Is wealthy affiliate scam? Or a successful new business.

Wealthy Affiliate University – Scam? or Successful New Business..

Wealthy Affiliate University – SCAM? or SUCCESSFUL NEW BUSINESS? 

So, I’ve talked a lot about Wealthy Affiliate here, because it is a major part of my life and my income.

So here is my official review.

While my opinion as a member may be a bit biased, I promise to be completely objective here, detailing the GOOD and the BAD..

My personal experience of Wealthy Affiliate University…

 The Free Trial Offer

The free-trial deal was supposed to include most of “bells & whistles” of Wealthy Affiliate University.  Enough to try it out and make sure I liked the job before I committed to it full-time.

I initially joined for free, as promised.  Registration consisted of name and email, no question of a credit card whatsoever!  To prove I was a real person I had to confirm my email address.  That was that.

Once I was in, I’m told to setup a username, fill out my profile to introduce myself to the community. I was immediately given access to the lessons—10 lessons for a 10-day trial period.

I jumped right in and found the lessons to be incredibly fascinating!  Maybe most of you knew a little about affiliate marketing already, but it was mostly new information to me. I had no idea how so many people were making all this money online and how easy it could be for me to get in on it too.

My ten days worth of lessons were finished in two days!  I was overly eager, I zoomed through the lessons without waiting.

Here’s the gist of the lessons and what I learned..

Online Entrepreneurship Certifications:  10 Lessons

During the first course, they roll out the Welcome Mat..

“We’re so happy to have you here..  Here’s how to complete your profile, add your picture.. Here’s how to ask for help, and here’s a quick tour of Wealthy Affiliate”, blah, blah, blah…

Now while this IS very interesting, you can skip it, or skim through it and move on to the good stuff.


Here’s all the SECRETS I never knew—how to actually make money online.  How it’s all possible, how others are doing it.  CREATE CONTENT on a website, use KEYWORDS and SEO to get visitors, and GET COMMISSIONS from other businesses when those visitors click  on your links.


You pick a topic that interests you, and you start your website.  Your “content” that is necessary for the entire process to work, can be writing on your blog or website.  You can use your site to make an online store.  You can create videos and learn how to make money with those.. Whichever way you go, you’ll be learning how to GENERATE your own INCOME with your content.


Here’s your two free websites.  You get to design them, color, theme, etc..  You get to choose the names of both, and they’re widely available. You can add whatever you want to these sites, there are zero limits.

But, these are not custom domains—they are sites (example: yoursite@siterubix .com).  You can do whatever you want with these two, and they’re yours as long as you’re a member—for free or paid.

Your SiteRubix websites are LIVE, and reachable by the public.  So, as soon as you publish your site, you are officially a webmaster with your own website online.

If you follow the lessons, you can make these sites successful.  However, most people decide to choose a custom domain after they design their ideal website.  This will be on your tab, as most domains cost about $10 to purchase, and as an annual recurring cost to keep it..

I was surprised by this, as it is not mentioned anywhere in the WA starter lessons.  But it’s a small price to pay for your very own personalized dot com website.


I used to think that you’d have to be a programmer, or be prepared to dish out hundreds of bucks a month to have your own website.  I was so surprised to find out how easy and inexpensive it is!

The next few lessons show you in detail how to setup your website.  You can choose from thousands of different themes, and design it to give it the specific look you want.  You’re -shown step-by-step lessons of how to add categories, posts and pages, images..  It is all spelled out for you in text, and video walkthrough.  It’s so simple, and a lot of fun!

And keep in mind, it is all still FREE at this point!


I was already shown how to make money with my website, but these final lessons focus on the different types of content (articles, posts, videos, social media, etc) you can add, and how to attract visitors and ultimately profit from your content.

This is where you learn about SEO and how to use it.  SEO is “search engine optimization”, and it’s basically how to setup your website so that Google notices it..

Since it’s the search engines that will bring you the majority of your visitors (at least at first), you need to know what they people are looking for and what they like to see in a published website.  It’s really just a few simple steps that will quickly become second-nature to any website owner.

In two days (by Lesson 10), I had TWO published websites, live for the world to see.  Please keep in mind that both of these have changed in content and design many times over the years, as I continue to learn new things at WA on a daily basis.

Affiliate earnings and how much you can make.

Starting at Wealthy Affiliate, you’re given two sets of lessons.  You can start with either one, but most WA members eventually study and actively practice both earning methods.

Affiliate Certification Training

—  Certification Training teaches you how to make money from any niche, or topic of interest you choose.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

—  Bootcamp teaches you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate (if you choose).

No matter which training you start with, you are carefully walked through the entire process.  The Bootcamp training is a fantastic advantage to the already beneficial membership.  Wealthy Affiliate is it’s own affiliate program that pays its members very generous commissions for referrals.

As a Premium WA member, you get $22.50 commission payment for anyone who signs up under your link.  And this is a recurring commission—meaning you get it each and every month as long as that person stays a member.

So even if you only get as few as three new members per week, that’s about $250 per month, every month.

And this is only through Wealthy Affiliate.  You will be promoting many different products or services in addition to WA, which has the potential to bring in a lot of extra money.

For example, I promote an awesome survey site called FusionCash, because it was where I started with online earning and where I made the most money.  Now, in promoting it, I make ten times more than I did without a website. It is one of my more profitable affiliate programs.

And all I did was mention FusionCash and post a link.  Simply talking about my success at FusionCash gets people interested and they click on the link, which almost always brings me a commission.

With each FusionCash click, I earn $1 – $2, which is a tiny amount compared to many other affiliate commision programs.  But this one little link brings in about $300-$400 per month all by itself.

And from my three websites, I promote about 200 different programs. It’s that easy.

Wealthy Affiliate brings in the majority of my income, but many, many other “free” programs add up to a lot of cash!

Now this may take a while of devoted blogging on your site to get to this point.  It took me about 6-8 months to see a steady stream of visitors, clicks and signups.

But the niches I chose off the bat were highly competitive.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you suggestions of very narrow fields which will bring in immediate traffic simply because of a lack of options.  You just answer the people’s questions.

As long as my websites are active and I’m continually doing what WA taught me, Google automatically continues to reward me with more visitors.

WA taught me how to it all, and I’m still learning new stuff every day.

Keeping that big money in mind, let me tell you my Wealthy Affiliate complaint.

The cost.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a free service.  It comes with a hefty monthly fee.

But let me clarify–the free trial was actually free as promised..  The two websites also promised, including designing and publishing, really was free as well..

However, after the 10-day free Starter trial period is over, you’re required to pay the first monthly fee if you want to continue on with the lessons and keep building up your website and your content, and most likely you will.

I promise, it’s unexpectedly very addictive!

Okay, so the good news is that you’re offered a discounted rate for the first month of $19.

If you’re still there 30 days later, you’re billed $47 for your next month and each following month that you remain a member.

Okay so I know exactly what you’re thinking because I thought it too. If you could see profitable results immediately, then it would be a piece of cake paying a monthly fee out.  But no, they tell you straight up that it will likely take a while before you see traffic and earnings coming in.  It is very likely that you’ll get a few commission payments straggle through during your first month and your second month..  By the third month, again this depends on which niche you’ve chosen, you will likely get your first steady stream of income.  Not enough to live on, and very likely it won’t be enough to cover your monthly payments yet either.  But if you continue to follow the lessons, and adding content to your website or blog on a regular basis, the people (and the big money) will come!

Kyle, the WA owner hosts all the video lessons himself. As skeptical as I usually am, I believed him when he kept saying, “just keep working, it’ll happen”.  He gives a time-frame for success somewhere around 3-8 months.  And by the 12 month mark, you’ve got cash payments coming in from all over the place on a daily basis.

But still, just starting out with something so new, you really don’t want to pay a bunch of money on a promise that things will come back to you eventually.  But that’s what I did.  I believed in it, and honestly, I was having fun and I didn’t want to quit!

At about the six month mark at Wealthy Affiliate, I started getting regular traffic, and clicks, and the payments slowly started coming in.  And mind you, I chose the hard “make money online” niche that everybody seems to be doing!  Another niche probably would have made it happen in half the time..

But the point is that now my monthly payments going into WA are a tiny portion of what WA is giving me each month.  I would be paying $47 on the 13th (or whatever day of the month that I happen to start my membership on), and I would get a $64 payment from Wealthy Affiliate send directly into my Paypal account on the first of the month.  The next month it would be higher, and the next month even higher, and on and on…  I quickly learned what a terrific value that service actually is.  I could have easily taken my website over to a different hosting company for a little bit cheaper, and left WA for good, saving myself that outgoing payment each month.  But not being a member, I lose my biggest monthly commission payment each month.

After a year, I had good money!  I went ahead and paid the yearly subscription fee of $375, which cut my monthly payments down to $29 per month.  And out of that $29 per month, I am getting $22.5 handed right back to me, per referral, for each and every month.  Wealthy Affiliate is easy to sell–it’s worth it and people can see that for themselves for free.

Worst case scenario–quit when your trial period’s up.  Nothing lost on your end, and a lot of new knowledge gained.

My favorite part about my new Internet business…

I recently had a family crisis which took all of my time and left all three of my sites completely neglected for about two months.  I was worried about losing the income after being away for so long.  But the flow of visitors, clicks, and commissions coming in never even slowed down!  My business was running, and thriving without me.

Set it and forget it..

Affiliate marketing is not exactly what you’d call a ‘passive income’, because you have to put in the work.  But once your content is published and your affiliate links are placed, it’s there forever.  Set it and forget it!  If I completely walked away from my websites today, the money would probably still be flowing in for about a year or two.

Is wealthy affiliate scam? Or a successful new business.

THE KEY TO SUCCESS at Wealthy Affiliate

Take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Community to learn tricks and tips.

When I joined, I automatically assumed that these people are my competition.  Why should I

turn to them with any questions or comments?  I’m not a social person, personally.  But there are no competitors there.  They’re all friendly and helpful.  It’s the strangest lifestyle.  Everyone has one common goal, but very different methods of getting there.  There are many successful people at WA, many of whom are owners of popular sites that you probably visit on a daily basis.  Ask any question, anytime, and you’ll get professional answers or suggestions, usually within minutes.

Only promote products and services that you believe in!

You will come across plenty of affiliate programs offering you outrageous, hard-to-pass-up commissions just for mentioning them or linking to them.  It is just bad business to promoting products or services or websites that you are unfamiliar with, or that you know your readers will not be happy with.  It may earn you a commission, but it will probably lose you respect and credibility with that reader who trusted you.

Follow the instructions step-by-step and it WORKS!  

If you complete each step of each lesson, you will earn money from your website. No limits.

And each step of the process was fun.  Every little step or accomplishment gets you excited and you’re ready to do more and more!

You can actually see how Google notices your hard work and rewards you with better rankings, more visitors to your site, and ultimately, more earnings.

Depending on your devotion, the sky is the limit from there.

After a year of blogging, I quit my full-time job and worked solely from home, earning more than I was before.

I am now up to three websites total, which bring in three incomes.

I am my own boss..  I work my own hours. It’s a completely new lifestyle.

Wealthy Affiliate changed my life.

Get your new business started for free with Wealthy Affiliate.


What is ZipNadaZilch?

What is ZipNadaZilch?  Sign up at
If you’re here, then you’ve obviously heard something about ZNZ, or ZipNadaZilch. The company itself is somewhat of a mystery to newcomers, and their main website does not give enough information to figure out what the business is really all about.

So, what is ZipNadaZilch?

ZipNadaZilch, LLC is an Internet marketing company based out of Texas. The owner is a man named Jeffery Kocurek, and the entire business only has three employees (Better Business Bureau, 2014).

The business itself is an affiliate partner for a bunch of various fortune 500 companies who just happen to be offering commissions to anyone who attracts customers to their business. The customer, or visitor must take part in a free and discounted product and service trials for the affiliate to get commission.

ZipNadaZilch – Better Business Bureau Rating

What is ZipNadaZilch?  Better Business Bureau gave it a "B".ZipNadaZilch has a “B” rating from the Better Business Bureau. While they are not BBB accredited, it is likely that they just did not apply. But the “B” rating is considered to be a very good score, and is largely based on certain factors, such as the numbers of complaints against the company and the manner in which they handle those complaints.

As of August, 2014, there had been 18 complaints filed against ZipNadaZilch in three years. However, most of the complaints seem to be regarding the affiliate pages that the individuals signed up through, (such as the ZNZ Ad Team website) rather than the practices of the ZNZ Company itself. ZipNadaZilch did respond to each and every complaint, and made good on those issues where possible.

Which Companies Does ZipNadaZilch Represent?

Some of these companies include:

  •  Free Credit Score
  • GameFly
  • LifeLock
  • Disney Book Club
  • Real Player Cloud
  • Boxerfy
  • GoDaddy

ZipNadaZilch recruits people (me and you) to market the participating businesses for them, allowing us to get in on the paid commission. In order to be eligible for the commission offerings, we have to first participate in the required number of offers.

How many offers do I have to complete?

The number of offers required is where it can get a little confusing. ZipNadaZilch has many different levels. You can choose which level you want to join, or you can choose to join all of the levels to maximize commission possibilities. Making that decision is largely based on two factors:

  • How much you want to pay to join (yes, some offers do cost), and
  • How much commission you want to make

When you sign up for ZNZ One, for example, you only have to complete one credit’s worth of offers. With ZNZ One, all offers are worth one credit, therefore you only have to complete one offer. There are a few on here that are absolutely free trials, so it is perfectly possible to join this site absolutely free. Then, you’re eligible for $20 commission for each of your referrals who also join ZNZ One and complete their one credit offer.Offer requirements for ZipNadaZilch All-in-One


However, to join ZNZ All in One, three credits are required, and each offer is worth varying credits. Above is a screenshot of some of the offers available for ZNZ All in One.  You can see that a lot of these will cost you, and most are a lot less than a full credit.  The average number of offers you would have to take part in for the All in One site would be about 6 to 8.  The higher the commission, the more effort is required from you.

What is ZipNadaZilch’s commission payout?

ZipNadaZilch has many different levels with various commission payouts, but the higher you go up in the levels, the more commission you can earn per referral.What is ZipNadaZilch's various levels of commission?

  • ZNZ One $20
  • ZNZ Two $30
  • ZNZ Cash $40
  • ZNZ Big Cash $60
  • ZNZ Double $20
  • ZNZ All in One $130

This is only about a quarter of the levels—ZNZ actually has 21 sites in all.

I can only guess that the reason they’ve chosen to divide ZipNadaZilch into so many different levels is to get more people, like me and you, to continue aiming higher and ultimately join more trials. The more we partake, the more commission ZNZ gets. But the higher we aim, the more commission we get as well.

My Suggestion…

Just sign up with one or two of the ZNZ websites until you’ve gotten down a rhythm of bringing in referrals. Make sure it’s what you want to do before going all in. The ZNZ One site has free offers so you can get it and try it out without having to pay a penny.

How ZipNadaZilch Works..

ZipNadaZilch Tips and Resources..

Learn how to get your free ZNZ capture page with the ZNZ Ad Team.
Here are a few easy and cheap ways to start advertising your ZNZ promotions.

How to Advertise ZNZ


Hopefully by now you’ve signed up at the ZipNadaZilch login, and gotten your free ZNZ promotions capture page from the ZNZ Ad Team website.  But now you’re wondering what you can do with your new personalized affiliate capture page..

Here are a few easy (and cheap) ways to start your ZNZ promotions.


Start a Blog

As a new affiliate, starting your own website is ideal.  You need an outlet for your affiliate links so you can share more than just your capture page.  With a well-ranking website or blog, you can get your link on page one or two where people will see it, click on it, and you get paid. But if you don’t have your own website or blog, ranking on page one is not something that is going to happen quickly.  But for the long-term, you should definitely be considering this as an option.

How to advertise ZNZ

Social Media Sites

If you happen to have 500 Facebook friends and Twitter followers, you’d probably benefit greatly from posting your link to “public”. Include a short ZipNadaZilch work@home ad, and a sweet personal message, like “Do your friend a favor: share this link (or retweet)”.

Don’t be shy to ask people to share it forward–it usually works.  Most people will share if they are simply asked nicely.

And every time your link gets shared and people click on it, it will come from your own personal ZNZ account, giving you the credit, so you get paid.



Google AdWords Advertising Campaign

You could start a Google ad campaign with a small budget of about $30 to $50.

Here’s how it works:

Go to Google Adwords, and sign up (it’s free).  Choose some keywords that are relevant to the ZNZ purpose, like “work from home”.

You want to choose keywords that are low in competition, so that it’s cheaper, but will still bring in some traffic.  Choose your budget, and Google will advertise your ZNZ capture page on page one of searches containing those keywords you’ve chosen.  When your advertising campaign is started, it will continue until your budget has been reached.

This should give you a nice little boost in your ZNZ sales to get you started.


Video Marketing

Anyone can create videos and upload them to YouTube all day long..  It’s free, and it’s relatively easy to get your videos to rank on the first pages so that people will see them.  You’d just want to find competitive keywords to use in your title, and to add as tags.  Jaaxy is an excellent keyword research program with a specific YouTube ranking tool.  This is a paid program, but you can get 30 valuable searches for free.



Facebook Advertising campaign

Very similar to the Google ad, you can create a ZipNadaZilch work/home ad and pay Facebook to spread it around.   They make it so easy, even brand-new Internet newbies can navigate their way around this task.  And it can be as cheap as you want–you set the budget.  Want to just test the waters?  Give it a little $10 budget and see how it goes.



How to advertise ZNZ--think outside the box!


With all the different avenues available  on the Internet today, there are so many ways you could reach people.  You just need to get creative–think outside the box.  Finding new and unusual ways to get your message out there will set you apart from the herd in a saturated market.   This is how you can be successful in any affiliate marketing endeavor.

ZNZ Ad Team – Your Free ZNZ Marketing System

ZNZ Ad TeamWhile ZipNadaZilch has implemented a great business plan with great earning potential, they offer absolutely no support at all.  If any of you have gone directly to the zipnadazilch site to sign up, there is hardly any guidance, much less help and tips for actually advertising the product.  But there is a completely separate resource called the ZNZ Ad Team that might be exactly what you need.

What is the ZNZ Ad Team?

The ZNZ Ad Team is a free ZNZ marketing system that offers free training and a capture page that hosts your affiliate link.  The training is helpful and in depth.  It will give you ideas on marketing your new capture page to the public.

The capture page offers members a way to direct traffic to their ZNZ affiliate link, while also explaining the company and entire ZNZ process to your potential referrals.  The video description acts as a convincing sales pitch for your referrals.  This is ideal for people who do not have a website of their own in which to promote ZNZ.

When I first signed up with ZNZ, I dug through many, many ZNZ Ad Team reviews, but was never told exactly what to do with it.  So, here goes.  This is how it works:

When you go to the ZNZ Ad Team website and sign up, you’re asked to enter your ZNZ member numbers for ZNZ One, ZNZ Two, and ZNZ Big Cash.  If you’ve already signed up with all three of these, just go to your ZipNadaZilch page for each to sign in and get your member number.  Copy and paste them one at a time to the ZNZ Ad Team page.

ZNZ Ad Team capture page.

Here’s an important point you won’t find in other ZNZ Ad Team reviews:

You don’t really have to join all three to get your free ZNZ promotions capture page.  If you haven’t completed your offer requirements for all three, or don’t want to just yet, here’s what you do..  You can register for a free account with all three without actually having to complete any offers.  You just register, confirm your email address, and get your member number to include on your ZNZ Ad Team page.

But just remember, you will not be eligible for commission for those until you complete the offers directly with

For example, say that you’ve completed your one offer requirement for ZNZ One, but not ZNZ Two or Big Cash.  Now you’re ready to promote your ZNZ capture page.  The first referral you get signs up for all three: One, Two, and Big Cash.  You will get $20 commission for your referral to ZNZ One, but you will not get the $30 for ZNZ Two, or the $80 for ZNZ Big Cash.

But that is still an easy $20 in your pocket from one referral with the same amount of work and effort on your part.

Once you’re registered with the ZNZ Ad Team, they will give you your very own ZNZ promotions capture page with your distinct referral link on it.  It will look exactly like the page above, the one that you went to to sign up.  So, your referrals will go through the very same process that you did–signing up and entering in their member numbers.

Now that you’ve signed up with the ZNZ Ad Team, find out what you can do with your new capture page.

Ready to start your own website?  Wealthy Affiliate offers step-by-step instructions (for beginners) on how to start your own blog, and teaches you the many ways you can profit from it.  Free to join.  Check it out.

Side-by-Side Reviews: Wealthy Affiliate vs. Empower Network

Which will get you to the top? Wealthy Affiliate vs Empower Network comparison reviews.

There are many successful programs out there with the potential to make you a good income from home.   Although, most of us want to skip all that hard work and find a way to get straight to the top.

None of these “easy-money” programs are actually easy money.

Whichever program you decide to go with, you’ve got to learn the ropes, and give consistent effort in applying what you learn.

This is a side-by-side comparison review of two of the top online affiliate marketing Co-op groups:

Wealthy Affiliate vs Empower Network.

  What does Wealthy Affiliate sell?

Knowledge, and step-by-step instructions for beginners. You are being taught how to start an online business, manage your own website, start your own home business, and how to make long-term profits.

 What does Empower Network sell?

Videos. You are technically buying discussion training videos and audios. But the real service you’re paying for is the chance to resell for a commission.

 How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

  •  Join for free (Starter membership)
  • $19 for first month (Premium membership)
  • $47 /month afterward (Premium membership)

 How much does it cost to join Empower Network?

  •  $25 per month (pre-loaded blog)
  •  $300 one-time fee (blog/marketing training)
  • $100 per month (motivation audios)
  • $497 one-time fee (High Ticket Academy)
  • $500 one-time fee (Costa Rica Videos)
  • $1,000 one-time fee ($15k Formula)
  • $3,500 one-time fee (Master’s Retreat)

 What is included with a Wealthy Affiliate membership?

  •  2 free WordPress websites with hosting
  • Specialized, world-class training
  • State-of the art, managed hosting for unlimited number of websites/domains
  • Weekly webinars hosted by marketing and SEO experts
  • Awesome keyword tool
  • Link tracker
  • Large community of active, helpful members

Get a taste of the inside of Wealthy Affiliate University with this video lesson showing new members how easy it is to create their first website..

It can be done in less than 30 seconds!Wealthy Affiliate member video showing you how easy it is to build your free website.

 What is included with an Empower Network membership?

  •  Pre-loaded Beast Blog website, ready-to-go (borrowed, as long as you’re a member)
  • 5 video lessons detailing the basics of blogging
  • A group or “team” for live help
  • The more products you buy, more lessons and commission possibilities you get

 How much can I make with Wealthy Affiliate?

A lot of people use Wealthy Affiliate University to learn how to make money from other affiliates for their chosen niche, but if you choose to also be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate, here are the commission possibilities:

  • Starter (free) membership: You get paid $4 for each referral that signs up for their free starter membership.  You get paid for referrals even while you’re not a paying member.
  • Premium membership: $22.50 per referral
  • This is a recurring commission—you get it every month that your referral stays a member.
  • Plus, you have all the possibilities in the world of earning commissions from any other affiliate programs you decide to join with and promote on your websites (which you will have already learned how to do).

 How much can I make with Empower Network?

  •  You can earn commission from any of the products IF you have purchased that product yourself.
  • If you’re paying $25 per month for the blogging system, your commission per referral would be $25.
  • If you’ve purchased the $297 Viral Blogging Academy videos, you can promote that package and get $297 commissions for your referrals.
  • This is the same all the way up to the $3,500 Master’s Retreat program. You pay for it, and you have the possibility to earn commission from it.

Keep in mind..

While you are promised 100% commissions, this isn’t exactly the case.

When you join, you’re joining a team of other members, including the one who referred you, and likely the one who referred him (or her).

For your first 6 sales, you only get credited for 3, while the other 3 go to that person who referred you in the first place. This equals out to be 50% for your first 6 sales.

After that, you get 4 out of 5 sale commissions–the 5th one gets credited to your referrer. This equals out to be 80% commission.

So, if you’re paying:

$25 a month for the Viral Blogging system… Your commission will be equal to $12.50 each, for the first six sales (50%), and $20 each every time after (80%).

$100 a month for the Viral Blogging Academy… Your commission will equal out to be $50 per referral for the first six sales (50%), and $80 for each referral after (80%).

This is the same routine with every commission you ever make, as long as you’re a paying member.

Now, if you decide to go further, and buy the $500, $1,000, and $3,500 packages, you get to promote those and earn that amount in commissions back to you—minus those that you send up to your sponsors in your “group”.

 Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

100% yes. If you follow the guidelines Wealthy Affiliate teaches you, you cannot lose.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the knowledge and skills you need to grow a successful, long-term, online home business, and they give you these things in a “For Beginner’s” way.  You’re also equipped with all the resources you’ll need to do it.

The Wealthy Affiliate service is something that works for its members, and they are proud to promote it.

Does Empower Network Really Work?

Yes, if you know what you’re doing.  You really have to know how to market your “product”, and in new, unique ways to compete with an abundance of other Empower Network Affiliates.

There are a lot of people jumping on this bandwagon, because there are many affiliates that claim to have become millionaires from it.  The commissions possibilities are (or can be) very high, after you’ve purchased those high-ticket items.

But most people who join Empower Network are not Internet Marketing and SEO experts, and they end up failing or giving up rather quickly.

 Wealthy Affiliate Complaints..

  •   That $47 a month cost is my complaint.  For a beginner just starting out, that’s a lot of money.
  • The training and knowledge you get from being a Premium member is just information, after all.  Information is free all over the Internet.

For my first few months, these were my complaints.  Even though I was learning so much and perfectly happy with the product and service, this was expensive for me.  And at the end of the second month, I thought I had learned everything I needed to know, so I cancelled my membership.

It took me all of two weeks to learn that I couldn’t live without it.  I already had multiple websites that were completely covered with with Wealthy Affiliate’s managed hosting, which would normally cost me way more than $50 anywhere else.  My membership also included my free domain email service, the awesome keyword research tool, linking tool, plus I was missing out on all of these valuable webinars they host weekly.

As far as the classroom lessons, these are invaluable.  There is a lot involved in marketing online and SEO and working with affiliates.  The Internet scatters this all around, whereas Wealthy Affiliate tells you everything you need to know in a step-by-step fashion, in the order of which you need to know it.

And another big reason I decided to return after those two weeks was that commissions were already coming in.  The service paid for itself much more quickly than I thought it would.

 Empower Network Complaints..

  • The preloaded blog that you get when you join Empower Network is not yours.  You could spend a lot of time and money designing something great that you’re really proud of, and have it taken away from you.  If you ever decide to leave Empower Network, they keep the blog, all the work you’ve done, and they have every right to hand it over to someone else.
  • When you join with Empower Network, you’re teaming up with a group of others ahead of you.  One thing that this company is infamous for is extreme pressure on newbies to continue purchasing the next products up the list.  Google it..  you will find some personal horror stories about verbally-abusive upselling within these “teams”.
  • If you buy the $25 blogging system, they are known to hound you to purchase the training, and then the $500 Costa Rica package, and on and on.  Of course, your own sponsor doesn’t get commissions for all the products that you haven’t purchased yet.  Also, if you’re not eligible to earn commissions all the way up to the top, then the rest of the group suffers from missing commissions.
  • Ethics is not high on the list for most Empower Network affiliates.  I don’t think this is a business you would feel good about promoting.  Their are hoards of complaints against them for their advertising methods, including spamming.  This has also resulted in all Empower Network links being banned from Facebook for a long time, and the Viral Blogging system no longer has any high Google rankings, which is the only thing that the Viral Blog is good for–getting ranked on page one of Google.Wealthy Affiliate University vs Empower Network's pyramid scheme..
  • The Empower Network pyramid scheme..  There is no actual product for sale.  If you’re at all familiar with those chain letters that used to circulate through the mail in the 80’s and 90’s, you can easily relate.  You get a dollar in the mail with a list of about 50 people or so.  You were told to add your name to the list, send 50 copies to 50 new people, and include one dollar in each.   Each of those 50 people would send out 50 each, and on and on.  With your name on the list, the dollars would flow in from a huge amount of people.  This was the idea, anyway.   This is what a pyramid scheme is, and it is the entire basis of the Empower Network system.  It’s actually quite genius.  But the problem is that, at some point, your name falls off the list.  So what then will happen to Empower Network?  That’s a lot of money to invest in eventual bankruptcy.

 Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate or Empower Network?

Honestly, there is good potential to make good money with Wealthy Affiliate, Empower Network and many of their competitors.  As with most things in life, it depends on you.

If you follow the steps you learn in the Wealthy Affiliate University classroom, and actually give consistent effort, you will succeed.  Not only will you make money, but you will have started a long-term home business that you can be proud of.

And just like most people who go through the steps and actually achieve their success, they can’t wait to start a second and third online business with different specialties.

Others need to be assured that what they’re getting into is not a scam, and that it will make them money.   So if you believe in the program you choose, then your trust will shine through and others will trust it too.
I think it all comes right down to what you think about what you’re selling. You need to choose a service that you actually believe in, so you can feel good about promoting it to others.

I would personally choose Wealthy Affiliate every time.  Check it out for yourself with 10 free days.  There’s absolutely no charge to join, and no credit card required.  


In comparing Wealthy Affiliate and Empower Network, I'd suggest you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate everytime.

Get Weekly Paychecks vs. Wealthy Affiliate

A Comparison Review of Wealthy Affiliate and Motor Club of America (Get Weekly Paychecks)

There are so many “get rich quCan you make more money with Wealthy Affiliate or Get Weekly Paychecks?ick” schemes out there, and I jumped in head first.  I was determined to find one that actually worked. I really wanted to try out those that made the big promises. Some of these guys are very convincing in assuring you how easy it is to make one or two thousand each week with their program.

While a lot of the money-making systems out there might not be considered MLM, or multi-level marketing companies, they have cleverly structured their businesses this way.  They market to customers to market for them.  And what product are they marketing?  Themselves.

While I was doing my research (and I did a lot of research!), I was overly excited about the prospect of making quick riches.  I will admit that I was starting to spend all this money in my head! But when I got started, I realized how lacking I was in all aspects. I knew how to get around online, and how to post to Facebook, but this wasn’t going to cut it. Getting ads out there to actually reach large volumes of people was going to cost me advertising dollars that I didn’t want to spend on an unknown program.

Throughout all the digging I did into the top affiliate marketing programs, I found two that hooked me:  Get Weekly Paychecks and Wealthy Affiliate. Here is my own personal experience with both of these companies.

Get Weekly Paychecks Review 

Out of the highest commission affiliate programs I found during my research, Get Weekly Paychecks stood out from the rest. Get Weekly Paychecks is the affiliate program for the Motor Club of America. They charge $20 a month to join their motor service, which is similar to Triple A’s roadside assistance. So, for the $20 a month, I actually did get a service, even though it was incredibly overpriced.  They also offer you a customized website with all of their content pre-loaded for an extra $20 a month.

So it’s $40 to get started, and $20 every subsequent month.

While MCA is technically selling the motor club service, this company’s real business is its affiliate program. They pay you commission for referring other people to join just like you did.

They give you tools you need for marketing—links and flyers. It’s up to you to find unique and creative ways to get your links out there.

Does MCA Really Work?Wealthy Affiliate vs Get Weekly Paychecks Reviews..

It might seem too good to be true, but I actually did make a little bit of money with MCA and Get Weekly Paychecks, and could see potential for more. Probably not thousands of dollars a week more like they promise, but it’s certainly not a scam.

It did take a lot of work to make those few commissions I made, though. They make it sound so easy when they say: Copy-Paste-Post.  It’s all based on advertising, and with so many other people promoting the same business and posting Motor Club of America reviews, you have to really be creative to get your links out there in unique ways.

And to make those big bucks, it’s clear that you’d have to pay out a lot for advertising fees also. There are only so many free ads you can post online without this becoming borderline spamming.

Promoting the Motor Club of America wasted too much time for not enough money.. Wealthy Affiliate vs MCA, or Get Weekly Paychecks.

I was also spending way too much time trying to get my links out there—it turned into a full-time job. I ended up only doing this for about two months. I think my downfall with this company was that I didn’t really understand the service I was promoting—but was just doing what I was told.

It feels like another pyramid scheme.  The only product you’re getting is the motor club service, which is not even a good value at all.

Because of this, my heart just wasn’t in it.  And, as I realized soon after, this passion that I was lacking is absolutely necessary to do this job.

You have to truly believe in the company you’re promoting, or it just feels like work, and you probably won’t be very good at it.


Wealthy Affiliate Review

I thought Wealthy Affiliate was just going to be another one of these network marketing sites, and to be honest, it sort of is. They want you to promote their business, and they pay you for referring new members.

They are, however, one of the highest commission affiliate programs I found. The monthly commission for each person you refer is a $22.50, and this is recurring commission, which means that as long as that person you referred stays a member, you get $22.50 every month. And that’s just one person, one referral.

But this is not really even the reason I chose to stay and pay the monthly fee (because it is not a free service). From the minute I signed up, I was given the two free websites that I was promised, and ten starter lessons on how to build my sites. Now keep in mind, I was a total newbie in regard to starting and running a website.  But by my third day, I had an entire website up and running!

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this was! The lessons made it so easy for even me to understand it. You can read through them, or take the video tutorial (I watched the videos). I was guided step-by-step through the process: Click here, click there, this option means this and this option means that. I got to see and hear, how and why every step needed to be done.

And what they were teaching me was not how to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I was being taught how to make money from a website entirely of my own creation.

My first site was all about adult acne and the products and techniques I used to prevent it in my own life. It was nothing special, but it was mine—I made it with my own thoughts and expertise. And Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to profit from it. The idea of my own long-term success was drilled into my lessons. Their plan was to set me up for my own success. And it was literally just like that! I had my own little home business. My life has been completely different ever since.


Wealthy Affiliate Cost

Now, down to the nitty-gritty—my Wealthy Affiliate complaint. Out of all of the available Wealthy Affiliate reviews, complaints are completely lacking. Obviously people who want commission for referrals don’t want to talk bad about them. But I’m going to be straight with you—what I didn’t like was that monthly fee that comes along with it.

You get your free ten-day starter account, and then the first month is $19The second month and each subsequent month you’re a member will run you $47.

This is not exactly cheap, and I’m trying to make money, not spend it.

But you have to understand that I honestly got that money back so quickly. My commissions paid for my second month before I was in my second month. This basically made it a free service (with profit).  And I was still only a beginner, soaking in their daily Wealthy Affiliate University lessons. Like I said, they do offer that free starter account, and you get a lot with this free account. You have access to everything you need to get started. You can even start making money before you pay anything.

Here’s what made me decide to stay for that second and third month.. After only a few weeks, I made my first few commissions that completely covered the cost of my first and second months, and all this came from one tiny little Facebook ad. I quickly realized how valuable my membership was.

What’s Included with Wealthy Affiliate?

Learn Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate, vs doing what you're told with Get Weekly Paychecks.

But even if you’re still concerned about the cost (to which I don’t blame you), you can still try it out for free and back out if you don’t want it. And if you do decide to quit after your starter period, or even after your first month, you can walk out of there with your two free websites that you created and a lot of new knowledge. You’ll just need to find new hosting for your sites, that’s all. So you get a lot out of even a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s why I think you’ll choose to stay anyway:

  • Free to join.  It doesn’t cost anything at all to sign up and create your website. It’s completely free—no credit card necessary at all.
  • While you’re signed up for your free starter account, you will get to create your two free websites with guided walkthroughs each step of the way.
  • You’ll get free hosting for as many websites as you want, including your two free sites that are included.
  • You’ll get free access to Jaaxy—one of the best keyword search tools out there.

Best of all, within two days of lessons, you’ll finally learn all those little secrets to making money online. Before I ever paid a dime, I was told about all the ways I could make money, and was even taught how to do this myself. This is what really earned my devotion to this company. I am confident that after only a few days you’ll see the value in the Wealthy Affiliate service and decide to stay. And at the very least, it’ll happen after you see that first commission come in.

I suggest you try it out for free right now. Get your free website up and running at

Let me know once you’ve signed up.  Leave me a comment below.  I’ll be your first follower at Wealthy Affiliate!

See my in-depth, side-by-side comparison review of Wealthy Affiliate and Empower Network.

Sign up for a free blog at Wealthy Affiliate.. WA vs Get Weekly Paychecks

Make Money From Home (Without Spending Money)

Quit searching and find out how to make money from home without spending money..

How can I make money from home, without a job?  I asked myself this question every time I had to leave my son at the dreaded daycare so that I could go to work.  I hated the fact that I had to hand him over to strangers everyday just so I could work and pay my bills.

I was right where you are–scouring the Internet for money-making opportunities, looking for that easy path to success.  I needed to learn how to start making money from home, without spending money in the process.

I’ve spent years reading articles, reviews, taking suggestions and testing out theories, and have finally found some success at earning an online income.  

The methods I used were not get-rich-quick schemes.  I had to put in a lot of consistent work before I finally got that steady inflow coming in, and I made a lot of mistakes throughout the process. I hope to help you avoid making those same rookie mistakes I did.

I’m including a lot of valuable information here.  I know you will find some good opportunities here so you can stop that search and finally get on the path to success that you’re looking for.

How to make money from home without spending any money..

Get Paid: Take Surveys Online

You can get paid to take surveys and take part in free offers. Surveys are the easiest way to make a little cash online, and they can be fun and interesting.  While it seems like there must be enough out there to make a significant amount of money doing just surveys, they are very time consuming, which makes it harder for you to really rake in too much money from surveys alone.

When I first started, I devoted most of my free time over a couple of weeks doing surveys alone and I came out with about $60.  I still do them somewhat often because they’re very addictive.  Sometimes, while I am in the middle of one, I will get bored and wish it were over.  But as soon as it is, and I see that reward being posted to my account, even if it’s just 50 cents, I am incredibly eager to start the next one.

I have tried so many survey sites, and I am very familiar with who pays, who offers other rewards, and who will simply waste your time.  Here is an always-updated list of survey sites that are worth your precious time, and believe me, these sites pay out.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

Promoting other businesses can turn into a full-time job with a full-time paycheck.  There are plenty of successful businesses out there who will pay you to talk about them.  And this is sooo much easier than you ever could have imagined.  You can actually do this job without having to move from your home-desk!

You know those “Refer a Friend” links you see on most websites? I used to look at those in a completely different way. Now that I understand their purpose, I see a lot of potential earnings in them and I look for them everywhere. Most sites you visit have refer friend programs that pay you cash or credit for making referrals, or basically advertising for them.

There are literally thousands of companies out there offering affiliate programs.  Here are a few of the best affiliate marketing programs beginners need to know about.

Multi-Level Marketing Companies (MLM)

This is where the big-money potential is!  Unless you have an actual product or service that you plan to market yourself, there are a few online companies out there who pay commission strictly for promoting their business. MLM, or multi-level marketing companies make money from marketing themselves and having their customers market for them as well.

Actively taking part in an MLM system is similar to taking on affiliates and clicking on those “Refer Friend” programs we discussed, yet there is likely more money to be made with one of these sites. But just like anything else, there will be some that work, some that are not worth your time, and some that are just trying to scam you.

You should always research your options before signing up for one of these services.  The absolute most important key here is to only join with a company that you like and are actually a part of.  If you truly believe in the company you’re promoting, then others will notice and believe in it too.

I have personally signed up and tested some of these more popular ones out there.  Here are the two top MLM companies that I have chosen to stick with because they are actually making me money.

Sell on Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist

After I learned about Ebay, it took me a few years to get it right.  But after learning many, many things “the hard way”, I really began to make significant profits.  Whether or not you have a product or service to sell, it is not difficult to make some extra cash on Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist.  Here is a guide to finding stuff and reselling it online for a profit.

Online “Work-From-Home” Jobs

Working from home doesn’t have to be a big, scary “experiment” with get-rich-quick schemes. There are plenty of top companies looking for people to work from home. Finding these companies used to be quite difficult. You’d literally have to scour the internet searching out online job applications.

If you have a good resume, and you want that steady, dependable paycheck that comes with an actual employment position, there are plenty of Internet jobs available from reputable companies out there.  You just need to know where to find online jobs..  Here are some great sites for getting straight to those work-from-home jobs that are not scams.

You could also make a career out of becoming a Virtual Assistant.  This consists of doing office-related tasks for other people and businesses strictly from home.  Learning how to do this right can bring in a five-figure salary, and give you that freedom you’re looking for.

The Internet is a HUGE place with an abundance of money-making opportunities.  Let’s help each other profit.  Add a comment if you have new ideas for the rest of us to try out.