THE BEST Money Making Sites (How I earn an easy $50/day)

While learning how to earn an income online, I spent a long time learning the hard way.  I worked too hard and was ultimately undervalued, and worse, under-paid.  I feel like I’ve finally gotten into a rhythm with a great set of profitable websites and a steady in flow of earnings. Here I’d like to share with you my daily rounds through the internet’s best money making sites as well as other tips that can help you maximize your earnings potential.

How I earn $50 per day with this list of the best money making sites

If you’ve looked around this site at all, it should be clear that I am an avid Wealthy Affiliate advocate. WA is where I devote most of my time, and where I get most of my earnings.

But there is plenty of fast, easy cash to be earned online and I refuse to let it slip away when it is basically handed to me on a silver platter.

I have a longstanding goal to make $50 every day, which I think is very reasonable for just surveys, offers and microtasks.  I do not include any Wealthy Affiliate earnings in this $50 limit. In spending a few hours each day to achieve this goal, some days I go over, and some days I don’t quite make it to $50.  But it all equals out at the end of the week.

Here is my usual, daily routine, including all the best money-making sites I visit regularly for maximum earnings..

Top-dollar Surveys..

After checking in with Wealthy Affiliate (as this is usually the start to my day), I go straight to my email to see which opportunities have come to me.  I get a lot of invitations straight to my inbox, and you will too just by being signed up.  It’s usually very difficult to even try to qualify for it all, so you’ve got to be picky and make a beeline for those highest-paying offers first..


Earn 50 dollars per day with Global Test Market on your list of the best money making sites to visit.

Global Test Market

I specifically look out for survey invitations from Global Test Market. There are always a lot of these that flood my inbox.  Most are average $1.50 to $2.00 each, but there’s often some $4 to $6 surveys that I jump on immediately. Depending on my free time ahead of me, I will often spend an hour or two just going from survey to survey at Global Test Market. It’s so easy to stack up the cash there, it’s addictive.  My qualification rate with this site is always surprisingly great, and when I get on a roll, I don’t want to stop.Most of my survey earnings come from this site.

  • Earning potential: $50 per week
  • 1000 point cashout minimum ($40)
  • Quick Paypal payments (within 7 days)

Sign-up with your country:

Pinecone Research is one of the best money making sites on my list that I use to earn my $50 per day

Pinecone Research

I also keep an eye out for surveys from Pinecone Research, as their email invitation is the only notice you’ll ever receive from them for new surveys offered. I don’t make much here–maybe about $12-$15 each week (about 4-5 surveys/week). But Pinecone is such an easy site.. You are automatically qualified for each invitation they send you. They pay a flat $3 for every survey offered (about 15 minutes each), and they pay cash directly into my Paypal account only a few days after I ask for it. I never leave Pinecone waiting after I’m invited!

  • Earning potential: about $12 per week
  • $3 cashout limit
  • Quick paypal payments (3 days)

Sign up with Pinecone Research:  

FusionCash is one of the best money making sites online, helping me to earn $50 per day online


After I’ve answered to all of my emails, I go down my list of favorites. I start with FusionCash. FusionCash only holds about 20-30 surveys at any time, and most are low-to-average. BUT they do pay top dollar for those higher paying surveys. I look out for the $4 and $5 surveys, and there are usually about 3-5 each day. I try out for each of these and complete them if possible. FusionCash surveys are the reason I like this site so much. They’re very generous.  If I have loads of time on my hands, I will go back to FusionCash throughout the day and work on their microtasks. FusionCash pays very well for Crowdflower tasks.

  • Earning potential: $10-30 earning potential per day with surveys, offers and microtasks.
  • $25 cash out limit
  • Paypal, direct deposit, or check payments on 20th of each month.

Free sign-up with FusionCash for:


Earn $50 per day with the best money making sites on this list.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another stop on my list. This site offers a lot of low paying surveys, but always have some great ones mixed in there each day. I pop in here multiple times a day and check for those $3-$5 ones, and complete them whenever possible. This site has a huge $50 minimum before you can cash out which makes it kind of a slow process.  But you can earn extra by referring a lot of friends, which Vindale is EXCELLENT for. They pay a whopping $5 for each and every person who signs up under your name! So if you’ve got a lot of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, sign up with Vindale, and send out a link. You could make a lot of easy cash this way.

  • Earning potential: $5-$20 per day just taking surveys
  • $50 cashout limit
  • Paypal payments issued on 15th of each month

Vindale Research (US and Canada)


Work towards earning 50 dollars per day with Clixsense, one of the internet's best money making sites online.


ClixSense is a pretty awesome site. I usually pop in a few times throughout the day, and end up spending about an hour playing around, taking surveys, clicking on the grid for bonuses. These little things aren’t much, but they’re fun and very addictive. ClixSense offers the highest rewards for Crowdflower microtasks, and they pay top dollar for surveys. Qualifying for those $4 and $5 surveys seems to be harder at ClixSense than anywhere else, though.

You’ll notice a lot that you’re being offered the same survey through different sites. Sometimes after ClixSense disqualifies me for a survey, FusionCash qualifies me and lets me complete the same exact survey, even though I just gave the same answers as before. It’s weird. But ClixSense makes up for it with all the rest of the ways to earn here. Cashout minimum is only $8, and it is very possible to get paid two or three times a week here, straight to your Paypal account.

  • Earning potential:  $5-$20 per day just on surveys
  • $8 cash out limit
  • Quick Paypal payments every Wednesday

Go to ClixSense (most countries accepted!)

If you have even more time on your hands and want more earning potential, sign up with all the great sites on this list.  They’re all legit, good-paying money-making sites, and the opportunities and invitations will be endless.

 TIPS for earning more with surveys…
  • Keep in mind that some survey sites might not start offering you their highest paying surveys until you’ve put some time in with them first. But signing up and completing as much as you can with them—as much that is worth your valuable time—will only help you in the long run.
  • If possible, try not to worry about working harder on some sites just to reach your cash out limit. As long as you keep up this routine, the money will always be flowing in soon enough.
  • You’ll notice that certain surveys (the top-dollar surveys) will be offered to you multiple times through multiple sites. Sometimes you’ll be allowed the opportunity to complete the same survey a second time, depending on who’s hosting it. Otherwise, if you notice this, you should check to see which site is offering the most for the same survey. I find that, while the same $5 survey will be offered to me through FusionCash, Vindale, and ClixSense, it is FusionCash that almost always offers me that extra quarter or .50 for it. That’s not much, I know, but it all adds up!
  • Check out these secrets that the market researchers behind the surveys don’t want you to know.  Understanding why they ask the questions they ask will help you to qualify for more surveys more often, which will equal to higher earnings.

Crowdsourcing & Microtasks


MTurk is one of the best money making sites online.With time leftover, I complete as many microtasks as possible to round out my desired earnings for the day.  I’ve pent a lot of time with AmazonMechanical Turk and have finally gotten down a strategy of choosing only the valuable microjobs–those where the task is actually worth the reward in respect to the time it takes to complete.  This seems hard to do at first, because it is hard to imagine that the measly pennies you’re offered for each task could add up to anything.  But they really do.  And the more tasks you work on, the better the tasks are that are offered to you.

Clickworker is one of the best money making sites online for earning quick, fast cash.ClickWorker and Microworkers

Clickworker and Microworkers are both great sites that pay more for most microtasks, but they’re very different than the HITs on MTurk.  Because the tasks are hosted mostly by website owners and new business startups, thereare a lot of “check out my stuff and like it on Facebook” types of tasks.. They’re simple, though, and usually offer a much better incentive.

Money-making Apps and Membership Websites

One of my favorite membership “Get-Paid-To” site is Cashcrate.  These people offer so many different ways for you to earn while on their site! Taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, completing microtasks, shopping rewards, downloading new apps, etc.  You won’t get bored, I promise!

Download and install research apps on your mobile or desktop computers to earn rewards and cash payments for keeping it installed!

  • SavvyConnect – Sign up with SurveySavvy and get paid $5 per month for each device you’re connected with.  Plus, if you have the app installed on three devices at once (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), you will start to get random invitations for seriously high-paying studies! Read some of mine here.


So.. that’s my average day in trying to reach my goal.  I spend a maximum of about 3 hours online with my focus on earning that $50 for the day.  It’s really easy.. really.  Once you’re signed up with them, most will reach out to you with offers and invitations.  You’ve just got to show up.  So sign up with these sites and make your $50 today.

With an extra hour or so a day, you can be working on your long-term success with your very own website.  Check out this post about how to generate an income with a blog, and find out how you can test out your very own website, for free!

Are there any other sites that you know of that I should add to my list?  Please let me know with a comment..



59 thoughts to “THE BEST Money Making Sites (How I earn an easy $50/day)”

    1. Actually Clickworker isn’t US based so no you don’t have to be in the US to do that one. I can get you a referal link if you’d like. Super easy process.

  1. Hi Angie! Ok, you’ve got me to thinking…can I find enough time in the day to do a bunch of surveys AND work on my Wealthy Affiliate stuff? I have a question: are all of the survey sites here on Paypal, is that how you are paid? I’m just curious about that. Because I’m in Canada, I’m just wondering if they have the capability to pay in Canadian funds, as I’m still figuring out tax implications. I LOVE doing surveys, and I’m quick, so maybe I can add this to my stay-at-home income! Thanks so much for this site. It was really an education.

    1. Hi Dianne.. You can make some good money taking surveys. I suggest you give it a try. I’ve just put together a great list of survey sites for Canada residents. It also gives detail on how each one pays you (Paypal, check, gift cards..), and more importantly–how much you’ll be paid! Check it out here.
      Thanks for the comment..

  2. most of the time I try to work online am put off by registration fee. and those that Fies require registration fee they are non existing inky that they advertise good online jobs.
    what is you take in that ????

    1. You should never sign up with a survey site or microtasking site that charges a regirstration fee. It is likely a scam and just not worth it.
      However, there are affiliate programs with membership fees that offer you big commission payments if you follow their program and refer others. These sites require much more of a commitment from you, but can be very worth it if you have time to devote to it. I am a devoted member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I get paid much more than I pay in for my monthly membership fees.
      I suggest you do a little research before paying registration fees to any website, and I’m always here to help.

      1. Hi…:) miss angie.. i want to ask some question i m in
        Nepal can i used this site in our country also? I m jst
        Wondering if they. Have capability to pay nepalian
        Funds n still checking out tax implications…..N
        Could u tell me which survey is the best plzzz….?
        Thank u for this site miss angie:)

  3. Dear Angie,

    thank you for your researches and comments above… whenever i have time i do search about online assignments but i was fooled twice (once by my ex boss , and the other time by my self) .. as of paying fees upfront although the outcome was not that huge compared to fees so i thought it will not be a scam..

    however , i would love to know if i am not at the US or canada or UK , currently im in dubai .. will i be still able to join on any of the surveys websites , or even wealthy affiliate and make money from them?

    thank you again

        1. Just follow the instructions from above. Click on those links provided, apply with your own information and actively participate. Apply for as much as possible and the opportunities WILL flood your inbox. Guaranteed.
          Thanks for reading.

  4. Dear Angie,
    I have understood the value and benefits about Wealthy Affiliate through your site.I had been doing microtasks but it just doesn’t pay as much as the time spent on it.I think I am gonna try the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program.The only problem that is stressing me is that since I reside in Nepal Paypal is not supported and since Wealthy Affiliate payments are through Paypal I am worried I may have problems to cash out.
    Can you please help me understand if I can get checks or payment through Payza or Payoneer Mastercard.

    Thank you Angie for this site as it has helped me understand a lot about money online!!Hoping for your reply..:)

  5. Hello
    thanks for the valuable information.I just want to tell you what happened.
    I chose a survey on clixsense about techonilogy.They asked me a lot of questions about my laptop and my smartphone,at least 15 questions.I answered honestly and carefully.And then suddenly they showed a message with something like “You do not qualify for this survey”
    I really was so angry….why they did not tell me after a few questions that I do not qualify?Why after squeezing quite a lot of information from me and benefiting from my time ;;;they behaved like …thieves…refusing to pay for the information provided.
    How could I prevent that?Please help!

    1. I feel your anger there Fanel! Unfortunately, this used to happen too frequently at my two favorite sites: FusionCash and ClixSense. I don’t know of any loopholes around this. However, in the past few months, ClixSense warns its members about this possibility by posting a red alert message next to each survey that has a delayed “Disqualified” outcome. It’ll say something like: Warning, 10-15 wait for approval/disqualification”. This is such a waste of time to the members, and even ClixSense agrees that this is rude behavior on the researcher’s part.

  6. I want to thank you for helping people like me know more about online job,i want you to help me do research about this company call buck data entry job , we that live in Africa seen to have limited chance to most of this job if their is other sit for people like me please help me

  7. i am so dissapointed that all sites i go to,,tell me i can participate from my country,,kindly refer me to the ones that accept african countries. thanx

  8. Hello Angie. U re doing a nice job here.pls, i have a question to ask. I heard about survey and im having interest but im yet to complete my payment method on paypal because im yet to receive my debit card from my bank ofcourse the card numbers will be used to complete the form on paypal.Now the main question is can i start taking surveys while waiting for my debit card to arrive? Please keep up the good work.

  9. Hello, Angie,

    Firstly, great post and website. I am so grateful to have found your blog. I do have a few questions.

    – How long would you estimate that it takes to work up to $50 per day? Weeks? Months?
    – How stable/reliable are these options as an income stream? Is it more of a seasonal opportunity or year-round?
    – With microtask sites, sometimes there can be shortages of tasks. Does joining ALL of the sites listed solve this problem?

    Best Wishes,

  10. Hi Angie,
    been reading quite a lot of our posts. I am also a WA member and was pleasantly surprised at your very professional and also very helpful reviews on the many sites you have commented on.

    I have always been very sceptical about online surveys etc. but you have definitely lessened my sceptism.

    My wife does not believe in any of this “Make money o the Internet” stuff but I am fully convinced that my WA business WILL work… one day… I am only on Stage 1 Lesson 4…

    Will you be kind enough to recommend the most promising ways for my wife to earn, hopefully, about £50 a day…
    If she can earn her first £1 I am sure she will be sold!… She’s tired of listening to me because I have not earned anything online… ever…

    Thanks for your time
    John Barnard
    Brandview in WA

  11. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for your post, research and tips. I find it intriguing enough to make me wanna give the whole idea a second shot. Obviously, I have tried a few survey sites before but I haven’t had much success. That said, I find your title very inspiring. I hope you are right and I hope it works this time around! I ain’t sure how many sites from the list above (apart from WA, Clixsense, Clickworker) are active for Canadians such as myself.

    Thanks again for your work and keep up the good work!
    Cheers & much love from Canada!

    Kal x

    1. I suggest you sign up with as many trusted survey sites as possible and work toward completing every survey invitation that comes into your email inbox. It won’t take long before those sites see you as a valuable, dependable member and you will be able to be choosy about which surveys you accept (the highest paying ones hopefully!)
      Start with these top-paying survey sites and accept everything they throw at you. $50 is easy to make once you know who to trust and where to spend your valuable time!

  12. On this survey work do you get spam mail and do you have to take survey that you have to purchase product in order to get the pay I hate them that want you to buy there sample and pay the shipping I’m fully not understanding this I have no PayPal card all I have is my debit card to my bank will they send you a check in the mail please help me on this Question I have plenty of time on hand to do surveys I just don’t want just anyone have access to my banking info please help me on my best choice .
    Thank you very much
    God Bless All

    1. Hi Fred.. You’ve got to get a Paypal account! While there are other options available, it’s Paypal that makes Internet earning easily accessible. Sign up for a free Paypal account and only give out your email address for payment. Any keep in mind that any survey asking you to sign-up or make any kind of purchase whatsoever is not interested in paying you for your valuable thoughts or shopping habits. I assure you that you can feel perfectly safe with any of the survey companies I list on this page or throughout this website. I do not link to anything I have not tried and ultimately trusted myself. I promise.
      Check out this list of 25 top earning websites and get paid for each minute you invest.

    1. I only know of one trusty survey site that specifically targets residents of India: Sample Cube
      This is not a market research company in itself, and they will only allow you to take and complete one survey per day. BUT there is huge potential here for landing the long-term research studies that pay out the BIG bucks for your valuable time and input. There are other survey sites which claim to accept most countries, but only two that I’m directly familiar with: ClixSense and SwagBucks.. Generally, if you can get a PayPal account setup and operational where you live, these two will accept (and pay!) you nicely for your completed surveys.
      Good luck to you.

  13. I’m currently using Fusioncash, MintVine, VindaleResearch & ClixSense. So far FusionCash has been GREAT to me and the others help add on to some great earnings. Thanks for the article! It has been a game changer for my finances. Just a question about ClixSense. I notice the surveys are offered from different people like some say “Samplicio” and those generally always work. A lot that say something different have some kind of kink to them and don’t usually work for me because the survey time doesnt match or i click on one and it says “looking for survey” when i don’t think that makes sense.. Should I stick to the ones from Samplicio or keep giving them all a try and hope it gets better over time? Thanks for everything

    1. Check out this post for tips on href=””>getting approval for those top-dollar surveys.. Update your Clixsense profile and try all the highest paid one first. But remember, there are so many members on the site you’re competing with for survey approval, the surveyors can be more picky than they are on other sites. Let me know how it works out.

  14. Hello, I am new to the program but familur with the whole survey process… Many companies are only looking for opionions on their product or service from very specific age groups, income levels, work description, etc… wether you have children, and most importantly if you have had any contact or experienced their product or service in the past…. the screening is done prior to letting you actually progress with a paid survey.. It’s rare that you actually qualify for anything.

    1. That’s true. But after you’ve tried qualifying for enough of these surveys, you learn how to answer your questions to better your chances. I’m not suggesting “faking” all your answers, because it’s simple for any researcher to tell if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      Consider this scenario: Both of your beloved dogs died after 15 wonderful years with them. Now you’re entering a survey that clearly seems to be about dog food, but the qualification depends on your answer to the question, “Do you own a dog?”. If you answer NO, the survey is automatically over, as the screening process is defined, like you said. However, if you can speak intelligently about dogs and/or dog food to any professional, I would say that you are a valuable asset to that dog food company who needs your educated opinion on dog food. This knowledge is not promoted in your initial profile where you answered NO to the dog question. So update your profiles to show what you know, and get qualified for better surveys.

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  16. Why my country is always excluded whenever there is a job/work to be done online. It will accept every country except for Lesotho. How possible it is to accept it or what should be done to enable the online opportunities for this country.

  17. I definitely wanted to post a quick message in order to appreciate you for some of the unique secrets you are giving at this site. My incredibly long internet lookup has finally been paid with good facts to go over with my best friends. I ‘d mention that most of us visitors actually are very lucky to dwell in a remarkable community with many awesome people with useful solutions. I feel rather grateful to have encountered your entire web site and look forward to tons of more cool times reading here. Thanks a lot once more for all the details.

  18. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

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  20. I do alot of task work on amazon turk. I try to make as much as possible but jobs are limited. I never thought of surveys as an actual option. Everyone I have ever tried was just scamming me. I’ll try out some of yours here. Its a good idea thank you.

    1. That’s great! You really can’t go wrong with the right set of websites. Also for task work, try Clixsense and Clickworker. The three of them together will build up a good chunk of change from microtasking alone.
      Good luck and Have Fun!

  21. I work full time but I make sure to spend at least 3 or 4 hours each day doing survey and offer sites and task sites like mturk. I’ve been doing it for a few years and have figured out how to earn the most possible, but with the little time I have I can only earn about 20-30 dollars per day. I feel like I could triple that if I had the time and motivation to sit at the computer all day.

  22. Hi,

    Thanks for the information. I’m very eagerly to make money so, now i got clear idea from your post. The way you explain was awesome.

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