Side-by-Side Reviews: Wealthy Affiliate vs. Empower Network

Which will get you to the top? Wealthy Affiliate vs Empower Network comparison reviews.

There are many successful programs out there with the potential to make you a good income from home.   Although, most of us want to skip all that hard work and find a way to get straight to the top.

None of these “easy-money” programs are actually easy money.

Whichever program you decide to go with, you’ve got to learn the ropes, and give consistent effort in applying what you learn.

This is a side-by-side comparison review of two of the top online affiliate marketing Co-op groups:

Wealthy Affiliate vs Empower Network.

  What does Wealthy Affiliate sell?

Knowledge, and step-by-step instructions for beginners. You are being taught how to start an online business, manage your own website, start your own home business, and how to make long-term profits.

 What does Empower Network sell?

Videos. You are technically buying discussion training videos and audios. But the real service you’re paying for is the chance to resell for a commission.

 How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

  •  Join for free (Starter membership)
  • $19 for first month (Premium membership)
  • $47 /month afterward (Premium membership)

 How much does it cost to join Empower Network?

  •  $25 per month (pre-loaded blog)
  •  $300 one-time fee (blog/marketing training)
  • $100 per month (motivation audios)
  • $497 one-time fee (High Ticket Academy)
  • $500 one-time fee (Costa Rica Videos)
  • $1,000 one-time fee ($15k Formula)
  • $3,500 one-time fee (Master’s Retreat)

 What is included with a Wealthy Affiliate membership?

  •  2 free WordPress websites with hosting
  • Specialized, world-class training
  • State-of the art, managed hosting for unlimited number of websites/domains
  • Weekly webinars hosted by marketing and SEO experts
  • Awesome keyword tool
  • Link tracker
  • Large community of active, helpful members

Get a taste of the inside of Wealthy Affiliate University with this video lesson showing new members how easy it is to create their first website..

It can be done in less than 30 seconds!Wealthy Affiliate member video showing you how easy it is to build your free website.

 What is included with an Empower Network membership?

  •  Pre-loaded Beast Blog website, ready-to-go (borrowed, as long as you’re a member)
  • 5 video lessons detailing the basics of blogging
  • A group or “team” for live help
  • The more products you buy, more lessons and commission possibilities you get

 How much can I make with Wealthy Affiliate?

A lot of people use Wealthy Affiliate University to learn how to make money from other affiliates for their chosen niche, but if you choose to also be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate, here are the commission possibilities:

  • Starter (free) membership: You get paid $4 for each referral that signs up for their free starter membership.  You get paid for referrals even while you’re not a paying member.
  • Premium membership: $22.50 per referral
  • This is a recurring commission—you get it every month that your referral stays a member.
  • Plus, you have all the possibilities in the world of earning commissions from any other affiliate programs you decide to join with and promote on your websites (which you will have already learned how to do).

 How much can I make with Empower Network?

  •  You can earn commission from any of the products IF you have purchased that product yourself.
  • If you’re paying $25 per month for the blogging system, your commission per referral would be $25.
  • If you’ve purchased the $297 Viral Blogging Academy videos, you can promote that package and get $297 commissions for your referrals.
  • This is the same all the way up to the $3,500 Master’s Retreat program. You pay for it, and you have the possibility to earn commission from it.

Keep in mind..

While you are promised 100% commissions, this isn’t exactly the case.

When you join, you’re joining a team of other members, including the one who referred you, and likely the one who referred him (or her).

For your first 6 sales, you only get credited for 3, while the other 3 go to that person who referred you in the first place. This equals out to be 50% for your first 6 sales.

After that, you get 4 out of 5 sale commissions–the 5th one gets credited to your referrer. This equals out to be 80% commission.

So, if you’re paying:

$25 a month for the Viral Blogging system… Your commission will be equal to $12.50 each, for the first six sales (50%), and $20 each every time after (80%).

$100 a month for the Viral Blogging Academy… Your commission will equal out to be $50 per referral for the first six sales (50%), and $80 for each referral after (80%).

This is the same routine with every commission you ever make, as long as you’re a paying member.

Now, if you decide to go further, and buy the $500, $1,000, and $3,500 packages, you get to promote those and earn that amount in commissions back to you—minus those that you send up to your sponsors in your “group”.

 Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

100% yes. If you follow the guidelines Wealthy Affiliate teaches you, you cannot lose.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the knowledge and skills you need to grow a successful, long-term, online home business, and they give you these things in a “For Beginner’s” way.  You’re also equipped with all the resources you’ll need to do it.

The Wealthy Affiliate service is something that works for its members, and they are proud to promote it.

Does Empower Network Really Work?

Yes, if you know what you’re doing.  You really have to know how to market your “product”, and in new, unique ways to compete with an abundance of other Empower Network Affiliates.

There are a lot of people jumping on this bandwagon, because there are many affiliates that claim to have become millionaires from it.  The commissions possibilities are (or can be) very high, after you’ve purchased those high-ticket items.

But most people who join Empower Network are not Internet Marketing and SEO experts, and they end up failing or giving up rather quickly.

 Wealthy Affiliate Complaints..

  •   That $47 a month cost is my complaint.  For a beginner just starting out, that’s a lot of money.
  • The training and knowledge you get from being a Premium member is just information, after all.  Information is free all over the Internet.

For my first few months, these were my complaints.  Even though I was learning so much and perfectly happy with the product and service, this was expensive for me.  And at the end of the second month, I thought I had learned everything I needed to know, so I cancelled my membership.

It took me all of two weeks to learn that I couldn’t live without it.  I already had multiple websites that were completely covered with with Wealthy Affiliate’s managed hosting, which would normally cost me way more than $50 anywhere else.  My membership also included my free domain email service, the awesome keyword research tool, linking tool, plus I was missing out on all of these valuable webinars they host weekly.

As far as the classroom lessons, these are invaluable.  There is a lot involved in marketing online and SEO and working with affiliates.  The Internet scatters this all around, whereas Wealthy Affiliate tells you everything you need to know in a step-by-step fashion, in the order of which you need to know it.

And another big reason I decided to return after those two weeks was that commissions were already coming in.  The service paid for itself much more quickly than I thought it would.

 Empower Network Complaints..

  • The preloaded blog that you get when you join Empower Network is not yours.  You could spend a lot of time and money designing something great that you’re really proud of, and have it taken away from you.  If you ever decide to leave Empower Network, they keep the blog, all the work you’ve done, and they have every right to hand it over to someone else.
  • When you join with Empower Network, you’re teaming up with a group of others ahead of you.  One thing that this company is infamous for is extreme pressure on newbies to continue purchasing the next products up the list.  Google it..  you will find some personal horror stories about verbally-abusive upselling within these “teams”.
  • If you buy the $25 blogging system, they are known to hound you to purchase the training, and then the $500 Costa Rica package, and on and on.  Of course, your own sponsor doesn’t get commissions for all the products that you haven’t purchased yet.  Also, if you’re not eligible to earn commissions all the way up to the top, then the rest of the group suffers from missing commissions.
  • Ethics is not high on the list for most Empower Network affiliates.  I don’t think this is a business you would feel good about promoting.  Their are hoards of complaints against them for their advertising methods, including spamming.  This has also resulted in all Empower Network links being banned from Facebook for a long time, and the Viral Blogging system no longer has any high Google rankings, which is the only thing that the Viral Blog is good for–getting ranked on page one of Google.Wealthy Affiliate University vs Empower Network's pyramid scheme..
  • The Empower Network pyramid scheme..  There is no actual product for sale.  If you’re at all familiar with those chain letters that used to circulate through the mail in the 80’s and 90’s, you can easily relate.  You get a dollar in the mail with a list of about 50 people or so.  You were told to add your name to the list, send 50 copies to 50 new people, and include one dollar in each.   Each of those 50 people would send out 50 each, and on and on.  With your name on the list, the dollars would flow in from a huge amount of people.  This was the idea, anyway.   This is what a pyramid scheme is, and it is the entire basis of the Empower Network system.  It’s actually quite genius.  But the problem is that, at some point, your name falls off the list.  So what then will happen to Empower Network?  That’s a lot of money to invest in eventual bankruptcy.

 Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate or Empower Network?

Honestly, there is good potential to make good money with Wealthy Affiliate, Empower Network and many of their competitors.  As with most things in life, it depends on you.

If you follow the steps you learn in the Wealthy Affiliate University classroom, and actually give consistent effort, you will succeed.  Not only will you make money, but you will have started a long-term home business that you can be proud of.

And just like most people who go through the steps and actually achieve their success, they can’t wait to start a second and third online business with different specialties.

Others need to be assured that what they’re getting into is not a scam, and that it will make them money.   So if you believe in the program you choose, then your trust will shine through and others will trust it too.
I think it all comes right down to what you think about what you’re selling. You need to choose a service that you actually believe in, so you can feel good about promoting it to others.

I would personally choose Wealthy Affiliate every time.  Check it out for yourself with 10 free days.  There’s absolutely no charge to join, and no credit card required.  


In comparing Wealthy Affiliate and Empower Network, I'd suggest you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate everytime.