How to make money using fiverr.

How to Make Money Using Fiverr

 I paid a guy on Fiverr to write an article about how to make money using Fiverr!

This was my first experience ever with Fiverr.  I dug right in to learn as much as possible.  But while I was there, I got caught up in all the possibilities.  You can get so much for $5 on this site!

 paid a guy on fiverr to write this article about how to make money using fiverr.. Check out his valuable tips here.I chose one of Fiverr’s Top-Sellers in the content/writing section to tell me all about Fiverr.  He charged $5 for 500 words (a great deal!), but I paid an extra “fiverr” for 1,000 words.  He gave me 1,260 total!

I was looking for specifics–how Fiverr works–such as how to start selling, what to sell, how to get more for gigs, tips, and payment options.  But I got something very different.

Even though it’s not exactly what I was looking for, it’s a great piece of writing with a lot of excellent tips on how to be the best at what you do while you’re there.  Check out this valuable information from a Fiverr Top-Seller.

The following article was written by:  amitBT at

Important Tips on How to Make Money Using Fiverr

Important tips for learning how to make money using fiverr.As modern times hit the world, it opens to different opportunities that lead people on dreaming and aiming high. Everyone wishes to earn huge amount of money by using the fastest and most recommended way. One of the possible ways on making huge money is through the help of online marketing. This method considers as the most talked-about marketing technique that can make huge money in just one click. However, it might be a bit confusing to identify which online marketing site is the best fit for your needs.

There are several online marketing sites that offer different services. One of those is Fiverr. The most important question is “How to make money using Fiverr”?

Well, it is very important to know first the significance of using a certain site for your objective in making huge money. This also includes notable pointers on starting a business using the site, guidelines, and other important mechanics before starting your operation.

Online marketing offers a wide range of marketing places that can help beginning marketers succeed in their chosen career. Fiverr is commonly known as one of the online marketing places that offer varied services. Generally, its services start at 5 dollars each.  At the present time, Fiverr offers almost three million different services that start from 5 dollars to 500 dollars per job. 

This site seems to be a perfect place for freelancers to be partnered in their online jobs. The primary function of this site is to facilitate the nature of buy and sell, which is commonly called online micro-jobs. Different services being offered on this site are called gigs, and these gigs include the following specifications:

  • Different types of content
  • Personalized Caricatures
  • Technical works
  • Amazing Video animation
  • Online posts

It is indeed true that this site offers the cheapest services online like mentioned above. People will have the connotation that this would not be effective to be in this site if the objective is to make huge money. 5 dollars is nothing for those who live in progressive countries. However, it is a must to instill that big amount starts from small. Perhaps, this is also the principle which Fiverr tried to explain for those online marketers who also wish to be one of the most successful online marketers. All large amounts of money always comes from single cents. And this is the idea that can be realized on how to make money using Fiverr. 

How to start your business using Fiverr?

The most important things that everyone should learn on how to make money using Fiverr are the following steps.

  1. Create an account on the site. This is the first and important step before making money on Fiverr. This will serve as the communication channel to potential clients who seek for the services offered.
  2. Browse the list of services being offered and choose among them which will be the services you can offer too. Make sure to choose only those gigs where you have expertise. Another important consideration on how to make money on Fiverr, is to have a background of those in-demand services. This is to secure your consistent earnings from the clients who availed your services. Wise choice of services to be offered is a key to succeed in the world of online marketing.
  3. Plan out Fiverr gigs and design your page. This step on how to make money using Fiverr entails to the need of a profile photo for the account in order to give assurance to clients that the account is not computer operated. Another recommended idea is the use of video that explains the gigs being offered. According to some experts, video marketing has greater opportunity to sell more than those who do not have video.
  4. Make a catchy title for every gig. Every gig that you can offer must have the quality of good keywords that clients can easily search on. Always be reminded that keywords must have relevance to the gig you are offering.
  5. Set time of delivery. One of the common questions that clients will ask is delivery time of the services. Therefore, it is helpful to set a consistent delivery time which is achievable. It is a big no-no for late deliveries since it will affect to your credibility as seller on Fiverr.
  6. Endorsement of gigs. This is the most challenging pointer on how to make money on Fiverr as the real work starts in this part. It requires hard work and allocation of time in order to introduce the gigs that you offer. The more visitors and clients on your site, the more chance to rank on Fiverr site search.
  7. Exert extra time and effort to convince more clients to avail your services or gigs. You can start making more friends and convince them to purchase gigs from you. This is an effective way to be labeled as a top seller on Fiverr. Once you ranked as the top seller, you can start adding additional gigs and expand your online marketing. This is really an amazing style to pave the way of making huge money.
  8. Continuous communication to your clients. One way to build good relationships and keep loyal clients is by having good communication with them. One of your goals should not only fall on how to make money using Fiverr but also to make your clients contented with what they paid for.

More helpful tips on how to make money using Fiverr

Sellers have different styles on how to succeed in their career. Some might have the same marketing plans while some might have unique strategies in order to achieve their goals in making money on Fiverr. Listed below is the compilation of different helpful tips on how to make money using the site of Fiverr. Each of them might best suited for your idea to be one of Fiverr’s top sellers.

  • Clarity of services offered. There is a greater chance to avoid misunderstandings if the services offered are clearly explained. It must be applied on every title of gigs that you will offer.
  • On-time delivery. It is a big point to rank on Fiverr if you control late deliveries. As much as possible, keep records of every order in order to easily track which one needs to be done immediately.
  • No outside communication. One of Fiverr’s rules is that you cannot communicate outside the site. If you violate this rule, you might lose your account and you will no longer be part of Fiverr’s sellers.
  • Do not ignore negative feedbacks. You need to know that your Fiverr account is being rated by your clients which will be the basis of potential clients to order or not from you. Thus, good reviews should be kept on your account. You can offer refunds if the client gave you a bad review. This is to ensure your account won’t get a bad image for millions of potential clients out there to see.

It is a fact that the idea of using Fiverr to make money is now possible and can be carried out. No one succeeds without starting from nothing and small profits. Fiverr is always a market place that can fulfill every one’s dream to make money online. In addition, important pointers on how to make money using Fiverr are already emphasized in order to guide aspirant online marketers like you to achieve goals.


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Better than Mechanical Turk? Microworkers vs MTurk..

Microworkers better than Mechanical Turk?  See who stacks up and who stands out @ Microworkers vs MTurk.The idea of being able to visit a website anytime of the day and just start working to earn actual money is just fascinating to me!   I could sit here for 8 hours and do the work nonstop, or I can do little jobs here and there when my toddler takes one of his rare 20-minute afternoon naps.

Microworkers is another one of these awesome sites that allows me to work as little or as much as I want, at my own pace.  I originally left Microworkers out of my list of Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives, but have since starting spending a lot of time there and decided to share it with you as another great option.

Need something better than Mechanical Turk?

Here’s a side-by-side comparison review of Microworkers vs MTurk..

Who can work at Microworkers?

Anyone can sign up to be a Microworker. Within each task you open, it tells you which countries are acceptable. For example, there was a task asking you to go to a new website, Like it, and leave a comment. For this job, the Requester specifies that he will only accept United States residents for this job. Perhaps it is a language issue. But many of the tasks include multiple countries, or any country, as qualified.

Better than Mechanical Turk?

With MTurk, only US residents can work and be paid.  So this is a big plus for

FusionCash may be better than MTurk for completing microtasks..

Easy sign up process?

It was so simple to sign up.. Just go to and click Register..  Fill in a few blank spaces and confirm your email address and you’re in—ready to work. And all future logins are simple, one-click-entry as well.

Better than MTurk?

With MTurk, you must apply and wait a few days for approval.

How do you get paid?

The payout threshold is $9. The first time your reach $9, as a new member, you request a payout and they mail you a pin number to your home address. This is sort of a way for them to verify your identity. When you get your pin, you enter it into your Microworker account.

Then you will get your payment within a week to ten days, at your preferred method. Microworkers pays out through:

  • Paypal
  • Moneybookers
  • Dwolla

After this initial cash-out, future payments will come faster. They claim it will take about 7-10 days, but I have had a payment show up in my Paypal account within 24 hours. Usually it is not that quick, but it rarely takes the full week.

Better than MTurk?

I love the easy Paypal option. At MTurk you have to have your bank account attached to your Amazon Payments account if you want to remove your cash, or spend it anywhere other than Amazon. Moneybookers and Dwolla are also both widely used, so this makes it easier for more people to cash-out.

A cash-out fee, really?

It should also be noted that Microworkers does take a percentage from your earnings based on your method of delivery. They do not announce this at all until it is time to cash out, so it does come as a bit of a surprise. But they claim that this fee covers the fees charged to them for using their service. Here are the percentages taken out from each requested cash-out payment sent through these forms:

  • Paypal: 7.5%
  • Moneybookers: 6.5%
  • Dwolla: 6.5%

Better than MTurk?

Yes, the cash-out fee sucks.  But because the pay is higher, and more convenient payment method options are given, like Paypal, I can overlook this cash-out fee. It seems to work out better in the end.

What types of jobs are there?

Most of the jobs on Microworkers are provided by small businesses, or blogs and other website owners who want cheap business “help”, like facebook likes, Google +1’s, Tweets, and comments posted on their sites. All of this helps a website owner get more traffic to their site, which usually equals to more business for their businesses.
Any job you’re working on, from the Basic or Hire Group, will be grouped into one of seven different categories. Here are these categories, each one including an example of a job task that you’d find there.

  • General: Go to Google Play Store, download a specific app and leave a positive review. OR participate in a free trial, such as those that are offered for pay at sites like InboxDollars, FusionCash, and ClixSense.
  • Facebook: Do a Google search for a specific Facebook page and Like it.
  • YouTube: Find a specific video and like it, or leave a comment.
  • Bookmark: Bookmark pages of other sites on a bookmarking site you’re active with, such as Digg, Reddit, or StumbleUpon.
  • Twitter: Promotional reTweeting for small businesses, and blogs and websites.
  • Voting: Rating videos or articles or voting up contest entries.
  • Blogs/Websites: This category is for those who have their own active websites. An example of a task in this category is another website or blog wanting other website owners with better Google ranking to write a short review on their site and link back to them, or add an advertisement for the Requester’s business on their site.

Better than MTurk?

So, while these aren’t your typical (or really even respectable) microjobs like those you would find on MTurk, they are simple to do (as long as you’re not too choosy about what your friends think, or your general social standing on Facebook and Twitter), and they generally pay a bit more than the average MTurk HIT.

Will you qualify for all the jobs available?

There are two types of Microworker jobs: “Basic” and “Hire Group”. Microworkers decides which jobs are suitable for which workers, based on the number of jobs completed and success rate.

Basic jobs available are easy tasks that anyone and everyone is considered to be qualified for, as long as you’re in the specified country.

Otherwise, you must be chosen for Hire Group tasks. The Hire group jobs are those that the Requester—the person hiring for the task to be completed—deems higher qualifications are necessary to get the job done in the way he or she wants it.

The Crowdflower tasks at Clixsense may be better than Amazon's Mechanical Turk..

How do you become qualified for Hire Groups?

Microworkers skill levels are calculated with a simple star rating system. Basically, it’s a hit or miss scenario. If you do the tasks and complete them successfully, you get your stars.

After accepting and successfully completing 10 jobs, you receive one star. Each category has 5 stars, so that makes 50 tasks in each category to earn all of your stars in that category.
Once you earn your stars, it is difficult to lose them. You would have to fail half or more of your ongoing tasks to lose a star. So, just stay active and complete your tasks to keep your stars.

When the Requesters decide to choose more qualified members for their Hire Groups, they are shown a screen of the members who have earned all of their stars. It is up to them to decide to choose you based on your “qualification” in that particular group (General, YouTube, Voting, etc).

Better than MTurk?

With MTurk, you must pre-qualify with success rate, tasks completed, or more specific per-requester qualification tests.  It’s a little more rigorous process with MTurk, but both are comparable.

How much can you make with Microworkers?

So this is kind of interesting. As a Requester, you get a lot of detailed information on Microworkers and their earnings. From this, I was able to get some accurate insight into what others are making, on average, and what seems to be the most possible.

Better than Mechanical Turk?  Here's a good look inside Microworkers..

Through the Requester’s portal, I examined some of the total earnings paid to those workers who have been active for a while. With as much detail you’re given about each worker, you can get an accurate insight into possible earnings for yourself.

Better than Mechanical Turk?  A look into a Microworkers average earnings.

This member has made quite a bit with the site, but still only averages about $200 each month. I calculated about 20-25 others this same way, and most of them are averaging between $150 and $200 per month.

The reason for these workers not making more is likely because there is not that many tasks available. All of the workers here have full stars in each category, which tells me that they are not being picky and choosy on their tasks—they’re probably doing as many as possible, and only averaging that much per month.

So, Microworkers is not a good spot for earning your entire rent payment, but it can certainly add a big chunk to it.

Better than MTurk?

MTurk has many more HITs available than Microworkers has jobs at any given time, so that gives MTurk better earning potential. However, the Microworkers jobs offer more per task, which means you’ll get paid a bit more from an hourly wage standpoint. Although, Microworkers alone won’t pay the rent..

Clickworker hosts thousands of microtasks and is available for members of any country.  Sign up and see for yourself if Clickworker is better than MTurk.

Microworkers and the Better Business Bureau..

Microworkers vs MTurk..  Is Microworkers better than Mechanical Turk?  You decide..

Microworkers is a company based out of Dallas, Texas. And while there is no Better Business Bureau file information under this name, they do have a rating for the same company’s incorporated name: WebLabCenters.

According to the BBB, there have been only two complaints against WebLabCenters in the past three years, which were both directed at Microworkers.
One complaint was regarding money that was revoked due to an identity or fraud issue, and the other was for a password issue.

Compared to other similar businesses online, two is a surprisingly low number of complaints. However, the Better Business Bureau gave them an “F” rating because the company did not reply, or try to fix either one of those complaints.

My Microworkers complaints..

I only have one big complaint with Microworkers..

  • Low number of tasks available at any time.  It would be an ideal spot for earning otherwise.  But you do all you can do, and then you have to fill the rest of your income gaps at other places, like MTurk or Clickworker.  While MTurk has plentiful quantity but boring jobs, Microworkers has interesting jobs, but not enough of them.


There are a lot of complaints surfing the internet from users saying they did not get paid by Microworkers, but I have personally gotten paid three times over directly into my Paypal account, without a hitch.

Furthermore, the Better Business Bureau report would have been crawling with complaints if they were screwing everyone over. I really believe that there must have been underlying reasons for those people not getting paid. Or perhaps, the company has undergone a rehaul lately and has become more organized and efficient.

My conclusion and ultimate opinion is that Microworkers can be trusted. Just be prepared for an identity verification stall at the beginning, with the pin coming in the mail. This could delay things. Otherwise, it’s a great site to get in, get out, and get paid.

Try out a free blog at Wealthy Affiliate, and see if you like it better than MTurk..

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk Worth It?

Time consuming tasks for low pay, is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth it?

There are 500,000 MTurk workers around the U.S. seem that seem to think MTurk is worth it (figure according to Forbes).  It is a great site for little bits of productivity during breaks and downtime, but steady work can also add up to a $10 an hour job if you know your way around the site.

MTurk can be daunting at first, though.  It is a little intimidating to see so many task options at start up, you’re unsure about which of them will be a huge waste of your time.

And I’m sure that most of you were just as surprised as I was to log onto the site for the first time and see .01 and .03 cent tasks.  I didn’t stay long for that visit, that’s for sure.

Related:  List of Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives, including UK and Canada equivalents.

But there are many different reasons why a person would purposely choose to work for such low, unappealing rates.  The experienced MTurk worker knows that those low rates can add up fast.  It’s all about learning from your mistakes and figuring out which tasks will bring in the most money.

Swagbucks is definitely worth your time. Make money from searching and shopping too!

How does Amazon Mechanical Turk work?

Is MTurk worth the pennies it pays out?


MTurk is a crowdsourcing site.  Crowdsourcing is a way for an employer to get help from the masses of willing people to do his work or complete tasks for a per-task payment.  A few examples of these task would be:

  • Select the correct spelling for these search terms
  • Is this website suitable for a general audience?
  • Find the item number for the product in this image
  • Rate the search results for these keywords
  • Are these two products the same?
  • Choose the appropriate category for products
  • Categorize the tone of this article
  • Translate a paragraph from English to French
The majority of the tasks, or HITS, available on MTurk are incredibly simple and can be done very quickly.  Others are harder and not worth the small payment offered.
You, as a worker, are offered small tasks to do, and shown the exact payment you will receive after you’ve successfully completed it.
See the Slideshow presentation at the bottom of the page for step-by-step instructions on how to get started with making money on Amazon Mechanical Turk.


When/How do you get your Amazon MTurk payments?

Within 48 hours, you’re credited in your Amazon Payments account that you’ve set up for free.  If you choose to link your bank account to your Amazon Payments account, you can transfer that cash directly to your bank.  The transfer is simple, and only takes a few days to arrive after you’ve initiated the transfer.  Otherwise, you can still spend your hard-earned cash freely on Amazon anytime you want.

So, is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth it?

After you get through the newbie stage, yes, absolutely.  It takes a little bit of time in the beginning to become qualified for some of the better HITS.  In a sense, you have to prove yourself as a serious worker who is actually trying to do a good job.  After a short time, you’ll be given better-paying opportunities.

After a while, everyone gets the hang of it.  You’ll quickly learn which HITS will be easy and worth your time.

You will start to learn how long certain hits will take you, and automatically start each HIT by calculating its worth by hourly wage.

How to Make the Most on Amazon Mechanical Turk..

  • Take your qualification tests.

If you’re offered a qualification test, take it.  Certain individual requesters have more strict requirements.  This usually means that it’s a better paying job, and qualifying for it will open up more opportunities for you to make better money now and down the line.  So even though it might take a little more time, you should always try to qualify for the good HITS.

  • Start out doing as many quick, low-paying hits as you can.

A lot of people quit MTurk because they’re not being offered any good HITS that are worth the payment being offered.  But the opportunities get much better the more successful completions you get under your belt.  The point is to just get your number of (successful) completed tasks up above 100, and this can be done in only a few days.  You’ll be qualified for more jobs, the more money you can make, and you’ll have fewer competitors for qualified HITS.  So, stick it out.

  • Keep track ofthe time it takes you to perform different types of tasks, so you can calculate hourly wage for future similar HITS.

If the hit’s pay divided by the actual time it takes you to do the job, gets you about 10 cents, then you’ll be making a little less than minimum wage.  If you aim for 15 to 20 cents per minute, you’ll average closer to $9 and $12 an hour.  Of course, at first this is a little harder to calculate because you don’t really know how long each task might take you.  But after a few hundred completed hits, you’ll know which types of HITS take too long and just aren’t worth your valuable time.

If you think MTurk is worth it, give FusionCash a try. It's worth your valuable time.

Does MTurk always pay?

Amazon pays, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.
However, what you should keep in mind is that Amazon is only transferring those payments from the requester’s account to you–it is not Amazon paying you for completing these tasks.  You’re working for actual people out in the world.
After you complete a task, it is up to the requester of that HIT to approve or reject your work.  If you’re rejected, then you will not get paid, and your approval rate takes a hit.
Most requesters are good, meaning they will do right by you as long as you correctly complete the tasks to the best of your ability.  But, just like in the real world, people want to get everything for nothing.  These are the requesters you need to learn to avoid.  It’ll be up to you to figure out which requesters aren’t paying fair value of the work they’re asking you to do.  I will tell you about a good fix for this problem in the next section.

To filter through the HITS, MTurk scripts are essential.

MTurk scripts are sort of like plugins for your browser.  Some of them are extremely useful for saving valuable time when working on HITS.

In order to be able to install scripts, you must first download the plugin.

GreaseMonkey Extension for Firefox users

TamperMonkey Extension for Chrome users

After you’ve installed one of these addons, you can install your scripts.  Here are a few must-haves:

  • TurkOpticon gives you reviews on each requester.  There are some requesters who refuse payments too often, which can in turn hurt your qualification rate.  Turker reviews will tell you if you should avoid working for any requesters in particular.  This is an absolute must-have for any MTurk worker.
  • Discover Fake Availabilities categorizes the hits for you in a productive way.  Too often, after clicking on a hit that sounds good, you’ll get a message saying “There are no more hits available in this group”.  Discover Fake Availabilities script highlights all your hit choices in different colors, including highlighting those empty groups purple.  This will save you from wasting time clicking on dead HITS.
  • Context Menu Search allows you to highlight text.  Some HITS will require you to do a Google search for certain terms, but the MTurk pages do not let you copy and paste any text.  You have to actually open a new browser and type out your text into the search engine.  This may not sound like much now, but after a few of these, I actually paused my work to go and search for a script like this.

Check out more valuable MTurk scripts here, including instructions for installing.  They’re all absolutely free!

Another excellent MTurk Resource:

MTurkList is a great site that shows you recommended hits.  They also calculate how long it will actually take you to complete each one, and the hourly-wage figure.  You will always find good hits in here, but they go quick.  So you’ll need to refresh every few times you go back to the page, or you might end going to a bunch of dead hits.

The only downside to this site is that you’re forced to see a five second ad each time you click through to a hit.  But for new workers who don’t yet know the good from the bad, this is incredibly helpful.


Some things you should know..

If you haven’t signed up yet, they have a two day “waiting for approval” period, and in my case, they took the full two days before they let me in.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth it.. don't forget to click the HIT button or you'll lose all your work.

  • Don’t forget to ACCEPT THE HIT first!  I cannot stress this enough.  More than a few times I have forgotten to click that “accept” button at the top.  When you realize it, all the work you’ve done is deleted and you’ve wasted that time.

Click through these slides for guided instructions on getting started and completing your first HITs on MTurk.

Is there a Canadian’s Amazon Mechanical Turk?  Or an MTurk UK?

Unfortunately, no. Amazon stopped accepting workers outside of the U.S.  Apparently there was a lot of scamming going on from outside of the country, and Amazon couldn’t verify the identity of overseas account holders. Amazon would close an account for abuse or fraud, and that person would just open another account in another name.  So, because Amazon can easily verify the identity of US residents, and ban them from the site if necessary, they only allow U.S. residents as workers.  They do, however, accept MTurk Requesters from multiple countries.  You can find an extensive list of MTurk alternatives for non-US residents here.


 MTurk is not the only site online for making extra cash online. Check out this list of great online jobs and alternative crowdsourcing sites.

You can also earn a good part-time income taking surveys in your spare time.  Here’s my list of top-paying survey sites that pay cash.

Jobs I Can Do Online

Many different types of jobs I can do online

Just like in the physical employment world, there are many different avenues that you could pursue when looking for a job online, including nursing, medical billing, transcription and data entry. I’ve included here some various category options for you to consider along with a few actual job listings from each category.  For more tailored results, you’ll want to visit the top job search engine list to know where to go, so you can browse specific jobs in your area.

While this list focuses on different types of jobs that are possible to do from home, you can also check out this list of actual online jobs that are always hiring.

Different Kinds of Jobs I Can Do Online..


You’ll likely run across a lot of these in your search, most of which will not be legitimate work from home jobs. But there are good ones out there.  Here’s an example of one I  found on FlexJobs:

  • UPS – Business to business Sales Consultant, Non-management, Telecommute (August, FlexJobs)

FusionCash is another great job I can do online..  Easy cash..

Nursing Jobs Online

Are you a registered nurse with actual experience under your belt? There are good work-from-home opportunities out there for you.  You could do medical billing, assist with disability cases, or provide your knowledge to actual patients over the phone.  Here are some examples of actual jobs nursing jobs found online:

  • Nursing jobs I can do online.RN – Registered Nurse – RN Case Manager – Work from Home

Job type: Full-Time
Work at Home? Humana Cares (August, Career Builder)

  • Looking for Pregnancy Writers!!

Telecommute Job. Home-based Writer/Editor for freelance temporary position. Will write, edit and merge content on the subject of pregnancy and birth. A minimum of one year professional writing/editing experience and expertise/credentials in pregnancy required.

  •         Nurse Auditor

Full-Time Telecommute.  Nursing degree is a plus. Unrestricted RN license is necessary.


Medical Billing Online Jobs

Some examples of actual medical billing online jobs:

  •         Coding Specialist III

Certified Professional Coder. Telecommute option. (FlexJobs)

  •        Medical Language Specialist

Remote Medical Language Specialist will transcribe and edit dictation work types by physicians while ensuring accurate clinical facts. 2 years of experience as medical language specialist and ability to edit voice recognized documents are required. (FlexJobs)

Posting referral links is a simple job I can do online for easy money..

Typing Jobs Online

A few examples of actual typing jobs online:

Many typing jobs I can do online.

  • Transcriptionist

Must have transcription experience, the ability to transcribe 30 minutes of audio within 22 hours. $10 per 15 minutes of sound transcribed. (FlexJobs)


Translator Jobs Online

Do you speak more than one language?  You would be a valuable asset to a lot of people.

  • Work From Home – Korean Speaking Customer Service Rep –

Job type: Full-Time. Bi-lingual in Korean and English/work from home. (Career Builder)


Customer Service Online

Some examples of actual customer service online jobs:

Call center jobs I can do online, from home.

  • FedEx Customer Representative. “Remote worker postion” to provide in-bound and out-bound assistance to customers regarding package inquires, problems and selling company services.
  • Game Advisor – Work from Home  Video Game Advisor/Specialist– assist fellow gamers with strategy and billing issues.


Work from home stuffing envelopes…

Please, PLEASE don’t even consider it. These are scams! Anyone can go to Kinko’s and have their envelopes stuffed for pennies, so why would they want to pay you $5.20 per envelope? There must be some reason…


More great ways to earn your rent money online:

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