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What is an MLM Company?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing.  An MLM business gets its customers to actually market its product or service for them.  Some classic examples of MLM companies are Avon, Tupperware, and Amway.  Today’s popular MLM companies are probably more likely to be considered to be affiliate marketing programs though, because sellers are in less contact with the actual product or service.  You usually have to pay some kind of fee to enroll yourself, but are given commissions in return when you actually get others to join and start the same process you just went through.

There are many, many services out there like this that are scams or are otherwise just not worth your time.  I have personally enrolled and tested out some of the top MLM companies, and here are a few that I profited the most from:

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate takes a commission-paying job a few steps further by offering an excellent service to its customer, which is why this is my favorite.   What makes this MLM company really stand out is that they set you up for your own long-term business, while they are paying you commission for promoting them.  This is definitely a bonus service that isn’t exactly necessary to make this a great value.

When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, they provide you with two free web sites and step-by-step instructions for setting up your sites, and the tools to publish and manage them, and profit from them in all the ways that are possible.  There were 10 starter courses that are meant to take a week, but I was so excited about everything I was learning, I got through them all in two days.  On the third day, I had an entire website up and running.  They just make it that easy!  You also have complete freedom and control over whatever you choose to do with your two free websites.  They give you lots of ideas, and show you many ways to profit from your site no matter what it is about.

After the initial trial period (7 days), there is a $19 cost for the first month if you choose to stay.  Normally, this probably would have stopped me from even trying it out, but after I saw my website designed and ready in such a short time, I was hooked.  I had to go on and continue learning as much as they would teach me.  I recommend Wealthy Affiliate simply because they set you up for your own success.  I have absolutely no Wealthy Affiliate complaints.  And please trust me, in the long run, the return you see on this monthly investment is completely worth it.

Top MLM Company Wealthy Affiliate

ZNZ One and ZNZ All-In-One

ZNZ, or, is an MLM company that pays out big time for referrals you send them.  Just like those free-offer-earnings we discussed under “Surveys”, ZNZ is paid by big companies and advertisers to bring them business.  They pull together lots of free trials and other offers and get paid a commission for each customer who signs up for one of these offers. 

Here’s where you come in—you go and sign up for one of ZNZ’s programs (they have quite a few with varying levels of commission potential), and in order to join, you have to partake in one of these offers.  There’s a bunch to choose from, and it’s likely that you’ll find one that you need anyway.  Some are free and some will cost you from $1 to $10. 

I chose to sign up for a free credit report.  This was a 7 day free trial, and I did have to put in my credit card.  My ZNZ account was credited for taking part in the offer, and I was allowed to start earning commissions.  I cancelled my free credit report account a few days later and was never charged a penny.

The point here is to get others to sign up and go through the exact same tasks that you just went through—which was quite an easy process.  And if you find it to be that easy, then others will too, and will want to try it out as well.  If and when they do, you get your commission. 

I noticed a lot of interest in this company.  There are thousands of Google searches asking, “does ZNZ really work”..  “Is ZNZ a scam”..   “Is ZNZ One legit”..  There are so many positive ZNZ One reviews out there, it was hard for me to decide if they were all true or if they were just trying to sell me.  This seems to be the case with most affiliate programs though, who do you listen to.  Well, I won’t tell you how much money I have made from this company.  I’m just going to say that it is free, so you might as well give it a try.

A few things about ZNZ:

They have many different branches and levels of commission in which you can earn by promoting to others.  ZNZ One is the easiest—you are only required to complete one offer.  This level pays $20 per referral. 

ZNZ’s “All-in-One” is the highest level and pays out $130 per referral.  The reason for this is because of the more demanding entry requirements—you must complete 3 credits worth of offers, and each offer is less than one credit.  So, you could be signing up for many different offers, and this will likely cost you a few bucks at least.  This seems like a very small price to pay for such a big referral amount, I know.  Just try to keep in mind that if this is a big hassle for you, others you refer might also get discouraged and go for that easier level. 

When you start making referrals, though, you will need to sign-up individually to each ZNZ branch that you plan to promote.  

And like I said, ZNZ One is completely free to join, so there should be nothing stopping you from trying it out and seeing if this is your niche!

Check out ZNZ One

Or if you choose to go all the way, check out ZNZ All-in-One.

For actually getting your referrals out there, both of these sites give you links for logos and banners that you can just copy and paste wherever you can.  Of course, there are some common-sense guidelines, such as no spamming, only post where it’s not prohibited, things like that.  You can share on your Facebook account, Twitter, YouTube, forums and chat rooms.. 

The earning potential of these programs would just depend on how hard you work at getting the word out there, and how good of a salesperson you can be if it came down to it.  I think as long as you like the business you’re promoting, this can be a fun and entertaining way to earn a lot of money.

Top MLM Companies ZNZ One

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