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There’s never been a better time to sell pictures online for money!

You can easily take and sell your pictures online for money..

The demand for new photos is so high, and as long as new websites keep popping up, the demand for fresh photographs will grow and grow.

Right now, there are more than one billion websites live (according to LiveStats), and more are continuing to open every single second.  WordPress says that its hosted blog-sites alone produce almost 42 million posts each month (according to wordpress).  Now that’s a lot of content that needs a lot of images!


LiveStats' ongoing count of websites startups..

One thing that all of these website owners and bloggers have in common is the need for images on their posts and pages. Have you noticed looking around the web that everybody loads their sites with relevant photos and illustrations? These people are not all photographers, but they all have a similar need for a fresh set of photographs to upload to their posts.

There is an exciting trend happening here that most people have not fully tapped into yet. The online world needs pictures, and lots of them! All of the websites online, plus the endless supply of new blogs coming out on a daily basis, are all struggling to find free photos to upload to their sites. Because of copyright laws, they can’t just copy and paste photos from Google images.  They have to dig for pictures that come with royalty rights from the photographer.  This is usually only offered for a fee imposed by the photographer or the site who’s hosting him.  There are free images out there, but all of the good ones have been used over and over and over again. And to be honest, only a select few on each site are of any good.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do well at this job.  You just need to keep your photograph ideas at a business level.  Look around at the sites that have top-notch images for sale, and you’ll have an idea of what people want.

Then just follow of a few basic guidelines and start shooting.

Taking the Best-Selling Photos

  • While most people love a good nature shot, or seeing pictures of cute kids and puppies, these will not sell as well as others with a focus.  If people are talking about it online, or trying to sell it, then that would be a good focus for new photographs.  For example, any kind of technology is a big discussion online—everybody is mentioning it in some form or another. I personally just paid $12 for one silly little photo of an open laptop sitting on a desk. It was so simple, but it was something I could not have captured myself. But somebody else did, and they got paid for it. And it’s very likely that they got paid over and over and over again for the same image.  Keep in mind that these images are for people with business in mind.
  • Photographs capturing emotions are good sellers.
  • A good camera is a great start.  But it’s fine if you’re working with a digital camera, as long as it is at least 6 to 8 megapixels.
  • Always shoot in RAW format, not JPEG.
  • Be sure to not let any brand names or titles appear in your photos.  They can’t be used.

Just take note of some of the most talked about subjects on the Internet, and keep these in mind as you go about your day.

You can sell your everyday pictures online for money

Where to Sell Photos Online

You can upload your photos to various websites.  If they’re accepted, they usually set the price, and pay themselves a commission when it sells.

Each stock image site has its own rules and requirements, and some are a little more strict than others.  Here’s what I suggest..

Start by grabbing about 15 to 20 of the best images you have on you right now.  Upload them to the following three sites, and you’ll quickly learn the different expectations each has of its photographers.  Then you’ll have the rules in hand by the time you start taking your next 20 photos.

Here are three of the top image galleries online..

SHUTTERSTOCK is where to sell your photos online






Every time I am searching for photos on Shutterstock, I can’t help but think, “I wish I had some good photos to upload here!”.  That’s because those photographers make so much money!  Shutterstock is truly the best outlet to get your owned images onto. Businesses and website owners are paying $15 per photo at the very least, (or $199 per month) to be able to download images from Shutterstock. And even at $199 a month, customers are limited to 25 images per day. As a blogger, this is too pricy for me. But this is a very popular site, and your images will sell if they are hosted here.


Sell your photos to DREAMSTIME




This is another one of the top image galleries online. If you agree to submit photographs exclusively for this site, they will pay you 60% on each photo. And these photos sell. Or you can start out by trying just a few images at a time, and receive 25-50% from each download.


ISTOCKPHOTO for selling your pictures online for money






iStock Photo

At iStock Photo, you upload your images, and they pay you 15% of their selling price each time it sells. You can get paid up to 45% per image if you bring all of your images to iStock exclusively.  It’s incredibly easy, and it gets traffic and lots of buyers.


Some Great Photography Resources Online

There are a few valuable paid resources you might want to check out.


Have you had luck selling pictures online for money?  Let us know with a comment..

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