ClixSense Strategy for Maximum Earnings (without Referrals)

Clixsense strategy for maximizing your earnings potential.

Yes, referrals will be your best bet for making the most possible with Clisense.  If you are in a position to get an affiliate link out to a few hundred people, small incremental payments will start flooding in daily.  However, most people are not setup for this type of affiliate marketing.

While a ton of referrals will make a big difference in your Clixsense account, it is possible to beat out the rest of the Clixsense competition in PTC, microtask, offer and survey earnings alone.

Clixsense Strategy for Maximizing Earnings.. without Referrals

You can still earn a nice chunk of extra cash by taking part in the many other ClixSense activities.  The key to maximizing your Clixsense earning potential (without referrals) is the surveys, the ClixAddon, and the Daily Checklist bonus.


Install the ClixAddon (and keep it active!)

Your ClixSense strategy requires the ClixAddon so you can stay on top of what surveys, tasks and ads are available to you.The Clixsense addon is crucial for your Clixsense strategy, as it lets you know what’s available as it happens.

If you’re not familiar with ClixSense add on (the ClixAddon), find specific details here.

With the 800 people who are logged into Clixsense at any given time competing for the next task, good deals go fast.  They will probably not be there a few hours later.

The ClixAddon tells you what’s happening immediately, in real time, so you can be one of the first ones there and never miss a thing.  The first batch of participants in any of these areas (surveys, offers, PTC ads, tasks) has the best opportunity for earning.  They get more offered to them, and first picked for limited qualification requirements.

Leaving the ClixAddon running for an hour each day also contributes to your Daily Checklist bonus.  But if you see it there all the time and get used to the information it is giving you, you’ll notice how valuable it can be to you.


Complete the Daily Checklist bonus EVERYDAY..

The Daily Checklist bonus is the other area you should focus on every day.  This bonus rewards you for staying active on the site and coming back daily.  The percentage paid to you is  based on your entire personal earnings total, not including referral earnings.

The checklist is easy to complete if you’re there trying to earn anyway.  If you plan to earn the checklist bonus daily, you should definitely reconsider the Premium Membership.

After a while, you’ll notice that the more you earn from the site, the bigger this bonus gets. The amount will become too significant to pass up.

Go Premium!

Once you start increasing your personal earnings and completing your daily checklist on a daily basis, you should really consider going for the Premium Membership.  It absolutely is not necessary, but it more than doubles your daily bonuses.

Premium will cost you $17 per year, but is very worth it if you’re active on the site.  That Daily Checklist above is based on your total daily earnings from PTC ad, tasks, offers, surveys and ClixGrid prizes.

With Premium, your bonus doubles, from 7% to 16%, for completed checklists, with no cap or limit on what’s possible.

Use the daily checklist bonus in your ClixSense strategy for maximum earnings.

So, if you have a $30 day on Clixsense, that’s an extra $4.80 added to your account at the end of the day (compared to $2.10 for a Standard Member).

Update your profiles for the Clixsense surveys As part of your Clixsense strategy, be sure to update your survey profiles to get qualified for the higher paying surveys.

Clixsense is overly generous with its survey rewards.  If you qualified for each and everyone of these, you’d be set!

But these are not always so easy to qualify for.  What you need to understand is which type of person each survey is targeting by the questions being asked.  If you know what’s behind the survey questions being asked, they are much easier to qualify for.

Check out this list of secrets that the market researchers don’t want you to know, then go update your profile to fit the ‘profile’ they’re looking for.  You’ll qualify more often for the highest-paying surveys.

And sign up for as many of the survey companies attached to ClixSense.  The survey offers will flood in through your ClixAddon and you’ll boost your earnings fast!

ClixSense Strategy Conclusion..

If you follow this strategy, Clixsense can be a serious money-maker for you.  Over time, the longer you stay and remain active, the more money you will make.  Sign up for ClixSense if you haven’t yet.


My powerful secret..

While ClixSense is part of my daily earning strategy, there is another site that triples the amount ClixSense brings in.  Find out my #1 source of online income here.

Making Money with Clixsense


Guide to making money with Clixsense.

Clixsense has succeeded in making this site a one-stop-shop for all your earning needs.  There is such a variety at Clixsense, it’s hard to get bored.  And if you do, there’s a lot of cool games you can play to compete against other members.  It’s my first and last stop of most of my days, and I think it will be yours too.

So, here’s everything you need to know about making money with Clixsense.

WHO can work on Clixsense?

  • Residents of any country can work and be paid through Clixsense, as long as you have an account with at least one of the three payment options available to you: Paypal, Payza and Paytoo.
  • All members must be at least 16 years old.
  • Strict one-account-per-household rule:  One account, one email address, per household, per IP address.

Different ways of making money with Clixsense..

View PTC ads

Clixsense is most known for its PTC, or “paid to click” ads.  Advertisers pay Clixsense to show their ad to a certain number of people.  In return, Clixsense pays you and me, its members, to view these ads.  Win-Win-Win.

However, there is only a limited number of these available, which are on a first come, first serve basis.  Viewing PTC ads will pay out about 1/2 cent to 2 cents each.  Earning with PTC ads is simple and the cash really adds up in the end.


Clixsense surveys are some of the highest paid surveys out there.  I am personally a survey freak–I cannot pass up a “10-minutes-for-$5 survey” no matter how busy I am.  And I can always count on Clixsense to have an abundance of these top-dollar surveys available.  Just be sure to follow these secrets to making the most money possible with surveys, so you’ll qualify more often and earn more cash.


Clixsense offers are hosted by other companies who are willing to pay for new customers to try out their product, service or website.  Usually these will require a credit card and sometimes even a purchase, but the reward for completing these is usually higher than anything else.

It is your choice which offers you choose to take part in.  It’s common (and acceptable) to give a credit card number to take part in a “free trial” offer, then cancel before your card is charged, and still be credited by Clixsense.  You just need to make sure you understand the specific rules and requirements of each offer before taking part.

Crowdflower microtasks

In case you’re unfamiliar with microtasking, these are tiny jobs for tiny payments.  Tasks usually take anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes and pay you for successfully completing them (generally 2 cents up to a few dollars).  There are a few microtasking sites around the web, but Crowdflower is the only one that spreads it tasks to third party hosts, like Clixsense.  You can find Crowdflower tasks at various sites, but Clixsense pays more for these than any other competing site.  

Crowdflower tasks are on a first come first serve basis.  Some times they have plenty available and other times there may be none available to you.  Task earnings can really add up, so it is good to keep checking back daily.


Clixsense has an excellent referral program.  You get a percentage of each person who signs up under your personalized Clixsense affiliate link.  The commission is only about 5-10% per task or offer, which is small potatoes. But these add up.

If you sign up for Premium Membership, it becomes an 8-tier program, which means that you’ll get credit for your referral, and your referral’s referral, and so on up to 8 levels.  This can become very profitable with a good number of referrals.


Okay, so you can’t really earn with the games, but it’s a great selection that is worth checking out.  They’re fun, and addictive.  You can compete against other Clixsense members in popular games like Bad Eggs Online and Learn to Fly.


Clixsense games don't really help with making money with clixsense, but they're fun and addictive.

There’s also great potential for making money with Clixsense Bonuses

Daily Checklist Bonus

Aside from your regular earnings, you can get an added bonus each day if you complete all of the items on the daily checklist.  This is here to encourage users to try out all of the ways to earn.  There’s even a bonus-activity bonus for completing the checklist regularly.  If you complete it on day one, day two, and day three, you will receive the activity bonus on day three.  As long as you continue to complete it every day, you will get it every day.  If you miss a day, then that three day rule starts all over again.

This doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re earning as much as possible with offers, surveys, tasks, and PTC clicks, these bonuses can really add to your total.

For completing the daily checklist bonus and activity bonus, a Standard Member gets 7% of his total earnings, while the Premium Member gets 16%.  This takes into account earnings from PTC clicks, offers, surveys, and microtasks.

Account Type:   Standard   Premium
Daily Checklist Bonus 5.0% 12.0%
ClixAddon Extra Bonus ¹ 1.0% 2.0%
Activity Extra Bonus ² 1.0% 2.0%
Maximum Possible Bonus 7.0% 16.0%

ClixGrid Bonuses

The ClixGrid is a fun chance game to earn an extra bonus up to $10.  Every member gets 30 clicks on the ClixGrid per day (60 clicks for Premium members).  After you click each square, you are sent to an ad page where you are required to watch for 10 seconds (or 5 seconds for Premium Members). You are then told whether or not that square was a winner, and are allowed to backspace back to the grid to continue clicking.

The ClixGrid is not really a game of luck, but rather statistics.  The more you play, the better your chances are of winning small bonuses.  So play daily.  If it gets boring, you can keep a movie running on a side window to watch while you’re clicking on your ClixGrid window.


The Clixsense add on can be added to your browser to keep you in the Clixsense loop.  Installing it and keeping it active for an hour per day adds to your daily checklist bonus.

When installed, the ClixAddon displays a tiny button at the top right of your browser at all times, and flashes to tell you when new ads, surveys, offers or tasks are available.  A simple click on it brings up this shot:
ClixAddon is crucial to making money with Clixsense.

As you can see, it gives you detailed stats on your Clixsense account, including your tallied earnings, and what’s available for you as they come in.  On the right, it shows you notifications of surveys mostly, including the reward and time it will take you to complete each one.

I love the ClixAddon because it really maximizes my earnings.  I often forget throughout the day and it keeps me constantly reminded of ways I could be making money with Clixsense.

The ClixAddon is completely harmless to your computer.  It does not slow it down or cause crashes at all, and it does not bombard you with ads.

What is Clixsense Premium Membership?

Clixsense offers additional benefits for Premium Membership.  Cost of going Premium is:

  • $17 one-time annual fee
  • or $30 for a full two years

Premium Membership can boost your earnings in a few different areas, including:

  • Referrals–  Referrals earnings is the most significant difference you’ll notice by switching to a Premium Membership.  Commissions double on most referral activities.  See the chart below for exact changes in amounts.
  • Daily checklist bonus– Completing the daily checklist doubles the bonus earned from a possible 7% to 16%.  If you do everything on the list (which is easily attainable), you could earn 16% of your earnings.  Earnings for this bonus includes:  PTC ads clicks, ClixGrid prizes, completed CrowdFlower tasks and completed offers and surveys.
  • PTC ads–  Many Clixsense advertisers choose to only show their ads to Clixsense users who have established “purchasing power”.  This is why Premium members are usually offered more PTC ads than members who have not paid for Premium Membership.  But Clixsense warns extra PTC ads are offered with a Premium Membership, but are not guaranteed.
  • Extra Clixgrid Clicks–  Premium Membership doubles the amount of clix you get on the Clixgrid–60 per day instead of 30.  This in turn doubles your chances of winning.

Here’s the chart of Premium benefits posted on the Clixsense website.  Click the image below to see larger text.

Making more money with Clixsense Premium Membership.

How will I be paid with Clixsense?

Cash Transfer

Clixsense offers three ways to quickly and easily transfer your cash earnings: Paypal, Paytoo, and Payza.

  • Paytoo -(available in over 200 countries). You must sign up with Paytoo to find out if your country is on its list.

The great thing about Paytoo is that it does not require a bank account.  You can cashout your earnings (or add money to your Paytoo account) at an actual, physical location.  Check here to see if there’s one near you.

Check payment option

Checks are available to US and Canada members only.

Checks issued are only valid for 60 days.  If you lose it or for some other reason are unable to cash your Clixsense check, you can contact them to try and make other arrangements.  If you do not cash your check within 60 days, you will lose that money and Clixsense may even choose to close your account.  The do not issue refunds or credit money back to your Clixsense account after it has been issued through any method.

Clixsense minimum cashout amount?

Clixsense pays members upon request after they have reached the minimum limit in their earnings:

  • $8 for Standard members
  • $6 for Premium members

When does Clixsense pay?

This is one are where this site stands out from any other site.  Clixsense always pays what they promise and when the promise.  They are consistently reliable in this regard.

  • Cash Transfer payments are sent out on the Monday and Friday afternoon of each week (before 5pm eastern standard time).

If you request your payout by 2pm on a Monday or Friday, you will be paid the very same day.

Checks are mailed out on the 10th of each month, to the address you’ve listed on your Clixsense profile.

  • Check payments must be requested by the 7th for it to go out by the 10th.

Address/Identity Verification

US and Canada identity must be verified before being allowed to receive Paypal, Paytoo or Payza payments.  Your first requested payment is mandatory by check, sent with a four digit code which you enter into your account at Clixsense.  This verifies that the check was delivered and received at the address that you claimed was yours.  You must cash the check within 60 days to complete this verification process and be paid.

Clixsense Toolbar

The Clixsense toolbar seems pointless when you can get all you need from the ClixAddon.  I don’t recommend downloading the toolbar. Even Chrome advised me against it. This is just another one of those common, annoying toolbars, like the Yahoo and AOL ones, and it has no direct relationship to your Clixsense account, other than bombarding you with ads.  Plus, there is no cash incentive for downloading it.


Clixsense Research is completely separate from Clixsense.  ClixResearch is strictly surveys, and is mirrored to another site called ClearVoice.  These are reasonably-rewarded surveys offered to members of any country.  Payment terms are different.  They offer Amazon gift card, restaurant voucher or Payoneer cash payments after you reach their $10 minimum.  ClixResearch is offered as a button at the top of your Clixsense account page.  You must fill out a completely different (and very detailed) profile questionnaire to start taking surveys with Clixsense Research.

Making money with Clixsense can extend to the separate Clixsense Research site.

Likewise, there are many other survey hosting sites attached to Clixsense.  I suggest you sign up with as many as possible and fill out those initial profiles to get more surveys offered to you.  I look for those from Global Test Market, Samplicio and LiveSample first, as they generally pay the most for your valuable time.

PTC Virus and Malware Warning

Clixsense claims in its User Agreement that they scan each PTC advertisement for viruses and malware, but do not evaluate the actual outside landing pages that each advertisement will lead you if clicked upon.  They are also careful to add that they are not held liable if you get any type of malware or virus on your computer.  And unfortunately, this is easily the case with some of these ads you will see on the site.  Watch and earn, but be careful where you click.  Any clicks leading you to a site outside of Clixsense could potentially be dangerous to your device.

Member Suspension/Cancellation Warnings:

  • If you go 90 days without logging in, you will become inactive and Clixsense will close your account out with a zero balance, which will not be returned to you if you reactivate your account later.
  • No chargebacks allowed for any purchase made through Clixsense.  For any payments made to Clixsense (for PTC ad credits, Premium Membership, etc), Clixsense will automatically suspend your account and charge you the amount owed plus a $20 chargeback fee to be reinstated.  Even if it is warranted, you should always get in touch with Clixsense with any issues first.
  • Absolutely no use of VPNs or proxy server.  This is considered fraud for cheating offers.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but they’re pretty serious about it, so maybe you shouldn’t do it.
  • And like most survey/offer sites, Clixsense does not allow multiple accounts of the same person, the same household, or the same IP address.  Ideally, doing this would allow a person to complete the same offers and surveys twice which is considered fraud.  They will cancel your account instantly and keep all your earnings.

Clixsense and the Better Business Bureau

Clixsense is not accredited with the BBB.  They have not applied for accreditation and are not required to do so.  However, users still have the right to send in complaints to the Better Business Bureau about a non-accredited business, and often do so to get their complaint on file and visible to the public.  But Clixsense has absolutely zero complaints against them, which is surprising due to the length of time it has been in business and the great number of members the site has.  Either way, I take this as a great sign that others have had as good an experience as I’ve had with the site so far.


Clixsense is an awesome site that I know you won’t be disappointed with.  It’s a well-established money-making site that pays generously and pays instantly.  Sign up, start earning and have fun!

If there something here that I didn’t cover, please ask.  I’ll answer.

FusionCash Reviews/Complaints

Another great site to earn fast cash: FusionCash.  Check out these Fusion Cash reviews / complaints.

Offer sites are a great way to earn fast cash online.  They offer many different ways to earn, which keeps it interesting.  I spend time at multiple offer sites each day, but FusionCash is one that I prefer over the rest.  And here’s why I think you will too..

My FusionCash Reviews / Complaints

Not only can you earn fast cash, FusionCash keeps it interesting with various ways to earn..

Fusion Cash surveys..

Most of my FC earnings come from the Fusion Cash surveys.  FusionCash offers the highest-paid surveys of any offer site, and most survey sites.  Because offer sites split their survey rewards with you, they usually don’t offer much.  Obviously, they can make more money themselves if they keep the larger percentage.  This is where this site truly stands out–Fusion Cash surveys pay top dollar compared to any other offer site.  There usually are not that many surveys, maybe about 25 or so available at one time.  But I always pop in there and spend some time everyday completing those $4 and $5 ones. After a day or two, new ones are added and become available to me.   Plus they throw you a penny as a disqualification bonus each time you don’t make the cut.  Not much but it all adds up very quickly..

Fusion Cash Surveys is how I earn fast cash on FusionCash.  They pay top dollar compared to other offer sites. Check out these Fusion Cash reviews / complaints.

Don’t forget to use these secret survey tips to get those top-dollar survey invitations.

Fusion Cash offers with competitive rewards..

No Credit Card Required offers include paid-to-sign-up with advertising websites, usually other survey sites or newsletters.  Other offer sites will pay you .25 – .50 cents for these easy offers, but FusionCash pays $1 and up for each one.  It’s easy money–sign up and get paid.  Just be sure to click on the tab that says “no credit card required”.

There are also paid-to-purchase offers, where you only get rewarded for buying something or signing up for a service with a monthly fee.  Sometimes, it is even possible to make a profit with these.  For example, right now there is a LifeLock offer on FusionCash, where you get $12 if you sign up and pay the first month’s $9 fee.  If you cancel after one week, you’ll still be out the $9, but you would have been rewarded $12 through FC, making you an easy $3 profit.

Unfortunately, with any offer site, after you’ve completed all the offers that are relevant to you, you have to wait for new ones to be added, which is a slow process.  Luckily, Fusion Cash has many more ways to earn while you’re waiting.

After reading through these Fusion Cash reviews/complaints, check out the awesome referral program at Vindale.  It's an easy $5 for each friend who signs up through you.

Fusion Cash Crowdflower microtasks..

Read my Fusion Cash reviews/ complaints, and sign up to complete Crowdflower tasks to earn fast cash at FusionCash..

For anyone unfamiliar, microtasks are tiny jobs usually lasting about a minute or less each, with a tiny payment after each one completed.  The more you complete successfully, the better-paying tasks you will qualify for.

Crowdflower is one of these microtask companies that allow microworkers to spread their work around to different sites, depending on which site has more options for earning, and/or a payment option that is most beneficial to the user.  There are many places to complete Crowdflower tasks, but most of those sites cut your percentage down dramatically.  Fusion Cash offers the second-highest rewards for Crowdflower tasks (next to Clixsense).  Plus, U.S. and Canada residents can work and easily cash out through Fusion Cash, making it a fun, convenient option.

Lots of other ways to earn, including:

  • Paid Videos..  Watch short advertisement videos for tiny payments (about 2 cents each).
  • Listen to radio..  listen to live radio and every 30 minutes you’re given a code to which you enter into FC to earn tiny payments..  You can do this all day long in the background.
  • Paid to Click..  Visit certain web pages, click on an advertisement and get a small micro payment (usually about .15 cents or so).
  • Shopping..  You can get cash back percentages if you make your purchases through Fusion Cash’s Cashback Mall.
  • Mobile/Tablet..  Get paid small payments (.05-.50 cents, generally) to download apps or games.
  • Paid to call..  This is good cash ($2 each), but you’re required to call a company (like a flooring or plumbing service) and sit through a salespitch.  Still easy money..

Cash out with Fusion Cash..

The minimum to cash out is only $25, and you get an instant $5 bonus as soon as you sign up.  It’s so easy, you register, confirm your email, and you’ve got a free $5.  Then you only have $20 left to earn before you can cash out that first time.

Once you reach the FC’s $25 mark, you can request your payout.  The first time you cash out is when they will try to verify your identity.  At this point, they want to make sure you Another great site to earn fast cash: FusionCash.  Check out my Fusion Cash reviews / complaints.are who you say you are before they pay you.  Once you verify your account, you’ll never have to do it again.

Everyone is asked to verify by home telephone service, but if this is not possible, you are given your second two options: cell phone or physical identification.  Please keep in mind that only one of these three methods is necessary. 

  • Landline telephone verification – Must be a home service, not VOIP (like MagicJack)
  • Cell phone verification – Must be a major service company, not pay-as-you-go (like Tracfone)
  • Driver’s License or other identification  (scan and email, or fax copy to them)

After you’re verified, your payment request is processed and scheduled to get to you on the 20th of the following month.  So, if you request payment on December 30th, your payment will be scheduled for January 20th. If you request payment on December 1st, you still won’t get your payment until the 20th of the following month.

  • Paypal payments are available for US and Canada residents. 

Paypal payments almost always come in a few days sooner than the 20th, though.  On around the 17th or 18th of the month, FusionCash sends me an email saying that my payment was processed with Paypal and I should be receiving my funds by the 20th.  Paypal usually acts much faster than this, giving me my cash the same day or the next day.

Other payment options include:

  • Check..  US residents only.  Check will be mailed to your home address around the 20th of the month upon request.
  • Direct Deposit..  US residents only.  It’s simple to link your bank account with Fusion Cash.  It can be a checking or savings account.

With these three payment methods allowed, most members can find an option that suits their needs.

To cash out, you must have $15 worth of non-bonus credits.

While most of your FusionCash earnings will come from non-bonus credits, like surveys, offers, microtasks, videos, you will usually have some bonus earnings in there too.   Bonuses include:

  • $5 sign-up bonus
  • Survey disqualification bonus  (.01 cent for each disqualification)
  • Friend referrals  (various bonuses for referring your friends)
  • Forum posting bonus ($3 per month for participating in the forum discussions)

It is not easy to get the full $25 cash out limit required with strictly bonuses, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this requirement.

Your payment might be delayed if..

  • You haven’t completed the telephone verification, or its equivalent (from above).
  • Your first and last name on your Fusion Cash account is different than the first and last name registered to your Paypal account.  If these names do not match, you can always select the “check” or “direct deposit” option instead.
  • You wait too long to request a cash out.  All rewards expire in six months, so as long as you request your cash out by the 180 day mark, you’re good.

Your payment might be completely forfeited it..

  • You have two accounts open on the same IP address, which means anyone in the same household as you, or anyone in the next door neighbor’s house using the same wifi connection.  They can (and probably will) cancel your account, and never pay you your money owed to you.  And FYI, this is the same with any survey or offer site.  They have very strict rules against this.

FusionCash Complaints:

All survey/offer sites have their downfalls..  Here are my Fusion Cash complaints.

  • All earnings have an expiration date. 

You must be sure to cash out any money you’ve earned within 6 months or you lose them.  Fortunately, they make it easy to earn your money quickly so this should not be a problem.

  • You can’t get back into a survey once you exit your browser.

Unfortunately, if your Mozilla or Chrome crashes occasionally, like mine do, you lose those 10 or 15 minutes you just invested in that survey.  And you’re never offered the same survey again, finished or not.  While this is a pretty common occurrence with most survey sites, it’s still infuriating every time you lose a survey this way.

FusionCash and the Better Business BureauFusion Cash reviews / Complaints.  Earn fast cash with FusionCash, a trusted company accredited with the Better Business Bureau.My Fusion Cash reviews complaints.  You can earn fast cash with FusionCash, a trusted company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

FusionCash is BBB accredited, with an A+ rating.  There have been 16 complaints filed against the company in the past three years, but they seem to respond very quickly and have made every attempt to resolve each complaint.  Most of these complaints were basically about not getting payment on time, or at all.  Each one was followed up by Fusion Cash with either explanation or resolution.  Here are a few of the Fusion Cash complaints..

  •  Member was refused Paypal payment, because Paypal account-holder name did not match FusionCash account name.  These members were told by FC that the first and last names must match on both accounts, or they would have to be paid by check or direct deposit instead.
  • Member was refused Paypal account because could not verify identity.  FusionCash instructed them to email or fax image of driver’s license or other identification for verification.
  • Member was refused payment on certain (or all) payments because rewards expire after 6 months.
  • A member was refused payment and permanently cancelled by FusionCash for having two accounts open in the same household, which is strictly forbidden by most survey/offer sites.

Fusion Cash Reviews / Complaints..  Sign up and get your free $5.Conclusion..

As long as you make sure you use your real name on your Fusion Cash AND Paypal account, and cooperate with FC to verify your identity, you shouldn’t have any issues with Fusion Cash.  Other than losing out on a few surveys because of my browser issues, I have never once had a problem with them or had to chase them down for my money.  They’ve always credited my account promptly when it was due, and each time I have cashed out with them, my Paypal account was credited near the 20th of the following month, as promised.  I absolutely recommend FusionCash to anyone who wants to earn some fast cash online..





Here's the top 25 sites to earn quick, easy cash online.

Earn Quick Easy Cash Online with these 25 Sites

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just choose one of your favorite businesses in the area, walk in and work a few hours for a little extra cash whenever you needed it?  And that businesses was thrilled to have you?

Online, this is perfectly possible.  Right now, as you’re sitting there reading this, you could be earning cash from any one of these 25 great websites.  And none of the businesses on this list require W2 forms and background checks.  It’s usually as simple as:

  1. Sign up
  2. Confirm email address
  3. Start earning..

Most sites have a minimum amount you must earn before you can cash out, but I’ve only included sites here with a short or reasonable minimum, so they are easily and quickly attainable.  With some, it is possible to sign up today and cash out tomorrow or the next day.

My suggestion for maximum earning is to sign up with all of these sites, and then choose the best and most profitable offers to do, from the emails that flood into your inbox.


25 Great Sites to Earn Quick Easy Cash Online

Each site on this list offers payment for simple tasks, taking part in trial offers, or simple Q & A surveys..  This is truly quick and easy cash that anyone easily earn.

Survey and Offer Sites:


Fusion Cash!  Still my favorite website! FusionCash is a great survey/offer/task/etc site with all types of ways to earn, including high-paying surveys.  I use this site mainly for the FC Survey section–it has the highest paid surveys of any other survey/offer site.  Plus, you get a free five bucks when you sign up through HERE!  Easy money!  There is a $25 payout minimum, check or Paypal cash payment available within 4 or 5 days..  Highly recommended!

ClixSense is a great all-in-one site that gives you plenty of chances to earn quick easy cash online.

Clixsense – Get paid to view ads, take surveys, and complete microtasks..  They’ve been around for a long time, and they pay top-dollar!  Quick cash payment possible, within a week.  You’ll love this site!

There are loads of fun and interesting ways to earn quick easy cash online at Inbox Dollars.

InboxDollars – Loads of cool ways to earn money here. This site pays squat for surveys, but makes up for it by paying out the most for trial offers.  $30 minimum required, payout by check or free debit card.  Possible cash out in 3 or 4 days.  Check out this in-depth review of InboxDollars, including its pros and cons.

Send Earnings – This is an exact duplicate of InboxDollars (above), with varying offers and payouts.  You can have an account at both and maximize your earnings.

SwagbucksSwagBucks is a highly dependable site offering lots of different ways to earn quick and easy cash online. – Get paid for a little bit of everything–surveys, offers, shopping.  100 Swagbucks is approximately $1.

Earn quick easy cash online with GiftHulk..

GiftHulk – Another all-in-one site with lots of ways to earn.  1,000 coins earned is worth $1.00, and can be cashed out with a Paypal payment, or traded in for various gift cards.

Cash Crate – Very generous offers, surveys, and shopping rewards here.  $20 minimum required to cashout by check.  With all the possibilities to earn here, you could cash out in about 5 days.

e-Poll Market Research – Earn points which you can cash out for almost anything, it seems, including Paypal Payments ($10 minimum), Gift codes for Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, and the list goes on and on! It’s a good site that treats you very well!

Top Survey Sites:

Global Test Market's high pay and low minimum threshold makes this a good spot to earn quick easy cash online.

Global Test Market – I spend a lot of my time at this site.  There are loads of surveys always available, and pretty generous payments offered for most.  They use points systems, and each 23 points is worth about one dollar.  For the $100 Paypal cash option, you need 2300 points.  But you can cash out with some gift cards instead that are worth a little more per point.  Most surveys average about $1.50-$5.  And with all the surveys available, it is so easy to cash out very quickly here, within a few days.  Your Paypal payment shows up in 7 days or less.


Pinecone Researchpinecone research is a great way to earn quick easy cash online.. – $3 payout for each and every survey..  Surveys offered approximately once or twice a week.  Check payment mailed to you the first time, but Paypal is an option each time afterward.  Cash out possible within a week, after at least one survey is completed.

Update November, 2016: Pinecone accepting new members now. Pick your sign-up link below:

  • US Male and Female (any age)
  • UK – Male and Female residents (any age)
  • CANADA Male and Female (any age)

MintVine – $1 to $4 surveys on average, or about .50 cents per five minutes of length.  Once you get started at MintVine, the offers start coming more and more, up to 5 or 6 per day in your inbox.  One of my personal favorites.  Minimum $10 Paypal cash payment possible in 2 to 3 days.


MySurvey – Simple points program, where 100 points equals 1.00.  Easy sign-up.  Reasonable pay for completing surveys and offers.  My favorite part of MySurvey though is the quarterly sweepstakes!  This is one of those rare sites where winning the sweepstakes is actually a possibility!  More than 100 winners are chosen and prizes range from $10 – $500.  Completing surveys, mini-polls, and the normal profile questionnaires gets you multiple entries into the sweepstakes. Exchange points for reward cards, like Macy’s, Applebee’s, and of course Paypal cash options.

Mindfield Online – $.50-$5 surveys, on average.  Most offered are low-pay, but stay on their good side and they’ll start sending you $5-10 surveys more frequently.  Usually plenty of surveys available on a daily basis.  Only $5 payout threshold, with check or Paypal cashout options.  These surveys take a few weeks to be credited to your account, though.

Vindale Research – High $50 payout threshold limit, but always has an abundance of surveys available with many of them up to $5 each.  Check or Paypal cash out options, but with high minimum, it takes a little longer to cash out.  US and Canada.

Valued Opinions -Great site with great-paying surveys.  Most are $2.00, but each survey averages out to be .50 cents per five minutes.  You can cashout at $20 with an Amazon gift card, or $25 with a Visa gift card.  It is very possible to cash out after a week with this site, but sometimes you have to wait a little longer for your reward to actually show up.

With Survey Savvy's low minimum threshold, it is a good site to earn quick easy cash online.SurveySavvy – Rarely offers surveys, but when they do most are top dollar, including $50 and $100 research surveys a few times per month.  $1 cashout minimum, sent immediately by check.  Possible to cash out immediately after first survey.

Make quick, easy cash at OpinionPlus Panel.OpinionPlus -This is a new survey site that pays well!  Generally $2 (or 200 points) each per survey, and quick, easy cashout at 1,000 points ($10).  OpinionPlus is desparate for MALE members, which is great for you guys because you should automatically qualify for most surveys.  Easy to cashout a few times a week with this site.

Reward TV – Redeem points for prizes, including gift cards and gas cards.  Each 20,000 points is worth $1.  This site doesn’t pay out as much as other survey sites, but you’ll have a lot more fun here.

Toluna Surveys –  Lots of surveys usually available, but also offers mini-tasks and other ways to earn, like testing products and writing reviews.  Rewards are based on a points system, whereas 3,000 points is equal to $1. Paypal cashout option as low as $20, but also has lots of other gift cards available as well, like Sears, Amazon, Applebee’s..

SurveyDownline – Good site with lots of surveys available.  Most pay about $1.00-$5.00, with some offering more.  Straight cash system, with Paypal cashout option.

IPsos iSay is a good survey site to earn quick easy cash online.

Ipsos i-Say – Very popular research panel with surveys always available.  Ipsos offers a lot of different ways to earn fun while you’re earning those rewards.  Ipsos offers a point system, where 100 points is equal to $1.00 worth of rewards, including merchandise and gift cards!  There are constant surveys available to keep you busy, and it’s daily random poll prediction questions makes it


Microtasking Sites:

Amazon's MTurk is a great website for earning fast cash online.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) –  Microtasks for micro-payments! These tiny jobs pay only pennies, especially for new people, but they are quick jobs that can be done under a minute, usually.  With a quick pace, these pennies can easily add up to a full-time job.  Possible first payment after 10 days.  Check out this detailed review of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

CrowdSource is a good microtask site to earn quick easy cash online.CrowdSource – Another microtask site, working tiny jobs for tiny payments. Pays anytime cash payments through Paypal. Possible cash out within one week.

CrowdFlower – Another microtask site, working tiny jobs for tiny payments..  Pays cash payments through Paypal.

Clickworker is a great site to earn quick easy cash online, today.

ClickWorker – And yet another microtask site…  You know the rest.  $1 minimum cash payout through Paypal, and you could essentially earn today and cash out tomorrow.

The Smart Crowd (formerly Virtual Bee) – Offers cash payments for small typing and data entry jobs.  Find out more about The Smart Crowd and other similar sites offering actual online jobs.

So get signed up, make some money and have fun with it!

If you want to make good money online, but are less concerned with quick and easy payouts, here are a few options for actual employer/employee jobs..

  • Sykes – An actual online customer service agency offering full and part-time work.  Get more details about a Sykes work-from-home customer service job.
  • LionBridge -This company hires people like you for testing search engines and mobile apps from your home full or part-time.  Just put in your country, and it will tell you of all the spots they have available for you to apply for.  It’s not exactly quick cash, but it can be easy cash you can make right from your home office.

OR if you want to invest your valuable time creating your long-term success with your own online business, check out this great option..

Wealthy Affiliate taught me and they can teach you absolutely everything you need to know to start a website, and make a living with it.  They give you the resources you’ll need, including two free sites.  Get started with Wealthy Affiliate for free, and get your free websites.

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one resource website for earning fast easy cash online. .


While most of these sites are global, you can find a list of strictly Canadian sites here, or for UK residents here.

Are there any other sites that should be added to this list?  Let me know with a comment below..