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We have discussed how to make money with crowdsourcing sites like MTurk, and MTurk alternatives, plus a lot of other work-from-home money-making opportunities.  But there are also legitimate job search engines online where you can find actual job listings for strictly-online jobs.  They are lined up in “want-ads” fashion just like you used to see in your local newspaper.

Know where to search for jobs all over the world with the top free job search engine list..

While I personally believe that FlexJobs has the best selection of work from home opportunities, it is not a free service. It’ll cost you $15 a month just to be able to apply for any of their job listings, but I guess this is why they don’t have a lot of scam ads to sift through.

However, there are plenty of great, FREE online job search sites, and if you know what you’re looking for, it becomes easier to sort through the rubbish to get to the real work-at-home jobs.

First of all, each site is a little different, with different categories you have to familiarize yourself with. But here are a few magic keywords for any job search engine to find this type of job:

  • Work from home
  • Remote
  • Telecommute (Telecommuter)


Top (free) job search engine list..

Career BuilderCAREER BUILDER for one of the sites on the top free job search engine list

For a free site, Career Builder is the best job search engine for finding telecommuting jobs. I always skip the categories all together and type “work from home” in the keywords field, and get loads and loads of great stuff.  Easy peezy..

Indeed, One Search All JobsINDEED job search engine, One Search, All Jobs.  This top free job search engine list includes Indeed..

This site almost makes searching for jobs an easy task. In the “WHAT” section at the top, type in “WORK FROM HOME”, and you’ll have many options to choose from.  For more specific results, you’ll need to add your city and state.  You can also sign up for their RSS feed and have the updated results sent directly to your email inbox daily or weekly. Job Finder is on the list as one of the top job search engines..This site’s registration for matching job alerts is a little more detailed, asking you more questions about yourself. But their results better match what they think you’re looking for.  They usually host a lot of telecommuting customer service jobs on this site.

Monster Jobs-Job Search

Monster Jobs is a great local job search site, but you can find some remote positions and work-from-home job opportunities MONSTER is a valuable site on the top free job search engine list. in there if you dig. The best thing about Monster is that it comes with a boatload of other useful resources. Yes, most of these online job search engines do offer resume-building tools, but for some reason I find Monster’s to be easier to use and somehow more valuable. They also have a great mobile app, and a very interesting salary wizard. You should check that out, at the very least.

Simply Hired

I only recently signed up for Simply Hired’s RSS feed, but it has been surprising me with it’s great options.  Don’t forget this one when you’re out there digging.Browse the SIMPLY HIRED online job search engine list to find a good internet job.



Since it’s likely that you already spend time on other social networking sites, get to know your way around LinkedIn.  A lot of people don’t realize that many, many employers actually go there to post their job listings, andLINKEDIN is THE TOP job search engine list for professional career networking.. there are usually a lot of them.

Sign up with LinkedIn (if you haven’t already) and create yourself a fantastic profile.  Try to spend an hour or two on the site each day.  Network yourself in the field you’re interested in.  Follow others in that field, and chat with who you can.  Opportunities just seem to present themselves on this site.

Follow me on LinkedIn, and I’ll follow you back.

Good luck..


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