Survey Savvy & Savvy Connect Reviews

If you haven't yet gotten on board, Survey Savvy has some extremely profitable opportunities around every corner.

Survey Savvy is not just another website offering surveys collected from all over the place.  It is an actual market research company hosting surveys of their own.

In signing up with Survey Savvy, you likely will not get many survey invitations right away.  In fact, I only got about one or two the first month, and they were small potatoes, each only offering $1 or so for a 15-20 minute survey.  But I stuck with them and was eventually offered some excellent survey invitations, making it my new favorite survey site.

Survey Savvy and the Savvy Connect App – Reviews

Survey Savvy has its own plugin app for computers, as well as mobile phones and tablets.  The Savvy Connect is free software that tracks your digital actions, while promising you higher benefits and cash rewards.  The companies who work with Survey Savvy use this tracking information to learn about consumer purchase behavior–the sites we visit, how often we research products before making a purchase, and the things we do after we buy online.  These things help marketers to learn how to market to the public more effectively.

Survey Savvy does very well at letting all members know that they will be offered higher paying surveys and research projects if you have the app downloaded on your main computer.  However, the offers will start coming in before you’ve download it at all.  In fact, the longer, higher paying research projects will require that you download the app on three devices: your PC or Mac computer, smartphone, and tablet.  When you’re finished with your project, you can uninstall them, and reinstall them when the next great offer comes through.

Survey Savvy Savvy Connect download page, for PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet.

The download is a simple process too, for all devices.  You sign in to SurveySavvy, click on Savvy Connect, and choose which device you’re on at the moment, and click download.  This download page is the same whether you’re accessing it on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Some actual Survey Savvy, Savvy Connect projects

We all know the drill by now.  For each survey, you have to agree to not talking about it in public.  So, I won’t give you project names or specific details.  But here are a few of the higher paying surveys I took part in most recently with Survey Savvy:

  • $75 shopping survey.  If I downloaded the app on three of my devices and kept them on for six weeks, I’d be rewarded $75.  Each of the six weeks, on Mondays, I received a 5-minute actual survey asking me if I did any online shopping during these days.  It was easy money.
  • $50 wipes discussion.  An interactive discussion lasting 5 days, where each day I was asked a question regarding wipes (baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, etc.).  I answered the question in a paragraph or so, and was rewarded $50 about a week later.

Current, $60 Project Gold Survey for US Members

  • $60 just for downloading the Savvy Connect app on all three of my devices, and keeping themSurveySavvy/SavvyConnect Reviews of the $60 Project Gold Survey active for 90 days.  This is called Project Gold, and is still available for all US members to try and qualify for.  Qualification is pretty easy.. Do you have these three devices?  Do you use these devices to search the internet?  To shop?  As long as you have all three, I suggest answering yes to the rest.  If you are already a Survey Savvy member, the invitation is right there on your account’s home page in the top right corner (see image).  If you’re not yet a member, use the following link:  Project Gold qualification survey.  It really is easy money!

In between, I’m still offered somewhat-regular surveys ranging from $1-$5 here and there.  They don’t come every day, but it is very worthwhile to be signed up with this site, for when those great ones do come along.  I usually don’t bother with those 20-minute, $1 surveys, because it isn’t really worth it.  But in seeing how generous this site is with their other survey rewards, and how quick that check comes when I request it, I now take anything they ask of me, every time.

Download the Savvy Connect app from

Savvy Connect Complaints (& Technical Issues)

  • Difficulty streaming video on my tabletSavvy Connect is completely safe for all of your devices.  However, depending on the tasks you’re doing in the foreground, it can occasionally get in your way.  It did not affect my PC at all–it ran in the background and I never notice it at all.  It did slow me down on my Kindle, completely blocking any streaming through my Netflix and HuluPlus apps, and sometimes my YouTube app.  I quickly learned that I could just disconnect the Savvy Connect app on the tablet for streaming video, and manually restart it when I’m done.
  • You must install Savvy Connect updates.  When you accept whatever deal you’ve accepted to download the apps in the first place, you’re agreeing to keep them always updated.  Some devices notify you when there’s been a new update available, but some don’t.  My android smartphone updated automatically about twice, as the updates became available.  My android tablets did not.  I had to manually download it from the website, just like I did the first time.  It’s possible that this is my own fault with my tablet settings, as some of my apps update automatically and others don’t.  But just keep a look out for necessary updates to ensure that you get credited for it at the end of your required time-frame.

Survey Savvy, Savvy Connect Project Gold download page.

Savvy Connect TIPS:

  • Temporarily disconnect the app when it interferes with anything else.  As long as you remember to sign back in, you’ll be fine and should have no problem qualifying.
  • Download and install Savvy Connect updates.  You may have to do this manually if your device doesn’t install them automatically.  But you’ll be notified on your computer, and should then make sure that your other devices are updated as well.
  • Reinstall directly from the website if you have any technical issues with updates.  I had this issue on my PC–the update never installed, I kept getting an error message.  I was told to re-download the app directly from the download page at  And all was good again.
  • Only about five minutes per day, per device is actually requiredYou do need to turn on and keep your app activated every day, but only for about 5 minutes per device. I got this tip directly from the source.  During my first week into the project, a lady from Survey Savvy called me at home to notify me that they hadn’t received anything from my cell phone for the previous 48 hours.  She was warning me that I needed to sign in if I wanted to remain qualified for the project.  I told here that I rarely use my cell unless I’m out, and asked her directly how much they needed from me.  She told me that they need to receive data from each device, everyday.  I told her that it blocks my streaming capabilities on my tablet, and asked her what I could do about that.  She said it was fine to disconnect it if I needed to.  She also suggested that I get on my cell phone and tablet early, do my regular stuff I’ve got to do for five minutes or so each, and get it out of the way for the day.  And of course, I’m on my computer for the rest of the day anyway.  And since then, I have missed a day here and there on my cell, but I guess it’s the best effort that counts.  As long as they’re receiving data from most of your devices most of the time.

Savvy Connect compatible devices:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Service Pack 3.
  • Mac OS X 10.5+
  • Linux
  • iOS iPad & iPhone
  • Android phones or tablets.  I read somewhere on the site that it doesn’t work properly on Kindle Fires, however it runs perfectly on my Kindle Fire, 2nd Generation.

Savvy Connect supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 23+
  • Chrome

About Survey Savvy:

Survey Savvy is a division of Luth Research, one of the original market research and analysis companies.  Rosanne Luth founded the company in 1977, and specializes in all aspects of custom research, including focus group research, field service capabilities, and telephone and online surveying.  They work with big business, multinational corporations, such as Netflix, Nickelodeon, Target, and Ebay (found at, as well as many small, lesser-known boutique research firms.

Survey Savvy and the Better Business Bureau

Survey Savvy, Savvy Connect and Luth Research Better Business Bureau Reviews.

Survey Savvy, aka Luth Research, is BBB accredited and has been given an A+ score on its business review.  This is somewhat surprising, as most survey sites dealing with so many people is sure to have many complaints.  However, there have only been 14 official Survey Savvy complaints made with the Better Business Bureau in the last three years.

After reading through these complaints, I can tell you that most of them are from disgruntled customers who either didn’t receive credit for a survey, or didn’t receive their check in the mail.  Survey Savvy did respond promptly to each and every complaint, and seemed to respectfully attempt to resolve the situation honestly.  In three instances, where even the surveyor admits to have not followed the rules, but still feels like it was unfair to not be credited at all, Luth Research actually gave in, saying something like “we agree that we got enough information from you”, and actually credited them the full amount.


It seems as though Luth Research seriously values their Better Business Bureau reputation.  If any issues arise, a simple threat to file a BBB complaint will likely get you what you want (but you don’t have to tell them I said that!)..

Really though, Survey Savvy is a fantastic site that will be worth your valuable timeSo sign up with SurveySavvy, and get started on that $60 Project Gold survey.  It’s easy money you can earn for doing almost-nothing!

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