Better than Mechanical Turk? Microworkers vs MTurk..

Microworkers better than Mechanical Turk?  See who stacks up and who stands out @ Microworkers vs MTurk.The idea of being able to visit a website anytime of the day and just start working to earn actual money is just fascinating to me!   I could sit here for 8 hours and do the work nonstop, or I can do little jobs here and there when my toddler takes one of his rare 20-minute afternoon naps.

Microworkers is another one of these awesome sites that allows me to work as little or as much as I want, at my own pace.  I originally left Microworkers out of my list of Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives, but have since starting spending a lot of time there and decided to share it with you as another great option.

Need something better than Mechanical Turk?

Here’s a side-by-side comparison review of Microworkers vs MTurk..

Who can work at Microworkers?

Anyone can sign up to be a Microworker. Within each task you open, it tells you which countries are acceptable. For example, there was a task asking you to go to a new website, Like it, and leave a comment. For this job, the Requester specifies that he will only accept United States residents for this job. Perhaps it is a language issue. But many of the tasks include multiple countries, or any country, as qualified.

Better than Mechanical Turk?

With MTurk, only US residents can work and be paid.  So this is a big plus for

FusionCash may be better than MTurk for completing microtasks..

Easy sign up process?

It was so simple to sign up.. Just go to and click Register..  Fill in a few blank spaces and confirm your email address and you’re in—ready to work. And all future logins are simple, one-click-entry as well.

Better than MTurk?

With MTurk, you must apply and wait a few days for approval.

How do you get paid?

The payout threshold is $9. The first time your reach $9, as a new member, you request a payout and they mail you a pin number to your home address. This is sort of a way for them to verify your identity. When you get your pin, you enter it into your Microworker account.

Then you will get your payment within a week to ten days, at your preferred method. Microworkers pays out through:

  • Paypal
  • Moneybookers
  • Dwolla

After this initial cash-out, future payments will come faster. They claim it will take about 7-10 days, but I have had a payment show up in my Paypal account within 24 hours. Usually it is not that quick, but it rarely takes the full week.

Better than MTurk?

I love the easy Paypal option. At MTurk you have to have your bank account attached to your Amazon Payments account if you want to remove your cash, or spend it anywhere other than Amazon. Moneybookers and Dwolla are also both widely used, so this makes it easier for more people to cash-out.

A cash-out fee, really?

It should also be noted that Microworkers does take a percentage from your earnings based on your method of delivery. They do not announce this at all until it is time to cash out, so it does come as a bit of a surprise. But they claim that this fee covers the fees charged to them for using their service. Here are the percentages taken out from each requested cash-out payment sent through these forms:

  • Paypal: 7.5%
  • Moneybookers: 6.5%
  • Dwolla: 6.5%

Better than MTurk?

Yes, the cash-out fee sucks.  But because the pay is higher, and more convenient payment method options are given, like Paypal, I can overlook this cash-out fee. It seems to work out better in the end.

What types of jobs are there?

Most of the jobs on Microworkers are provided by small businesses, or blogs and other website owners who want cheap business “help”, like facebook likes, Google +1’s, Tweets, and comments posted on their sites. All of this helps a website owner get more traffic to their site, which usually equals to more business for their businesses.
Any job you’re working on, from the Basic or Hire Group, will be grouped into one of seven different categories. Here are these categories, each one including an example of a job task that you’d find there.

  • General: Go to Google Play Store, download a specific app and leave a positive review. OR participate in a free trial, such as those that are offered for pay at sites like InboxDollars, FusionCash, and ClixSense.
  • Facebook: Do a Google search for a specific Facebook page and Like it.
  • YouTube: Find a specific video and like it, or leave a comment.
  • Bookmark: Bookmark pages of other sites on a bookmarking site you’re active with, such as Digg, Reddit, or StumbleUpon.
  • Twitter: Promotional reTweeting for small businesses, and blogs and websites.
  • Voting: Rating videos or articles or voting up contest entries.
  • Blogs/Websites: This category is for those who have their own active websites. An example of a task in this category is another website or blog wanting other website owners with better Google ranking to write a short review on their site and link back to them, or add an advertisement for the Requester’s business on their site.

Better than MTurk?

So, while these aren’t your typical (or really even respectable) microjobs like those you would find on MTurk, they are simple to do (as long as you’re not too choosy about what your friends think, or your general social standing on Facebook and Twitter), and they generally pay a bit more than the average MTurk HIT.

Will you qualify for all the jobs available?

There are two types of Microworker jobs: “Basic” and “Hire Group”. Microworkers decides which jobs are suitable for which workers, based on the number of jobs completed and success rate.

Basic jobs available are easy tasks that anyone and everyone is considered to be qualified for, as long as you’re in the specified country.

Otherwise, you must be chosen for Hire Group tasks. The Hire group jobs are those that the Requester—the person hiring for the task to be completed—deems higher qualifications are necessary to get the job done in the way he or she wants it.

The Crowdflower tasks at Clixsense may be better than Amazon's Mechanical Turk..

How do you become qualified for Hire Groups?

Microworkers skill levels are calculated with a simple star rating system. Basically, it’s a hit or miss scenario. If you do the tasks and complete them successfully, you get your stars.

After accepting and successfully completing 10 jobs, you receive one star. Each category has 5 stars, so that makes 50 tasks in each category to earn all of your stars in that category.
Once you earn your stars, it is difficult to lose them. You would have to fail half or more of your ongoing tasks to lose a star. So, just stay active and complete your tasks to keep your stars.

When the Requesters decide to choose more qualified members for their Hire Groups, they are shown a screen of the members who have earned all of their stars. It is up to them to decide to choose you based on your “qualification” in that particular group (General, YouTube, Voting, etc).

Better than MTurk?

With MTurk, you must pre-qualify with success rate, tasks completed, or more specific per-requester qualification tests.  It’s a little more rigorous process with MTurk, but both are comparable.

How much can you make with Microworkers?

So this is kind of interesting. As a Requester, you get a lot of detailed information on Microworkers and their earnings. From this, I was able to get some accurate insight into what others are making, on average, and what seems to be the most possible.

Better than Mechanical Turk?  Here's a good look inside Microworkers..

Through the Requester’s portal, I examined some of the total earnings paid to those workers who have been active for a while. With as much detail you’re given about each worker, you can get an accurate insight into possible earnings for yourself.

Better than Mechanical Turk?  A look into a Microworkers average earnings.

This member has made quite a bit with the site, but still only averages about $200 each month. I calculated about 20-25 others this same way, and most of them are averaging between $150 and $200 per month.

The reason for these workers not making more is likely because there is not that many tasks available. All of the workers here have full stars in each category, which tells me that they are not being picky and choosy on their tasks—they’re probably doing as many as possible, and only averaging that much per month.

So, Microworkers is not a good spot for earning your entire rent payment, but it can certainly add a big chunk to it.

Better than MTurk?

MTurk has many more HITs available than Microworkers has jobs at any given time, so that gives MTurk better earning potential. However, the Microworkers jobs offer more per task, which means you’ll get paid a bit more from an hourly wage standpoint. Although, Microworkers alone won’t pay the rent..

Clickworker hosts thousands of microtasks and is available for members of any country.  Sign up and see for yourself if Clickworker is better than MTurk.

Microworkers and the Better Business Bureau..

Microworkers vs MTurk..  Is Microworkers better than Mechanical Turk?  You decide..

Microworkers is a company based out of Dallas, Texas. And while there is no Better Business Bureau file information under this name, they do have a rating for the same company’s incorporated name: WebLabCenters.

According to the BBB, there have been only two complaints against WebLabCenters in the past three years, which were both directed at Microworkers.
One complaint was regarding money that was revoked due to an identity or fraud issue, and the other was for a password issue.

Compared to other similar businesses online, two is a surprisingly low number of complaints. However, the Better Business Bureau gave them an “F” rating because the company did not reply, or try to fix either one of those complaints.

My Microworkers complaints..

I only have one big complaint with Microworkers..

  • Low number of tasks available at any time.  It would be an ideal spot for earning otherwise.  But you do all you can do, and then you have to fill the rest of your income gaps at other places, like MTurk or Clickworker.  While MTurk has plentiful quantity but boring jobs, Microworkers has interesting jobs, but not enough of them.


There are a lot of complaints surfing the internet from users saying they did not get paid by Microworkers, but I have personally gotten paid three times over directly into my Paypal account, without a hitch.

Furthermore, the Better Business Bureau report would have been crawling with complaints if they were screwing everyone over. I really believe that there must have been underlying reasons for those people not getting paid. Or perhaps, the company has undergone a rehaul lately and has become more organized and efficient.

My conclusion and ultimate opinion is that Microworkers can be trusted. Just be prepared for an identity verification stall at the beginning, with the pin coming in the mail. This could delay things. Otherwise, it’s a great site to get in, get out, and get paid.

Try out a free blog at Wealthy Affiliate, and see if you like it better than MTurk..

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  1. I will remember your comment for each new post I write… Thank you for your valuable input. And feel free to ask any clarification questions if you ever need to. I try to reply to all comments as quickly as possible.

  2. I have been blocked by Micro Workers for so called proxy. I emailed them but they failed to get back to me. I only just recieved my pin and entered it, later that day they blocked my account. So I went to to check if my IP was proxy but it wasn’t. This has to be a SCAM. I made $43 and as soon as I wanted to withdraw they blocked me. I use MTurk but they have never said or done anything like that. Microworkers is a scam.

    1. I imagine the general motto within the Microworkers headquarters to be very similar to that of an insurance company: “Deny all claims and hope they give up!” They set strict limitations in their fine print and try to deny every first payout they possibly can! However, there are many people getting paid by Microworkers consistently.
      Please do not give up on that $43, if only for the principle of it! I suggest you file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB welcomes complaints whether or not the company is accredited. Also, you should leave comments like this on MicroWorkers reviews you find on other blogs, or start a blog yourself just to create awareneness. But don’t forget to email Microworkers first and tell them your plan, step-by-step. I’d bet you be paid what you’re owed before you get to step two!
      Please let us know what happens. Good luck.

  3. I have been working with amazon mechanical turk for two years and I am highly satisfied. They sometimes have thousands of my favorite hits and sometimes they don’t. Either way, it is a fun side job to have. I rather get paid directly to my bank account instead of paypal because I have had several issues with paypal and don’t want to deal with them anymore. Also, mechanical turk has several jobs, even if they are not my favorite. At this point, I am getting high payment on hits for being a worker so long. I will stick with mturk.

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