Survey Savvy & Savvy Connect Reviews

If you haven't yet gotten on board, Survey Savvy has some extremely profitable opportunities around every corner.

Survey Savvy is not just another website offering surveys collected from all over the place.  It is an actual market research company hosting surveys of their own.

In signing up with Survey Savvy, you likely will not get many survey invitations right away.  In fact, I only got about one or two the first month, and they were small potatoes, each only offering $1 or so for a 15-20 minute survey.  But I stuck with them and was eventually offered some excellent survey invitations, making it my new favorite survey site.

Survey Savvy and the Savvy Connect App – Reviews

Survey Savvy has its own plugin app for computers, as well as mobile phones and tablets.  The Savvy Connect is free software that tracks your digital actions, while promising you higher benefits and cash rewards.  The companies who work with Survey Savvy use this tracking information to learn about consumer purchase behavior–the sites we visit, how often we research products before making a purchase, and the things we do after we buy online.  These things help marketers to learn how to market to the public more effectively.

Survey Savvy does very well at letting all members know that they will be offered higher paying surveys and research projects if you have the app downloaded on your main computer.  However, the offers will start coming in before you’ve download it at all.  In fact, the longer, higher paying research projects will require that you download the app on three devices: your PC or Mac computer, smartphone, and tablet.  When you’re finished with your project, you can uninstall them, and reinstall them when the next great offer comes through.

Survey Savvy Savvy Connect download page, for PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet.

The download is a simple process too, for all devices.  You sign in to SurveySavvy, click on Savvy Connect, and choose which device you’re on at the moment, and click download.  This download page is the same whether you’re accessing it on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Some actual Survey Savvy, Savvy Connect projects

We all know the drill by now.  For each survey, you have to agree to not talking about it in public.  So, I won’t give you project names or specific details.  But here are a few of the higher paying surveys I took part in most recently with Survey Savvy:

  • $75 shopping survey.  If I downloaded the app on three of my devices and kept them on for six weeks, I’d be rewarded $75.  Each of the six weeks, on Mondays, I received a 5-minute actual survey asking me if I did any online shopping during these days.  It was easy money.
  • $50 wipes discussion.  An interactive discussion lasting 5 days, where each day I was asked a question regarding wipes (baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, etc.).  I answered the question in a paragraph or so, and was rewarded $50 about a week later.

Current, $60 Project Gold Survey for US Members

  • $60 just for downloading the Savvy Connect app on all three of my devices, and keeping themSurveySavvy/SavvyConnect Reviews of the $60 Project Gold Survey active for 90 days.  This is called Project Gold, and is still available for all US members to try and qualify for.  Qualification is pretty easy.. Do you have these three devices?  Do you use these devices to search the internet?  To shop?  As long as you have all three, I suggest answering yes to the rest.  If you are already a Survey Savvy member, the invitation is right there on your account’s home page in the top right corner (see image).  If you’re not yet a member, use the following link:  Project Gold qualification survey.  It really is easy money!

In between, I’m still offered somewhat-regular surveys ranging from $1-$5 here and there.  They don’t come every day, but it is very worthwhile to be signed up with this site, for when those great ones do come along.  I usually don’t bother with those 20-minute, $1 surveys, because it isn’t really worth it.  But in seeing how generous this site is with their other survey rewards, and how quick that check comes when I request it, I now take anything they ask of me, every time.

Download the Savvy Connect app from

Savvy Connect Complaints (& Technical Issues)

  • Difficulty streaming video on my tabletSavvy Connect is completely safe for all of your devices.  However, depending on the tasks you’re doing in the foreground, it can occasionally get in your way.  It did not affect my PC at all–it ran in the background and I never notice it at all.  It did slow me down on my Kindle, completely blocking any streaming through my Netflix and HuluPlus apps, and sometimes my YouTube app.  I quickly learned that I could just disconnect the Savvy Connect app on the tablet for streaming video, and manually restart it when I’m done.
  • You must install Savvy Connect updates.  When you accept whatever deal you’ve accepted to download the apps in the first place, you’re agreeing to keep them always updated.  Some devices notify you when there’s been a new update available, but some don’t.  My android smartphone updated automatically about twice, as the updates became available.  My android tablets did not.  I had to manually download it from the website, just like I did the first time.  It’s possible that this is my own fault with my tablet settings, as some of my apps update automatically and others don’t.  But just keep a look out for necessary updates to ensure that you get credited for it at the end of your required time-frame.

Survey Savvy, Savvy Connect Project Gold download page.

Savvy Connect TIPS:

  • Temporarily disconnect the app when it interferes with anything else.  As long as you remember to sign back in, you’ll be fine and should have no problem qualifying.
  • Download and install Savvy Connect updates.  You may have to do this manually if your device doesn’t install them automatically.  But you’ll be notified on your computer, and should then make sure that your other devices are updated as well.
  • Reinstall directly from the website if you have any technical issues with updates.  I had this issue on my PC–the update never installed, I kept getting an error message.  I was told to re-download the app directly from the download page at  And all was good again.
  • Only about five minutes per day, per device is actually requiredYou do need to turn on and keep your app activated every day, but only for about 5 minutes per device. I got this tip directly from the source.  During my first week into the project, a lady from Survey Savvy called me at home to notify me that they hadn’t received anything from my cell phone for the previous 48 hours.  She was warning me that I needed to sign in if I wanted to remain qualified for the project.  I told here that I rarely use my cell unless I’m out, and asked her directly how much they needed from me.  She told me that they need to receive data from each device, everyday.  I told her that it blocks my streaming capabilities on my tablet, and asked her what I could do about that.  She said it was fine to disconnect it if I needed to.  She also suggested that I get on my cell phone and tablet early, do my regular stuff I’ve got to do for five minutes or so each, and get it out of the way for the day.  And of course, I’m on my computer for the rest of the day anyway.  And since then, I have missed a day here and there on my cell, but I guess it’s the best effort that counts.  As long as they’re receiving data from most of your devices most of the time.

Savvy Connect compatible devices:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Service Pack 3.
  • Mac OS X 10.5+
  • Linux
  • iOS iPad & iPhone
  • Android phones or tablets.  I read somewhere on the site that it doesn’t work properly on Kindle Fires, however it runs perfectly on my Kindle Fire, 2nd Generation.

Savvy Connect supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 23+
  • Chrome

About Survey Savvy:

Survey Savvy is a division of Luth Research, one of the original market research and analysis companies.  Rosanne Luth founded the company in 1977, and specializes in all aspects of custom research, including focus group research, field service capabilities, and telephone and online surveying.  They work with big business, multinational corporations, such as Netflix, Nickelodeon, Target, and Ebay (found at, as well as many small, lesser-known boutique research firms.

Survey Savvy and the Better Business Bureau

Survey Savvy, Savvy Connect and Luth Research Better Business Bureau Reviews.

Survey Savvy, aka Luth Research, is BBB accredited and has been given an A+ score on its business review.  This is somewhat surprising, as most survey sites dealing with so many people is sure to have many complaints.  However, there have only been 14 official Survey Savvy complaints made with the Better Business Bureau in the last three years.

After reading through these complaints, I can tell you that most of them are from disgruntled customers who either didn’t receive credit for a survey, or didn’t receive their check in the mail.  Survey Savvy did respond promptly to each and every complaint, and seemed to respectfully attempt to resolve the situation honestly.  In three instances, where even the surveyor admits to have not followed the rules, but still feels like it was unfair to not be credited at all, Luth Research actually gave in, saying something like “we agree that we got enough information from you”, and actually credited them the full amount.


It seems as though Luth Research seriously values their Better Business Bureau reputation.  If any issues arise, a simple threat to file a BBB complaint will likely get you what you want (but you don’t have to tell them I said that!)..

Really though, Survey Savvy is a fantastic site that will be worth your valuable timeSo sign up with SurveySavvy, and get started on that $60 Project Gold survey.  It’s easy money you can earn for doing almost-nothing!

FusionCash Reviews/Complaints

Another great site to earn fast cash: FusionCash.  Check out these Fusion Cash reviews / complaints.

Offer sites are a great way to earn fast cash online.  They offer many different ways to earn, which keeps it interesting.  I spend time at multiple offer sites each day, but FusionCash is one that I prefer over the rest.  And here’s why I think you will too..

My FusionCash Reviews / Complaints

Not only can you earn fast cash, FusionCash keeps it interesting with various ways to earn..

Fusion Cash surveys..

Most of my FC earnings come from the Fusion Cash surveys.  FusionCash offers the highest-paid surveys of any offer site, and most survey sites.  Because offer sites split their survey rewards with you, they usually don’t offer much.  Obviously, they can make more money themselves if they keep the larger percentage.  This is where this site truly stands out–Fusion Cash surveys pay top dollar compared to any other offer site.  There usually are not that many surveys, maybe about 25 or so available at one time.  But I always pop in there and spend some time everyday completing those $4 and $5 ones. After a day or two, new ones are added and become available to me.   Plus they throw you a penny as a disqualification bonus each time you don’t make the cut.  Not much but it all adds up very quickly..

Fusion Cash Surveys is how I earn fast cash on FusionCash.  They pay top dollar compared to other offer sites. Check out these Fusion Cash reviews / complaints.

Don’t forget to use these secret survey tips to get those top-dollar survey invitations.

Fusion Cash offers with competitive rewards..

No Credit Card Required offers include paid-to-sign-up with advertising websites, usually other survey sites or newsletters.  Other offer sites will pay you .25 – .50 cents for these easy offers, but FusionCash pays $1 and up for each one.  It’s easy money–sign up and get paid.  Just be sure to click on the tab that says “no credit card required”.

There are also paid-to-purchase offers, where you only get rewarded for buying something or signing up for a service with a monthly fee.  Sometimes, it is even possible to make a profit with these.  For example, right now there is a LifeLock offer on FusionCash, where you get $12 if you sign up and pay the first month’s $9 fee.  If you cancel after one week, you’ll still be out the $9, but you would have been rewarded $12 through FC, making you an easy $3 profit.

Unfortunately, with any offer site, after you’ve completed all the offers that are relevant to you, you have to wait for new ones to be added, which is a slow process.  Luckily, Fusion Cash has many more ways to earn while you’re waiting.

After reading through these Fusion Cash reviews/complaints, check out the awesome referral program at Vindale.  It's an easy $5 for each friend who signs up through you.

Fusion Cash Crowdflower microtasks..

Read my Fusion Cash reviews/ complaints, and sign up to complete Crowdflower tasks to earn fast cash at FusionCash..

For anyone unfamiliar, microtasks are tiny jobs usually lasting about a minute or less each, with a tiny payment after each one completed.  The more you complete successfully, the better-paying tasks you will qualify for.

Crowdflower is one of these microtask companies that allow microworkers to spread their work around to different sites, depending on which site has more options for earning, and/or a payment option that is most beneficial to the user.  There are many places to complete Crowdflower tasks, but most of those sites cut your percentage down dramatically.  Fusion Cash offers the second-highest rewards for Crowdflower tasks (next to Clixsense).  Plus, U.S. and Canada residents can work and easily cash out through Fusion Cash, making it a fun, convenient option.

Lots of other ways to earn, including:

  • Paid Videos..  Watch short advertisement videos for tiny payments (about 2 cents each).
  • Listen to radio..  listen to live radio and every 30 minutes you’re given a code to which you enter into FC to earn tiny payments..  You can do this all day long in the background.
  • Paid to Click..  Visit certain web pages, click on an advertisement and get a small micro payment (usually about .15 cents or so).
  • Shopping..  You can get cash back percentages if you make your purchases through Fusion Cash’s Cashback Mall.
  • Mobile/Tablet..  Get paid small payments (.05-.50 cents, generally) to download apps or games.
  • Paid to call..  This is good cash ($2 each), but you’re required to call a company (like a flooring or plumbing service) and sit through a salespitch.  Still easy money..

Cash out with Fusion Cash..

The minimum to cash out is only $25, and you get an instant $5 bonus as soon as you sign up.  It’s so easy, you register, confirm your email, and you’ve got a free $5.  Then you only have $20 left to earn before you can cash out that first time.

Once you reach the FC’s $25 mark, you can request your payout.  The first time you cash out is when they will try to verify your identity.  At this point, they want to make sure you Another great site to earn fast cash: FusionCash.  Check out my Fusion Cash reviews / complaints.are who you say you are before they pay you.  Once you verify your account, you’ll never have to do it again.

Everyone is asked to verify by home telephone service, but if this is not possible, you are given your second two options: cell phone or physical identification.  Please keep in mind that only one of these three methods is necessary. 

  • Landline telephone verification – Must be a home service, not VOIP (like MagicJack)
  • Cell phone verification – Must be a major service company, not pay-as-you-go (like Tracfone)
  • Driver’s License or other identification  (scan and email, or fax copy to them)

After you’re verified, your payment request is processed and scheduled to get to you on the 20th of the following month.  So, if you request payment on December 30th, your payment will be scheduled for January 20th. If you request payment on December 1st, you still won’t get your payment until the 20th of the following month.

  • Paypal payments are available for US and Canada residents. 

Paypal payments almost always come in a few days sooner than the 20th, though.  On around the 17th or 18th of the month, FusionCash sends me an email saying that my payment was processed with Paypal and I should be receiving my funds by the 20th.  Paypal usually acts much faster than this, giving me my cash the same day or the next day.

Other payment options include:

  • Check..  US residents only.  Check will be mailed to your home address around the 20th of the month upon request.
  • Direct Deposit..  US residents only.  It’s simple to link your bank account with Fusion Cash.  It can be a checking or savings account.

With these three payment methods allowed, most members can find an option that suits their needs.

To cash out, you must have $15 worth of non-bonus credits.

While most of your FusionCash earnings will come from non-bonus credits, like surveys, offers, microtasks, videos, you will usually have some bonus earnings in there too.   Bonuses include:

  • $5 sign-up bonus
  • Survey disqualification bonus  (.01 cent for each disqualification)
  • Friend referrals  (various bonuses for referring your friends)
  • Forum posting bonus ($3 per month for participating in the forum discussions)

It is not easy to get the full $25 cash out limit required with strictly bonuses, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this requirement.

Your payment might be delayed if..

  • You haven’t completed the telephone verification, or its equivalent (from above).
  • Your first and last name on your Fusion Cash account is different than the first and last name registered to your Paypal account.  If these names do not match, you can always select the “check” or “direct deposit” option instead.
  • You wait too long to request a cash out.  All rewards expire in six months, so as long as you request your cash out by the 180 day mark, you’re good.

Your payment might be completely forfeited it..

  • You have two accounts open on the same IP address, which means anyone in the same household as you, or anyone in the next door neighbor’s house using the same wifi connection.  They can (and probably will) cancel your account, and never pay you your money owed to you.  And FYI, this is the same with any survey or offer site.  They have very strict rules against this.

FusionCash Complaints:

All survey/offer sites have their downfalls..  Here are my Fusion Cash complaints.

  • All earnings have an expiration date. 

You must be sure to cash out any money you’ve earned within 6 months or you lose them.  Fortunately, they make it easy to earn your money quickly so this should not be a problem.

  • You can’t get back into a survey once you exit your browser.

Unfortunately, if your Mozilla or Chrome crashes occasionally, like mine do, you lose those 10 or 15 minutes you just invested in that survey.  And you’re never offered the same survey again, finished or not.  While this is a pretty common occurrence with most survey sites, it’s still infuriating every time you lose a survey this way.

FusionCash and the Better Business BureauFusion Cash reviews / Complaints.  Earn fast cash with FusionCash, a trusted company accredited with the Better Business Bureau.My Fusion Cash reviews complaints.  You can earn fast cash with FusionCash, a trusted company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

FusionCash is BBB accredited, with an A+ rating.  There have been 16 complaints filed against the company in the past three years, but they seem to respond very quickly and have made every attempt to resolve each complaint.  Most of these complaints were basically about not getting payment on time, or at all.  Each one was followed up by Fusion Cash with either explanation or resolution.  Here are a few of the Fusion Cash complaints..

  •  Member was refused Paypal payment, because Paypal account-holder name did not match FusionCash account name.  These members were told by FC that the first and last names must match on both accounts, or they would have to be paid by check or direct deposit instead.
  • Member was refused Paypal account because could not verify identity.  FusionCash instructed them to email or fax image of driver’s license or other identification for verification.
  • Member was refused payment on certain (or all) payments because rewards expire after 6 months.
  • A member was refused payment and permanently cancelled by FusionCash for having two accounts open in the same household, which is strictly forbidden by most survey/offer sites.

Fusion Cash Reviews / Complaints..  Sign up and get your free $5.Conclusion..

As long as you make sure you use your real name on your Fusion Cash AND Paypal account, and cooperate with FC to verify your identity, you shouldn’t have any issues with Fusion Cash.  Other than losing out on a few surveys because of my browser issues, I have never once had a problem with them or had to chase them down for my money.  They’ve always credited my account promptly when it was due, and each time I have cashed out with them, my Paypal account was credited near the 20th of the following month, as promised.  I absolutely recommend FusionCash to anyone who wants to earn some fast cash online..





Better than Mechanical Turk? Microworkers vs MTurk..

Microworkers better than Mechanical Turk?  See who stacks up and who stands out @ Microworkers vs MTurk.The idea of being able to visit a website anytime of the day and just start working to earn actual money is just fascinating to me!   I could sit here for 8 hours and do the work nonstop, or I can do little jobs here and there when my toddler takes one of his rare 20-minute afternoon naps.

Microworkers is another one of these awesome sites that allows me to work as little or as much as I want, at my own pace.  I originally left Microworkers out of my list of Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives, but have since starting spending a lot of time there and decided to share it with you as another great option.

Need something better than Mechanical Turk?

Here’s a side-by-side comparison review of Microworkers vs MTurk..

Who can work at Microworkers?

Anyone can sign up to be a Microworker. Within each task you open, it tells you which countries are acceptable. For example, there was a task asking you to go to a new website, Like it, and leave a comment. For this job, the Requester specifies that he will only accept United States residents for this job. Perhaps it is a language issue. But many of the tasks include multiple countries, or any country, as qualified.

Better than Mechanical Turk?

With MTurk, only US residents can work and be paid.  So this is a big plus for

FusionCash may be better than MTurk for completing microtasks..

Easy sign up process?

It was so simple to sign up.. Just go to and click Register..  Fill in a few blank spaces and confirm your email address and you’re in—ready to work. And all future logins are simple, one-click-entry as well.

Better than MTurk?

With MTurk, you must apply and wait a few days for approval.

How do you get paid?

The payout threshold is $9. The first time your reach $9, as a new member, you request a payout and they mail you a pin number to your home address. This is sort of a way for them to verify your identity. When you get your pin, you enter it into your Microworker account.

Then you will get your payment within a week to ten days, at your preferred method. Microworkers pays out through:

  • Paypal
  • Moneybookers
  • Dwolla

After this initial cash-out, future payments will come faster. They claim it will take about 7-10 days, but I have had a payment show up in my Paypal account within 24 hours. Usually it is not that quick, but it rarely takes the full week.

Better than MTurk?

I love the easy Paypal option. At MTurk you have to have your bank account attached to your Amazon Payments account if you want to remove your cash, or spend it anywhere other than Amazon. Moneybookers and Dwolla are also both widely used, so this makes it easier for more people to cash-out.

A cash-out fee, really?

It should also be noted that Microworkers does take a percentage from your earnings based on your method of delivery. They do not announce this at all until it is time to cash out, so it does come as a bit of a surprise. But they claim that this fee covers the fees charged to them for using their service. Here are the percentages taken out from each requested cash-out payment sent through these forms:

  • Paypal: 7.5%
  • Moneybookers: 6.5%
  • Dwolla: 6.5%

Better than MTurk?

Yes, the cash-out fee sucks.  But because the pay is higher, and more convenient payment method options are given, like Paypal, I can overlook this cash-out fee. It seems to work out better in the end.

What types of jobs are there?

Most of the jobs on Microworkers are provided by small businesses, or blogs and other website owners who want cheap business “help”, like facebook likes, Google +1’s, Tweets, and comments posted on their sites. All of this helps a website owner get more traffic to their site, which usually equals to more business for their businesses.
Any job you’re working on, from the Basic or Hire Group, will be grouped into one of seven different categories. Here are these categories, each one including an example of a job task that you’d find there.

  • General: Go to Google Play Store, download a specific app and leave a positive review. OR participate in a free trial, such as those that are offered for pay at sites like InboxDollars, FusionCash, and ClixSense.
  • Facebook: Do a Google search for a specific Facebook page and Like it.
  • YouTube: Find a specific video and like it, or leave a comment.
  • Bookmark: Bookmark pages of other sites on a bookmarking site you’re active with, such as Digg, Reddit, or StumbleUpon.
  • Twitter: Promotional reTweeting for small businesses, and blogs and websites.
  • Voting: Rating videos or articles or voting up contest entries.
  • Blogs/Websites: This category is for those who have their own active websites. An example of a task in this category is another website or blog wanting other website owners with better Google ranking to write a short review on their site and link back to them, or add an advertisement for the Requester’s business on their site.

Better than MTurk?

So, while these aren’t your typical (or really even respectable) microjobs like those you would find on MTurk, they are simple to do (as long as you’re not too choosy about what your friends think, or your general social standing on Facebook and Twitter), and they generally pay a bit more than the average MTurk HIT.

Will you qualify for all the jobs available?

There are two types of Microworker jobs: “Basic” and “Hire Group”. Microworkers decides which jobs are suitable for which workers, based on the number of jobs completed and success rate.

Basic jobs available are easy tasks that anyone and everyone is considered to be qualified for, as long as you’re in the specified country.

Otherwise, you must be chosen for Hire Group tasks. The Hire group jobs are those that the Requester—the person hiring for the task to be completed—deems higher qualifications are necessary to get the job done in the way he or she wants it.

The Crowdflower tasks at Clixsense may be better than Amazon's Mechanical Turk..

How do you become qualified for Hire Groups?

Microworkers skill levels are calculated with a simple star rating system. Basically, it’s a hit or miss scenario. If you do the tasks and complete them successfully, you get your stars.

After accepting and successfully completing 10 jobs, you receive one star. Each category has 5 stars, so that makes 50 tasks in each category to earn all of your stars in that category.
Once you earn your stars, it is difficult to lose them. You would have to fail half or more of your ongoing tasks to lose a star. So, just stay active and complete your tasks to keep your stars.

When the Requesters decide to choose more qualified members for their Hire Groups, they are shown a screen of the members who have earned all of their stars. It is up to them to decide to choose you based on your “qualification” in that particular group (General, YouTube, Voting, etc).

Better than MTurk?

With MTurk, you must pre-qualify with success rate, tasks completed, or more specific per-requester qualification tests.  It’s a little more rigorous process with MTurk, but both are comparable.

How much can you make with Microworkers?

So this is kind of interesting. As a Requester, you get a lot of detailed information on Microworkers and their earnings. From this, I was able to get some accurate insight into what others are making, on average, and what seems to be the most possible.

Better than Mechanical Turk?  Here's a good look inside Microworkers..

Through the Requester’s portal, I examined some of the total earnings paid to those workers who have been active for a while. With as much detail you’re given about each worker, you can get an accurate insight into possible earnings for yourself.

Better than Mechanical Turk?  A look into a Microworkers average earnings.

This member has made quite a bit with the site, but still only averages about $200 each month. I calculated about 20-25 others this same way, and most of them are averaging between $150 and $200 per month.

The reason for these workers not making more is likely because there is not that many tasks available. All of the workers here have full stars in each category, which tells me that they are not being picky and choosy on their tasks—they’re probably doing as many as possible, and only averaging that much per month.

So, Microworkers is not a good spot for earning your entire rent payment, but it can certainly add a big chunk to it.

Better than MTurk?

MTurk has many more HITs available than Microworkers has jobs at any given time, so that gives MTurk better earning potential. However, the Microworkers jobs offer more per task, which means you’ll get paid a bit more from an hourly wage standpoint. Although, Microworkers alone won’t pay the rent..

Clickworker hosts thousands of microtasks and is available for members of any country.  Sign up and see for yourself if Clickworker is better than MTurk.

Microworkers and the Better Business Bureau..

Microworkers vs MTurk..  Is Microworkers better than Mechanical Turk?  You decide..

Microworkers is a company based out of Dallas, Texas. And while there is no Better Business Bureau file information under this name, they do have a rating for the same company’s incorporated name: WebLabCenters.

According to the BBB, there have been only two complaints against WebLabCenters in the past three years, which were both directed at Microworkers.
One complaint was regarding money that was revoked due to an identity or fraud issue, and the other was for a password issue.

Compared to other similar businesses online, two is a surprisingly low number of complaints. However, the Better Business Bureau gave them an “F” rating because the company did not reply, or try to fix either one of those complaints.

My Microworkers complaints..

I only have one big complaint with Microworkers..

  • Low number of tasks available at any time.  It would be an ideal spot for earning otherwise.  But you do all you can do, and then you have to fill the rest of your income gaps at other places, like MTurk or Clickworker.  While MTurk has plentiful quantity but boring jobs, Microworkers has interesting jobs, but not enough of them.


There are a lot of complaints surfing the internet from users saying they did not get paid by Microworkers, but I have personally gotten paid three times over directly into my Paypal account, without a hitch.

Furthermore, the Better Business Bureau report would have been crawling with complaints if they were screwing everyone over. I really believe that there must have been underlying reasons for those people not getting paid. Or perhaps, the company has undergone a rehaul lately and has become more organized and efficient.

My conclusion and ultimate opinion is that Microworkers can be trusted. Just be prepared for an identity verification stall at the beginning, with the pin coming in the mail. This could delay things. Otherwise, it’s a great site to get in, get out, and get paid.

Try out a free blog at Wealthy Affiliate, and see if you like it better than MTurk..

Is Global Test Market Safe?

Is Global Test Market Safe? I evaluated it for you.. Read about my experience here..

Global Test Market surveys are some of the best-paying surveys out there.  But with so many negative reviews floating around online, how do you know if it’s safe? How do you know if they’ll actually pay you your hard-earned money?  I signed up and spent a lot of time with Global Test Market, and here’s how I experienced it, the good and the bad..

Is Global Test Market Safe?

Even if you haven’t directly signed up with Global Test Market yet, chances are high that you’ve taken some of their surveys at other sites.  They are usually some of the highest paid surveys offered at sites like Inbox Dollars, Fusion Cash, and ClixSense, to name a few.  But completing Global Test Market surveys hosted by another websites means that you have to split your cash with them.

There are also other benefits from going directly to the source..

You get higher earnings and the surveys are actually easier to qualify for!

In signing up and taking their surveys directly through the Global Test Market site, you can actually make more than you would for the same survey anywhere else. Is Global Test Market Safe?  My honest review with complaints.. Not only because each site takes a cut out of your earnings, but because they disqualify less often on their own domain.  It’s as if their qualification standards are not as high for the surveys taken in house compared to on other survey sites.

Now of course I cannot prove that this is true, in fact, it probably isn’t.  There’s just something very unique about taking these surveys–I always qualify!  My qualification and completion rate is about 9 out of every 10 surveys offered, which is a huge step up from the Global Test Market surveys hosted on other sites.   And I’m not alone.  In searching around, you’ll see a lot of other members thinking the same thing.  You’ll have to decide yourself after you’ve signed up.

Profiling Global Test Market Surveys

Another big benefit to you comes from the profiling surveys..  When signing up, you get to setup your own profile, which means you get more relevant surveys, which means fewer disqualifications, which means more money to you.

Global Test Market POINTS System

  • Surveys are rewarded with points, and 23 points is equal to $1.00.
  • Most surveys offer 35 points, which is a tiny bit over $1.50. Many are rewarded with 40-60 points ($1.75-$2.50).  And of course, just like any other site, you’ll get some $3 and $4 surveys thrown at you occasionally.
  • Most surveys average about 10-15 minutes long, so these are very fair rewards.

Global Test Market REWARDS

In the Global Test Market Reward Zone, you could literally save up to go shopping.  They utilize the PERKS marketplace, where you virtually buy stuff with your accumulated points.  And the comparable prices are very reasonable–not at all jacked up.  They offer cash Paypal options, as well as many other gift cards and gifts for purchase with your points.  Here are a few of your options:

Get cheap iTunes downloads with the Global Test Market safe Reward Zone..

  • Paypal cash payment: $20 or $10 increments  (23 points = $1.00)
  • Amazon gift certificates:  $10, $15, or $25  (22 points per $1.00, so the Amazon is a slightly better deal than the Paypal cash option)
  • Sony 3D Blu-Ray Player 3600 points ($157)Global Test Market safe Reward Zone has Amazon gift card options..
  • DVD movies starting at 178 points ($8.00)
  • Full seasons TV series for 800-1200 points ($35-$52)
  • $100 Hyatt hotel gift certificate for 2400 points (24 points per $1.00)Use points to purchase a Sony 3D BluRay Player at the Global Test Market safe Reward Zone
  • $100 Alamo car rental gift certificates for 2180 points (21.8 points per $1.00)
  • $25 gift certificate for Happy Socks for 550 points (22 points per $1.00) of their most popular items, believe it or not!
  • and plenty more to choose from..Global Test Market safe rewards offer GameStop gift cards, among many others.

    HAPPY SOCKS is one of the most popular items purchased for points at the Global Test Market safe Reward Zone..


Global Test Market 1000-point mark..

As a new member, you have to wait until you reach 1000 points before you can cash out.  This may seem like a lot, but you get there so quickly.  I was offered a survey, I qualified, I completed the survey, and there’s another one right there waiting for me.  It was an endless cycle, and I reached 1000 points in 4 days the very first time.  And keep in mind that I’m also chasing around a toddler all day, so I wasn’t just sitting there taking surveys 24/7.  It was too simple.

My first time with the site, and I cashed out three times in two weeks, each at the 1000-point mark, or $50 each time.  It was addictive, and it paid off.

Is Global Test Market safe?  I got my payment directly to my Paypal account through the Global Test Market Reward Zone.

 Cashing out can be tricky though..

If you want the cash Paypal option, this can be a little tricky.  Because you’re made to wait until the 1000 point mark, obviously when you’re ready to cash out you’ll have 1000 points.  But the Paypal options don’t equal out to 1000 points–you have to buy them in the specified increments.

For example, my first time cashing out, I had my 1000 points.  Paypal was offered as $10 and $20 increments only, which in points is either 230, or 460.

460 +460=920 points.

But to cash out, you have to spend the entire 1000 points.  So, to keep my points going strictly toward Paypal cash, I had to work for the difference–another 150 points.  Luckily, this only took me about an hour’s worth of surveys, though.

Is Global Test Market safe?  I got paid over and over and over again..

Paypal payments are quick..

Cashing out with Paypal was the only option I have used with Global Test Market so far.  But each time, the payment was delivered to my Paypal account within 7 days.  The site’s FAQs states that, once requested, they send the payment within 5 to 10 days, and from there it can take Paypal up to five days to stick it into your account.  But for me, this process happened much quicker each time.  That’s a big thumbs-up in my book.

It’s worth noting though, that many other users around the internet seem to have had very different experiences, with their rewards taking way too long to arrive, sometimes 4-6 weeks.  I can’t say why this went so much smoother for me.  It could be because the Paypal option is just faster than other options, or if maybe they’ve made updates to their behind-the-scenes processes.  I just hope it continues on this positive path.

But each survey site has its ups and downs, and Global Test Market is no different.  Here’s the good and the bad, as I see it:

Global Test Market PROS

  •  Loads of surveys always availableIs Global Test Market safe?  There are ALWAYS good-paying surveys available at
  • Shorter-than-average surveys
  • Quick survey turnaround
  • Good pay
  • Valuable rewards
  • Paypal cashout option
  • Low/easy requirements
  • Excellent qualification-rate
  • My absolute favorite thing about this site is that you can leave a survey opened, unfinished, for as long as you need–days even, if it’s not a limited-time survey.  When you return, it will pick right up where you left off.  This feature certainly makes it easy to start new surveys, as you know you won’t be tied to the computer until it’s finished.

Global Test Market COMPLAINTS

  • High minimum payout requirement
  • Confusing point system at payout time forces you to earn more points before you can cash out
  • Usually not given an estimate of how long each survey will take
  • No other ways to earn points, surveys only

With that said, I am still very active on Global Test Market, and with these easy surveys and fast payouts, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites.

Global Test Market and the Better Business Bureau

According to the Better Business Bureau, Global Test Market has an A+ rating.  However, they’ve had their share of complaints.  Over the past three years, there have been 184 official complaints against the company.

These complaints include:

  • Dropped/broken surveys
  • Non-payment
  • Taking longer than promised to pay
  • Rewards not arriving in the mail
  • Unable to reach customer service

These are valid complaints, and 184 is a substantial number compared to other sites..  However, most survey companies with a large customer base around the world will likely have a lot complaints filed against them.   And in reading through the complaints, Global Test Market does appear to attempt to solve most of the problems, from resending payments to crediting accounts where necessary.

A Global Test Market NO-NO

The one area that the company refuses to compromise is in circumstances where there were multiple accounts created and in use at the same home address, according to the Better Business Bureau reports.  I read a few instances where members complained that their points were taken away and their account closed permanently.  Global Test Market remained adamant that this is against their rules, and did not budge on compensation.  So, as long as we maintain only one account per household, we should have no major issues with Global Test Market.

Check out Global Test Market surveys…

Global Test Market is among the list of the best money making sites that earn me an easy $50 a day..










Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama

Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama? Which is the easier way to online success?It should be clear by now that I am an avid Wealthy Affiliate advocate.  But I think I finally found something that might stack up to what WA offers.

After spending a lot of time digging into the Affilorama products, I’m quite impressed. If I had started with Affilorama when I was just learning, I would have been very satisfied with the system and the step-by-step “for-beginners” way in which Mark Ling personally delivers it.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Products, including AffiloBluePrint, AffiloTheme, Affilorama Premium, and AffiloJetPack.. See which stacks up and who stands out.

I have personally tried and tested three out of the four Affilorama products: AffiloBlueprint, AffiloTheme, and Affilorama’s Premium.

The fourth product, the AffilioJetPack is still quite a bit out of my budget, but I’ve done my research, and I have to admit, it sounds very appealing.  We’ll go over these together here, and compare each product to what Wealthy Affiliate offers to see if they stack up or stand out.

Side-by-Side Reviews:  Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama..

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama AffiloBluePrint system.. With a one-time fee, the AffiloBluePrint might actually come out on top.

Wealthy Affiliate vs AffiloBluePrint

Affilorama’s AffiloBlueprint is a one-time purchase that contains all the initial training you will need to start up and run an affiliate marketing business.  This is very beginner-oriented, as it gives you bitesize, easy to process steps to follow.  Here’s what you get with AffiloBlueprint:


Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama AffiloBluePrint system comes with bonus theme builder and essential marketing tools.

  • 90+ Step by step, in depth, for-beginners video lessons, teaching you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.
  • Active private members’ forum is helpful for advice and extra tips from other users.
  • AffiloTheme website builder included as a bonus.. walks you through setting up your website with easy customization.
  •  Only covers one hosted site but lasts for an entire year (after your one-time purchase)
  • Includes one free month of Affilorama Premium membership (discussed below)
  • $197 One-time fee..  You pay the cost and it’s yours-you own it.  Lifetime access.
Compared to Wealthy Affiliate
  • Wealthy Affiliate University.. 120+ step-by-step video, text and live webinar training sessions, for starting your business and growing it over time.
  • Step-by-step guidance for creating and starting your websites with the Website Builder
  • Includes hosting for unlimited number of websites (as long as you’re a paying member)
  • Keyword and market research tool
  • Unlimited technical support for all your sites
  • Link tracking and campaign management
  • $47 monthly fee for month-to-month access (or $359 for a year’s access)


Cost Breakdown..

AffiloBluePrint Cost:

$197 one-time fee

$16.42 per month

.55 cents per day

Wealthy Affiliate Cost:

$359 one-year membership

$29.92 per month

.98 cents per day

Affilorama’s AffiloBluePrint might only offer half of what Wealthy Affiliate offers, but you get what you need for half the cost to you.  So I would say that AffiloBluePrint is probably the better choice for someone new and not quite ready to commit to a hefty monthly fee.

For the necessary knowledge and kick in the butt needed to get started, go for the AffiloBluePrint.  You are paying this one-time fee for a ton of guidance, and believe me, it is simple to follow.  You’re also given all the necessary resources you’ll need to get started as soon as you’re ready.  After you make this initial purchase, you will have absolutely no reason to not follow through and actually start your own website.

Even if you stopped here with AffiloBluePrint, you’re good to go for an entire year with one website, which to be honest, one site for a beginner is a full-time job as it is. Basically, AffiloBluePrint gives you everything you need to learn what to do and how to do it, start your website, have immediate hosting, and start making some money with it.  That’s really all you need right now.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama’s Premium

For those who are ready to go all-in, ready to commit, and just want to find the best, permanent  place for your business and your hosting..

Let’s compare Affilorama’s Premium membership to Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Out of all the Affilorama products, Affilorama Premium is the most comparable to Wealthy Affiliate.  They are both, all-inclusive, hands-on memberships guiding you through the entire process with knowledge and resources you’ll need along the way..

Affilorama Premium Membership

  • Continued lessons at your own pace
  • Free hosting for up to 15 sites  (much better deal!)
  • Niche content and keywords provided to you, they give you the keywords that will sell, you just construct the articles
  • Free customer support
Compared to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership
  • Continued lessons added daily
  • Hosting for unlimited websites
  • Keyword & market research tool
  • Free technical support for all your sites

Affilorama Premium’s Tools Included:Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Premium Package. Both are very similar, but with a few striking differences.

  • Market strength analysis—researching your chosen niche options for profitability
  • Keyword suggestion tool—offers competitive keywords for better rankings
  • Popover bar, for collecting email addresses from your visitors
  • Social Snoop is a cool tool that analyzes the rank of a page in relation to social media, which plays a big part in the success of a website.
  • Backlink Checker—keeps you up to date on other sites that are linking to your own.
  • Search Ranking Genie—Check to see where you are ranking in the search engine results using your keywords. This is a valuable tool to be included, as it is difficult to find it online for free.
  • Website health checker, for beginner webmasters, this is an important tool to have, and you will always find a need for it.
Compared to Wealthy Affiliate’s Included Tools:
  • Keyword & market research tool
  • Website Builder walks you through the process easily, and is optimized for quick and easy setup.
  • Link Tracking and cloaking.. this is an invaluable tool that will cost you extra anywhere else. With link tracking, you’ll always know how many clicks you’re getting, and you can mask each link to protect your affiliate accounts.
  • Rapid Writer content publisher analyzes all of your articles for grammar, spelling, and search engine optimization.
  • Website health checker, with customized recommendations and instructions for improvement.

While both systems have comparable tools and resources available to you, Affilorama’s Premium really does stand out in this department.  It is true that most of them can be found for free either online or as a plugin, but it is nice to have them all in one place for you.

The one tool that I feel I am really missing at Wealthy Affiliate is the Search Ranking tool. Knowing how your keywords are doing and what you’re ranking for is valuable information to have at your fingertips, and as a WA member, I have always had to use a different service for this task.

Otherwise, both systems really stack up with equally impressive resources available.


Cost Breakdown..

Affilorama Premium Cost:

$67 per month

$2.20 per day

Wealthy Affiliate Cost:

$47 per month or $359 per year

.98 cents per day

With these two companies running nearly identical programs, including tools and resources, Wealthy Affiliate wins with the lower yearly cost.  Until Affilorama Premium is offered at a discounted annual rate, I’d suggest Wealthy Affiliate every time.


Test-Drive Both Systems (almost) Free..

Affilorama’s Premium offers a 30-day trial period for only $1.  You can try it out for a month (a slightly limited version) and simply quit if you decide you don’t want it. Try Affilorama’s Premium for $1.

And of course, as always, Wealthy Affiliate offers a trial period-the Starter Membership with 10 free days, no credit card required, and only $19 for the first month.  This is a limited version as well, but you actually get two free websites to test run.  In the first day, you can have two full websites up and running.  It’s so easy..  Try out Wealthy Affiliate for free right now.

Essentially, you could sign up with both right now, at the same time, and then decide which one you like better.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama AffiloJetPack Five-in-One Package

Affilorama’s “AffiloJetPack”

Affilorama’s AffiloJetPack is an “all-in-one, everything-you-will-need to get your own affiliate website right now” package.  This is ideal for people who are completely new, don’t know how to do it, and don’t want to wait or put in all the work.  It is truly turn-key, but comes with a hefty price tag–$997 for the whole shebang.

The AffiloJetPack includes:

  • 5 websites (niche ideas and basics, content research & keywords, pre-built and pre-installed themes)
  • 1 year of hosting for 1 website included  (which means you’ll have to pay for hosting for the additional 4)
  • Email & autoresponders included, a hefty value automatically included.
  • Have at least your first site up and running in a single afternoon.
  • $997 one-time fee (approximately $200 per website package)

While I admit that I still have not tried AffiloJetPack personally, it sounds almost ideal.  Possibly too good to be true.  It is difficult to find true negatives about the company, because so many people are promoting them.

But after trying out the company’s other packages and being very pleasantly surprised with what I purchased, I’d put my trust into the AffiloJetPack.  Furthermore, since it involves a third party payment center, ClickBank, you are guaranteed your money back within 60 days no matter what.  Affilorama cannot reject a requested refund while Clickbank is involved in the transaction.  So it is a guaranteed, 100% risk free purchase.

Compared to Wealthy Affiliate..

Really there’s no comparison here.  These are two completely different offerings.

However, Wealthy Affiliate has one major difference, and benefit over all Affilorama packages:  unlimited websites and hosting included.  This means that after you get the ball rolling and get more experienced, you could start additional sites and have them hosted for nothing extra.  You could have 50 sites up and running for whatever you choose to do with them.

Essentially, you could buy the AffiloJetPack package with 5 different websites included, and get them all hosted with a monthly membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate charges $47 per month, but the best deal is by far $359 for a year.  The yearly rate works out to be .98 cents per day, for unlimited hosting and all of those perks previously mentioned.  Of course, most people want to test it out before committing to a full year, but most quickly recognize that value and pay for the year.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..  With Wealthy Affiliate, you literally cannot go wrong.  I’m perfectly happy there, and I plan to stay there and take advantage of all the valuable resources they offer me.

But I think this comparison has proven that Affilorama is  a valid program that will get you where you want to go too.  You’ll learn what you need to learn, have help when you need it, with plenty of tools and resources at your immediate disposal as you discover the need for them as well.

With Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama, you’d ultimately end up with your own money-making website.. You’d be creating your own long-term success with your very own affiliate marketing business.  I believe either system would be an excellent investment in your future.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk Worth It?

Time consuming tasks for low pay, is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth it?

There are 500,000 MTurk workers around the U.S. seem that seem to think MTurk is worth it (figure according to Forbes).  It is a great site for little bits of productivity during breaks and downtime, but steady work can also add up to a $10 an hour job if you know your way around the site.

MTurk can be daunting at first, though.  It is a little intimidating to see so many task options at start up, you’re unsure about which of them will be a huge waste of your time.

And I’m sure that most of you were just as surprised as I was to log onto the site for the first time and see .01 and .03 cent tasks.  I didn’t stay long for that visit, that’s for sure.

Related:  List of Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives, including UK and Canada equivalents.

But there are many different reasons why a person would purposely choose to work for such low, unappealing rates.  The experienced MTurk worker knows that those low rates can add up fast.  It’s all about learning from your mistakes and figuring out which tasks will bring in the most money.

Swagbucks is definitely worth your time. Make money from searching and shopping too!

How does Amazon Mechanical Turk work?

Is MTurk worth the pennies it pays out?


MTurk is a crowdsourcing site.  Crowdsourcing is a way for an employer to get help from the masses of willing people to do his work or complete tasks for a per-task payment.  A few examples of these task would be:

  • Select the correct spelling for these search terms
  • Is this website suitable for a general audience?
  • Find the item number for the product in this image
  • Rate the search results for these keywords
  • Are these two products the same?
  • Choose the appropriate category for products
  • Categorize the tone of this article
  • Translate a paragraph from English to French
The majority of the tasks, or HITS, available on MTurk are incredibly simple and can be done very quickly.  Others are harder and not worth the small payment offered.
You, as a worker, are offered small tasks to do, and shown the exact payment you will receive after you’ve successfully completed it.
See the Slideshow presentation at the bottom of the page for step-by-step instructions on how to get started with making money on Amazon Mechanical Turk.


When/How do you get your Amazon MTurk payments?

Within 48 hours, you’re credited in your Amazon Payments account that you’ve set up for free.  If you choose to link your bank account to your Amazon Payments account, you can transfer that cash directly to your bank.  The transfer is simple, and only takes a few days to arrive after you’ve initiated the transfer.  Otherwise, you can still spend your hard-earned cash freely on Amazon anytime you want.

So, is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth it?

After you get through the newbie stage, yes, absolutely.  It takes a little bit of time in the beginning to become qualified for some of the better HITS.  In a sense, you have to prove yourself as a serious worker who is actually trying to do a good job.  After a short time, you’ll be given better-paying opportunities.

After a while, everyone gets the hang of it.  You’ll quickly learn which HITS will be easy and worth your time.

You will start to learn how long certain hits will take you, and automatically start each HIT by calculating its worth by hourly wage.

How to Make the Most on Amazon Mechanical Turk..

  • Take your qualification tests.

If you’re offered a qualification test, take it.  Certain individual requesters have more strict requirements.  This usually means that it’s a better paying job, and qualifying for it will open up more opportunities for you to make better money now and down the line.  So even though it might take a little more time, you should always try to qualify for the good HITS.

  • Start out doing as many quick, low-paying hits as you can.

A lot of people quit MTurk because they’re not being offered any good HITS that are worth the payment being offered.  But the opportunities get much better the more successful completions you get under your belt.  The point is to just get your number of (successful) completed tasks up above 100, and this can be done in only a few days.  You’ll be qualified for more jobs, the more money you can make, and you’ll have fewer competitors for qualified HITS.  So, stick it out.

  • Keep track ofthe time it takes you to perform different types of tasks, so you can calculate hourly wage for future similar HITS.

If the hit’s pay divided by the actual time it takes you to do the job, gets you about 10 cents, then you’ll be making a little less than minimum wage.  If you aim for 15 to 20 cents per minute, you’ll average closer to $9 and $12 an hour.  Of course, at first this is a little harder to calculate because you don’t really know how long each task might take you.  But after a few hundred completed hits, you’ll know which types of HITS take too long and just aren’t worth your valuable time.

If you think MTurk is worth it, give FusionCash a try. It's worth your valuable time.

Does MTurk always pay?

Amazon pays, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.
However, what you should keep in mind is that Amazon is only transferring those payments from the requester’s account to you–it is not Amazon paying you for completing these tasks.  You’re working for actual people out in the world.
After you complete a task, it is up to the requester of that HIT to approve or reject your work.  If you’re rejected, then you will not get paid, and your approval rate takes a hit.
Most requesters are good, meaning they will do right by you as long as you correctly complete the tasks to the best of your ability.  But, just like in the real world, people want to get everything for nothing.  These are the requesters you need to learn to avoid.  It’ll be up to you to figure out which requesters aren’t paying fair value of the work they’re asking you to do.  I will tell you about a good fix for this problem in the next section.

To filter through the HITS, MTurk scripts are essential.

MTurk scripts are sort of like plugins for your browser.  Some of them are extremely useful for saving valuable time when working on HITS.

In order to be able to install scripts, you must first download the plugin.

GreaseMonkey Extension for Firefox users

TamperMonkey Extension for Chrome users

After you’ve installed one of these addons, you can install your scripts.  Here are a few must-haves:

  • TurkOpticon gives you reviews on each requester.  There are some requesters who refuse payments too often, which can in turn hurt your qualification rate.  Turker reviews will tell you if you should avoid working for any requesters in particular.  This is an absolute must-have for any MTurk worker.
  • Discover Fake Availabilities categorizes the hits for you in a productive way.  Too often, after clicking on a hit that sounds good, you’ll get a message saying “There are no more hits available in this group”.  Discover Fake Availabilities script highlights all your hit choices in different colors, including highlighting those empty groups purple.  This will save you from wasting time clicking on dead HITS.
  • Context Menu Search allows you to highlight text.  Some HITS will require you to do a Google search for certain terms, but the MTurk pages do not let you copy and paste any text.  You have to actually open a new browser and type out your text into the search engine.  This may not sound like much now, but after a few of these, I actually paused my work to go and search for a script like this.

Check out more valuable MTurk scripts here, including instructions for installing.  They’re all absolutely free!

Another excellent MTurk Resource:

MTurkList is a great site that shows you recommended hits.  They also calculate how long it will actually take you to complete each one, and the hourly-wage figure.  You will always find good hits in here, but they go quick.  So you’ll need to refresh every few times you go back to the page, or you might end going to a bunch of dead hits.

The only downside to this site is that you’re forced to see a five second ad each time you click through to a hit.  But for new workers who don’t yet know the good from the bad, this is incredibly helpful.


Some things you should know..

If you haven’t signed up yet, they have a two day “waiting for approval” period, and in my case, they took the full two days before they let me in.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth it.. don't forget to click the HIT button or you'll lose all your work.

  • Don’t forget to ACCEPT THE HIT first!  I cannot stress this enough.  More than a few times I have forgotten to click that “accept” button at the top.  When you realize it, all the work you’ve done is deleted and you’ve wasted that time.

Click through these slides for guided instructions on getting started and completing your first HITs on MTurk.

Is there a Canadian’s Amazon Mechanical Turk?  Or an MTurk UK?

Unfortunately, no. Amazon stopped accepting workers outside of the U.S.  Apparently there was a lot of scamming going on from outside of the country, and Amazon couldn’t verify the identity of overseas account holders. Amazon would close an account for abuse or fraud, and that person would just open another account in another name.  So, because Amazon can easily verify the identity of US residents, and ban them from the site if necessary, they only allow U.S. residents as workers.  They do, however, accept MTurk Requesters from multiple countries.  You can find an extensive list of MTurk alternatives for non-US residents here.


 MTurk is not the only site online for making extra cash online. Check out this list of great online jobs and alternative crowdsourcing sites.

You can also earn a good part-time income taking surveys in your spare time.  Here’s my list of top-paying survey sites that pay cash.