Inbox Dollars Review

Check out this Inbox Dollars Review to learn how to earn cash with offers and surveys at inboxdollars.comInbox Dollars is an aggregator of surveys and paid offers–the site collects them from various sources and offers them to its customers.  They get paid big bucks by well-known businesses, and some newbies, to refer people like me and you to their websites.

When we go to these sites and sign up, make a purchase, or just participate in free trials, Inbox Dollars gets paid and splits that commission with us.

Who can join Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars is for US residents only, but they do have separate sites for Canada and the UK.

Sign up with Inbox Pounds, UK

Sign up with Send Earnings, Canada


Does Inbox Dollars Really Pay?

InboxDollars is very generous when it comes to payouts and bonuses.  And why shouldn’t they be?  They’re making plenty of money off of their customers, just like all the other paid survey and cash offer sites.

I have been a customer of Inbox Dollars for three years, and I still never get bored with their site.  This is the main reason that Inbox Dollars is still among the top of my list of the best paid survey sites.

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Inbox Dollars Pros

  •  $5 bonus just for signing up.  Instant motivation to earn more!
  • The InboxDollars Toolbar download..  The InboxDollars earnings toolbar is really cool–it tallies up your earnings in real time, and tells you when new surveys or offers are available.  It is an incredible motivator to earn more and more.  And it’s perfectly harmless, and does not slow you down at all.   You get a nice bonus if you download InboxDollars toolbar (get InboxDollars Toolbar directly from your member home page).
  • Tons of surveys always available.  It is true that the Inbox Dollar surveys don’t pay very well, but there are always plenty available to keep you busy, and new ones are added every day.
  • Lots of other ways to earn, including 100% free offers, searching with their search engine, watching advertisement videos, reading emails, and they give bonuses for filling out your profiles.
  • Billy’s Spin & Win is an extra chance to win a little bonus here and there.  You can spin every time you’re disqualified for a survey.  You can win extra entries into a sweepstakes, or cash winnings from 5 cents to 5 dollars.  I’ve won the $5 bonus multiple times.
  •  Easy $30 payout threshold.  And there are no restrictions on how your total was earned–you get $30, you can cash out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cash out faster and easier with the Inbox Dollars debit card, according to this Inbox Dollars Review
  • InboxDollars card or paper check payout.  If you prefer the debit card option, they send you a preloaded Visa , so it can be used anywhere just like a regular credit card.  The best part about the card is that it is automatically reloaded every time you cash out, allowing you to get your money quicker.
  • Guaranteed $3 bonus after each payout–to keep you coming back for more.
  • Offers are quality offers, not cheap and sleazy advertising ploys.  (Yes, I’m referring to YOU, MindsPay!)  Inbox Dollars does not take part in any tricks just to get people to look at as many ads as possible in 30 seconds, like those “Win a free iPad”, or “Which do you like better, Coke or Pepsi” gimmicks.  If you haven’t yet seen one of these, sign up with MindsPay–its offers are riddled with them!  Inbox Dollars seems to host offers that any reasonable person would actually want to take part in.
  • Top dollar paid for participating in offers.  While Inbox Dollar surveys do not pay squat, they more than beat the competition with their offers.  This more than makes up for low survey rates.
  • Each offer comes with clear instructions of what is necessary of you to earn your credit.  This is especially valuable to me as there are other offer sites that try to trick you with their wording just to get you stuck in a purchase.
  • Most credits earned are added to your earnings balance immediately.  There will be a few that are slightly delayed waiting for confirmation, but you will not have to worry about keeping track and chasing down your credits.
  • The highest pay-through rate.  I am happy to say I have never once in three years had to ask why I didn’t receive a credit I rightfully earned.


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Inbox Dollars COMPLAINTS:

  • Low rewards for Inbox Dollar surveys.  While some will offer a dollar or two, they are few and far between.  Most Inbox Dollar surveys only pay about 50 cents on average.  There are many higher-paying sites for taking surveys.
  • After all the profiles you fill out, there is still a very high rejection rate for Inbox Dollar surveys, which is a big, annoying waste of time.  They don’t seem to help in advance pre-qualification, which is supposed to be the point of the profiles, right?.
  • $3 processing fee for payouts.  However, they do offer to waive this fee if you stay a little while longer and earn a little more with them.  This is an easy task–you request payout at $30, and they ask you to stay till you reach $40.  Furthermore, whether you pay this fee or not, that $3 is put right back into your account as a bonus after you cash out.
  • Slow progress after the offers are all completed.  The free offers are where the big earning potential is.  When you’ve tried them all out (all that you’re eligible for), your only options are surveys and other bonuses.  New offers are always coming in, but sometimes not as fast as you want them to.


Even with these cons, I still recommend this site as a great way to earn (and actually get paid) cash online!  It is always interesting–never boring!

Among all of the survey sites, Inbox Dollars is the one I spend the most time with.  It is addictive to watch your total go up in real time–right in front of you.  Even if it’s only 50 cents at a time, there’s no better motivator than earning that reward!

If you’re new to surveys, this is especially the place for you to start.  Inbox Dollars will direct you to all those other survey and offer sites that you should be signing up with, AND THEY’LL PAY YOU TO DO IT!

A lot of those cash offers that Inbox Dollars pays you for, consist of signing up with other sites you could be making money with.  So check with Inbox Dollars before you sign up with any new site–it is very likely they will offer you money for doing it anyway!

Download InboxDollars Toolbar and Get Paid.. Inbox Dollars Review

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9 thoughts to “Inbox Dollars Review”

  1. Inboxdollar is a SCAM. They asked me to fill in the IRS form with my Social Security Number when i reached a payment for $300. i had withdraw $150 and when i was about to request another $155. They did not allow to me to do so till i don’t provide them with filled IRS form. First of all why would i provide a company which does not even provide a number to call them with my Social Securiy number. when i started writing to people on twitter and Facebook to be careful as they can do the same to others.They blocked me my ID so that i don’t write to people about this scam. To be it seems like they are making a database of SSN number and they would sell it off in few years to someone and scam people. They terminated my inbox dollar account which has $155 (just imagine it would have taken me ages to make that money) . they blocked me from writing on their Facebook and twitter and barred me from letting others know to be careful. GUYS PLEASE DO NOT GET INTO THIS SCAM. They are in a way buying your Social Security from you in $300..

    1. The terms and conditions on InboxDollar’s site clearly states:

      “We will require you to provide necessary tax information about yourself prior to receiving payment when requesting payment greater than $300 at one time or cumulatively during a calendar year. InboxDollars® will file a 1099 tax form for any Member who earns $600 or greater in one calendar year from our company, CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc.”

    2. Uh… they are not buying your SS number. Any company that pays you a certain amount of money is required by federal law to report earnings to the IRS. After a certain amount is earned, it is taxable. Which means you cannot collect all $300 without some of that being taxed federal or state depending on if you have a state tax. Not all states do. So, InboxDollars is perfectly well within their rights to withold that money until you fill out the form. If you don’t believe me, talk to any business owner with employees.

    1. You cannot use your own debit card to retrieve your earnings. Inbox Dollars issues their own Visa Debit card at the same time they fill it, and again the next time you refill it and so on… Hope that answered that question..

      OK, so you can earn more sweepstakes entries by participating in a bunch of different Inbox Dollars activities, such as Cash Offers, cash surveys, playing cash games, making purchases through their promoted products. And of course, Billy’s SPIN & WIN gets you sweepstakes tickets. Instead of hoping for Spin & Win’s cash prizes, go for the gold with the extra 1 to 10 sweepstakes ticket entries you’ll get for free! Hard to go wrong there..

      PS, Check out Billy’s TIP: Gold Members receive an additional Sweepstakes entry for each entry they earn, which doubles their chances to win (It’s GOOD to be GOLD!)

      Good luck to you. Plz feel free to ask anything else of me, if needed.

  2. There is no way in hell you have won $5 on the stupid wheel. I was a member for over 4 years and hit the $5 so many times I can’t even begin to remember. Each and every time it advanced forward to avoid paying the $5 the f’n wheel is a scam. They charge you the $3 when you request payment, so it’s actually money you earned they say it’s a processing fee. How kind of them to give it back to you, so they can continue to sucker you in to continue to be a member. It takes forever to make that $3. Who want’s to spend 19 minutes to be rewarded 40 cents or 29 minutes for 25 cents. That the truth!!! Let’s not forget the countless times you spend 10 to 15 minutes completing a survey and the you get the “bummer you didn’t qualify” how come none of that is written in the above article? Let’s discuss the offers you talk about! Jumping through hoop after hoop and get to the end and nothing, no-where to go, no credit. Before anyone questions what I’m saying, just remember I was a member for over 4 years. I made an average of about $400 a year and it took forever and ever to do that, fortunately I’m very patient. If you join get ready to be aggravated every time you log in. Just Sayin!!!!

      1. Jeff makes a valid point and has a right to be so annoyed. What kind of employer CHARGES their employee to process/issue the paycheck they worked for? Who does that? Whatever costs are involved for InboxDollars to issue payments are part of their operating expenses — just like any other business. It’s ridiculous to dock an employee for their pay, especially in a circumstance like this, where earning $3 really does take a lot of time and effort. It’s just not how business is done and it makes IBD look very umprofessional. I have to agree with that.

  3. i have a question to ask if i use my sweeps to buy a daily dollars with it really be credited into my account since am from nigeria but travel down to us once in a while

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