Good Fiverr Gig Ideas to Help Start and Grow your Online Business

I’m hooked on Fiverr.. I can’t stay away!

There are so many things you can get done for $5.

Here’s a bunch of great Gigs active right now on Fiverr, any of which can help you start and run your business. Whether you’re a small business owner, blogger, YouTuber or musician, there are Fiverr Gigs that can help you grow your business and earn more money!

Good Fiverr Gig ideas to help you start and grow your online business..

And if you’re interested in becoming a Fiverr Seller, maybe these Gigs will spark some creative ideas for your first Gig!

Online Marketing & Advertising

Market your business, your website, or yourself with the many Fiverr Gigs in the Online Marketing section.


One of the most creative Fiverr Gig ideas for your site.. This graphic designer will make a mural out of your logo!

HAVE A MURAL MADE of your picture, logo or website URL on any wall texture.

For $5, you can get your business name or logo on this race car hauler and be seen around the country.  A very unique Fiverr Gig idea for buyers or sellers!MOBILE ADVERTISING..  For $5 you can be seen all around the country by advertising your BUSINESS or WEBSITE name/logo on this RACE CAR Hauler!



You can also..

Here's one of Fiverr's most creative Gig ideas.. get Michelle Obama to hold a sign with your logo.

  • HAVE CUSTOM BUSINESS FLYERS made and posted in far away cities like New York, Hollywood, Myrtle Beach, or even Japan.
  • GET A REVIEW OF YOUR WEBSITE or product on this seller’s PR5 BLOG.

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Logos, Banners & Graphic Design


Good Fiverr Gig ideas can start and grow your business..  Get a 3D image created for $5.GET A 3D MODEL of your product or logo, or anything else.  





Business cards is a business necessity, and could be a good Fiverr Gig idea for a new seller to try out.

Have your own stylish and professional BUSINESS CARDS designed for you.





  • GET PROFESSIONAL INFOGRAPHICS and Powerpoint presentations made by Graphic Design experts.
  • GET YOUR CUSTOM LOGO designed for your blog, business, or any other reason!
  • PHOTOSHOP ANY IMAGE for your website design, logo, banner ad, etc.


Here's a good Fiverr Gig business idea.. Graphic designers will design your Facebook page ideal for conversions!

HAVE A FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO or banner designed for you and your brand..






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  • VIRTUAL ASSISTANT..  Hire a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT for data entry or here-and-there tasks.

Writers are making the big bucks on Fiverr!  Everyone has a blog, and everyone needs extra hands (and brains) to come up with fresh content.  Being a writer on this site is a great (and very profitable) Fiverr Gig idea.

  • WRITE YOUR ARTICLES.. Writers will write complete articles for you on any topic, using your chosen keywords, in English OR in Spanish.

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Have your own song professionally mastered for $5, another good fiverr Gig idea for any musician!Have your SONG PROFESSIONALLY MASTERED for you in 12 HOURS!

  • SOUND EFFECTS.. Get custom SOUND EFFECTS recorded for your video.
  • RINGTONES..  Have any audio or video turned into your own ringtone.


DJ Ric Santos had an awesome Fiverr Gig idea when he marketed his voice to other people's videos.  You gotta hear it, it's worth way more than $5!


VOICE OVERS.. Hire a DJ with an awesome voice to record a voice over of anything you want! 

And you’ve just got to hear this guy’s voice–it’s well worth a fiverr or two!



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Whiteboard animation videos is another good Fiverr Gig idea to boost your website's ratings.WHITEBOARD ANIMATION..  Get a specialized WHITEBOARD animation commercial/video for any topic you want!




  • LEGO ENDORSEMENT.. Get a LEGO STOP MOTION VIDEO made with your logo or business name.


Get more good Fiverr Gig ideas in the Video & Animation section..

IT developers


Here's another one of those great Fiverr Gig ideas: Turn your blog or website into an app!  Genius!GET YOUR OWN APP..  Here’s a developer that will turn your blog or website into an APP!




  • WEBSITE CREATION.. You can find an WordPress expert to BUILD YOUR FIRST WEBSITE for you.
  • PROGRAMMER..Hire a programmer to fix your HTML, CSS, and any other bugs or issues your website may have.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY.. Hire a know-it-all to make your website more responsive.


Get more good Fiverr Gig ideas in Fiverr’s Professional Freelance Developers section..



So go browse through Gigs for more good Fiverr ideas…and HAVE FUN!


Do you have anymore good Fiverr Gig ideas to share?  Let us know with a comment..


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