Here are some of the top Paid UK surveys and their earnings potential.

Top Paid UK Surveys

Here are some of the top Paid UK surveys and their earnings potential.

Taking surveys can bring in a steady part-time income each month.  We’ve been over the best US surveys, and Canadian paid surveys..

Now here’s the top paid UK surveys available and their possible earning potential for you..

Top Paid UK Surveys

Pinecone is the most highly sought-after top paid UK surveys.. Sign up while you can!
Pinecone Research


  • Pinecone UK is currently accepting 18-34 year old members only.
  • Each survey takes about 10-15 minutes.
  • £3 per survey
  • Best part about Pinecone is that you are automatically qualified for each survey invitation they send you.  No wasted time here!
  • This is a highly sought after site with rare openings, which makes it first on my list of the top paid UK surveys.

Sign up with Pinecone Research while you can!


InCompass Panel

  • Free 200 point bonus for signing up and taking short profile survey
  • Each survey pays about 200 points (£1.35)
  • Minimum to cashout:  1000 points (about £7)
  • Pays once monthly through Paypal
  • Quick and easy to earn and cashout with this site.  Plus, it’s somewhat new still, so you’ll have less competition and higher qualification rates.  Definitely recommend.

Sign up with InCompass Panel


Clixsense is a UK based earnings site, it is still among one of the top paid UK surveys available.


  • Rewards based on US dollars
  • Clixsense has some of the highest paid surveys available, most ranging from $2-7 (or £1-5)
  • With many other survey sites accessible directly through Clixsense, there are about 100 surveys available at any time.
  • Minimum to cashout:  $8 (£5.50) or $6 for Premium Members (£4)
  • Payment options:  Paypal, Paytoo and Payza cash payments, or check
  • Plus there are so many other ways to earn here, including microtasks, offers, viewing PTC ads, and games..  It’s a fun site and I personally spend a lot of time there.

Sign up with Clixsense

Swagbucks isn't really known for its high-paying surveys, but UK residents love it for all the rest of its earning potential.


  • Rewards based on US dollars
  • Swagbucks has a lot of surveys always available, about 10-15 per day.
  • Each survey is worth about 50-150 swagbucks (1 penny each)
  • Minimum to cashout:  450 swagbucks for $5 Amazon gift card or 25,000 swagbucks for $25 Paypal cash payment (£16.85)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, Amazon gift card, plus lots of merchandise options
  • Swagbucks is great because there are many other ways to earn extra cash here, just by doing things you’re already doing like searching the web, browsing, shopping, installing a toolbar.. You can also earn for completing offers and microtasks.  It’s a valuable membership.

Sign up with Swagbucks

Survey Savvy is a US based research company, but is a must-have for the paid UK survey sites list too.

Survey Savvy

A Survey Savvy membership is an absolute MUST-HAVE for anybody into earning money from surveys.  About 50% of my survey earnings come from the research studies offered at this site alone.

  • By installing Survey Savvy’s SavvyConnect on any one of your devices (computer, phone, tablet) you’re guaranteed to be offered spots in their big-money studies.  I am involved in at least one per month.  My last one paid me an $450 (£303) just for switching to another search engine for a 30-day evaluation.  It was the easiest money I’ve ever earned!
  • SavvyConnect is a small piece of software that tracks your consumer habits (searching, browsing, shopping) for research purposes.  It is completely harmless, and is easy to forget about as it runs silently in the background.
  • Survey Savvy does offer a number of shorter $1-5 surveys a few times a week, with or without the SavvyConnect installed.
  • Minimum to cashout: $1 
  • Payment options:  Check
  • Survey Savvy sends out a check on request, and it is delivered quickly, within a week usually.

Install the SavvyConnect app

Sign up with Survey Savvy


You won't make a lot of money here, but MySurvey is a great UK survey site of which to be a member.


  • Average of 100-200 points offered per survey  (£1-2)
  • Minimum to cashout:  345 points (£3)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payments, Amazon gift certificates

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Of all the top paid UK surveys sites, Valued Opinions is in the top five of best paying ones.

Valued Opinions

  • 3-10 surveys offered per week
  • Surveys here pay anywhere from £1.20-£5.00 each
  • Minimum to cashout:  £10
  • Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, Merchandise vouchers
  • No check or Paypal cash payment options

Sign up with Valued Opinions

Global Test Market is one of the best paid survey sites in the UK.

Global Test Market

I personally love Global Test Market.  With so manysurveys offered each day, it is easy to cashout quick.  I cash in about 3 times per month.

  • 5-10 survey invitations come through each day
  • Minimum cashout:  1000 points (£32)
  • Exchange points for Check payments, Retail vouchers, Merchandise

Sign up with Global Test Market


iPoll is one of the best UK paid surveys site with a mobile app for earning on the go..


  • $5 sign-up bonus  (about £3.40)
  • Offers a few survey invitations per week
  • Minimum to cashout:  $35  (£24)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, Retail/merchandise vouchers
  • Has an iPoll mobile app so you can earn on the go..  on Google Play only.

Sign up with iPoll

Toluna has been around for so long, which makes it one of the most dependable UK surveys around.


  • 2,000-6,000 points for each survey
  • 500 point welcome bonus for signing up
  • Minimum to cashout:  80,000 points (£15)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, iTunes, Retail/merchandise gift cards

Sign up with Toluna


Sign up with YouGov and make a difference by giving your opinion on political matters when needed. YouGov pays well, which puts it on this list of the top UK paid surveys.


  • YouGov UK is only accepting men at this time.
  • Minimum to cashout:  £50
  • Offers very few surveys per month (2-4)
  • Generally pays £1-3 per survey
  • Offers a £1 sign up bonus
  • Payment options:  Check payments and sweepstakes prize draws

Sign up with YouGov

The rest of the survey sites below do not offer cash rewards for surveys, but are definitely worth being on this list of top paid UK surveys for their good earning potential.


Nielsen and Netratings don't offer surveys, but plenty of chances to win big, making it on this list of top UK surveys.


  • Nielsen NetRatings only sends occasional surveys and they don’t exactly pay you for completing them.
  • But if you install its software on your computer or laptop, you’re placed in the drawing for one of the many cash prizes they throw at their members each month.
  • NetRatings gives out £30,000 per year in prize drawings for active members.
  • The software is completely harmless and is not noticeable after installed.  I’ve had it installed for almost a year now and it has caused no problems for me.  It should also be mentioned that I still have not won my cash prize yet either.  But here’s hoping!  This is an easy way to be in the running for a large cash prize..
  • Nielsen is a highly-respected company that conducts valued research around the world.  It is a trustworthy company.

Sign up for Nielsen Netratings

MobileXpression rarely sends invites, so jump on board while it's on this list of top paid UK surveys.

Mobile Xpression

  • Mobile Xpression is another piece of software from a comparable research company.  I have had it installed on my Kindle for about 6 months and it is absolutely harmless.  Occasionally I have to give consent to let it startup, but usually it manages itself.
  • By installing the Mobile Xpression and keeping it active on your phone or tablet, you’re automatically joined in their weekly prize drawings.
  • I’m holding out for the iPad!  But again, I haven’t won anything yet.  Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Sign up for MobileXpression


Because of it's high paying surveys and low minimum to cashout, YourWord is on the top paid UK surveys list.

Your Word

  • Offers a few (3-5) surveys per week
  • Free 50p bonus for signing up
  • 10p bonus every time you disqualify for survey
  • Minimum to cashout:  £5
  • Payment options:  Amazon gift cards, and other vouchers such as HomeDepot, iTunes, restaurants, and retail e-vouchers

Sign up with YourWord


Join GfK and take surveys on different media.

 GfK Media View

  •  At GfK, you’re offered many surveys on television programs and other media, and are rewarded with points (or tickets) that you can spend toward sweepstakes entries for prizes.
  • No cash rewards here.

Sign up with GfK Media View

Because not all survey sites will always have surveys available to you, I suggest you join them all and then pick and choose the good ones from the survey invitations that come through your inbox.

Go sign up and have fun!