Get Paid: Take Surveys Online.. Top 10 Best Paid Surveys LIST

Cash surveys are everywhere!  You can get paid big bucks to take surveys online!  Surveys are the quickest and easiest way to make a little bit of extra money from home.  There is absolutely no experience necessary, and it’s so easy to get started today–right now.  All you need is your computer and that wonderful Internet access you’re using right now.

Get Paid.. Take Surveys Online

Get paid: Take surveys online using this list of the best paid surveys!Finding paid surveys is too easy.  A simple Google search will overload you with options, and you could just start signing up for those that look interesting.  After a few of these, a lot of others will find you.

One of the biggest problems with surveys, though, is that you don’t know which ones you can trust.  Even those that mean well and actually pay will usually have other issues that are undesirable.

You’ll find that the worst thing is to waste 20 minutes on a survey only to find out that you won’t be getting paid for it for one reason or another.

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So I’m going to tell you what to look for in a survey site so you can avoid some of the mistakes I made.

First of all, it should cost you no money whatsoever to sign up with these sites.  Before you waste any time on them, you should always check out their reward system to make sure that they are cash surveys, or that their reward system is something that would otherwise have a good benefit for you.

Get paid to take surveys online, plus complete offers and microtasks.. FusionCash is on of THE best paid surveys online.Some of these sites pay out through Paypal, and there are others who offer prizes you could work toward, such as gift cards.  I’ve come across a few that have actual merchandise you can purchase with “points” that you’re awarded for each survey.  This could work out to be a cash-equivalent if you find an offer that you want to purchase.

Most cash survey sites have a threshold amount you must reach before you can ask for a payout.  Make sure this is a reasonable amount of time and money.  You might not want to be indebted to one site for the entire time it takes to reach a $50 threshold amount.  If you decide to quit, you will lose everything you’ve earned just because you can’t ask for that payout until you reach the $50 mark, which can take a long time, especially for low-paying sites.  I try to stick with those that payout at about $10-$30.  Of course, no limit at all is best.

Get paid, take surveys online for big cash. Sign up with these top 10 best paid surveys and start earning.

Because each site will not always have surveys available all the time, I suggest signing up for as many as you can out of those that you like and that you trust.  This will ensure that there will always be a steady stream of cash surveys available to you.

Check out my list of the best paid survey sites.  Each one is tried and trusted, and will actually pay you every time.

Top 10 Best Paid Surveys

Pinecone Research

This is one of my favorites.  After you sign up, they only offer surveys occasionally, but they pay top dollar and offer many different ways to redeem, including cash, and choosing products through an online mall within their site.  It’s pretty cool. Their check payout threshold is only $3.  As long as you have at least $3 in your account, you can request a check.

Update 4/15: At this time, Pinecone is only accepting:

Vindale Research

One of my top favorites–I spend a lot of time here.  This site offers tons and tons of surveys, always, all the time.  And they pay very generously, even keeping a bunch of $4 and $5 surveys on hand daily.  They do have a $50 threshold, but their large supply and variety of different kinds of surveys keeps it interesting and makes it easy to reach that $50. Select your country below to sign up with Vindale:


Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is a great one to join.  They have high incentives, like an average of $3 per survey taken.  They also offer cash for downloading market research tracking onto your computer for a short time (SavvyConnect).  It’s completely harmless, you really don’t even know it’s there.  And what I like most about this site is as soon as you reach $1 in your account, you can request a payout.  UPDATE (November, 2016) : New US members are offered an easy $60 survey for downloading SavvyConnect to one or more of your devices. I’ve done it! Get detailed specifics in my thorough Survey Savvy Review.or get started right now at Survey Savvy HERE

Global Test Market

Seemingly endless surveys available at Global Test Market.  Most surveys offer a very reasonable 35 points (about $1.60) for the average 15 minute survey, but some surveys go up to $6.  I personally spend about an hour a day at Global Test Market going from survey to survey and cash out with about $50 each week.  I highly recommend this site.


I’ve only been with MintVine for about six months, but I love it.  With such a low minimum ($10), I cash out about three times a month.  MintVine generally pays at least $1.50 or more for most average surveys, and I have had an excellent success rate of being qualified.  They pay cash payments very quickly through Paypal, or Dwolla.

Springboard America

This is a really cool site.  The surveys themselves are visually-stimulating, making even the most boring content interesting.  They have a $50 threshold to reach before payout, and don’t expect that to happen quickly.  But they’re dependable, they actually pay you, which makes them very much worth your time.  They offer cash surveys paid by check and Paypal transfer, or they offer Amazon gift cards instead.

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is still one of my favorites.  When their email pops up in my inbox, I come a-running.  I am only offered surveys relevant to  me, and I’m almost always approved.  Plus, I rarely get any offered with less than a $1 reward.  They have a low, easily-reachable $20 threshold.  They pay out with a $20 Visa card option, or gift cards to places like Amazon, iTunes, and Macy’s.  I definitely think Valued Opinions is worth your time.

Mindfield Online

Most of the surveys at Mindfield are about average ($1-3 each), but they will frequently send you $5-10 survey invitations.  Usually plenty of surveys available on a daily basis.  Only $5 payout threshold, with check or Paypal cashout options.  These surveys take a few weeks to be credited to your account, though.


One of my favorites!  A full service offer/survey sites, but also pays top dollar for completed Crowdflower microtasks that you can do directly on this site.  Absolute best offer site to complete surveys.  Spend some time in their FC Surveys section.  It is so easy to accumulate fast cash with their $4 and $5 surveys.  Easy $25 minimum cash out limit, paid by check or Paypal.


Clixsense is another offer/survey site.  They find the surveys available and offer them to you, then they split the cash payout with you.  ClixSense pays very reasonable rewards for their average surveys, and there are always some $4-$7 surveys mixed in.  Plus, there are a whole lot of other ways to earn at the site.

The most money you can earn from these offer/survey sites comes from taking part in free offers from advertisers.  It’s obvious that they get a commission for getting customers to try out their products and services through “free trials” or “free samples”, and sometimes just for getting you to visit their site.  And when you take part, you get cash.

I got $10 instantly for signing up with a credit report site for a free trial offer.  The next day, I cancelled my membership and still got to keep the $10.  They just want you to try their stuff out.  These sites find these great deals and offer them to you directly through their own websites.  Plus, FusionCash offers a $5 bonus when you first sign up.



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Know of a great site that should be mentioned here?  Let me know with a comment..


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