Is Global Test Market Safe?

Is Global Test Market Safe? I evaluated it for you.. Read about my experience here..

Global Test Market surveys are some of the best-paying surveys out there.  But with so many negative reviews floating around online, how do you know if it’s safe? How do you know if they’ll actually pay you your hard-earned money?  I signed up and spent a lot of time with Global Test Market, and here’s how I experienced it, the good and the bad..

Is Global Test Market Safe?

Even if you haven’t directly signed up with Global Test Market yet, chances are high that you’ve taken some of their surveys at other sites.  They are usually some of the highest paid surveys offered at sites like Inbox Dollars, Fusion Cash, and ClixSense, to name a few.  But completing Global Test Market surveys hosted by another websites means that you have to split your cash with them.

There are also other benefits from going directly to the source..

You get higher earnings and the surveys are actually easier to qualify for!

In signing up and taking their surveys directly through the Global Test Market site, you can actually make more than you would for the same survey anywhere else. Is Global Test Market Safe?  My honest review with complaints.. Not only because each site takes a cut out of your earnings, but because they disqualify less often on their own domain.  It’s as if their qualification standards are not as high for the surveys taken in house compared to on other survey sites.

Now of course I cannot prove that this is true, in fact, it probably isn’t.  There’s just something very unique about taking these surveys–I always qualify!  My qualification and completion rate is about 9 out of every 10 surveys offered, which is a huge step up from the Global Test Market surveys hosted on other sites.   And I’m not alone.  In searching around, you’ll see a lot of other members thinking the same thing.  You’ll have to decide yourself after you’ve signed up.

Profiling Global Test Market Surveys

Another big benefit to you comes from the profiling surveys..  When signing up, you get to setup your own profile, which means you get more relevant surveys, which means fewer disqualifications, which means more money to you.

Global Test Market POINTS System

  • Surveys are rewarded with points, and 23 points is equal to $1.00.
  • Most surveys offer 35 points, which is a tiny bit over $1.50. Many are rewarded with 40-60 points ($1.75-$2.50).  And of course, just like any other site, you’ll get some $3 and $4 surveys thrown at you occasionally.
  • Most surveys average about 10-15 minutes long, so these are very fair rewards.

Global Test Market REWARDS

In the Global Test Market Reward Zone, you could literally save up to go shopping.  They utilize the PERKS marketplace, where you virtually buy stuff with your accumulated points.  And the comparable prices are very reasonable–not at all jacked up.  They offer cash Paypal options, as well as many other gift cards and gifts for purchase with your points.  Here are a few of your options:

Get cheap iTunes downloads with the Global Test Market safe Reward Zone..

  • Paypal cash payment: $20 or $10 increments  (23 points = $1.00)
  • Amazon gift certificates:  $10, $15, or $25  (22 points per $1.00, so the Amazon is a slightly better deal than the Paypal cash option)
  • Sony 3D Blu-Ray Player 3600 points ($157)Global Test Market safe Reward Zone has Amazon gift card options..
  • DVD movies starting at 178 points ($8.00)
  • Full seasons TV series for 800-1200 points ($35-$52)
  • $100 Hyatt hotel gift certificate for 2400 points (24 points per $1.00)Use points to purchase a Sony 3D BluRay Player at the Global Test Market safe Reward Zone
  • $100 Alamo car rental gift certificates for 2180 points (21.8 points per $1.00)
  • $25 gift certificate for Happy Socks for 550 points (22 points per $1.00) of their most popular items, believe it or not!
  • and plenty more to choose from..Global Test Market safe rewards offer GameStop gift cards, among many others.

    HAPPY SOCKS is one of the most popular items purchased for points at the Global Test Market safe Reward Zone..


Global Test Market 1000-point mark..

As a new member, you have to wait until you reach 1000 points before you can cash out.  This may seem like a lot, but you get there so quickly.  I was offered a survey, I qualified, I completed the survey, and there’s another one right there waiting for me.  It was an endless cycle, and I reached 1000 points in 4 days the very first time.  And keep in mind that I’m also chasing around a toddler all day, so I wasn’t just sitting there taking surveys 24/7.  It was too simple.

My first time with the site, and I cashed out three times in two weeks, each at the 1000-point mark, or $50 each time.  It was addictive, and it paid off.

Is Global Test Market safe?  I got my payment directly to my Paypal account through the Global Test Market Reward Zone.

 Cashing out can be tricky though..

If you want the cash Paypal option, this can be a little tricky.  Because you’re made to wait until the 1000 point mark, obviously when you’re ready to cash out you’ll have 1000 points.  But the Paypal options don’t equal out to 1000 points–you have to buy them in the specified increments.

For example, my first time cashing out, I had my 1000 points.  Paypal was offered as $10 and $20 increments only, which in points is either 230, or 460.

460 +460=920 points.

But to cash out, you have to spend the entire 1000 points.  So, to keep my points going strictly toward Paypal cash, I had to work for the difference–another 150 points.  Luckily, this only took me about an hour’s worth of surveys, though.

Is Global Test Market safe?  I got paid over and over and over again..

Paypal payments are quick..

Cashing out with Paypal was the only option I have used with Global Test Market so far.  But each time, the payment was delivered to my Paypal account within 7 days.  The site’s FAQs states that, once requested, they send the payment within 5 to 10 days, and from there it can take Paypal up to five days to stick it into your account.  But for me, this process happened much quicker each time.  That’s a big thumbs-up in my book.

It’s worth noting though, that many other users around the internet seem to have had very different experiences, with their rewards taking way too long to arrive, sometimes 4-6 weeks.  I can’t say why this went so much smoother for me.  It could be because the Paypal option is just faster than other options, or if maybe they’ve made updates to their behind-the-scenes processes.  I just hope it continues on this positive path.

But each survey site has its ups and downs, and Global Test Market is no different.  Here’s the good and the bad, as I see it:

Global Test Market PROS

  •  Loads of surveys always availableIs Global Test Market safe?  There are ALWAYS good-paying surveys available at
  • Shorter-than-average surveys
  • Quick survey turnaround
  • Good pay
  • Valuable rewards
  • Paypal cashout option
  • Low/easy requirements
  • Excellent qualification-rate
  • My absolute favorite thing about this site is that you can leave a survey opened, unfinished, for as long as you need–days even, if it’s not a limited-time survey.  When you return, it will pick right up where you left off.  This feature certainly makes it easy to start new surveys, as you know you won’t be tied to the computer until it’s finished.

Global Test Market COMPLAINTS

  • High minimum payout requirement
  • Confusing point system at payout time forces you to earn more points before you can cash out
  • Usually not given an estimate of how long each survey will take
  • No other ways to earn points, surveys only

With that said, I am still very active on Global Test Market, and with these easy surveys and fast payouts, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites.

Global Test Market and the Better Business Bureau

According to the Better Business Bureau, Global Test Market has an A+ rating.  However, they’ve had their share of complaints.  Over the past three years, there have been 184 official complaints against the company.

These complaints include:

  • Dropped/broken surveys
  • Non-payment
  • Taking longer than promised to pay
  • Rewards not arriving in the mail
  • Unable to reach customer service

These are valid complaints, and 184 is a substantial number compared to other sites..  However, most survey companies with a large customer base around the world will likely have a lot complaints filed against them.   And in reading through the complaints, Global Test Market does appear to attempt to solve most of the problems, from resending payments to crediting accounts where necessary.

A Global Test Market NO-NO

The one area that the company refuses to compromise is in circumstances where there were multiple accounts created and in use at the same home address, according to the Better Business Bureau reports.  I read a few instances where members complained that their points were taken away and their account closed permanently.  Global Test Market remained adamant that this is against their rules, and did not budge on compensation.  So, as long as we maintain only one account per household, we should have no major issues with Global Test Market.

Check out Global Test Market surveys…

Global Test Market is among the list of the best money making sites that earn me an easy $50 a day..










Here's the top 25 sites to earn quick, easy cash online.

Earn Quick Easy Cash Online with these 25 Sites

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just choose one of your favorite businesses in the area, walk in and work a few hours for a little extra cash whenever you needed it?  And that businesses was thrilled to have you?

Online, this is perfectly possible.  Right now, as you’re sitting there reading this, you could be earning cash from any one of these 25 great websites.  And none of the businesses on this list require W2 forms and background checks.  It’s usually as simple as:

  1. Sign up
  2. Confirm email address
  3. Start earning..

Most sites have a minimum amount you must earn before you can cash out, but I’ve only included sites here with a short or reasonable minimum, so they are easily and quickly attainable.  With some, it is possible to sign up today and cash out tomorrow or the next day.

My suggestion for maximum earning is to sign up with all of these sites, and then choose the best and most profitable offers to do, from the emails that flood into your inbox.


25 Great Sites to Earn Quick Easy Cash Online

Each site on this list offers payment for simple tasks, taking part in trial offers, or simple Q & A surveys..  This is truly quick and easy cash that anyone easily earn.

Survey and Offer Sites:


Fusion Cash!  Still my favorite website! FusionCash is a great survey/offer/task/etc site with all types of ways to earn, including high-paying surveys.  I use this site mainly for the FC Survey section–it has the highest paid surveys of any other survey/offer site.  Plus, you get a free five bucks when you sign up through HERE!  Easy money!  There is a $25 payout minimum, check or Paypal cash payment available within 4 or 5 days..  Highly recommended!

ClixSense is a great all-in-one site that gives you plenty of chances to earn quick easy cash online.

Clixsense – Get paid to view ads, take surveys, and complete microtasks..  They’ve been around for a long time, and they pay top-dollar!  Quick cash payment possible, within a week.  You’ll love this site!

There are loads of fun and interesting ways to earn quick easy cash online at Inbox Dollars.

InboxDollars – Loads of cool ways to earn money here. This site pays squat for surveys, but makes up for it by paying out the most for trial offers.  $30 minimum required, payout by check or free debit card.  Possible cash out in 3 or 4 days.  Check out this in-depth review of InboxDollars, including its pros and cons.

Send Earnings – This is an exact duplicate of InboxDollars (above), with varying offers and payouts.  You can have an account at both and maximize your earnings.

SwagbucksSwagBucks is a highly dependable site offering lots of different ways to earn quick and easy cash online. – Get paid for a little bit of everything–surveys, offers, shopping.  100 Swagbucks is approximately $1.

Earn quick easy cash online with GiftHulk..

GiftHulk – Another all-in-one site with lots of ways to earn.  1,000 coins earned is worth $1.00, and can be cashed out with a Paypal payment, or traded in for various gift cards.

Cash Crate – Very generous offers, surveys, and shopping rewards here.  $20 minimum required to cashout by check.  With all the possibilities to earn here, you could cash out in about 5 days.

e-Poll Market Research – Earn points which you can cash out for almost anything, it seems, including Paypal Payments ($10 minimum), Gift codes for Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, and the list goes on and on! It’s a good site that treats you very well!

Top Survey Sites:

Global Test Market's high pay and low minimum threshold makes this a good spot to earn quick easy cash online.

Global Test Market – I spend a lot of my time at this site.  There are loads of surveys always available, and pretty generous payments offered for most.  They use points systems, and each 23 points is worth about one dollar.  For the $100 Paypal cash option, you need 2300 points.  But you can cash out with some gift cards instead that are worth a little more per point.  Most surveys average about $1.50-$5.  And with all the surveys available, it is so easy to cash out very quickly here, within a few days.  Your Paypal payment shows up in 7 days or less.


Pinecone Researchpinecone research is a great way to earn quick easy cash online.. – $3 payout for each and every survey..  Surveys offered approximately once or twice a week.  Check payment mailed to you the first time, but Paypal is an option each time afterward.  Cash out possible within a week, after at least one survey is completed.  UPDATE: Pinecone is accepting new members on invitation-only basis.

Update November, 2016: Pinecone accepting new members now. Pick your sign-up link below:

  • US Male and Female (any age)
  • UK – Anyone between ages of 18-34
  • CANADA Males of any age; Females between ages 18-24

MintVine – $1 to $4 surveys on average, or about .50 cents per five minutes of length.  Once you get started at MintVine, the offers start coming more and more, up to 5 or 6 per day in your inbox.  One of my personal favorites.  Minimum $10 Paypal cash payment possible in 2 to 3 days.

MyViewMyView allows you plenty of surveys to earn quick easy cash online. – 1300 MVP points equals about $1.00.  Most surveys offered are less than 1000 points.  Reward gift cards, some for only $15 trade in value of your MVP points.

Mindfield Online – $.50-$5 surveys, on average.  Most offered are low-pay, but stay on their good side and they’ll start sending you $5-10 surveys more frequently.  Usually plenty of surveys available on a daily basis.  Only $5 payout threshold, with check or Paypal cashout options.  These surveys take a few weeks to be credited to your account, though.

Vindale Research – High $50 payout threshold limit, but always has an abundance of surveys available with many of them up to $5 each.  Check or Paypal cash out options, but with high minimum, it takes a little longer to cash out.  Sign up with Vindale Research in your country:

Valued Opinions -Great site with great-paying surveys.  Most are $2.00, but each survey averages out to be .50 cents per five minutes.  You can cashout at $20 with an Amazon gift card, or $25 with a Visa gift card.  It is very possible to cash out after a week with this site, but sometimes you have to wait a little longer for your reward to actually show up.

With Survey Savvy's low minimum threshold, it is a good site to earn quick easy cash online.SurveySavvy – Rarely offers surveys, but when they do most are top dollar, including $50 and $100 research surveys a few times per month.  $1 cashout minimum, sent immediately by check.  Possible to cash out immediately after first survey.

Make quick, easy cash at OpinionPlus Panel.OpinionPlus -This is a new survey site that pays well!  Generally $2 (or 200 points) each per survey, and quick, easy cashout at 1,000 points ($10).  OpinionPlus is desparate for MALE members, which is great for you guys because you should automatically qualify for most surveys.  Easy to cashout a few times a week with this site.

Reward TV – Redeem points for prizes, including gift cards and gas cards.  Each 20,000 points is worth $1.  This site doesn’t pay out as much as other survey sites, but you’ll have a lot more fun here.

Toluna Surveys –  Lots of surveys usually available, but also offers mini-tasks and other ways to earn, like testing products and writing reviews.  Rewards are based on a points system, whereas 3,000 points is equal to $1. Paypal cashout option as low as $20, but also has lots of other gift cards available as well, like Sears, Amazon, Applebee’s..

Surveys4Moms – Good site with lots of surveys available.  Most pay about $1.00-$5.00, with some offering more.  Straight cash system, with Paypal cashout option.

IPsos iSay is a good survey site to earn quick easy cash online.

Ipsos i-Say – Very popular research panel with surveys always available.  Ipsos offers a lot of different ways to earn fun while you’re earning those rewards.  Ipsos offers a point system, where 100 points is equal to $1.00 worth of rewards, including merchandise and gift cards!  There are constant surveys available to keep you busy, and it’s daily random poll prediction questions makes it


Microtasking Sites:

Amazon's MTurk is a great website for earning fast cash online.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) –  Microtasks for micro-payments! These tiny jobs pay only pennies, especially for new people, but they are quick jobs that can be done under a minute, usually.  With a quick pace, these pennies can easily add up to a full-time job.  Possible first payment after 10 days.  Check out this detailed review of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

CrowdSource is a good microtask site to earn quick easy cash online.CrowdSource – Another microtask site, working tiny jobs for tiny payments. Pays anytime cash payments through Paypal. Possible cash out within one week.

CrowdFlower – Another microtask site, working tiny jobs for tiny payments..  Pays cash payments through Paypal.

Clickworker is a great site to earn quick easy cash online, today.

ClickWorker – And yet another microtask site…  You know the rest.  $1 minimum cash payout through Paypal, and you could essentially earn today and cash out tomorrow.

The Smart Crowd (formerly Virtual Bee) – Offers cash payments for small typing and data entry jobs.  Find out more about The Smart Crowd and other similar sites offering actual online jobs.

So get signed up, make some money and have fun with it!

If you want to make good money online, but are less concerned with quick and easy payouts, here are a few options for actual employer/employee jobs..

  • Sykes – An actual online customer service agency offering full and part-time work.  Get more details about a Sykes work-from-home customer service job.
  • LionBridge -This company hires people like you for testing search engines and mobile apps from your home full or part-time.  Just put in your country, and it will tell you of all the spots they have available for you to apply for.  It’s not exactly quick cash, but it can be easy cash you can make right from your home office.

OR if you want to invest your valuable time creating your long-term success with your own online business, check out this great option..

Wealthy Affiliate taught me and they can teach you absolutely everything you need to know to start a website, and make a living with it.  They give you the resources you’ll need, including two free sites.  Get started with Wealthy Affiliate for free, and get your free websites.

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one resource website for earning fast easy cash online. .


While most of these sites are global, you can find a list of strictly Canadian sites here, or for UK residents here.

Are there any other sites that should be added to this list?  Let me know with a comment below..



Which Top Paid Survey Sites Pay the Most?

These top paid survey sites pay well and pay on time. Check out this list and earn today.In searching for the top paid survey sites, reviews and complaints are difficult to sort through to get to the best.

From the top list of the 10 best paid survey sites, there are those few that are top notch. When they call, I drop whatever I’m doing and take a survey!

They pay well, they pay quickly, and they pay the amount they promise.

Here is a list of which top paid survey sites pay the most and pay in cash..


Who are the top paying survey companies?

Highest paying for average surveys..

Pinecone Research—Each and every survey at Pinecone pays $3, and you’re automatically qualified for each one! This equals out to be about 20 cents per minute.  They’ll only send you survey invitations about 1-4 times a week, but it’s easy money! Payout minimum is $3.

A Pinecone membership is highly sought after, and is by invitation only at this time.  Right now they are looking for:

If you fall into one of these categories, I definitely suggest you sign up now while you can!

ClixSenseClixSense is technically not a survey site, but they always have a lot of high paying surveys available, $2-$7.   This site has a ton of other ways to earn as well.

FusionCash – This is a survey/offer site, but it always carries a good selection of $3, $4 and $5 surveys for you to pick from. There are always plenty of other $1 to $2 surveys to fill the gaps and keep you occupied.

Vindale Research Vindale is a surveys-only site with about 20 to 30 surveys available at any given time.  While there are a lot of low paying surveys offered here, it is very worth it to be signed up with them for those few high paying ones that come through.  I usually check with Vindale about twice a day and complete all of those $4 and $5 surveys before they disappear.  It’s easy money, don’t miss out.

Valued Opinions -Here’s a good site with steady-paying surveys.  There are usually about one or two a day.  Most pay $2.00, but each survey averages out to be .50 cents per five minutes, with higher reward for longer surveys.

MintVine – This site quickly turned into one of my favorites.  They still have minimal competition which equals out to higher paid surveys and higher qualification rate!  Most surveys range from $2-4 each.  Low $10 minimum to cashout, and Paypal payments.  It’s simple to cashout once or twice a week at MintVine.

OpinionPlus – This is a brand new site very similar to MintVine.  High-paying surveys with $10 minimum cashout through Paypal.  Because they’re so new, they have few members, which means extremely high qualification rate for you.  And this is especially true for MALE members, as they are in desperate need.

Highest paying for big-money research studies..

Survey Savvy – While Survey Savvy rarely offers survey invitations, some of those that they do offer can land in the $50 to $100 range. You are doubly eligible for these high-paying surveys if you download their Savvy Connect software on your computer. It is worth it to get on this site’s list.  Right now there is a $60 survey for new US members who download a piece of software on their computer and smartphone.  It’s perfectly safe, I promise.

MintVine– About 6 months ago this site would not have been on this list, but I have been getting great-paying research study invites from them lately. They only come about once a week, but my last two earned me $10 and $30. The $30 one was a 30-minute live session, just asking questions. It was an easy $30!

Which of the top paid survey sites pay cash?

These top paid survey sites pay cash with Paypal

These top paid survey sites pay by check.




Pinecone Research offers cash payment through Paypal or check by mail.  It takes about a week and a half for my check to show up in the mail. Paypal payment takes about 2 or 3 days.

FusionCash  pays cash through Paypal, but will also send check by mail, or directly deposit into a checking or savings account. All payments are issued on the 20th of each month after requested..  Check out this FusionCash review for more details.

Survey Savvy sends check payments only, but say they will likely offer Paypal in the future.  The check arrives quickly though, about 1-2 weeks max.  There is only a $1 minimum here, so you can cash out after one survey.

MintVine pays by cash through Paypal. They have an easy $10 threshold limit.

ClixSense pays by check or Paypal.  Low and easy $8 cash out minimum.

Vindale Research pays cash through Paypal, but they do have a high $50 limit.  Canada residents sign up with Vindale HERE.

Valued Opinions is the only one that does not pay cash. They do have a Visa cash debit card option, but you “purchase” this option for a $5 fee every payout. Their other best option is an Amazon gift card.

Are all of these survey sites legit?

Each of the top paid survey sites on this list are 100% legit. They all exercise fair and honest business practices and make an extra effort to not disappoint their members.

I hope this helped you decide which top paid survey sites you can trust.  Check out this list for more survey sites you should be signed up with.

Check HERE for more survey sites for Canada residents..

And go HERE for more survey sites for UK residents..

Are there any top-paying sites I should add to this list? Leave a comment..


Get Paid: Take Surveys Online.. Top 10 Best Paid Surveys LIST

Cash surveys are everywhere!  You can get paid big bucks to take surveys online!  Surveys are the quickest and easiest way to make a little bit of extra money from home.  There is absolutely no experience necessary, and it’s so easy to get started today–right now.  All you need is your computer and that wonderful Internet access you’re using right now.

Get Paid.. Take Surveys Online

Get paid: Take surveys online using this list of the best paid surveys!Finding paid surveys is too easy.  A simple Google search will overload you with options, and you could just start signing up for those that look interesting.  After a few of these, a lot of others will find you.

One of the biggest problems with surveys, though, is that you don’t know which ones you can trust.  Even those that mean well and actually pay will usually have other issues that are undesirable.

You’ll find that the worst thing is to waste 20 minutes on a survey only to find out that you won’t be getting paid for it for one reason or another.

Related:  Tips for making more money with surveys.

So I’m going to tell you what to look for in a survey site so you can avoid some of the mistakes I made.

First of all, it should cost you no money whatsoever to sign up with these sites.  Before you waste any time on them, you should always check out their reward system to make sure that they are cash surveys, or that their reward system is something that would otherwise have a good benefit for you.

Get paid to take surveys online, plus complete offers and microtasks.. FusionCash is on of THE best paid surveys online.Some of these sites pay out through Paypal, and there are others who offer prizes you could work toward, such as gift cards.  I’ve come across a few that have actual merchandise you can purchase with “points” that you’re awarded for each survey.  This could work out to be a cash-equivalent if you find an offer that you want to purchase.

Most cash survey sites have a threshold amount you must reach before you can ask for a payout.  Make sure this is a reasonable amount of time and money.  You might not want to be indebted to one site for the entire time it takes to reach a $50 threshold amount.  If you decide to quit, you will lose everything you’ve earned just because you can’t ask for that payout until you reach the $50 mark, which can take a long time, especially for low-paying sites.  I try to stick with those that payout at about $10-$30.  Of course, no limit at all is best.

Get paid, take surveys online for big cash. Sign up with these top 10 best paid surveys and start earning.

Because each site will not always have surveys available all the time, I suggest signing up for as many as you can out of those that you like and that you trust.  This will ensure that there will always be a steady stream of cash surveys available to you.

Check out my list of the best paid survey sites.  Each one is tried and trusted, and will actually pay you every time.

Top 10 Best Paid Surveys

Pinecone Research

This is one of my favorites.  After you sign up, they only offer surveys occasionally, but they pay top dollar and offer many different ways to redeem, including cash, and choosing products through an online mall within their site.  It’s pretty cool. Their check payout threshold is only $3.  As long as you have at least $3 in your account, you can request a check.

Update 4/15: At this time, Pinecone is only accepting:

Vindale Research

One of my top favorites–I spend a lot of time here.  This site offers tons and tons of surveys, always, all the time.  And they pay very generously, even keeping a bunch of $4 and $5 surveys on hand daily.  They do have a $50 threshold, but their large supply and variety of different kinds of surveys keeps it interesting and makes it easy to reach that $50. Select your country below to sign up with Vindale:


Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is a great one to join.  They have high incentives, like an average of $3 per survey taken.  They also offer cash for downloading market research tracking onto your computer for a short time (SavvyConnect).  It’s completely harmless, you really don’t even know it’s there.  And what I like most about this site is as soon as you reach $1 in your account, you can request a payout.  UPDATE (November, 2016) : New US members are offered an easy $60 survey for downloading SavvyConnect to one or more of your devices. I’ve done it! Get detailed specifics in my thorough Survey Savvy Review.or get started right now at Survey Savvy HERE

Global Test Market

Seemingly endless surveys available at Global Test Market.  Most surveys offer a very reasonable 35 points (about $1.60) for the average 15 minute survey, but some surveys go up to $6.  I personally spend about an hour a day at Global Test Market going from survey to survey and cash out with about $50 each week.  I highly recommend this site.


I’ve only been with MintVine for about six months, but I love it.  With such a low minimum ($10), I cash out about three times a month.  MintVine generally pays at least $1.50 or more for most average surveys, and I have had an excellent success rate of being qualified.  They pay cash payments very quickly through Paypal, or Dwolla.

Springboard America

This is a really cool site.  The surveys themselves are visually-stimulating, making even the most boring content interesting.  They have a $50 threshold to reach before payout, and don’t expect that to happen quickly.  But they’re dependable, they actually pay you, which makes them very much worth your time.  They offer cash surveys paid by check and Paypal transfer, or they offer Amazon gift cards instead.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is still one of my favorites.  When their email pops up in my inbox, I come a-running.  I am only offered surveys relevant to  me, and I’m almost always approved.  Plus, I rarely get any offered with less than a $1 reward.  They have a low, easily-reachable $20 threshold.  They pay out with a $20 Visa card option, or gift cards to places like Amazon, iTunes, and Macy’s.  I definitely think Valued Opinions is worth your time.

Mindfield Online

Most of the surveys at Mindfield are about average ($1-3 each), but they will frequently send you $5-10 survey invitations.  Usually plenty of surveys available on a daily basis.  Only $5 payout threshold, with check or Paypal cashout options.  These surveys take a few weeks to be credited to your account, though.


One of my favorites!  A full service offer/survey sites, but also pays top dollar for completed Crowdflower microtasks that you can do directly on this site.  Absolute best offer site to complete surveys.  Spend some time in their FC Surveys section.  It is so easy to accumulate fast cash with their $4 and $5 surveys.  Easy $25 minimum cash out limit, paid by check or Paypal.


Clixsense is another offer/survey site.  They find the surveys available and offer them to you, then they split the cash payout with you.  ClixSense pays very reasonable rewards for their average surveys, and there are always some $4-$7 surveys mixed in.  Plus, there are a whole lot of other ways to earn at the site.

The most money you can earn from these offer/survey sites comes from taking part in free offers from advertisers.  It’s obvious that they get a commission for getting customers to try out their products and services through “free trials” or “free samples”, and sometimes just for getting you to visit their site.  And when you take part, you get cash.

I got $10 instantly for signing up with a credit report site for a free trial offer.  The next day, I cancelled my membership and still got to keep the $10.  They just want you to try their stuff out.  These sites find these great deals and offer them to you directly through their own websites.  Plus, FusionCash offers a $5 bonus when you first sign up.



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Here’s a great list of survey sites for Canada residents..  And UK residents surveys here.

Know of a great site that should be mentioned here?  Let me know with a comment..


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Top 3 List: Survey Scam Sites You’ll Wish You Never Joined!

Top list: Survey scam sites you will wish you never joined..

Taking surveys can become addictive. There’s always that great feeling attached to seeing your reward actually added to your account after you’ve completed a survey. It makes you want start another one right away, even if only moments before you were just wishing you could just finally get through the one you were in.

Of course, some surveys will be more rewarding than others. Your experience is usually dependent on the survey site you’re signed up with.

After you join a lot of these sites, most of the surveys get delivered right to your inbox. You start to get familiar with the variations of each one, and pick and choose your favorites.

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But I’ve also kept track of those that constantly disappoint for one reason or another, and quickly learned which ones to stay away from. So to help others avoid the same mistakes I made, here is my list of survey scam sites that I think you should stay away from..

Stay away from these survey scam sites, and try Vindale Research.. Top-dollar surveys available.

Must-Have List: Survey Scam Sites (that will take your money and run..)

Survey Scam Site #1:  MindsPay

MindsPay is really an “offer” site—there are absolutely no surveys here, yet they call themselves a survey site.  MindsPay gets paid when you take part in offers they present to you, and they give you part of this money as incentive to take part in their offers. These can be free-trials, or cash back for purchase, and even for just visiting a website on their list. These offers range anywhere from 20 cents to $20.

To be absolutely honest, I did make about $20 with MindsPay, and at the beginning I was all for writing up a great review. The first few offers were easy, credited to me immediately, and I was even being paid to click on my emails.

And they do have a great referral system to which you could make a lot of money. But unfortunately, now I cannot willingly refer anyone to this site without giving myself a guilty conscience.

• They do give you instructions before clicking on the offers of what is required of you to earn your credit. However, the big money offers are completely (and deliberately) misleading. They word their instructions to imply that you just need to sign up for the free trial to get credit, when a full purchase is necessary. I believe that they hope to profit off those who forget to cancel any free trial subscriptions and end up “accidentally” making a purchase, as this happens a lot more than you’d imagine.

• Unlike similar sites, MindsPay requires you to complete a follow-up survey after you complete an offer. However, they make it so impossible to find the surveys that match up to the offers you have taken part in. There is no search option, and no afterward guidance or instructions telling you what you need to do to get credited.

• They have a $50 payout threshold, and make it nearly impossible to reach. It has been about six months since I’ve stopped trying to reach my payout with MindsPay. At about $20, they completely stopped crediting me for anything and everything. My emails are responded with stock answers telling me why it’s my fault that I didn’t get credited, even though I’ve done everything exactly as I was told.

• They will go out of their way to keep from paying you. Google it—there are endless stories out there about how MindsPay will freeze your password once you get close enough to cash out, and then not reply to your “help me” emails.

MindsPay will bombard you with emails of their offers, and each email you open and respond to does get you some credit.  In fact, this is the only area that seems to actually work in your favor.  I was getting credited up to a dollar each day just for opening my emails and clicking on them once.  However, actually getting paid for those credits is something that will probably never happen.

I have spent a lot of time with this site, and all the credit I still have with them I will likely forfeit because I do not want to waste any more time with them, or allow them to make any more cash off of me.



Panda Research is on this list: Survey Scam Sites to Avoid.




Scam Survey Site #2: Panda Research 

For anyone unfamiliar, Panda Research is another of these “offer/survey sites” without any surveys.  This site is a lot more known with more members.  However, there are two big red flags that you should take as warnings to stay away from Panda Research.

  • It is owned and run by A&A Marketing–the same company responsible for MindsPay (above), and
  • it has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, including 63 filed complaints from users as well as advertisers.  This company is screwing people at both ends of their profit spectrum.

Most of these complaints consist of people not getting credited and/or ultimately paid from Panda Research.

The reason for the “F” rating, however, is not really based on the number of complaints a business has, because every business is going to have unhappy customers.  They base their ratings on how the company responds to its complaints.  And in the case of Panda Research, MindsPay and A&A Marketing, most complaints went completely ignored.

So this is why I stay clear of Panda Research, and why I think you should too.


SurveySpot is number 3 on this list: Survey Scam Sites.  Beware.

Scam Survey Site #3 – Survey Spot

Survey Spot is on my list, simply because of the unbelievably low rewards they offer. I hate to sound like the greedy one and say they don’t pay me enough for my time, but hey, “They just don’t pay me enough for my time.”

Survey Spot does have some valuable qualities.

• They have lots of surveys always available.

• They have a very low threshold—500 points ($5) if you go with the Amazon gift card, or 1,000 points ($10) for the Paypal cash option.

And occasionally, they’ll offer surveys worth 100 points or so (that’s $1 equivalent), which is somewhat fair, but most of their surveys are much, much less–25 points (25 cents) and 37 points (37 cents), and I get a lot worth only 12 points! Twelve cents for 20-30 minutes of your time is ridiculous.SurveySpot's low payout is why it made this list: Survey Scam Sites to Avoid

It is really insulting, because they’re just the middleman, and you know that they are making so much money from each survey you take, and not offering anything even close to what their competitors (other survey sites) are offering.

I worked too hard to reach that 500 point mark. I finally earned my $5 Amazon gift card, and never went back. I suggest you do the same. It is so frustrating to literally work for pennies, while there are so many other better-paying sites out there where you could be spending your valuable time.  Check out these top paid survey sites who pay top dollar for surveys.

I understand that most people might get frustrated with all of the survey sites for one reason or another. But my negative reviews of these businesses are provoked by unethical and unacceptable behavior. My hope is that the websites on this list do not get free money out of anyone else, like they did from me.

Please let me know with a comment if there are any other sites I should add to this list.

Check it my list of good and honest survey websites you need to join.