Installing & Using Amazon MTurk Scripts – FOR DUMMIES!

 What are Amazon MTurk Scripts?

Amazon MTurk scripts can increase your hourly wage by saving you valuable time..If you’ve ever worked on HITs on Amazon’s MTurk, then it’s likely you’ve experienced the same little inconveniences that many others have.  All those extra clicks required on some pages can slow you down and waste your valuable time.

MTurk scripts can shave seconds (even minutes) off your in-between time, ultimately increasing your hourly wage.

Spripts are each designed by individual people as a solution to a problem–a problem that you’ve probably experienced yourself within MTurk.  And they have even made a plugin to install and operate these scripts (for non-techies like us) so we don’t have to learn how to write code!

We won’t be getting into all of that technical stuff here.. just what you need to know:

  • Which extension you’ll need to download..
  • Where to find your extension..
  • Where to find your scripts..
  • What each script can do for you..


Install your extension..  GreaseMonkey or TamperMonkey? 

For Firefox, install:  GreaseMonkey.

Use GreaseMonkey Extension for Amazon MTurk Scripts on Firefox..


For Chrome, install:  TamperMonkey.

Use TamperMonkey for installing Amazon Mechanical Turk scripts to Chrome..


Install Your Amazon MTurk Scripts..

Once you find your script and click install, it is automatically added to your GreaseMonkey or TamperMonkey Extension.  You don’t have to do anything.

Be sure to be working in the browser where you want the script uploaded. You can install the scripts to both Firefox and Chrome, but you’ll need to do it twice.. once while you’re in Firefox, and again while you’re in Chrome.

Once they’re installed, you won’t notice it anywhere until you are actually on the MTurk website.  Then they will show up on your MTurk pages and automatically start doing their job.

You can search for MTurk scripts (or Turking scripts) at GreasyFork, but here are some of the best ones that should fix you right up..

While scripts will help with Amazon Mechanical Turk, there are lots of other ways to earn with microtasks and surveys at FusionCash.




A very valuable tool that shows you what other Turkers think about the requester you’re working for.  It also allows you to rate the requester yourself, according to your own experience.

Block Requesters

You can use this script to hide all HITS from any specific requester that you do not want to work for.  If the requester’s work is not worth the pay, or if they have bad reviews and you choose to stay away from them, this is the script for you.

Block Individual Requests

Displays an X at the end of the line where it says: “View a HIT in this group”.  Click the X to hide any HIT you don’t want in your search results, and it will disappear the next time your page is refreshed.  You have to look carefully for the X though, it is very tiny.

Show Captcha and Accept Button

Hate having to wait for the entire page to load before the captcha or the Accept Hit button shows up?  This script makes it load first, so you don’t have to waste anymore time.

MTurk HIT DataBase Testing

The HIT Database Testing analyzes past HITs completed, as well as pending and projected earnings with a progress bar, Requester notes and specific Requester blocking.

MTurk Expanded Header

This script displays your account info on MTurk pages, including Worker ID and transferable earnings..

Requester ID and Auto-approval Time

This script cleverly displays the Requester’s ID in case they decide to change their name and the HIT’s auto approval time.  I guess it happens!

There's no need for MTurk scripts when you complete microtasks on Clixsense..


This is a very cool tool that really comes in handy, once you learn how to use it.  It adds a list of filters to the left of the account page, and it alerts you for each filter you activate.  If you want to know when your favorite Requester lists new HITs, tell the TurkMaster and it will alert you right away.  You can be notified when new high-paying HITs are listed, or of a certain qualification level.  You can even change settings to alert you while you’re not working on MTurk.  In order to receive your notifications, however, you must always have a separate tab running your account page.


This is a pretty awesome script that does a great job of sorting through the HITs for you so you can get right to those that are worth your time.  It might take you a little bit of time and patience to learn how to work it though.  Here’s a great step-by-step tutorial that will get you started with HIT Scraper

Pending Earnings

This script always displays the amount you are owed for the work you’ve done, and what you can expect to be coming in (as long as they’re marked as successful by the Requester).

Today’s Projected Earnings

Similar to pending earnings.  It shows you your total day’s earnings that you’ve worked for–what you should expect to be paid for.

MTurk Dashboard Change Notifier

Many people find this a useful addition to the MTurk account page.  The Dashboard Change Notifier tracks changes of 12 different values from the last time you refreshed your page.  This includes your earnings such as approved, bonuses, transferable, and your HITs status, the number of approved, pending, rejected, and so on.  This can help you keep track of changes that aren’t immediately noticeable without doing the math.

MTurk Time Tracker

This is a helpful script that shows you the number of HITS, times each HIT, and offers estimated reward and hourly rate for your latest
activity, as well as the projected earnings and hourly rate for the day.  This works within the following Status Page Chart script..

Status Page Chart

This scripts adds a lot of substance to the Status section of “Your Account” page.  It gives more detail to the table of earnings, including those that the MTurk Time Tracker (from above) keeps track of.  It also gives a nice big line chart at the bottom of the page.  Very helpful..

ID Copy/Paste

Don’t you hate having to open a new tab every time a Requester asks for your Worker ID?  This script places a simple little button on the page for you to easily copy your Worker ID, so you can place it within the HIT as requested.  Can’t believe Amazon didn’t think to do this themselves!

Once you’ve installed all the scripts you want, you can see them in your GreaseMonkey or TamperMonkey plugin in the top right corner.

Tampermonkey for MTurk scripts appears in top, right corner of webpage.TamperMonkey

MTurk scripts are operated from the Greasemonkey extension in the top, right corner of your webpage.GreaseMonkey

When you click on the icon, it will appear that no scripts are running, unless you are in the MTurk site.  Then only certain scripts will be running on any given MTurk page, depending on what each is designed for.

MTurk scripts only show up when user is on the Amazon Mechanical Turk website. TamperMonkey MTurk scripts running.

MTurk scripts are only activated if the user is actually on the Amazon Mechanical Turk website.GreaseMonkey MTurk scripts running..

Amazon MTurk scripts make a better MTurk experience, but you could try out Clickworker for a completely different Turking experience.

Are the MTurk scripts safe?

All of the scripts on this post are perfectly safe.  They have been tested by many users over, and each one is running on my own computer right now.

However, some scripts can be harmful.  Scripts are designed and created by real people, and some people like to be malicious for various reasons.  Each script is really just a bunch of code telling your computer how to manipulate a web page.

Firefox and Chrome somewhat protect you by limiting the capabilities of the script.  They do not have as much power as an actual extension or add-on does when it comes to your computer.  But it is possible for a script to access any website, capture information you enter into web pages, and impersonate you.  So, you should really do your research when you’re looking to add a new script.  Check out the number of installs by other users and any reviews or ratings you can find.  If people are still installing it on a daily basis, it can probably be trusted.

Check out this great ebook.. It shows you how you can zero in on MTurk’s BIG money..

Let me know with a comment if there are any other valuable scripts I’m missing..

15 thoughts to “Installing & Using Amazon MTurk Scripts – FOR DUMMIES!”

  1. Hi, I currently run 3 scripts but want to run more that will help with captchas and daily projected earnings. I’m getting this a lot – “You have exceeded the maximum allowed page request rate for this website” – and I’ve been told it could be because too many scripts are running. Do you think this is the case? Thank you so much!

    1. I have never experienced this personally but I did a little research and it looks like you’re not alone. It seems like anyone can get this error message on any browser with or without scripts installed, which likely means it’s an issue on Amazon’s end. The best answer that each victim seems to agree on is that everything goes back to normal if you sit and ignore it for 5 to 10 seconds. I assume clicking on it was causing to you lose your work and credit? Either way, I suggest you test each new script for any bugs, one at a time.
      Thanks and good luck.

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  3. There’s a new site now. Do you have a list of the new Amazon Mechanical Turk Scripts or the ones that will run on the new site?

    1. Yes I am actually working on a new updated article for the Mechanical Turk scripts. Give me a day or two to make sure I’ve got them all and I’ll add the link here. Thanks for asking.

  4. Just started Turking a week or so ago. I knew about all of these extensions and scripts but wanted to get a firm grip of the process and way a lot of the HITs worked beforehand. Allowing myself to get trained on Turking without any extra assistance, this just enabled me to streamline my process and have become a middle of the pack Turker! I work 4-5 hours a day and pulled in between 25-35 the past 3 days in a row! Nothing amazing but that is just awesome!

    1. I know exactly what you mean by that. $35 is not that much money, but it’s the most valuable $35 you’ve ever earned, right? It’s harder to spend too!
      Congratulations on your turking! It’ll only get easier and more profitable from here.

  5. I am trying to learn how to do mturk. I have the scripts installed and work all day and only earn 5 to 10 dollars. Can you please help me? I do not understand turkmaster and all the other scripts. There is this girl on facebook who wants to charge to get help. And I think this is wrong. I would help any and everybody and wouldn’t charge a thing.

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