Amazon Mechanical Turk Alternatives

MTurk has generally been THE source for crowdsourcing jobs.  But check out this list of valuable Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives..  Looking for good Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives?  You’re not alone..

There are many reasons for wanting to find options.  Sometimes there just aren’t enough decent HITS on MTurk, or you’re looking for more chances to earn in your spare time, or you just want to find something better than Amazon Mechanical Turk that pays more for tasks.

Maybe you live outside of the US, and are looking for a good equivalent to Amazon Mechanical Turk that can be used in the UK or Canada?

These Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives should fulfill your needs..

FusionCash is an excellent Amazon Mechanical Turk alternative..

1. CrowdFlowerCrowdflower offers microtasks through many different sites, making this another excellent Amazon Mechanical Turk alternative.

You have probably already completed some Crowdflower tasks, as they spread them around here and there. Crowdflower is a crowdsourcing site, but has only recently begun offering tasks on it’s own platform.  In the past, Crowdflower tasks were spread out through its partner sites only.

What types of jobs will I be doing?

Microtask jobs similar to MTurk, with some writing and editing if you qualify for those tasks.

Do I need to sign up directly with Crowdflower?

Yes, Crowdflower now offers some tasks on its own site, so it is beneficial to sign up directly.

But the majority of the tasks are spread out among various other places–Crowdflower’s partner sites.  But it is easy and certainly worth your while to sign up with a few of those.  Before completing any Crowdflower tasks on one of those sites, you will be prompted to setup or sign into your Crowdflower account.  It is fairly simple though, and you’re never really redirected completely out of the site from which you started.

Where can I find Crowdflower tasks?

At  Otherwise, Crowdflower does not issue a complete list anywhere of all of its partner sites that host these tasks, but here is a short list of great sites to get you started.

Sites with Crowdflower tasks (for U.S.):

There are more, and you are allowed to have up to 25 active Crowdflower accounts spread around their partnering sites. But anymore than that, and they will start cancelling them out for you, or you will not get paid for some of your tasks.

Where can Canadians find Crowdflower tasks?

Where can UK residents can find Crowdflower tasks?

ClixSense pays the most for Crowdflower tasks, making this a great MTurk alternative..

When and how will I get paid?

Tasks completed on the Crowdflower site itself is credited towardyour own Crowdflower Elite account, which is a temporary payment account similar to Amazon Payments.  Anytime you have at least $2 in your Elite account, you can transfer it to Paypal.

When you complete Crowdflower tasks on its partner sites, you’ll get paid by that site.  So while you are doing the actual jobs for Crowdflower, Crowdflower doesn’t pay you directly. They pay the service site when tasks are completed and the service site pays you.  So when and how you get paid is determined by whichever site you’re signed up through.

If you’re a Swagbucks member, and you’re completing Crowdflower tasks while you’re signed in to Swagbucks, then you get credited through Swagbucks, and paid in the same method and timing as you were previously.

This can be a positive thing, because you can pick and choose those sites that have payment methods and terms that fit your needs. For example, if you want quick cash, you might want to work on InboxDollars because they add your hard-earned cash directly to your free InboxDollars debit card. Other sites might pay by Paypal, check, direct deposit, or some other reward system.

Is there plenty of work available?

Just like other crowdsourcing sites, the best jobs go first and go quickly. There is always a chance that whatever is leftover by the time you get there will be the difficult tasks that were given up or returned. Of course, this could vary depending on the site in which you are working.

Crowdflower complaints:

Usually not enough tasks available.  When you find a good lot of tasks that are worth it, and you start to get into a rhythm, they go so quickly.  And whatever is left are too difficult or broken.  So act fast when you find good ones.

Crowdflower’s Better Business Bureau review:

Scored an “A” by the Better Business Bureau.  Only 4 official complaints in the past four years, and each one has been efficiently resolved by the company in a professional and reasonable manner.  Crowdflower is not BBB accredited, however.


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2. ClickWorkerClickworker is one of the good Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives, plus it could be considered an equivalent to MTurk that can be used in the UK and Canada.

ClickWorker is a crowdsourcing site based out of Germany.  It’s likely that you will occasionally get the site in it’s original language.  To get the english version, there is an option in the top right corner to click–EN for english.  After you sign up, you can simply sign in and it will automatically give you the english site, if that is what you chose.

What types of jobs will I be doing?

Offers mini and microjobs, very similar to MTurk, as well as larger writing jobs.

What assessments are required?

This site does require some initial assessments, however they are very reasonably easy and quick to finish. Once you’ve completed an assessment, you’re immediately given your grade, and if passing, you are allowed to begin the tasks for which you have qualified. If you choose, you can take the other assessments for access to the higher-qualified tasks.

When and how will I get paid?

  • Clickworker offers Paypal payments, or direct deposit into SEPA bank accounts only.
  • Paypal payments are transferred every week between Wednesdays-Fridays.
  • Direct bank deposits are transferred once a month between the 7th and the 9th.

What is the minimum payout?

  • Paypal:  $1 (or 1 euro)
  • SEPA bank deposit:  10 euros

Equivalent to Amazon Mechanical Turk that can be used in the UK and Canada?

ClickWorker does hire workers internationally, including from Canada and the UK, as long as you have a Paypal account for accepting payments.

ClickWorker complaints:

A lot more advertisements here. While you will get paid (generally) for the tasks you successfully complete, you want to rethink those tasks that ask you to give your email address. It is very possible you will be bombarded with spam, or worse.

ClickWorker’s Better Business Bureau review:

Even though ClickWorker is based in Germany, they do have a BBB review on file with a New York address listed.  According to the BBB, the reason they were not graded is usually because of “insufficient information about a business or ongoing review/update of the business”.  There were zero complaints filed over the past three years, and the business in not BBB accredited.


Making referrals to a site like Vindale could be a great alternative to MTurk.


3. CrowdSourceCrowdSource is one of the few  Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives that are considered MTurk equivalents for Canadians and UK residents.

The labor side of CrowdSource is known as CloudCrowd.

What types of jobs will I be doing?

CrowdSource offers small microtasks, as well as those higher-paying (and highly sought-after) writing and editing jobs.

CloudCrowd is the name of CrowdSource's labor division, which is a better-paying alternative to Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

Similar to Crowdflower, Crowdsource puts their tasks up on their partner sites—mainly MTurk, but they also work directly with ODesk for larger project tasks. But initially, you must sign up through CrowdSource.

When and how will I get paid?

You are paid through Amazon Payments if you’re working through MTurk.. If you’re working through ODesk, you’ll have many payment options, including a temporary ODesk online bank account, with anytime-transfer to your own personal bank account, or Paypal, or Payoneer.  The timing of payments is reliant on Amazon and ODesk’s payment terms as well.

CrowdSource also offers small bonuses for completing a certain number of tasks per day. It’s not much, but if you’re doing crowdsourcing work, you know better than most people that every little penny adds up.

What assessments are required?

All new workers are required to take three pre-qualification tests before beginning any tasks. Your test results are not shown to you—instead you are promised a 2-4 day wait to find out whether or not you’ve been approved.

If you’re approved, you will then be allowed access to the CrowdSource tasks through MTurk or ODesk. You will be signing into your CrowdSource account with your Amazon MTurk or ODesk username and password.  You’ll be given your own CrowdSource Workstation, which is sort of like a dashboard for keeping track of all your CrowdSource tasks.

Keep in mind before diving head first into CrowdSource, they have very strict rules for their requirement testing, and incredibly high standards for the quality of all submitted writing and editing jobs. If you’re really vying for a spot here, you should definitely bring your A-game.

Equivalent to Amazon Mechanical Turk that can be used by Canadians and UK residents?

Yes, through ODesk.  ODesk happily accepts freelancers from various countries. You can sign up with ODesk, post your free profile on the site, and possibly be hired for other jobs at your hourly rate as well.  Then go and sign up with CrowdSource using your new ODesk username and password.

CrowdSource Better Business Bureau review:

Scored an “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.  The company has had zero complaints filed over the last three years, and is BBB accredited.

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4.  ODesk  oDesk and Elance are both excellent Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives.

5.  Elance

ODesk and Elance are freelance companies that are mixed in with the crowdsourcing industry. The two have always been competitors in the industry but have very recently merged.  As of now, though, they are two separate businesses, meaning that you would still have to sign in separately and have two different accounts and usernames.

While they are technically different from the average crowdsourcing sites, because you are promoting yourself and your talents like an advertisement, there are frequently jobs posted that you can bid on per task.  They usually build their own APIs, or separate website, for allowing groups of people to work on tasks setup specifically for them.

What type of work would I be doing?

If you commit to everything these sites have to offer, then you could be doing whatever you advertise yourself for.

The people or organizations who go to this site to find workers are usually looking for people to complete somewhat larger tasks requiring slightly more time or commitment than the microtasks on MTurk.  Plus, it is always beneficial to have your name and credentials on one of these sites while working on other sites in the meantime.

Are there requirement tests?

There are, but they are not required.  With ODesk and Elance, your qualifications are told through your user-created profile, and your client feedback.  If you want to show off your talents, you can choose to take qualification tests, and if you excel, your results will be shown as badges on your profile as being in the top 10%, or 20%.  The tests themselves really do test your skills (they’re not too easy), and each one is about 40 questions long.  So once you’re a member, just find those assessments and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Equivalent to Amazon Mechanical Turk used in the UK and Canada?

Yes, as long as you have a SEPA bank account or Paypal account, so you can be paid.

When and how will I get paid?

After you’re paid for a specific job, the payment goes immediately into your ODesk account, or Elance Global account.  These are similar to Amazon Payments, or even Paypal.  Your payments are held here until you’re ready to transfer them to either Paypal, Payoneer, or direct transfer to your bank account.

ODesk and Elance Better Business Bureau reviews:

The Better Business Bureau grouped these two companies together in their review.  They were given a score of “A+”, although there were 98 complaints over the past three years, 44 of them for the past 12 months alone.  Even though they were grouped together, it is clear that most of the complaints were specifically about Elance, regarding various problems, including billing, collection, and some technical issues over profiles.  ODesk and Elance are BBB accredited.

6.  MicroworkersMicroworkers is another good alternative to Amazon's MTurk.

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time and making some good cash with this site, and have decided to add it to the list. Microworkers is somewhat different than the rest, with different types of tasks and slightly higher pay.  Check out this in-depth Microworkers review here for a better view.

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Do you live outside of the US?  Please leave me a comment and let me know of any Amazon Mechanical Turk equivalent where you live, so we can add it to the list.

7 thoughts to “Amazon Mechanical Turk Alternatives”

    1. So sorry to keep you waiting..
      From the buyer’s end, Upwork seems to be the best site out there for getting quality work done. Therefore, I think that any seller willing to go the mile for the client would do well there. However, with Fiverr in the mix now, even Upwork will have a hard time competing for customers with a site that promises a lot for only $5 a pop. The Fiverr seller might make a little less for each job, or “Gig”, but they will likely have more customers to more than make up the difference.
      Thanks for stopping by..

  1. I live in Brazil. Any equivalent to mechanichal turk? Also, do you know jobboy dot com? I made 2 tasks following the rules and was rejected. Is it a scam?

    1. Hi Paulo,
      Clickworker is a great alternative to MTurk, and they are always accepting new members from Brazil. Check it out here and sign up for free.
      I’d love to hear back from you about your experience there..
      Unfortunately I’m not familiar enough with Jobboy to offer any advice. But I plan to sign up immediately and try it out for myself.
      Thank you, Paulo, for stopping by. I hope to see you here again.

  2. Just to let you know, I live in the UK & recently tried signing up for Clickworker & Crowdflower. Clickworker got signed up OK, carried out the first test – basic English – passed 100% & stalled there, no more tests or qualifications available, seem they aren’t taking on any more workers. With Crowdflower it was slightly different. Signed up OK, but to carry out any tasks you have to sign in again & you have to sign in with facebook, unfortunately their system doesn’t want to recognise both, have had an open help ticket now for a couple of days, but no joy. Also signed up with Clixsense but since their microtasks are from Crowdflower not getting anything from them either, If you google it, it seems to be a common problem.
    Crowdssource are something different, the qualifications you have to pass to get to the best paying tasks are incredible hard, think very advanced grammer.
    Just wanted to let folks from the UK know what they may be letting themselves in for – basically a lot of wasted time!!

  3. Hi Angie, is CrowdFlower still doing what you explain here? I get to their website and I see “The essential data enrichment platform for data scientists.” What is that? I don’t see anything in their front page that could lead me think it is a company doing something similar to MTurk. I don’t undestand. Maybe they changed their business? Thank you. By the way, I found your blog very informative and helpful.

  4. Hi, I am resided (and citizened) in Central Europe (part of EU) but have also UK bank account and PayPal. Is any of these sites eligible for me to work on without any legal restrictions? Thanks in advance!

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