ($1.60-$6.50)
  • Points value:  4 cents each  (23 points = $1.00)
  • Cashout minimum:  1000 points (approx $40)  This minimum is very easy to reach with the huge amount of surveys always available.  I personally cash out once per week with Global Test market.
  • Payment options:   Points can be redeemed for Paypal cash payment, or a ton of other prizes you choose from, like Amazon gift certificates, hotel vouchers, car rentals, DVDs, and a lot more.
  • Paypal payments made within 7 days from request, usually a lot faster.

Sign up with Global Test Market


Survey Savvy is on my must-have list of Canadian survey sites to sign up with.

 Survey Savvy

This is a MUST-HAVE for any country.  They offer some big-money opportunities, including research studies and projects, but also still offer a few shorter $1-$5 surveys each week.

  • Surveys offered:  5-10 per month
  • Survey value:   $1-$75 each..
  • Cashout minimum– $1.00.  Cash reward system.. everything is offered in dollars
  • Payment options:  Check payments only, but it comes in the mail rather quickly, usually within a week to 10 days.

Sign-up with Survey Savvy

If that link didn’t work, click HERE

or.. HERE

Harris Poll online is another great Canadian paid surveys site.

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is the longest running, and best known research company and survey site anywhere.

  • Surveys offered: about 3-10 per month
  • Survey value:  75-150 points each,
  • Points value:  About 1 cent per point
  • Disqualification bonus:  15 points for every disqualification, which really adds up.
  • Cashout minimum: About 1,200-1,500 points (around $10), depending on your payment choice.
  • Payment options:  Redeem points for Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, iTunes credit and other merchandise. Does not offer cash payment option.

Sign up with Harris Poll Online

If that link didn’t work, click HERE


As far as Canadian paid surveys go, Swagbucks doesnt dish out much, but they do pay for a lot of other things youre probably already doing anyway.


This site isn’t much for surveys, it is a valuable spot to be a member.  You can earn extra cash for doing what you’re already doing.

  • Different ways to earn:  Surveys, daily polls, microtasks, searching the web, watching videos, shopping, installing toolbar or Swagbutton.. 
  • Surveys offered:  About 10 surveys available at any time
  • Survey value:  50-150 swagbucks
  • Points value:   1 cent each
  • Cashout minimum:  450 swagbucks for $5 Amazon gift card or 25,000 swagbucks for $25 Paypal cash payment
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, Amazon gift card, plus lots of merchandise options

Sign up with SwagBucks!


Fusioncash is my absolutely favorite US and Canadian paid survey site.

Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is one of my favorite sites.  They have top-dollar surveys always available, and a lot of other fun ways to earn.

  • Different ways to earn:  Surveys, Trial Offers, Microtasks
  • Surveys offered:  About 20-30 surveys always available under the FC Surveys section
  • Survey value:  MED to HIGH.  1.00 cents to $6 each
  • Cashout minimum:  $25
  • Payment options:  Check & Paypal

Sign up with FusionCash HERE

If that link is redirected, click HERE

At Clixsense, you can earn while viewing ads, watching videos and playing games.. but its high paying surveys is what makes it one of the best canadian paid surveys.


Clixsense is another spot where I spend a lot of my time.  It has some of the highest-paid surveys always available, and its low minimum makes it easy to cash out a few times a week.

  • Different ways to earn: Surveys, Offers,  Microtasks, Viewing PTC ads
  • Surveys offered:  Nearly unlimited amount of surveys available, with immediate access to many different survey sites in one spot.
  • Survey value:  HIGH. Clixsense always has a lot of $3-$6 surveys available.
  • Cashout minimum:  $8 ($6 for Premium Members)
  • Payment options:  Check, Paypal, Paytoo, & Payza

Sign up with ClixSense

Web Perspectives pays top-price for surveys for Canada residents, but only in the form of gift cards and vouchers.

Web Perspectives

Web Perspective has been a great site with lots of loyal members, as they paid well for surveys and they paid cash.  However, they no longer pay through Paypal and we’re unsure if they ever will again.  If you can find good value in their gift card rewards, this is a great spot that pays top-price for your time.

  • Surveys offered:  30+ per month
  • Survey value:  100-500 points each
  • Points value:  1 cent per point
  • Cashout minimum:  1,000 points ($10 worth)
  • Payment options:  Vouchers/gift cards for Golf Town, Wow.hd, The Source, Chapters, Coles, Indigo or Cinelex Golf Town, etc..

Check out Web Perspectives HERE

or.. HERE

Or use this link for the FRENCH Version

Survey Downline has top-dollar surveys and research studies.. Big money potential!

Survey Downline

Survey Downline is a good site with good opportunities.  They offer many standard surveys each month, and a few higher-paying research study surveys paying $50-$200 occasionally.  I definitely recommend signing up and keeping a close eye on all of Survey Downline’s email invitations so you don’t miss out on those top-dollar studies.

  • Surveys offered:  20-25 per month
  • Survey value:  $1-$7, with a few $10-$20 surveys here and there
  • Points value:  dollar for dollar value
  • Cashout minimum:  $20 minimum for Paypal cash payment; $15 minimum for Facebook credits payment
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payments;  Facebook credits

Sign up with Survey Downline HERE!


Of all the Canadian paid survey sites, Ipsos i-Say is the most popular.

Ipsos I-Say Panel

Ipsos offers about 5-6 surveys per month, with reasonable rewards offered.  While this might not seem worth your time, being a member is valuable mostly because of the “Poll Predictor” drawings.  This is like a sweepstakes for prizes of your choice.  With people actually winning prizes left and right, it is very much worth your time to remain a member and take all of the surveys offered to you for this reason alone.

  • Surveys offered:  5-10 surveys per month
  • Survey value:  10-100 points each
  • Points value:  1 cent per point
  • Cashout minimum:  1,000 points ($10)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, American Express gift card, iTunes credit, Airline miles..

Sign up with Ipsos ISay Canada Survey Panel! 

And HERE is the FRENCH Ipsos website.

Sign up with MySurvey Panel from this list of Canadian paid surveys.

 MySurvey Panel

  • Surveys offered:  5-10 per month
  • Survey value:  50-150 points
  • Points value:  1 cent each
  • Cashout minimum:  1,110 points ($10)
  • Payment options: Paypal cash payments, gift cards and merchandise.  Uses the “Perks” plan, like Global Test Market from above.

Sign up with MySurvey Canada HERE

VIP Voice pays Canadians sweepstakes points for taking surveys.. Kind of a fun way to earn..

VIP Voice

VIP Voice is a very different type of survey site.  You take surveys for bonus points, which go toward auctions of the prizes of your choice.  The system works on a points-per-level basis, whereas the more surveys you take, the higher you level up and the more bonus points you will get per survey.  It ranges from level 1 (25 points per survey) up to level 5 (200 points per survey).  You reach level 5 after you’ve completed 20 surveys.  You can save up your bonus points to put them toward the auction of your choice prize.  There are lots of prizes, so chances of winning are actually better than you’d think, depending on the prize you choose, of course.

  • Surveys offered:  5-10 per month
  • Survey value:  25-200 points
  • Points value:  Each point is one entry into auction or sweepstakes of your choice.
  • Cashout minimum:  Spend points anytime on auctions or sweepstakes
  • Prize/auction options:  Cash, gift cards, technology such as tablets..

   Check out VIP Voice HERE!    or..   HERE!

Always Be Earning Online..

Constantly be earning in the background with some of these popular sites.



This is not a survey site, but participation can lead to cool prizes.  MobileXpression is a small piece of software you install on your phone or tablet, so the research company can monitor consumer shopping behavior on mobile devices.  It is lightweight and harmless, I often forget it’s installed.  Occasionally my Netflix will periodically stall on my Kindle, so I close the app while I’m streaming.  However to be fair, my Kindle no longer runs anything smoothly while streaming.

For installing the app and keeping it for one week, you get an automatic $5 Amazon gift card in your email inbox!  As long as you keep the app installed, you’re continually entered in their sweepstakes for more gift cards or cool prizes.  Prizes are awarded every Monday to members–people are actually winning iPads and other awesome stuff!

Note that you don’t have to keep the app running all the time.  You can disable it anytime, and it will restart itself when your device restarts.    If you have a qualifying cell or tablet, I suggest you try it out. Choose your device:

Go here if you have an ANDROID PHONE/TABLET

Use this link if you’re using an iPHONE  or iPAD

In addition to these top Canadian paid surveys, earn rewards for the shopping you already do.

Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel

This is a cool one!  You download a simple app and scan all your purchases.  Once a week, you take a quick survey answering general questions about your purchases/shopping habits.  Earn points to cash in for gift cards or stuff from their electronic mall of goodies, just for spending a half hour a week at the most.  Easy and actually kind of fun!

Register for the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel HERE

if that link redirected you, go HERE.



Permission Research is one of Canada's top research sites

Permission Research

Download and install an app on your mobile device or desktop computer for a monthly entry into their $100,000 sweepstakes. Keep the app installed on multiple devices at once for more chances to win.

Sign up with Permission Research



We will update this list as new Canadian paid surveys come available..

Did I miss any valuable Canadian survey sites that should be on this page?  Leave me a comment..


Here is an another profitable Canada-based website I trust.  It happens to be my #1 source of online income.  Check it out!



ClixSense Strategy for Maximum Earnings (without Referrals)

Clixsense strategy for maximizing your earnings potential.

Yes, referrals will be your best bet for making the most possible with Clisense.  If you are in a position to get an affiliate link out to a few hundred people, small incremental payments will start flooding in daily.  However, most people are not setup for this type of affiliate marketing.

While a ton of referrals will make a big difference in your Clixsense account, it is possible to beat out the rest of the Clixsense competition in PTC, microtask, offer and survey earnings alone.

Clixsense Strategy for Maximizing Earnings.. without Referrals

You can still earn a nice chunk of extra cash by taking part in the many other ClixSense activities.  The key to maximizing your Clixsense earning potential (without referrals) is the surveys, the ClixAddon, and the Daily Checklist bonus.


Install the ClixAddon (and keep it active!)

Your ClixSense strategy requires the ClixAddon so you can stay on top of what surveys, tasks and ads are available to you.The Clixsense addon is crucial for your Clixsense strategy, as it lets you know what’s available as it happens.

If you’re not familiar with ClixSense add on (the ClixAddon), find specific details here.

With the 800 people who are logged into Clixsense at any given time competing for the next task, good deals go fast.  They will probably not be there a few hours later.

The ClixAddon tells you what’s happening immediately, in real time, so you can be one of the first ones there and never miss a thing.  The first batch of participants in any of these areas (surveys, offers, PTC ads, tasks) has the best opportunity for earning.  They get more offered to them, and first picked for limited qualification requirements.

Leaving the ClixAddon running for an hour each day also contributes to your Daily Checklist bonus.  But if you see it there all the time and get used to the information it is giving you, you’ll notice how valuable it can be to you.


Complete the Daily Checklist bonus EVERYDAY..

The Daily Checklist bonus is the other area you should focus on every day.  This bonus rewards you for staying active on the site and coming back daily.  The percentage paid to you is  based on your entire personal earnings total, not including referral earnings.

The checklist is easy to complete if you’re there trying to earn anyway.  If you plan to earn the checklist bonus daily, you should definitely reconsider the Premium Membership.

After a while, you’ll notice that the more you earn from the site, the bigger this bonus gets. The amount will become too significant to pass up.

Go Premium!

Once you start increasing your personal earnings and completing your daily checklist on a daily basis, you should really consider going for the Premium Membership.  It absolutely is not necessary, but it more than doubles your daily bonuses.

Premium will cost you $17 per year, but is very worth it if you’re active on the site.  That Daily Checklist above is based on your total daily earnings from PTC ad, tasks, offers, surveys and ClixGrid prizes.

With Premium, your bonus doubles, from 7% to 16%, for completed checklists, with no cap or limit on what’s possible.

Use the daily checklist bonus in your ClixSense strategy for maximum earnings.

So, if you have a $30 day on Clixsense, that’s an extra $4.80 added to your account at the end of the day (compared to $2.10 for a Standard Member).

Update your profiles for the Clixsense surveys As part of your Clixsense strategy, be sure to update your survey profiles to get qualified for the higher paying surveys.

Clixsense is overly generous with its survey rewards.  If you qualified for each and everyone of these, you’d be set!

But these are not always so easy to qualify for.  What you need to understand is which type of person each survey is targeting by the questions being asked.  If you know what’s behind the survey questions being asked, they are much easier to qualify for.

Check out this list of secrets that the market researchers don’t want you to know, then go update your profile to fit the ‘profile’ they’re looking for.  You’ll qualify more often for the highest-paying surveys.

And sign up for as many of the survey companies attached to ClixSense.  The survey offers will flood in through your ClixAddon and you’ll boost your earnings fast!

ClixSense Strategy Conclusion..

If you follow this strategy, Clixsense can be a serious money-maker for you.  Over time, the longer you stay and remain active, the more money you will make.  Sign up for ClixSense if you haven’t yet.


My powerful secret..

While ClixSense is part of my daily earning strategy, there is another site that triples the amount ClixSense brings in.  Find out my #1 source of online income here.

Making Money with Clixsense


Guide to making money with Clixsense.


Clixsense has succeeded in making this site a one-stop-shop for all your earning needs.  There is such a variety at Clixsense, it’s hard to get bored.  And if you do, there’s a lot of cool games you can play to compete against other members.  It’s my first and last stop of most of my days, and I think it will be yours too.

So, here’s everything you need to know about making money with Clixsense..

WHO can work on clixsense?

  • Residents of any country can work and be paid through Clixsense, as long as you have an account with at least one of the three payment options available to you: Paypal, Payza and Paytoo.
  • All members must be at least 16 years old.
  • Strict one-account-per-household rule:  One account, one email address, per household, per IP address.

Different ways of making money with Clixsense..

View PTC ads-

Clixsense is most known for its PTC, or “paid to click” ads.  Advertisers pay Clixsense to show their ad to a certain number of people.  In return, Clixsense pays you and me, its members, to view these ads.  Win-Win-Win.

However, there is only a limited number of these available, which are on a first come, first serve basis.  Viewing PTC ads will pay out about 1/2 cent to 2 cents each.  Earning with PTC ads is simple and the cash really adds up in the end.


Clixsense surveys are some of the highest paid surveys out there.  I am personally a survey freak–I cannot pass up a “10-minutes-for-$5 survey” no matter how busy I am.  And I can always count on Clixsense to have an abundance of these top-dollar surveys available.  Just be sure to follow these secrets to making the most money possible with surveys, so you’ll qualify more often and earn more cash.


Clixsense offers are hosted by other companies who are willing to pay for new customers to try out their product, service or website.  Usually these will require a credit card and sometimes even a purchase, but the reward for completing these is usually higher than anything else.

It is your choice which offers you choose to take part in.  It’s common (and acceptable) to give a credit card number to take part in a “free trial” offer, then cancel before your card is charged, and still be credited by Clixsense.  You just need to make sure you understand the specific rules and requirements of each offer before taking part.

Crowdflower microtasks-

In case you’re unfamiliar with microtasking, these are tiny jobs for tiny payments.  Tasks usually take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes and pay you for successfully completing them (generally 2 cents up to a few dollars).  There are a few microtasking sites around the web, but Crowdflower is the only one that spreads it tasks to third party hosts, like Clixsense.  You can find Crowdflower tasks at various sites, but Clixsense pays more for these than any other competing site.  

Crowdflower tasks are on a first come first serve basis.  Some times they have plenty available and other times there may be none available to you.  Task earnings can really add up, so it is good to keep checking back daily.


Clixsense has an excellent referral program.  You get a percentage of each person who signs up under your personalized Clixsense affiliate link.  The commission is only about 5-10% per task or offer, which is small potatoes. But these add up.

If you sign up for Premium Membership, it becomes an 8-tier program, which means that you’ll get credit for your referral, and your referral’s referral, and so on up to 8 levels.  This can become very profitable with a good number of referrals.


Okay, so you can’t really earn with the games, but it’s a great selection that is worth checking out.  They’re fun, and addictive.  You can compete against other Clixsense members in popular games like Bad Eggs Online and Learn to Fly.


Clixsense games don't really help with making money with clixsense, but they're fun and addictive.

There’s also great potential for making money with Clixsense Bonuses..

Daily Checklist Bonus

Aside from your regular earnings, you can get an added bonus each day if you complete all of the items on the daily checklist.  This is here to encourage users to try out all of the ways to earn.  There’s even a bonus-activity bonus for completing the checklist regularly.  If you complete it on day one, day two, and day three, you will receive the activity bonus on day three.  As long as you continue to complete it every day, you will get it every day.  If you miss a day, then that three day rule starts all over again.

This doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re earning as much as possible with offers, surveys, tasks, and PTC clicks, these bonuses can really add to your total.

For completing the daily checklist bonus and activity bonus, a Standard Member gets 7% of his total earnings, while the Premium Member gets 16%.  This takes into account earnings from PTC clicks, offers, surveys, and microtasks.

Account Type:   Standard   Premium
Daily Checklist Bonus 5.0% 12.0%
ClixAddon Extra Bonus ¹ 1.0% 2.0%
Activity Extra Bonus ² 1.0% 2.0%
Maximum Possible Bonus 7.0% 16.0%

ClixGrid Bonuses

The ClixGrid is a fun chance game to earn an extra bonus up to $10.  Every member gets 30 clicks on the ClixGrid per day (60 clicks for Premium members).  After you click each square, you are sent to an ad page where you are required to watch for 10 seconds (or 5 seconds for Premium Members). You are then told whether or not that square was a winner, and are allowed to backspace back to the grid to continue clicking.

The ClixGrid is not really a game of luck, but rather statistics.  The more you play, the better your chances are of winning small bonuses.  So play daily.  If it gets boring, you can keep a movie running on a side window to watch while you’re clicking on your ClixGrid window.


The Clixsense add on can be added to your browser to keep you in the Clixsense loop.  Installing it and keeping it active for an hour per day adds to your daily checklist bonus.

When installed, the ClixAddon displays a tiny button at the top right of your browser at all times, and flashes to tell you when new ads, surveys, offers or tasks are available.  A simple click on it brings up this shot:
ClixAddon is crucial to making money with Clixsense.

As you can see, it gives you detailed stats on your Clixsense account, including your tallied earnings, and what’s available for you as they come in.  On the right, it shows you notifications of surveys mostly, including the reward and time it will take you to complete each one.

I love the ClixAddon because it really maximizes my earnings.  I often forget throughout the day and it keeps me constantly reminded of ways I could be making money with Clixsense.

The ClixAddon is completely harmless to your computer.  It does not slow it down or cause crashes at all, and it does not bombard you with ads.

What is Clixsense Premium Membership?

Clixsense offers additional benefits for Premium Membership.  Cost of going Premium is:

  • $17 one-time annual fee
  • or $30 for a full two years

Premium Membership can boost your earnings in a few different areas, including:

  • Referrals–  Referrals earnings is the most significant difference you’ll notice by switching to a Premium Membership.  Commissions double on most referral activities.  See the chart below for exact changes in amounts.
  • Daily checklist bonus– Completing the daily checklist doubles the bonus earned from a possible 7% to 16%.  If you do everything on the list (which is easily attainable), you could earn 16% of your earnings.  Earnings for this bonus includes:  PTC ads clicks, ClixGrid prizes, completed CrowdFlower tasks and completed offers and surveys.
  • PTC ads–  Many Clixsense advertisers choose to only show their ads to Clixsense users who have established “purchasing power”.  This is why Premium members are usually offered more PTC ads than members who have not paid for Premium Membership.  But Clixsense warns extra PTC ads are offered with a Premium Membership, but are not guaranteed.
  • Extra Clixgrid Clicks–  Premium Membership doubles the amount of clix you get on the Clixgrid–60 per day instead of 30.  This in turn doubles your chances of winning.

Here’s the chart of Premium benefits posted on the Clixsense website.  Click the image below to see larger text.

Making more money with Clixsense Premium Membership.

How will I be paid with Clixsense?

Cash Transfer

Clixsense offers three ways to quickly and easily transfer your cash earnings: Paypal, Paytoo, and Payza.

  • Paytoo -(available in over 200 countries). You must sign up with Paytoo to find out if your country is on its list.

The great thing about Paytoo is that it does not require a bank account.  You can cashout your earnings (or add money to your Paytoo account) at an actual, physical location.  Check here to see if there’s one near you.

Check payment option

Checks are available to US and Canada members only.

Checks issued are only valid for 60 days.  If you lose it or for some other reason are unable to cash your Clixsense check, you can contact them to try and make other arrangements.  If you do not cash your check within 60 days, you will lose that money and Clixsense may even choose to close your account.  The do not issue refunds or credit money back to your Clixsense account after it has been issued through any method.

Clixsense minimum cashout amount?

Clixsense pays members upon request after they have reached the minimum limit in their earnings:

  • $8 for Standard members
  • $6 for Premium members

When does Clixsense pay?

This is one are where this site stands out from any other site.  Clixsense always pays what they promise and when the promise.  They are consistently reliable in this regard.

  • Cash Transfer payments are sent out on the Monday and Friday afternoon of each week (before 5pm eastern standard time).

If you request your payout by 2pm on a Monday or Friday, you will be paid the very same day.

Checks are mailed out on the 10th of each month, to the address you’ve listed on your Clixsense profile.

  • Check payments must be requested by the 7th for it to go out by the 10th.

Address/Identity Verification

US and Canada identity must be verified before being allowed to receive Paypal, Paytoo or Payza payments.  Your first requested payment is mandatory by check, sent with a four digit code which you enter into your account at Clixsense.  This verifies that the check was delivered and received at the address that you claimed was yours.  You must cash the check within 60 days to complete this verification process and be paid.

Clixsense Toolbar

The Clixsense toolbar seems pointless when you can get all you need from the ClixAddon.  I don’t recommend downloading the toolbar. Even Chrome advised me against it. This is just another one of those common, annoying toolbars, like the Yahoo and AOL ones, and it has no direct relationship to your Clixsense account, other than bombarding you with ads.  Plus, there is no cash incentive for downloading it.


Clixsense Research is completely separate from Clixsense.  ClixResearch is strictly surveys, and is mirrored to another site called ClearVoice.  These are reasonably-rewarded surveys offered to members of any country.  Payment terms are different.  They offer Amazon gift card, restaurant voucher or Payoneer cash payments after you reach their $10 minimum.  ClixResearch is offered as a button at the top of your Clixsense account page.  You must fill out a completely different (and very detailed) profile questionnaire to start taking surveys with Clixsense Research.

Making money with Clixsense can extend to the separate Clixsense Research site.

Likewise, there are many other survey hosting sites attached to Clixsense.  I suggest you sign up with as many as possible and fill out those initial profiles to get more surveys offered to you.  I look for those from Global Test Market, Samplicio and LiveSample first, as they generally pay the most for your valuable time.

PTC Virus and Malware Warning

Clixsense claims in its User Agreement that they scan each PTC advertisement for viruses and malware, but do not evaluate the actual outside landing pages that each advertisement will lead you if clicked upon.  They are also careful to add that they are not held liable if you get any type of malware or virus on your computer.  And unfortunately, this is easily the case with some of these ads you will see on the site.  Watch and earn, but be careful where you click.  Any clicks leading you to a site outside of Clixsense could potentially be dangerous to your device.

Member Suspension/Cancellation Warnings:

  • If you go 90 days without logging in, you will become inactive and Clixsense will close your account out with a zero balance, which will not be returned to you if you reactivate your account later.
  • No chargebacks allowed for any purchase made through Clixsense.  For any payments made to Clixsense (for PTC ad credits, Premium Membership, etc), Clixsense will automatically suspend your account and charge you the amount owed plus a $20 chargeback fee to be reinstated.  Even if it is warranted, you should always get in touch with Clixsense with any issues first.
  • Absolutely no use of VPNs or proxy server.  This is considered fraud for cheating offers.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but they’re pretty serious about it, so maybe you shouldn’t do it.
  • And like most survey/offer sites, Clixsense does not allow multiple accounts of the same person, the same household, or the same IP address.  Ideally, doing this would allow a person to complete the same offers and surveys twice which is considered fraud.  They will cancel your account instantly and keep all your earnings.

Clixsense and the Better Business Bureau

Clixsense is not accredited with the BBB.  They have not applied for accreditation and are not required to do so.  However, users still have the right to send in complaints to the Better Business Bureau about a non-accredited business, and often do so to get their complaint on file and visible to the public.  But Clixsense has absolutely zero complaints against them, which is surprising due to the length of time it has been in business and the great number of members the site has.  Either way, I take this as a great sign that others have had as good an experience as I’ve had with the site so far.


Clixsense is an awesome site that I know you won’t be disappointed with.  It’s a well-established money-making site that pays generously and pays instantly.  Sign up, start earning and have fun!

If there something here that I didn’t cover, please ask.  I’ll answer.