THE BEST Money Making Sites (How I earn an easy $50/day)

While learning how to earn an income online, I spent a long time learning the hard way.  I worked too hard and was ultimately undervalued, and worse, under-paid.  I feel like I’ve finally gotten into a rhythm with a great set of profitable websites and a steady in flow of earnings. Here I’d like to share with you my daily rounds through the internet’s best money making sites as well as other tips that can help you maximize your earnings potential.

How I earn $50 per day with this list of the best money making sites

If you’ve looked around this site at all, it should be clear that I am an avid Wealthy Affiliate advocate. WA is where I devote most of my time, and where I get most of my earnings.

But there is plenty of fast, easy cash to be earned online and I refuse to let it slip away when it is basically handed to me on a silver platter.

I have a longstanding goal to make $50 every day, which I think is very reasonable for just surveys, offers and microtasks.  I do not include any Wealthy Affiliate earnings in this $50 limit. In spending a few hours each day to achieve this goal, some days I go over, and some days I don’t quite make it to $50.  But it all equals out at the end of the week.

Here is my usual, daily routine, including all the best money-making sites I visit regularly for maximum earnings..

Top-dollar Surveys..

After checking in with Wealthy Affiliate (as this is usually the start to my day), I go straight to my email to see which opportunities have come to me.  I get a lot of invitations straight to my inbox, and you will too just by being signed up.  It’s usually very difficult to even try to qualify for it all, so you’ve got to be picky and make a beeline for those highest-paying offers first..


Earn 50 dollars per day with Global Test Market on your list of the best money making sites to visit.

Global Test Market

I specifically look out for survey invitations from Global Test Market. There are always a lot of these that flood my inbox.  Most are average $1.50 to $2.00 each, but there’s often some $4 to $6 surveys that I jump on immediately. Depending on my free time ahead of me, I will often spend an hour or two just going from survey to survey at Global Test Market. It’s so easy to stack up the cash there, it’s addictive.  My qualification rate with this site is always surprisingly great, and when I get on a roll, I don’t want to stop.Most of my survey earnings come from this site.

  • Earning potential: $50 per week
  • 1000 point cashout minimum ($40)
  • Quick Paypal payments (within 7 days)

Sign-up with your country:

Pinecone Research is one of the best money making sites on my list that I use to earn my $50 per day

Pinecone Research

I also keep an eye out for surveys from Pinecone Research, as their email invitation is the only notice you’ll ever receive from them for new surveys offered. I don’t make much here–maybe about $12-$15 each week (about 4-5 surveys/week). But Pinecone is such an easy site.. You are automatically qualified for each invitation they send you. They pay a flat $3 for every survey offered (about 15 minutes each), and they pay cash directly into my Paypal account only a few days after I ask for it. I never leave Pinecone waiting after I’m invited!

  • Earning potential: about $12 per week
  • $3 cashout limit
  • Quick paypal payments (3 days)

Sign up with Pinecone Research:  

FusionCash is one of the best money making sites online, helping me to earn $50 per day online


After I’ve answered to all of my emails, I go down my list of favorites. I start with FusionCash. FusionCash only holds about 20-30 surveys at any time, and most are low-to-average. BUT they do pay top dollar for those higher paying surveys. I look out for the $4 and $5 surveys, and there are usually about 3-5 each day. I try out for each of these and complete them if possible. FusionCash surveys are the reason I like this site so much. They’re very generous.  If I have loads of time on my hands, I will go back to FusionCash throughout the day and work on their microtasks. FusionCash pays very well for Crowdflower tasks.

  • Earning potential: $10-30 earning potential per day with surveys, offers and microtasks.
  • $25 cash out limit
  • Paypal, direct deposit, or check payments on 20th of each month.

Free sign-up with FusionCash for:


Earn $50 per day with the best money making sites on this list.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another stop on my list. This site offers a lot of low paying surveys, but always have some great ones mixed in there each day. I pop in here multiple times a day and check for those $3-$5 ones, and complete them whenever possible. This site has a huge $50 minimum before you can cash out which makes it kind of a slow process.  But you can earn extra by referring a lot of friends, which Vindale is EXCELLENT for. They pay a whopping $5 for each and every person who signs up under your name! So if you’ve got a lot of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, sign up with Vindale, and send out a link. You could make a lot of easy cash this way.

  • Earning potential: $5-$20 per day just taking surveys
  • $50 cashout limit
  • Paypal payments issued on 15th of each month

Vindale Research (US and Canada)


Work towards earning 50 dollars per day with Clixsense, one of the internet's best money making sites online.


ClixSense is a pretty awesome site. I usually pop in a few times throughout the day, and end up spending about an hour playing around, taking surveys, clicking on the grid for bonuses. These little things aren’t much, but they’re fun and very addictive. ClixSense offers the highest rewards for Crowdflower microtasks, and they pay top dollar for surveys. Qualifying for those $4 and $5 surveys seems to be harder at ClixSense than anywhere else, though.

You’ll notice a lot that you’re being offered the same survey through different sites. Sometimes after ClixSense disqualifies me for a survey, FusionCash qualifies me and lets me complete the same exact survey, even though I just gave the same answers as before. It’s weird. But ClixSense makes up for it with all the rest of the ways to earn here. Cashout minimum is only $8, and it is very possible to get paid two or three times a week here, straight to your Paypal account.

  • Earning potential:  $5-$20 per day just on surveys
  • $8 cash out limit
  • Quick Paypal payments every Wednesday

Go to ClixSense (most countries accepted!)

If you have even more time on your hands and want more earning potential, sign up with all the great sites on this list.  They’re all legit, good-paying money-making sites, and the opportunities and invitations will be endless.

 TIPS for earning more with surveys…
  • Keep in mind that some survey sites might not start offering you their highest paying surveys until you’ve put some time in with them first. But signing up and completing as much as you can with them—as much that is worth your valuable time—will only help you in the long run.
  • If possible, try not to worry about working harder on some sites just to reach your cash out limit. As long as you keep up this routine, the money will always be flowing in soon enough.
  • You’ll notice that certain surveys (the top-dollar surveys) will be offered to you multiple times through multiple sites. Sometimes you’ll be allowed the opportunity to complete the same survey a second time, depending on who’s hosting it. Otherwise, if you notice this, you should check to see which site is offering the most for the same survey. I find that, while the same $5 survey will be offered to me through FusionCash, Vindale, and ClixSense, it is FusionCash that almost always offers me that extra quarter or .50 for it. That’s not much, I know, but it all adds up!
  • Check out these secrets that the market researchers behind the surveys don’t want you to know.  Understanding why they ask the questions they ask will help you to qualify for more surveys more often, which will equal to higher earnings.

Crowdsourcing & Microtasks


MTurk is one of the best money making sites online.With time leftover, I complete as many microtasks as possible to round out my desired earnings for the day.  I’ve pent a lot of time with AmazonMechanical Turk and have finally gotten down a strategy of choosing only the valuable microjobs–those where the task is actually worth the reward in respect to the time it takes to complete.  This seems hard to do at first, because it is hard to imagine that the measly pennies you’re offered for each task could add up to anything.  But they really do.  And the more tasks you work on, the better the tasks are that are offered to you.

Clickworker is one of the best money making sites online for earning quick, fast cash.ClickWorker and Microworkers

Clickworker and Microworkers are both great sites that pay more for most microtasks, but they’re very different than the HITs on MTurk.  Because the tasks are hosted mostly by website owners and new business startups, thereare a lot of “check out my stuff and like it on Facebook” types of tasks.. They’re simple, though, and usually offer a much better incentive.

Money-making Apps and Membership Websites

One of my favorite membership “Get-Paid-To” site is Cashcrate.  These people offer so many different ways for you to earn while on their site! Taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, completing microtasks, shopping rewards, downloading new apps, etc.  You won’t get bored, I promise!

Download and install research apps on your mobile or desktop computers to earn rewards and cash payments for keeping it installed!

  • SavvyConnect – Sign up with SurveySavvy and get paid $5 per month for each device you’re connected with.  Plus, if you have the app installed on three devices at once (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), you will start to get random invitations for seriously high-paying studies! Read some of mine here.


So.. that’s my average day in trying to reach my goal.  I spend a maximum of about 3 hours online with my focus on earning that $50 for the day.  It’s really easy.. really.  Once you’re signed up with them, most will reach out to you with offers and invitations.  You’ve just got to show up.  So sign up with these sites and make your $50 today.

With an extra hour or so a day, you can be working on your long-term success with your very own website.  Check out this post about how to generate an income with a blog, and find out how you can test out your very own website, for free!

Are there any other sites that you know of that I should add to my list?  Please let me know with a comment..



Generating Income with a Blog

Ways of generating Income with a Blog..
Advertising makes the world go around, and the world of online blogging is no different.  People search for answers all day long, every single day. They go to Google and type in their questions, and those sites with the best answers (and most carefully chosen keywords) are displayed on the first page of Google’s search results.  Google’s first page is every blogger’s goal, because your chance of getting visitors is much better than anywhere else.

Here are the blogging basics you should know, including how you go about generating a good income with your blog, and how to test run your own for free before making a commitment.

What should you blog about?

Any topic you can imagine, there are people out there searching for it. You should pick a topic that you have some knowledge of, or are otherwise interested in. You’ll be writing In generating income with a blog, your biggest problem might just be what to blog about.  for people who are also interested in your chosen subject, so your knowledge and/or passion on the subject should shine through and be contagious.

So if, for example, you’re a big fan of ferrets, and the entire idea of ferrets just fascinates you, then that’s something you could successfully blog about. You don’t have to be a ferret expert.  You’ll likely be doing a lot of research on the subject in order to write your blog posts, so ultimately you will become an expert on the subject.

But how can you make money with a blog about ferrets?

Generating Income with a Blog

Websites without actual products for sale, otherwise known as “blogs”, make their money with different forms of advertising.  But advertising only has a chance to work if there is an audience there to see it.  And most bloggers don’t get too much traffic if their posts are stuck on page 5 the search results.

Google’s “Page-One, Position-One” is the average blogger’s ultimate goal.  Get to page one on Google, desirably in that first spot, and you get the best possible number of visitors to your site. If you have visitors on your site, you have better chances for advertisements on your page being clicked.

It usually takes a few months of steady, productive activity on your site before your articles are allowed to be promoted to that first page.  Google wants to deliver fresh, new helpful content to searchers, and they need you to prove yourself.  Once you’re there, any efforts at generating an income with your blog will start to pay off.

While there are many different ways to make money with advertising on a blog, the most commonly used are affiliate marketing and pay-per-click advertising.


There is a great all-in-one Affiliate Content Publishing lesson at Udemy.  These are paid lessons, and this one costs about $15, but you can use coupon code: JAN15 to get 65% off, making it less $5.25 (good through 1/31/15)


Affiliate marketing with articles..

In generating income with a blog, affiliate partnerships have great potential and can become your main method of earning.Also called content marketing..  You, as a blogger, write helpful pages, posts, articles, about your chosen niche or topic, answering questions that people have and are actively searching for.  You will have many opportunities to include products or services for sale in these articles, and get a commission when people make a purchase based on your article.  You’re creating a partnership agreement with these businesses–you are their “affiliate” when you send referrals their way and they pay you for it.

To generate affiliate income with a blog about ferrets (going back to our previous example), you would likely want to seek out businesses who sell any ferret products or services. A quick search for exotic pet-related affiliate programs gave me PETCO, who offers 8-11% commission for any sale made to a customer referred by your website.

So, say you write a helpful article on your blog about fancy ferrets cages, with a link to where they can see some of these awesome three-story cages for sale. Your visitor clicks on that link, and ends up making a purchase at PETCO for the cage (or anything else while they’re there).. You get paid 8-11% of the total that customer spent.

Amazon Associates

Amazon has a great affiliate program that many, many people profit from.  Amazon has products on its site that could essentially be promoted on any type of blog with any subject.  They pay 4-15% for total sales referred by your blog site, even if it’s not the actual product you were initially promoting that they purchased..

Clickbank, Shareasale, & AsSeenonPC

Multi level marketing opportunities like ZipNadaZilch can help out in generating income with a blog.. It's free to join, and it's really just another article on your blog with a chance to earn you money.

There are also affiliate hubs– websites where you can sign into your account and choose from among many different affiliate programs right there in one spot.  You’ll essentially get paid from one site, instead of many.  Some of these sites include Clickbank, Shareasale, and AsSeenonPC.  The site itself expects a small commission from your earned commissions, but it can make the entire process a lot easier for newbies.

ZipNadaZilch & Multi-level Marketing Programs

There are also companies you can join that pay out the big commissions for getting others to join.  These are usually considered multi-level marketing companies–they pay their members to do their advertising for them.  There’s good potential here, if you find one that you like.  A lot of them are scams, or just otherwise unethical in their business practices.  A good risk-free business in this category is ZipNadaZilch-it is free to join, and free to promote.  You get $20 for each person you refer who signs up, at the very least.  Depending on which ZNZ department you choose to promote, you can get paid up to $130 per person.

(Check out this related article: What is ZipNadaZilch?)

You can have multiple affiliate links on your pages, and spread throughout your site, thereby increasing your chances for commissions paid to you.  The more helpful your writing is, the better chance you’ll have of landing on Google’s page one.  Needless to say, this will increase your traffic as well as your advertising clicks and you’ll get paid more.

With word-of-mouth advertising spreading around the internet like wildfire, most online businesses offer affiliate programs to encourage bloggers and webmasters to talk about their company and their products.  So you should have no trouble finding good affiliate partners to work with.  Just be sure to always choose an honest and trustworthy company to promote.  Your goal should be to help your readers–this means not directing them right into a scam just so you can make money.  The honest and trustworthy blogger is always more successful in the long run.


Pay Per Click Advertising..

With pay per click advertising, you’re allowing other people to choose and place the ads on your site.   Google AdSense is a free program to join.  They’ll give you a short code, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to put it on your site.  You get to choose where you want the ads to be and insert the code into that spot.  You don’t have to have any technical experience to do this, it’s pretty easy.

With Google AdSense, Google determines what your site is about, and places ads that are relevant to your readers.  Obviously, an ad about fishing poles will probably not get too many clicks on a site about ferrets.  The more relevant the ads, the higher chance your readers will click on them and you will get paid.

Google AdSense payment per click varies, but it usually ranges about .10-80 cents each time their ad gets clicked on your blog. This isn’t much, but if you focus on great content and get your visitor numbers up, these pennies could really ad up.  And you don’t have to do anything–you get paid whether or not there was an actual purchase made.

Aside from Google AdSense, a few other worthwhile PPC sites to check out are Qadabra, Clicksor and Chitika

Most bloggers choose to mix paid-per-click advertising with some type of affiliate marketing advertising on their sites.  The amount of posts and pages you accumulate over time allows plenty of space to get creative and try out different methods and programs.

A blog is a great way to generate a full time income and long term success..

How to try out your own blog for FREE!

If you’re serious about blogging, Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to try out your own blog before committing, to see if you like it.

Here’s how it will go.. When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get a 7 day free trial. In those 7 days, you’ll get two free websites, and all the lessons you’ll need to know how to create your website and set it up to make money.

And this is so much easier than you think.. I zipped through all my lessons and had my site up and running on the second day. I didn’t have it full of the necessary content yet, but it was a live website, and it was incredibly exciting!

After the 7 day trial period, you are expected to pay $19 for the first month, for Premium level, to which then you are given access to all of your guided instructions you’ll be needing. You’re also expected to purchase your own domain name at this point, which is usually about $10 per year. You don’t have to make this purchase yet, or even at all if you don’t want to. But if you’ve created a great website so far that you’re proud of, you’ll want to move it to a more profitable domain name than the free site you’re given by Wealthy Affiliate.

What I like about it is that you can get a lot done in those 7 days for free–getting your website up and running, designing it, writing your first articles.. By the end of the trial period, you’ll know if it’s for you or not.

If you decide not to continue, you can just quit without ever having to pay anything. If you do decide to stay, you can keep your two free sites, or transfer all the work you’ve done to your new domain.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me most of what I needed to know, but I’m still going back on a daily basis to get answers to big questions. I’m still naive on the technical aspects of running a Wealthy Affiliate is an invaluable resource for learning how to start generating income with a blog..  Plus get two free blogs to test out for free for 7, but they really make it so easy. Instead of turning to Google for all these types of questions, I go to the Wealthy Affiliate forum and ask my question there. Usually within 10 minutes I have my answer from experts and other advanced leaders within the group. It is an invaluable resource that I couldn’t live without.

Get more details about Wealthy Affiliate.

Getting started blogging should be an exciting new adventure.. Every little thing you add or contribute to your new site is your own creation and you’re proud of it.  It’s very exciting to see that new people are finding your site and actually reading it.  Generating income with a blog is definitely possible and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested.

Have any more questions about blogging?  Anything to add?  Leave a comment below.. 

Here's the top 25 sites to earn quick, easy cash online.

Earn Quick Easy Cash Online with these 25 Sites

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just choose one of your favorite businesses in the area, walk in and work a few hours for a little extra cash whenever you needed it?  And that businesses was thrilled to have you?

Online, this is perfectly possible.  Right now, as you’re sitting there reading this, you could be earning cash from any one of these 25 great websites.  And none of the businesses on this list require W2 forms and background checks.  It’s usually as simple as:

  1. Sign up
  2. Confirm email address
  3. Start earning..

Most sites have a minimum amount you must earn before you can cash out, but I’ve only included sites here with a short or reasonable minimum, so they are easily and quickly attainable.  With some, it is possible to sign up today and cash out tomorrow or the next day.

My suggestion for maximum earning is to sign up with all of these sites, and then choose the best and most profitable offers to do, from the emails that flood into your inbox.


25 Great Sites to Earn Quick Easy Cash Online

Each site on this list offers payment for simple tasks, taking part in trial offers, or simple Q & A surveys..  This is truly quick and easy cash that anyone easily earn.

Survey and Offer Sites:


Fusion Cash!  Still my favorite website! FusionCash is a great survey/offer/task/etc site with all types of ways to earn, including high-paying surveys.  I use this site mainly for the FC Survey section–it has the highest paid surveys of any other survey/offer site.  Plus, you get a free five bucks when you sign up through HERE!  Easy money!  There is a $25 payout minimum, check or Paypal cash payment available within 4 or 5 days..  Highly recommended!

ClixSense is a great all-in-one site that gives you plenty of chances to earn quick easy cash online.

Clixsense – Get paid to view ads, take surveys, and complete microtasks..  They’ve been around for a long time, and they pay top-dollar!  Quick cash payment possible, within a week.  You’ll love this site!

There are loads of fun and interesting ways to earn quick easy cash online at Inbox Dollars.

InboxDollars – Loads of cool ways to earn money here. This site pays squat for surveys, but makes up for it by paying out the most for trial offers.  $30 minimum required, payout by check or free debit card.  Possible cash out in 3 or 4 days.  Check out this in-depth review of InboxDollars, including its pros and cons.

Send Earnings – This is an exact duplicate of InboxDollars (above), with varying offers and payouts.  You can have an account at both and maximize your earnings.

SwagbucksSwagBucks is a highly dependable site offering lots of different ways to earn quick and easy cash online. – Get paid for a little bit of everything–surveys, offers, shopping.  100 Swagbucks is approximately $1.

Earn quick easy cash online with GiftHulk..

GiftHulk – Another all-in-one site with lots of ways to earn.  1,000 coins earned is worth $1.00, and can be cashed out with a Paypal payment, or traded in for various gift cards.

Cash Crate – Very generous offers, surveys, and shopping rewards here.  $20 minimum required to cashout by check.  With all the possibilities to earn here, you could cash out in about 5 days.

e-Poll Market Research – Earn points which you can cash out for almost anything, it seems, including Paypal Payments ($10 minimum), Gift codes for Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, and the list goes on and on! It’s a good site that treats you very well!

Top Survey Sites:

Global Test Market's high pay and low minimum threshold makes this a good spot to earn quick easy cash online.

Global Test Market – I spend a lot of my time at this site.  There are loads of surveys always available, and pretty generous payments offered for most.  They use points systems, and each 23 points is worth about one dollar.  For the $100 Paypal cash option, you need 2300 points.  But you can cash out with some gift cards instead that are worth a little more per point.  Most surveys average about $1.50-$5.  And with all the surveys available, it is so easy to cash out very quickly here, within a few days.  Your Paypal payment shows up in 7 days or less.


Pinecone Researchpinecone research is a great way to earn quick easy cash online.. – $3 payout for each and every survey..  Surveys offered approximately once or twice a week.  Check payment mailed to you the first time, but Paypal is an option each time afterward.  Cash out possible within a week, after at least one survey is completed.

Update November, 2016: Pinecone accepting new members now. Pick your sign-up link below:

  • US Male and Female (any age)
  • UK – Male and Female residents (any age)
  • CANADA Male and Female (any age)

MintVine – $1 to $4 surveys on average, or about .50 cents per five minutes of length.  Once you get started at MintVine, the offers start coming more and more, up to 5 or 6 per day in your inbox.  One of my personal favorites.  Minimum $10 Paypal cash payment possible in 2 to 3 days.


MySurvey – Simple points program, where 100 points equals 1.00.  Easy sign-up.  Reasonable pay for completing surveys and offers.  My favorite part of MySurvey though is the quarterly sweepstakes!  This is one of those rare sites where winning the sweepstakes is actually a possibility!  More than 100 winners are chosen and prizes range from $10 – $500.  Completing surveys, mini-polls, and the normal profile questionnaires gets you multiple entries into the sweepstakes. Exchange points for reward cards, like Macy’s, Applebee’s, and of course Paypal cash options.

Mindfield Online – $.50-$5 surveys, on average.  Most offered are low-pay, but stay on their good side and they’ll start sending you $5-10 surveys more frequently.  Usually plenty of surveys available on a daily basis.  Only $5 payout threshold, with check or Paypal cashout options.  These surveys take a few weeks to be credited to your account, though.

Vindale Research – High $50 payout threshold limit, but always has an abundance of surveys available with many of them up to $5 each.  Check or Paypal cash out options, but with high minimum, it takes a little longer to cash out.  US and Canada.

Valued Opinions -Great site with great-paying surveys.  Most are $2.00, but each survey averages out to be .50 cents per five minutes.  You can cashout at $20 with an Amazon gift card, or $25 with a Visa gift card.  It is very possible to cash out after a week with this site, but sometimes you have to wait a little longer for your reward to actually show up.

With Survey Savvy's low minimum threshold, it is a good site to earn quick easy cash online.SurveySavvy – Rarely offers surveys, but when they do most are top dollar, including $50 and $100 research surveys a few times per month.  $1 cashout minimum, sent immediately by check.  Possible to cash out immediately after first survey.

Make quick, easy cash at OpinionPlus Panel.OpinionPlus -This is a new survey site that pays well!  Generally $2 (or 200 points) each per survey, and quick, easy cashout at 1,000 points ($10).  OpinionPlus is desparate for MALE members, which is great for you guys because you should automatically qualify for most surveys.  Easy to cashout a few times a week with this site.

Reward TV – Redeem points for prizes, including gift cards and gas cards.  Each 20,000 points is worth $1.  This site doesn’t pay out as much as other survey sites, but you’ll have a lot more fun here.

Toluna Surveys –  Lots of surveys usually available, but also offers mini-tasks and other ways to earn, like testing products and writing reviews.  Rewards are based on a points system, whereas 3,000 points is equal to $1. Paypal cashout option as low as $20, but also has lots of other gift cards available as well, like Sears, Amazon, Applebee’s..

SurveyDownline – Good site with lots of surveys available.  Most pay about $1.00-$5.00, with some offering more.  Straight cash system, with Paypal cashout option.

IPsos iSay is a good survey site to earn quick easy cash online.

Ipsos i-Say – Very popular research panel with surveys always available.  Ipsos offers a lot of different ways to earn fun while you’re earning those rewards.  Ipsos offers a point system, where 100 points is equal to $1.00 worth of rewards, including merchandise and gift cards!  There are constant surveys available to keep you busy, and it’s daily random poll prediction questions makes it


Microtasking Sites:

Amazon's MTurk is a great website for earning fast cash online.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) –  Microtasks for micro-payments! These tiny jobs pay only pennies, especially for new people, but they are quick jobs that can be done under a minute, usually.  With a quick pace, these pennies can easily add up to a full-time job.  Possible first payment after 10 days.  Check out this detailed review of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

CrowdSource is a good microtask site to earn quick easy cash online.CrowdSource – Another microtask site, working tiny jobs for tiny payments. Pays anytime cash payments through Paypal. Possible cash out within one week.

CrowdFlower – Another microtask site, working tiny jobs for tiny payments..  Pays cash payments through Paypal.

Clickworker is a great site to earn quick easy cash online, today.

ClickWorker – And yet another microtask site…  You know the rest.  $1 minimum cash payout through Paypal, and you could essentially earn today and cash out tomorrow.

The Smart Crowd (formerly Virtual Bee) – Offers cash payments for small typing and data entry jobs.  Find out more about The Smart Crowd and other similar sites offering actual online jobs.

So get signed up, make some money and have fun with it!

If you want to make good money online, but are less concerned with quick and easy payouts, here are a few options for actual employer/employee jobs..

  • Sykes – An actual online customer service agency offering full and part-time work.  Get more details about a Sykes work-from-home customer service job.
  • LionBridge -This company hires people like you for testing search engines and mobile apps from your home full or part-time.  Just put in your country, and it will tell you of all the spots they have available for you to apply for.  It’s not exactly quick cash, but it can be easy cash you can make right from your home office.

OR if you want to invest your valuable time creating your long-term success with your own online business, check out this great option..

Wealthy Affiliate taught me and they can teach you absolutely everything you need to know to start a website, and make a living with it.  They give you the resources you’ll need, including two free sites.  Get started with Wealthy Affiliate for free, and get your free websites.

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one resource website for earning fast easy cash online. .


While most of these sites are global, you can find a list of strictly Canadian sites here, or for UK residents here.

Are there any other sites that should be added to this list?  Let me know with a comment below..



Amazon Mechanical Turk Alternatives

MTurk has generally been THE source for crowdsourcing jobs.  But check out this list of valuable Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives..  Looking for good Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives?  You’re not alone..

There are many reasons for wanting to find options.  Sometimes there just aren’t enough decent HITS on MTurk, or you’re looking for more chances to earn in your spare time, or you just want to find something better than Amazon Mechanical Turk that pays more for tasks.

Maybe you live outside of the US, and are looking for a good equivalent to Amazon Mechanical Turk that can be used in the UK or Canada?

These Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives should fulfill your needs..

FusionCash is an excellent Amazon Mechanical Turk alternative..

1. CrowdFlowerCrowdflower offers microtasks through many different sites, making this another excellent Amazon Mechanical Turk alternative.

You have probably already completed some Crowdflower tasks, as they spread them around here and there. Crowdflower is a crowdsourcing site, but has only recently begun offering tasks on it’s own platform.  In the past, Crowdflower tasks were spread out through its partner sites only.

What types of jobs will I be doing?

Microtask jobs similar to MTurk, with some writing and editing if you qualify for those tasks.

Do I need to sign up directly with Crowdflower?

Yes, Crowdflower now offers some tasks on its own site, so it is beneficial to sign up directly.

But the majority of the tasks are spread out among various other places–Crowdflower’s partner sites.  But it is easy and certainly worth your while to sign up with a few of those.  Before completing any Crowdflower tasks on one of those sites, you will be prompted to setup or sign into your Crowdflower account.  It is fairly simple though, and you’re never really redirected completely out of the site from which you started.

Where can I find Crowdflower tasks?

At  Otherwise, Crowdflower does not issue a complete list anywhere of all of its partner sites that host these tasks, but here is a short list of great sites to get you started.

Sites with Crowdflower tasks (for U.S.):

There are more, and you are allowed to have up to 25 active Crowdflower accounts spread around their partnering sites. But anymore than that, and they will start cancelling them out for you, or you will not get paid for some of your tasks.

Where can Canadians find Crowdflower tasks?

Where can UK residents can find Crowdflower tasks?

ClixSense pays the most for Crowdflower tasks, making this a great MTurk alternative..

When and how will I get paid?

Tasks completed on the Crowdflower site itself is credited towardyour own Crowdflower Elite account, which is a temporary payment account similar to Amazon Payments.  Anytime you have at least $2 in your Elite account, you can transfer it to Paypal.

When you complete Crowdflower tasks on its partner sites, you’ll get paid by that site.  So while you are doing the actual jobs for Crowdflower, Crowdflower doesn’t pay you directly. They pay the service site when tasks are completed and the service site pays you.  So when and how you get paid is determined by whichever site you’re signed up through.

If you’re a Swagbucks member, and you’re completing Crowdflower tasks while you’re signed in to Swagbucks, then you get credited through Swagbucks, and paid in the same method and timing as you were previously.

This can be a positive thing, because you can pick and choose those sites that have payment methods and terms that fit your needs. For example, if you want quick cash, you might want to work on InboxDollars because they add your hard-earned cash directly to your free InboxDollars debit card. Other sites might pay by Paypal, check, direct deposit, or some other reward system.

Is there plenty of work available?

Just like other crowdsourcing sites, the best jobs go first and go quickly. There is always a chance that whatever is leftover by the time you get there will be the difficult tasks that were given up or returned. Of course, this could vary depending on the site in which you are working.

Crowdflower complaints:

Usually not enough tasks available.  When you find a good lot of tasks that are worth it, and you start to get into a rhythm, they go so quickly.  And whatever is left are too difficult or broken.  So act fast when you find good ones.

Crowdflower’s Better Business Bureau review:

Scored an “A” by the Better Business Bureau.  Only 4 official complaints in the past four years, and each one has been efficiently resolved by the company in a professional and reasonable manner.  Crowdflower is not BBB accredited, however.


Running your own blog could get you a full-time income and get you out of the Turk Grind for good!

2. ClickWorkerClickworker is one of the good Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives, plus it could be considered an equivalent to MTurk that can be used in the UK and Canada.

ClickWorker is a crowdsourcing site based out of Germany.  It’s likely that you will occasionally get the site in it’s original language.  To get the english version, there is an option in the top right corner to click–EN for english.  After you sign up, you can simply sign in and it will automatically give you the english site, if that is what you chose.

What types of jobs will I be doing?

Offers mini and microjobs, very similar to MTurk, as well as larger writing jobs.

What assessments are required?

This site does require some initial assessments, however they are very reasonably easy and quick to finish. Once you’ve completed an assessment, you’re immediately given your grade, and if passing, you are allowed to begin the tasks for which you have qualified. If you choose, you can take the other assessments for access to the higher-qualified tasks.

When and how will I get paid?

  • Clickworker offers Paypal payments, or direct deposit into SEPA bank accounts only.
  • Paypal payments are transferred every week between Wednesdays-Fridays.
  • Direct bank deposits are transferred once a month between the 7th and the 9th.

What is the minimum payout?

  • Paypal:  $1 (or 1 euro)
  • SEPA bank deposit:  10 euros

Equivalent to Amazon Mechanical Turk that can be used in the UK and Canada?

ClickWorker does hire workers internationally, including from Canada and the UK, as long as you have a Paypal account for accepting payments.

ClickWorker complaints:

A lot more advertisements here. While you will get paid (generally) for the tasks you successfully complete, you want to rethink those tasks that ask you to give your email address. It is very possible you will be bombarded with spam, or worse.

ClickWorker’s Better Business Bureau review:

Even though ClickWorker is based in Germany, they do have a BBB review on file with a New York address listed.  According to the BBB, the reason they were not graded is usually because of “insufficient information about a business or ongoing review/update of the business”.  There were zero complaints filed over the past three years, and the business in not BBB accredited.


Making referrals to a site like Vindale could be a great alternative to MTurk.


3. CrowdSourceCrowdSource is one of the few  Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives that are considered MTurk equivalents for Canadians and UK residents.

The labor side of CrowdSource is known as CloudCrowd.

What types of jobs will I be doing?

CrowdSource offers small microtasks, as well as those higher-paying (and highly sought-after) writing and editing jobs.

CloudCrowd is the name of CrowdSource's labor division, which is a better-paying alternative to Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

Similar to Crowdflower, Crowdsource puts their tasks up on their partner sites—mainly MTurk, but they also work directly with ODesk for larger project tasks. But initially, you must sign up through CrowdSource.

When and how will I get paid?

You are paid through Amazon Payments if you’re working through MTurk.. If you’re working through ODesk, you’ll have many payment options, including a temporary ODesk online bank account, with anytime-transfer to your own personal bank account, or Paypal, or Payoneer.  The timing of payments is reliant on Amazon and ODesk’s payment terms as well.

CrowdSource also offers small bonuses for completing a certain number of tasks per day. It’s not much, but if you’re doing crowdsourcing work, you know better than most people that every little penny adds up.

What assessments are required?

All new workers are required to take three pre-qualification tests before beginning any tasks. Your test results are not shown to you—instead you are promised a 2-4 day wait to find out whether or not you’ve been approved.

If you’re approved, you will then be allowed access to the CrowdSource tasks through MTurk or ODesk. You will be signing into your CrowdSource account with your Amazon MTurk or ODesk username and password.  You’ll be given your own CrowdSource Workstation, which is sort of like a dashboard for keeping track of all your CrowdSource tasks.

Keep in mind before diving head first into CrowdSource, they have very strict rules for their requirement testing, and incredibly high standards for the quality of all submitted writing and editing jobs. If you’re really vying for a spot here, you should definitely bring your A-game.

Equivalent to Amazon Mechanical Turk that can be used by Canadians and UK residents?

Yes, through ODesk.  ODesk happily accepts freelancers from various countries. You can sign up with ODesk, post your free profile on the site, and possibly be hired for other jobs at your hourly rate as well.  Then go and sign up with CrowdSource using your new ODesk username and password.

CrowdSource Better Business Bureau review:

Scored an “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.  The company has had zero complaints filed over the last three years, and is BBB accredited.

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4.  ODesk  oDesk and Elance are both excellent Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives.

5.  Elance

ODesk and Elance are freelance companies that are mixed in with the crowdsourcing industry. The two have always been competitors in the industry but have very recently merged.  As of now, though, they are two separate businesses, meaning that you would still have to sign in separately and have two different accounts and usernames.

While they are technically different from the average crowdsourcing sites, because you are promoting yourself and your talents like an advertisement, there are frequently jobs posted that you can bid on per task.  They usually build their own APIs, or separate website, for allowing groups of people to work on tasks setup specifically for them.

What type of work would I be doing?

If you commit to everything these sites have to offer, then you could be doing whatever you advertise yourself for.

The people or organizations who go to this site to find workers are usually looking for people to complete somewhat larger tasks requiring slightly more time or commitment than the microtasks on MTurk.  Plus, it is always beneficial to have your name and credentials on one of these sites while working on other sites in the meantime.

Are there requirement tests?

There are, but they are not required.  With ODesk and Elance, your qualifications are told through your user-created profile, and your client feedback.  If you want to show off your talents, you can choose to take qualification tests, and if you excel, your results will be shown as badges on your profile as being in the top 10%, or 20%.  The tests themselves really do test your skills (they’re not too easy), and each one is about 40 questions long.  So once you’re a member, just find those assessments and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Equivalent to Amazon Mechanical Turk used in the UK and Canada?

Yes, as long as you have a SEPA bank account or Paypal account, so you can be paid.

When and how will I get paid?

After you’re paid for a specific job, the payment goes immediately into your ODesk account, or Elance Global account.  These are similar to Amazon Payments, or even Paypal.  Your payments are held here until you’re ready to transfer them to either Paypal, Payoneer, or direct transfer to your bank account.

ODesk and Elance Better Business Bureau reviews:

The Better Business Bureau grouped these two companies together in their review.  They were given a score of “A+”, although there were 98 complaints over the past three years, 44 of them for the past 12 months alone.  Even though they were grouped together, it is clear that most of the complaints were specifically about Elance, regarding various problems, including billing, collection, and some technical issues over profiles.  ODesk and Elance are BBB accredited.

6.  MicroworkersMicroworkers is another good alternative to Amazon's MTurk.

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time and making some good cash with this site, and have decided to add it to the list. Microworkers is somewhat different than the rest, with different types of tasks and slightly higher pay.  Check out this in-depth Microworkers review here for a better view.

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Do you live outside of the US?  Please leave me a comment and let me know of any Amazon Mechanical Turk equivalent where you live, so we can add it to the list.

Work-From-Home Job Search

Finding home-office jobs in your work-from-home job searchThe work-from-home job search is a common Internet activity these days.  Huge volumes of people are actively seeking out online jobs, and working online is a concept that is becoming more and more popular–and competitive.  You have to be quick to find those good opportunities before everyone else beats you to them.

With the startup of so many new online companies, jobs are out there. It just takes some work to sort through the scams to find those legitimate online jobs with NO FEES.


Finding Work-From-Home Jobs Online

To try and keep up with trends and offerings of official work-from-home jobs available around the country, I spend a lot of time and effort digging through the some of the best job search engines online. I mostly look through part-time jobs—home office work—something I could do remotely from my own desk and computer.

In searching for local jobs hiring, my area produces slim-pickings in the form of remote, or telecommuter positions.  But if you live in a big city, your local results would likely bring up more options for you.

In your job search, don’t forget about corporate-America out there–they’re online too and many are hiring workers from home just like you.  This can be a great way for you to get all the great benefits of working for a corporation without having to commute.Remember to include "Corporate-America" in your work-from-home job search..

A true telecommuting job shouldn’t require you to be local to the business’ actual location, but this is often not the case.

Many online job listings offered (at least the more professional ones), want their remote workers to be working in a location somewhat close to the actual business office. Some even specify a face-to-face interview, implying that you would not be strictly a telecommuter.

However, there are some people that prefer to have a home office near to home. Having a physical employer and an actual brick and mortar location to check-in with or report to gives some employees a better sense of job security. Plus, a lot of the time certain benefits would not be available to out-of-state employees.

If this is a possibility for you, I would suggest that you first check out the companies in your own area. Larger businesses with call centers, like AT&T, usually hire remote workers. If there are any of these types of businesses in your city, check with their website or go see them directly, and see if they have any remote positions available.

You could also go visit some big retailers online that you’re familiar with. For example, Amazon usually has work-from-home jobs offered on their website. You can check out see if there are any virtual positions in your area that match up with your qualifications.

 Resources for your work-from-home job search..

Sort through the want-ads at some of the top job search engines.  Most are free to use, and you can honestly find legitimate jobs that you can do strictly from your home office.

You can usually find work-from-home job ads for professionals as well, like certified nurse positions, medical billing and coding, transcriptionists..  Check out this list of some actual online job listings you can find through the jobs search engines.


Check out these great sites where you can earn extra cash online right now.

Plus, another way to get paid quick is by taking surveys online.  Check out this list of survey sites that pay cash, and pay well.


ACTUAL Work-From-Home Jobs (That Are Not Scams)!

Confusing work-from-home job ad results online..

A Google search for home jobs, like typing and data entry online jobs, will bring up endless results riddled with scams and paid advertisements, and every one of them is telling you that they know the best ways..  It just ends up leaving you more confused than before you started.

Even though they are hard to find, there are still many legit, work-from-home jobs out there, and I want to share with you a few that have really impressed me.

Related:  Find the best online jobs with this top FREE job-search engine list.In addition to these actual online jobs, check out FusionCash to earn extra money online.

SYKES is an actual online job, that is not a scam.  You will have a schedule, and a full-time paycheck at the end of the week.  Learn all about it here.

SYKES Virtual Customer Service Call Center Jobs

Sykes Home at Alpine Access is a fantastic site for people who want to find a legitimate work from home job. The entire company is 100% virtual. Big businesses hire Sykes to run and maintain their customer service work, and Sykes hires employees all over the US and Canada for these call center jobs (home office employees like you and me).

Sykes trains you for the job in which you’re hired.The training is rigorous, but it is completely virtual. The online virtual classroom training will last for multiple weeks, but they will pay you throughout the entire training period. While Sykes does offer part-time and full-time work from home positions, the weeks you’re in training will be full 40-hour weeks.

Sykes has strict requirements as far as what is required for the job, but they are very reasonable. Some of these include:

Actual work from home job with Sykes.  (

Computer Requirements

  • must have PC running Windows Vista or Window 7
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Sound card and speakers

Internet Access Requirements

  • Hard-wired (no wireless) to a DSL or Cable connection
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later

Telephone Line Access Requirements

  • Landline telephone (not a cell or VOIP system)

Headset Requirements

  • If you’re hired, you will be required to purchase two hands-free, USB headsets, with mute option.

Office Set-Up

  • Quiet, free of any background noise (they have a zero tolerance policy for noise).

Sykes offers genuine employment, with compensation just like a real job. You’re paid for your shift, whether or not you are on a call for every single minute.

A job with Sykes also comes with health and retirement benefits.  After a year, they will match your 401k plan, whether you were full-time or part-time.

You can expect the entire application process to take 30 minutes to an hour. Most of the work is entry-level stuff, but depending on your qualifications, you could match up with several different programs.

If you qualify for one or more of Sykes’ programs, you’ll be invited to a virtual group interview. The virtual interview will last about 2 hours. Here’s what you need to do to be ready for your interview:

  • Be in a noise-free environment
  • Be on a phone that has mute capabilities
  • Ensure you are in front of the computer you would use if hired
  • A brief and simple test of computer skills and time management ability
  • With examples of your previous experience
  • Display your great attitude and strong professional skills

And the best news is that this deal is completely scam-free!

That’s a refreshing change, isn’t it?

If this is what you decide to do, good luck to you.  I hope you get a home-based career you enjoy (and make a lot of money with).


Create your own actual online job with your very own blog.  Check out Wealthy Affiliate to test drive a blog for free!

And here are a few sites that offer fulfillment jobs, or microjobs, that can really add up to an income.

Virtual Bee is an actual work-at-home job that is not a scam.  VIRTUAL BEE

Virtual Bee will hire you to do:

  • Typing jobs from home
  • Data entry from home

You would be typing and/or retyping different types of documents, and are paid only for correct keystrokes.

When you sign up, they evaluate your speed and accuracy with a short typing test. There are three sections to the test:

  • letters
  • dollars
  • numbers

You can even redo your tests every 24 hours to get better results. If you qualify, your name is added to their list, and then you are on a rotation schedule with all the other applicants. It’s a first-come-first-serve situation—when the top name on the list gets hired, the second on the list goes next, and so on and so forth.  You wait your turn to get to the top of the list.

That being said, it is implied that those with exceptional skills are invited faster.  So, master those typing tests if you can.

SIGN UP WITH VIRTUAL BEE HERE, and don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know how you like it!

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing site, where you can earn lots of pennies that add up into a paycheck.  This is an actual online job, that is not a scam.


If you just want to be available for little, mini-jobs here and there to make some extra money, sign up with ClickWorker.

When you register with ClickWorker, you’ll have to take assessments, so they can evaluate your skill level on various aspects. Once a member, you’ll have various projects or tasks available for you to pick from.

While there are different rewards for different tasks, the average ClickWorker member makes about $9 an hour.

SIGN UP WITH CLICKWORKER HERE and let me what you think.


MTurk is another crowdsourcing site where you'll be doing tiny microtasks for pennies.  But if you devote your time to it, it is an actual work from home job that is not a scam.

Amazon Mechanical Turk / MTURK

Usually, anyone is accepted into the MTurk program. This is a crowdsourcing site where little projects or jobs are outsourced to the crowds of people. Thousands of microjobs are usually available. Most only offer small rewards, but it’s work that can be done very quickly, and the cash adds up.

As an average, you could make about $7 to $8 an hour, by doing quick jobs in constant motion.  Some are worth more than others, but obviously, those that pay more require more work out of you.

After a short time doing these odd jobs, you’ll learn which are good deals for your valuable time.

SIGN UP WITH MTURK HERE.  It’s a completely easy (and free) sign-up process, however, you will have to wait up to 48 hours for Amazon to actually accept you.

So, get your head start, then come back and let me know what you think.

Want to work on MTurk but you’re not a US resident? Check out the best Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives here..

Did you apply with any of these companies?  I want to hear all about your experience.  Please leave me a comment..

Interested in your own home-based business in the virtual world?  Find out how to become a Virtual Assistant.

And check out this list of 25 great sites to earn fast cash online..

Learn how to become a virtual assistant.

Become a Virtual Assistant


What is a Virtual Assistant?

There is booming growth in Internet businesses and online revenue.  More and more people want to earn their living from home, which means more people competing over online consumer dollars.  The great news is that there are constantly new businesses out there who need to hire assistants now and then to handle tasks, such as their typing, creating their blog content, or doing their research.

A Virtual Assistant is a freelance administrative assistant, who works strictly from a remote location.  As a VA, you would get all the great benefits of running a home business, such as working around your own schedule, and working from your home office (or couch).  You could make a full-time living giving “virtual” office assistance to those who’ll pay you for it.

You don’t need much to get started in this field–just the basic office supplies you probably already have:

  • computer
  • Internet connection
  • phone
  • printer/copier (optional)
  • Paypal account

Go With What You’re Good At

  • Are you a fast typer?  You could advertise quick data entry.
  • Do you excel at spelling and grammar?  You could be a proofreader.
  • Do you have accounting experience?  You could be an online bookkeeper.
  • Do you know your way around Excel? I might have personally hired you to help me through my Statistics course last semester..
  • Are you good with words?  You could be a freelance writer for a blog or other publisher who needs more content.  These works you author would also double as advertising for your own new Virtual Assistance business (as long as you do well).
  • Do you speak more than one language?  You can advertise your translation services, and likely do very well with this talent alone.
  • Do you know your way around the social media sites?  Lots of new online business owners are struggling with marketing on the social media sites.  VA’s are being hired specifically to follow Facebook and Twitter conversations, and point out good hot-spots to plug in their brand names.
  • Do you have an artistic eye?  You could help design websites.
  • Are you very familiar with the search engine results and SEO?  You could specialize in doing research.  Trust me, this is in high demand.

Virtual Assistant Websites

There are tons and tons of great sites out there on which you could be posting your qualifications.  You don’t have to include an entire resume, just a list of those particular things that you’re good at.  Here’s some good websites to get you started:

Most of these freelancer sites ask for a photo or a video. Uploading a short video will give you a chance to tell potential clients how efficient and dependable you can be, and give them a chance to get to know you and your great personality.

Ideally, you should pick a few of your best qualities and stick with those. This will be your specific niche, and you’ll want to become an expert so you can excel in those areas.

Like anything else you do, you want to give it your all and do your absolute best. Even though the Virtual Assistant is still somewhat new in the online earning world, there is a lot of competition out there. Business owners and entrepreneurs who hire virtual office assistants tend to stick with those who they know do good work. So when you do get hired, you should go out of your way to prove yourself, and the chances are very good that that person will stick with you, and tell others about you.

Start Your Own Website

After you get yourself in the swing of things and have a few clients under your wing, it’s time for you to take the next step and start your own website. Whether it’s a blog or a regular website, you need a homefront for new clients to find you. More importantly, a professional-looking site of your own will give you more credibility in your field, which will be very important in attracting quality clients.

Starting a website is so much easier (and cheaper) than you probably think. To get started, it will cost you:

  • $12 (a year) for your domain name
  • $10-$20 (a month) for web hosting

This is all that is absolutely necessary to get a website up an running. There will be a lot of optional fees along the line that you can choose or not choose, such as marketing and images for your site. But there are free alternatives to both of these as well.

And if you’re not that into the social sites, like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, you could actually hire a Virtual Assistant who specializes in this area to get your name out there for you.

There is great potential in the possible earnings of a successful Virtual Assistant. For an Internet job such as this, your social presence and online reputation will get you far, and both of those are easily controllable, if you do it right and always focus on customer satisfaction.

Let me know what you think.. leave me a comment.

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