Clixsense reviews their earning options, including ptc ads and clixgrid.

Clixsense Reviews: PTC, Clixgrid, & Paypal

Clixsense Reviews PTC ads, Clixgrid, and Paypal payments.

Does it even still feel like Clixsense?

Clixsense reviews, take away members favorite areas like PTC ads, Clixgrid and PayPal. Still a profitable place hang out.The site has undergone many changes over the past year which are not shared in other Clixsense reviews out there.  Some changes were for the better, while some were not so great.  Here’s a list of the most noticeable changes that will affect you.

Clixsense PTC ads

Gone! Clixsense PTC ads allowed members to earn a penny (or less!) for watching a 30-60 second ad. They paid so little, but members loved them and wanted more!  Unfortunately, malware was often an issue, and I’d bet that’s why they’re gone for good.

Clixsense ClixGrid

The beloved Clixsense Clixgrid has been permanently deleted as well.  The Clixgrid appeared to be a game of ‘chance’, where some hope to get lucky and click on the magic square that’s hiding the bonus prize (anywhere from 10 cents to $5.00). But winning at the Clixgrid was an incredibly rare occurrence that averaged out to a waste of time.  But again, Clixsense members everywhere are missing it!

No more Paypal Payments

No more Paypal as a payment option.  This is by far the hardest change on Clixsense that I am still personally struggling with.  It was so easy, and free!  But they’ve added a few extra options (detailed below) to help ease our transition.

No Premium Membership

Equal pay, finally!  Clixsense has completely done away with the $17 a year Premium Membership option.  The benefits were awesome, for sure.  But now every member is offered the same earning opportunities-the Premium Member opportunities!  All Premium members received (or should have received) their pro-rated $17 membership fee generously credited to their balance.

Without Premium membership, every member’s minimum cashout amount is now $10, instead of $6 for Premium and $8 for standard.

Higher percentage bonuses on the Daily Checklist.  Instead of 5-12% possible bonus toppings, we are all offered the same 16% for completing our checklist daily.

Even with all these changes, Clixsense is still at the top of my favorite money-making sites priority list.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours there over the past few years and I know it well.  But for all the Clixsense newbies, let’s start with the basic details everyone should know.

Who can earn on Clixsense?

Anyone in any country can be a Clixsense member, as long as:

  • you are at least 16 years old
  • you have an account with at least one of the payment services available:  Dwolla, Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card.
  • are the only member in your household.  The rule is: One account/email address, per household/IP address.

How to earn at Clixsense


There are so many survey opportunities available on Clixsense.  The website is like a central hub for all the other survey hosts.  The main list of surveys are offered to you based on your demographics, mostly.  Your answers to your ‘Survey Profile’ is how they decide if you’re right for their survey or not.  The pay for these surveys range from .50 to $4.00.  They also give you the general length of time you should expect it will take to complete the survey, so that you can estimate it’s worth.  Obviously a $2.00 survey is great if you’re done in 5 minutes, whereas a $2.00 survey that takes 40 minutes is likely not worth your time.

Just like all survey sites, you must complete your ‘Surveys Profile’ to be offered surveys.  But that’s the fun part!  The way you answer your profiles can actually determine the quality and payout of the surveys you’re offered.

(Check out these tips on how to qualify for the highest paid surveys.)

There are also additional surveys always available on a once-per-day basis.  These range from about .75 cents to $1.25 each.  The top paying daily survey sites include Global Test Market, CINT, and Live Sample.  Disqualifications don’t count-keep trying each day until you successfully complete a survey.

Sign up for free at Clixsense

Cash Offers

You get paid good money for trying out products and services.  These are free and paid offers.  A free offer you might find on Clixsense would be, ‘Get paid $1.50 for signing up for free Gillette samples’.  Gillette (probably) is paying companies like Clixsense to bring them visitors.  So it’s free to you, with an easy $1.50 credited to you, usually automatically.  Sometimes you have to wait a day or so for the vendor (Gillette, e.g.) to give their approval.

Paid or trial offers require a credit card and usually a purchase.  ‘Get paid $5.00 for signing up for one month of SoAndSo dot com’.  If it costs $20 to sign up, you pay that fee and are rewarded $5 to your Clixsense account.  These offers always tell you plainly if a purchase is required ahead of time.  Obviously, paid offers aren’t profitable unless you were planning to sign up and pay for that paid service anyway.

The same general idea with free trial offers.  If the offer is for $3.00 to sign up for the 7-day free trial at SoAndSo dot com, this requires you to actually try out the service for the entirety of the free trial.  You will still be credited even if you close your account on day 6 before you ever get a charge on your credit card.  Just don’t forget to cancel it!


‘Figure Eight Tasks’ recruits workers to complete micro-tasks, tiny jobs for tiny payments. While spending time on a job that pays a penny might seem like a silly waste of time, the reasoning behind this is that one hour spent on completing microtasks only pays (or should pay) around the same as one hour of work of a minimum wage job.

The key with microtasking is efficiency-completing each task as fast as possible, while maintaining accuracy. The more practice you get at completing microtasks, the better you get and the higher your qualifications, which in turn makes you eligible for the quality, higher-paying tasks.


Clixsense offers an addon for desktop users (non-mobile).  While running on your browser, you’re instantly alerted to new surveys and tasks that you qualify for.

Running the Clixaddon also boosts your daily checklist bonus.

Checklist Bonus

The Checklist bonus is for staying active in each earning section at Clixsense.  As long as you participate in the required number of surveys, offers, and tasks, you’ll get a bonus that is a percentage of your total daily earnings.  To get the bonus+bonus, you must download the Clixaddon and keep it active for an hour each day.  On the 3rd day and everyday afterward, you get a bonus on top of your bonus.   It really boosts up your daily earnings!

Here’s how the Daily Checklist Bonus works.  Clixsense keeps track of your daily earnings.  Each time you complete one of the requirements for the bonus, it’s calculated and noted.

Requirements for the Checklist Bonus

  1. Complete at least 10 Figure Eight Tasks; or
  2. Complete at least 2 offers/surveys from the offers and surveys pages; or
  3. Complete at least 5 Figure Eight Tasks and at least 1 offer/survey from the offers and surveys pages;


Daily Checklist Bonus 12.0%
ClixAddon Extra Bonus ¹ 2.0%
Activity Extra Bonus ² 2.0%
Maximum Possible Bonus 16.0%


As an example..  Pretend you’ve completed all your requirements.  For today only, you’ve earned $5 on an offer, and $4 on a survey.  Your total eligible earnings is $9.  Your regular daily bonus is 12 percent of $9, which is $1.08.  Therefore you’d get $10.08 for the day.  Now imagine that this is the third day in a row of earning your daily bonus (an extra 2%), and of having your Clixaddon active (another extra 2%).  Your bonus would be 16 percent of $9, which is $1.44 ($10.44 total).

I know this doesn’t seem like much, but keep in mind that it doesn’t stop calculating your earnings when you’ve reached your requirements.  That 16 percent is based on your total eligible earnings, which pretty much covers everything except for referrals.  That’s not too shabby.

How does Clixsense pay?

When you are ready, you can request a cashout by clicking on the “Cashout” button right next to your “Balance” under your “Account Details” section.

The minimum to cashout is $10 for all payment methods.  If your balance does not yet meet the required $10 minimum, you won’t see the Cashout button.  It will say, “How will I get paid” instead.

You can cashout once per week.  If you request payment on Monday at noon, you’ll get your payment by Thursday or Friday, probably.  You’re in a que with all the other cashout requests, which could make it come sooner or later, but it’s always 7 days maximum.

If you’ve cashed out on Monday at noon, get paid on Thursday, and have a $10 or more balance, you still have to wait until the next Monday at noon to cashout again.  The cashout button will be available, but you’ll be told, Sorry, you cannot cashout for another 3 days, 12 hours, and 42 minutes…

Another example.. If you cashout on Monday, you can keep adding your new balance to it all week, up until a couple of hours before you actually get your payment.  Any new earnings shows up on your balance, with a button that says, “Add to Pending Cashout”.  There is absolutely no fee for adding to your pending cashout, even if it may say there is a processing fee (like it does for Payoneer payments).

The Clixsense reviews are admitting members are upset about the loss of Clixsense PTC Ads and the Clixgrid.


Payment options:

Check mailed to you

U.S. and Canada residents only.  The first check cashout is free, however each additional time you will be debited a $1 check fee.  Checks are processed on or before the 15th of each month, which means the last weekday that falls before the 15th.  Clixsense instructs you to request your cashout before the 15th, but if the 15th falls on a Saturday, you will likely have missed it unless you requested it one day before, on a Friday.

Non-check payments

PayPal is no longer an option, unfortunately.

Dwolla (the newest option added) –

Free to receive Clixsense payment transfer.

I am put on a waiting list to use the free version of Dwolla, so I cannot give you my first hand knowledge on this option.


I am personally using this option currently, and it is the only one I am suggesting that you avoid at all costs!  The service is great, fast and accurate, but the charges are completely unreasonable.  Sorry Payoneer, but seriously.. you’re ridiculous!

$2.00  charge by Clixsense  (they’re obviously being charged by Payoneer to send them money.  Ugh)

$1.50 charge by Payoneer to transfer the payment to your checking account.

The only option to avoid this last charge is to get the Payoneer debit card, which will cost you $30 a year.


1% charge by Clixsense for payment transfer.

Skrill is the closest option to Paypal, and a very smart choice.  Skrill charges the sender a fee, which is why Clixsense charges you the 1% to receive your payment.  Otherwise, the fees are generally comparable to Paypal.  The only downside that I’ve noticed is the Skrill is not as broadly accepted as Paypal is, in regards to paying for online purchases.  But they do have a debit card option as well.

Tango Card

Free to receive Clixsense payment transfer.

I haven’t been able to test out Tango Card service yet, but it seems like a reasonable option.

Here’s what I learned with a little bit of research.  Tango Card is a virtual card you receive in your email.  It’s completely free to sign up, and free to use online where accepted.

Clixsense will fund your Tango Card, free to you, and you can use your new Tango Card’s cash balance to purchase gift card/cards of your choice (Amazon, Starbucks, etc..).  You can use the card to shop online for free, or you can request a physical card to be mailed to you for a one-time $3.00 fee.

There is no cash option, but there is Visa/Mastercard and Paypal options as a redeemable gift card.

Clixsense Referrals

If you have a method of passing out links to mass groups of people, Clixsense absolutely makes it worth it to you. Or if you are ready to start that free blog that we have been talking about, this is a great affiliate program to start marketing.

Here’s how it works. At the top of your main account page at Clixsense, there’s an icon link that looks like a chain. Click on that and you have your affiliate link. If you’re not a blogger yet, throw it out on your Facebook page, or any other social media site where you have followers. For those who click on your link and sign up (it’s free for them too), you get a commission credit to your clixsense account balance.

Money in your pocket!

Clixsense Research

Clixsense research is always getting my attention with their abundance of high-paying surveys available. and with its attachment to click since, who is already very trustworthy, Iclicked and attempted to qualify frequently. But in the few years that I’ve been a member, I have never once qualified for one of their surveys and ultimately gave up. After a little bit of researched I realize that clixsense research is barely affiliated with clixsense. They refer to clixsense research as a third-party they’ve made a deal with. I assume it is to use their name only because everything else is completely separate. Furthermore I could not find an address for clixsense research anywhere. Clixsense displays their address in those places you’d expect to find it, like the about us page, contact us, the Better Business Bureau, Etc.

Clixsense reviews and complaints are on the Better Business Bureau's website, still giving the website an A- grade.

Clixsense and The Better Business Bureau

Even though Clixsense is not BBB accredited, they’ve earned themselves an A-.

Clixsense reviews its public complaints on and replies in a professional manner.


Clixsense is easily found in the Better Business Bureau directory at, with it’s address clearly displayed.  In the past three years, four members have publicly complained.  And as expected, Clixsense responded to each one in a timely manner.

However, I was quite surprised by the harsh words left by the Clixsense employee leaving the comments.  I guess they weren’t flat-out rude, just very cocky with an obvious “You’re an Idiot!” tone of voice.  In each reply, the rep confidently explained to the member that he was wrong and Clixsense was right.  In one instance, he actually began his comment with, “This is absolutely ludicrous!”

I am a bit disappointed with my first impression of the inner workings of Clixsense.. But I must say that their attitude of “You’re lucky we allow you to be a member” comes from confidence of doing honest business and treating their customers right.

Sign up for free at

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