Get Weekly Paychecks vs. Wealthy Affiliate

A Comparison Review of Wealthy Affiliate and Motor Club of America (Get Weekly Paychecks)

There are so many “get rich quCan you make more money with Wealthy Affiliate or Get Weekly Paychecks?ick” schemes out there, and I jumped in head first.  I was determined to find one that actually worked. I really wanted to try out those that made the big promises. Some of these guys are very convincing in assuring you how easy it is to make one or two thousand each week with their program.

While a lot of the money-making systems out there might not be considered MLM, or multi-level marketing companies, they have cleverly structured their businesses this way.  They market to customers to market for them.  And what product are they marketing?  Themselves.

While I was doing my research (and I did a lot of research!), I was overly excited about the prospect of making quick riches.  I will admit that I was starting to spend all this money in my head! But when I got started, I realized how lacking I was in all aspects. I knew how to get around online, and how to post to Facebook, but this wasn’t going to cut it. Getting ads out there to actually reach large volumes of people was going to cost me advertising dollars that I didn’t want to spend on an unknown program.

Throughout all the digging I did into the top affiliate marketing programs, I found two that hooked me:  Get Weekly Paychecks and Wealthy Affiliate. Here is my own personal experience with both of these companies.

Get Weekly Paychecks Review 

Out of the highest commission affiliate programs I found during my research, Get Weekly Paychecks stood out from the rest. Get Weekly Paychecks is the affiliate program for the Motor Club of America. They charge $20 a month to join their motor service, which is similar to Triple A’s roadside assistance. So, for the $20 a month, I actually did get a service, even though it was incredibly overpriced.  They also offer you a customized website with all of their content pre-loaded for an extra $20 a month.

So it’s $40 to get started, and $20 every subsequent month.

While MCA is technically selling the motor club service, this company’s real business is its affiliate program. They pay you commission for referring other people to join just like you did.

They give you tools you need for marketing—links and flyers. It’s up to you to find unique and creative ways to get your links out there.

Does MCA Really Work?Wealthy Affiliate vs Get Weekly Paychecks Reviews..

It might seem too good to be true, but I actually did make a little bit of money with MCA and Get Weekly Paychecks, and could see potential for more. Probably not thousands of dollars a week more like they promise, but it’s certainly not a scam.

It did take a lot of work to make those few commissions I made, though. They make it sound so easy when they say: Copy-Paste-Post.  It’s all based on advertising, and with so many other people promoting the same business and posting Motor Club of America reviews, you have to really be creative to get your links out there in unique ways.

And to make those big bucks, it’s clear that you’d have to pay out a lot for advertising fees also. There are only so many free ads you can post online without this becoming borderline spamming.

Promoting the Motor Club of America wasted too much time for not enough money.. Wealthy Affiliate vs MCA, or Get Weekly Paychecks.

I was also spending way too much time trying to get my links out there—it turned into a full-time job. I ended up only doing this for about two months. I think my downfall with this company was that I didn’t really understand the service I was promoting—but was just doing what I was told.

It feels like another pyramid scheme.  The only product you’re getting is the motor club service, which is not even a good value at all.

Because of this, my heart just wasn’t in it.  And, as I realized soon after, this passion that I was lacking is absolutely necessary to do this job.

You have to truly believe in the company you’re promoting, or it just feels like work, and you probably won’t be very good at it.


Wealthy Affiliate Review

I thought Wealthy Affiliate was just going to be another one of these network marketing sites, and to be honest, it sort of is. They want you to promote their business, and they pay you for referring new members.

They are, however, one of the highest commission affiliate programs I found. The monthly commission for each person you refer is a $22.50, and this is recurring commission, which means that as long as that person you referred stays a member, you get $22.50 every month. And that’s just one person, one referral.

But this is not really even the reason I chose to stay and pay the monthly fee (because it is not a free service). From the minute I signed up, I was given the two free websites that I was promised, and ten starter lessons on how to build my sites. Now keep in mind, I was a total newbie in regard to starting and running a website.  But by my third day, I had an entire website up and running!

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this was! The lessons made it so easy for even me to understand it. You can read through them, or take the video tutorial (I watched the videos). I was guided step-by-step through the process: Click here, click there, this option means this and this option means that. I got to see and hear, how and why every step needed to be done.

And what they were teaching me was not how to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I was being taught how to make money from a website entirely of my own creation.

My first site was all about adult acne and the products and techniques I used to prevent it in my own life. It was nothing special, but it was mine—I made it with my own thoughts and expertise. And Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to profit from it. The idea of my own long-term success was drilled into my lessons. Their plan was to set me up for my own success. And it was literally just like that! I had my own little home business. My life has been completely different ever since.


Wealthy Affiliate Cost

Now, down to the nitty-gritty—my Wealthy Affiliate complaint. Out of all of the available Wealthy Affiliate reviews, complaints are completely lacking. Obviously people who want commission for referrals don’t want to talk bad about them. But I’m going to be straight with you—what I didn’t like was that monthly fee that comes along with it.

You get your free ten-day starter account, and then the first month is $19The second month and each subsequent month you’re a member will run you $47.

This is not exactly cheap, and I’m trying to make money, not spend it.

But you have to understand that I honestly got that money back so quickly. My commissions paid for my second month before I was in my second month. This basically made it a free service (with profit).  And I was still only a beginner, soaking in their daily Wealthy Affiliate University lessons. Like I said, they do offer that free starter account, and you get a lot with this free account. You have access to everything you need to get started. You can even start making money before you pay anything.

Here’s what made me decide to stay for that second and third month.. After only a few weeks, I made my first few commissions that completely covered the cost of my first and second months, and all this came from one tiny little Facebook ad. I quickly realized how valuable my membership was.

What’s Included with Wealthy Affiliate?

Learn Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate, vs doing what you're told with Get Weekly Paychecks.

But even if you’re still concerned about the cost (to which I don’t blame you), you can still try it out for free and back out if you don’t want it. And if you do decide to quit after your starter period, or even after your first month, you can walk out of there with your two free websites that you created and a lot of new knowledge. You’ll just need to find new hosting for your sites, that’s all. So you get a lot out of even a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s why I think you’ll choose to stay anyway:

  • Free to join.  It doesn’t cost anything at all to sign up and create your website. It’s completely free—no credit card necessary at all.
  • While you’re signed up for your free starter account, you will get to create your two free websites with guided walkthroughs each step of the way.
  • You’ll get free hosting for as many websites as you want, including your two free sites that are included.
  • You’ll get free access to Jaaxy—one of the best keyword search tools out there.

Best of all, within two days of lessons, you’ll finally learn all those little secrets to making money online. Before I ever paid a dime, I was told about all the ways I could make money, and was even taught how to do this myself. This is what really earned my devotion to this company. I am confident that after only a few days you’ll see the value in the Wealthy Affiliate service and decide to stay. And at the very least, it’ll happen after you see that first commission come in.

I suggest you try it out for free right now. Get your free website up and running at

Let me know once you’ve signed up.  Leave me a comment below.  I’ll be your first follower at Wealthy Affiliate!

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