Is Global Test Market Safe?

Is Global Test Market Safe? I evaluated it for you.. Read about my experience here..

Global Test Market surveys are some of the best-paying surveys out there.  But with so many negative reviews floating around online, how do you know if it’s safe? How do you know if they’ll actually pay you your hard-earned money?  I signed up and spent a lot of time with Global Test Market, and here’s how I experienced it, the good and the bad..

Is Global Test Market Safe?

Even if you haven’t directly signed up with Global Test Market yet, chances are high that you’ve taken some of their surveys at other sites.  They are usually some of the highest paid surveys offered at sites like Inbox Dollars, Fusion Cash, and ClixSense, to name a few.  But completing Global Test Market surveys hosted by another websites means that you have to split your cash with them.

There are also other benefits from going directly to the source..

You get higher earnings and the surveys are actually easier to qualify for!

In signing up and taking their surveys directly through the Global Test Market site, you can actually make more than you would for the same survey anywhere else. Is Global Test Market Safe?  My honest review with complaints.. Not only because each site takes a cut out of your earnings, but because they disqualify less often on their own domain.  It’s as if their qualification standards are not as high for the surveys taken in house compared to on other survey sites.

Now of course I cannot prove that this is true, in fact, it probably isn’t.  There’s just something very unique about taking these surveys–I always qualify!  My qualification and completion rate is about 9 out of every 10 surveys offered, which is a huge step up from the Global Test Market surveys hosted on other sites.   And I’m not alone.  In searching around, you’ll see a lot of other members thinking the same thing.  You’ll have to decide yourself after you’ve signed up.

Profiling Global Test Market Surveys

Another big benefit to you comes from the profiling surveys..  When signing up, you get to setup your own profile, which means you get more relevant surveys, which means fewer disqualifications, which means more money to you.

Global Test Market POINTS System

  • Surveys are rewarded with points, and 23 points is equal to $1.00.
  • Most surveys offer 35 points, which is a tiny bit over $1.50. Many are rewarded with 40-60 points ($1.75-$2.50).  And of course, just like any other site, you’ll get some $3 and $4 surveys thrown at you occasionally.
  • Most surveys average about 10-15 minutes long, so these are very fair rewards.

Global Test Market REWARDS

In the Global Test Market Reward Zone, you could literally save up to go shopping.  They utilize the PERKS marketplace, where you virtually buy stuff with your accumulated points.  And the comparable prices are very reasonable–not at all jacked up.  They offer cash Paypal options, as well as many other gift cards and gifts for purchase with your points.  Here are a few of your options:

Get cheap iTunes downloads with the Global Test Market safe Reward Zone..

  • Paypal cash payment: $20 or $10 increments  (23 points = $1.00)
  • Amazon gift certificates:  $10, $15, or $25  (22 points per $1.00, so the Amazon is a slightly better deal than the Paypal cash option)
  • Sony 3D Blu-Ray Player 3600 points ($157)Global Test Market safe Reward Zone has Amazon gift card options..
  • DVD movies starting at 178 points ($8.00)
  • Full seasons TV series for 800-1200 points ($35-$52)
  • $100 Hyatt hotel gift certificate for 2400 points (24 points per $1.00)Use points to purchase a Sony 3D BluRay Player at the Global Test Market safe Reward Zone
  • $100 Alamo car rental gift certificates for 2180 points (21.8 points per $1.00)
  • $25 gift certificate for Happy Socks for 550 points (22 points per $1.00) of their most popular items, believe it or not!
  • and plenty more to choose from..Global Test Market safe rewards offer GameStop gift cards, among many others.

    HAPPY SOCKS is one of the most popular items purchased for points at the Global Test Market safe Reward Zone..


Global Test Market 1000-point mark..

As a new member, you have to wait until you reach 1000 points before you can cash out.  This may seem like a lot, but you get there so quickly.  I was offered a survey, I qualified, I completed the survey, and there’s another one right there waiting for me.  It was an endless cycle, and I reached 1000 points in 4 days the very first time.  And keep in mind that I’m also chasing around a toddler all day, so I wasn’t just sitting there taking surveys 24/7.  It was too simple.

My first time with the site, and I cashed out three times in two weeks, each at the 1000-point mark, or $50 each time.  It was addictive, and it paid off.

Is Global Test Market safe?  I got my payment directly to my Paypal account through the Global Test Market Reward Zone.

 Cashing out can be tricky though..

If you want the cash Paypal option, this can be a little tricky.  Because you’re made to wait until the 1000 point mark, obviously when you’re ready to cash out you’ll have 1000 points.  But the Paypal options don’t equal out to 1000 points–you have to buy them in the specified increments.

For example, my first time cashing out, I had my 1000 points.  Paypal was offered as $10 and $20 increments only, which in points is either 230, or 460.

460 +460=920 points.

But to cash out, you have to spend the entire 1000 points.  So, to keep my points going strictly toward Paypal cash, I had to work for the difference–another 150 points.  Luckily, this only took me about an hour’s worth of surveys, though.

Is Global Test Market safe?  I got paid over and over and over again..

Paypal payments are quick..

Cashing out with Paypal was the only option I have used with Global Test Market so far.  But each time, the payment was delivered to my Paypal account within 7 days.  The site’s FAQs states that, once requested, they send the payment within 5 to 10 days, and from there it can take Paypal up to five days to stick it into your account.  But for me, this process happened much quicker each time.  That’s a big thumbs-up in my book.

It’s worth noting though, that many other users around the internet seem to have had very different experiences, with their rewards taking way too long to arrive, sometimes 4-6 weeks.  I can’t say why this went so much smoother for me.  It could be because the Paypal option is just faster than other options, or if maybe they’ve made updates to their behind-the-scenes processes.  I just hope it continues on this positive path.

But each survey site has its ups and downs, and Global Test Market is no different.  Here’s the good and the bad, as I see it:

Global Test Market PROS

  •  Loads of surveys always availableIs Global Test Market safe?  There are ALWAYS good-paying surveys available at
  • Shorter-than-average surveys
  • Quick survey turnaround
  • Good pay
  • Valuable rewards
  • Paypal cashout option
  • Low/easy requirements
  • Excellent qualification-rate
  • My absolute favorite thing about this site is that you can leave a survey opened, unfinished, for as long as you need–days even, if it’s not a limited-time survey.  When you return, it will pick right up where you left off.  This feature certainly makes it easy to start new surveys, as you know you won’t be tied to the computer until it’s finished.

Global Test Market COMPLAINTS

  • High minimum payout requirement
  • Confusing point system at payout time forces you to earn more points before you can cash out
  • Usually not given an estimate of how long each survey will take
  • No other ways to earn points, surveys only

With that said, I am still very active on Global Test Market, and with these easy surveys and fast payouts, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites.

Global Test Market and the Better Business Bureau

According to the Better Business Bureau, Global Test Market has an A+ rating.  However, they’ve had their share of complaints.  Over the past three years, there have been 184 official complaints against the company.

These complaints include:

  • Dropped/broken surveys
  • Non-payment
  • Taking longer than promised to pay
  • Rewards not arriving in the mail
  • Unable to reach customer service

These are valid complaints, and 184 is a substantial number compared to other sites..  However, most survey companies with a large customer base around the world will likely have a lot complaints filed against them.   And in reading through the complaints, Global Test Market does appear to attempt to solve most of the problems, from resending payments to crediting accounts where necessary.

A Global Test Market NO-NO

The one area that the company refuses to compromise is in circumstances where there were multiple accounts created and in use at the same home address, according to the Better Business Bureau reports.  I read a few instances where members complained that their points were taken away and their account closed permanently.  Global Test Market remained adamant that this is against their rules, and did not budge on compensation.  So, as long as we maintain only one account per household, we should have no major issues with Global Test Market.

Check out Global Test Market surveys…

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  1. On the 27/7/16 I ordered, order number wo72716eob43 5 * $50 gift vouchers and have not yet received them this is the 2nd time I have not received vouchers the last time it was only $20 so I put it down to bad luck but this time it is $250and I am concerned could you please look into it and let me know when I can expect the vouchers. Thankyou. Ian Harman

  2. For the last week any attempt to start a new survey has been blocked by my F-secure.
    The e-mail box is there ok and the sites invitation page but after that its blocked and also if i attempt to contact them from that page.??????
    Any ideas.

    All other surveys are ok.

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