Learn how to become a virtual assistant.

Become a Virtual Assistant


What is a Virtual Assistant?

There is booming growth in Internet businesses and online revenue.  More and more people want to earn their living from home, which means more people competing over online consumer dollars.  The great news is that there are constantly new businesses out there who need to hire assistants now and then to handle tasks, such as their typing, creating their blog content, or doing their research.

A Virtual Assistant is a freelance administrative assistant, who works strictly from a remote location.  As a VA, you would get all the great benefits of running a home business, such as working around your own schedule, and working from your home office (or couch).  You could make a full-time living giving “virtual” office assistance to those who’ll pay you for it.

You don’t need much to get started in this field–just the basic office supplies you probably already have:

  • computer
  • Internet connection
  • phone
  • printer/copier (optional)
  • Paypal account

Go With What You’re Good At

  • Are you a fast typer?  You could advertise quick data entry.
  • Do you excel at spelling and grammar?  You could be a proofreader.
  • Do you have accounting experience?  You could be an online bookkeeper.
  • Do you know your way around Excel? I might have personally hired you to help me through my Statistics course last semester..
  • Are you good with words?  You could be a freelance writer for a blog or other publisher who needs more content.  These works you author would also double as advertising for your own new Virtual Assistance business (as long as you do well).
  • Do you speak more than one language?  You can advertise your translation services, and likely do very well with this talent alone.
  • Do you know your way around the social media sites?  Lots of new online business owners are struggling with marketing on the social media sites.  VA’s are being hired specifically to follow Facebook and Twitter conversations, and point out good hot-spots to plug in their brand names.
  • Do you have an artistic eye?  You could help design websites.
  • Are you very familiar with the search engine results and SEO?  You could specialize in doing research.  Trust me, this is in high demand.

Virtual Assistant Websites

There are tons and tons of great sites out there on which you could be posting your qualifications.  You don’t have to include an entire resume, just a list of those particular things that you’re good at.  Here’s some good websites to get you started:

Most of these freelancer sites ask for a photo or a video. Uploading a short video will give you a chance to tell potential clients how efficient and dependable you can be, and give them a chance to get to know you and your great personality.

Ideally, you should pick a few of your best qualities and stick with those. This will be your specific niche, and you’ll want to become an expert so you can excel in those areas.

Like anything else you do, you want to give it your all and do your absolute best. Even though the Virtual Assistant is still somewhat new in the online earning world, there is a lot of competition out there. Business owners and entrepreneurs who hire virtual office assistants tend to stick with those who they know do good work. So when you do get hired, you should go out of your way to prove yourself, and the chances are very good that that person will stick with you, and tell others about you.

Start Your Own Website

After you get yourself in the swing of things and have a few clients under your wing, it’s time for you to take the next step and start your own website. Whether it’s a blog or a regular website, you need a homefront for new clients to find you. More importantly, a professional-looking site of your own will give you more credibility in your field, which will be very important in attracting quality clients.

Starting a website is so much easier (and cheaper) than you probably think. To get started, it will cost you:

  • $12 (a year) for your domain name
  • $10-$20 (a month) for web hosting

This is all that is absolutely necessary to get a website up an running. There will be a lot of optional fees along the line that you can choose or not choose, such as marketing and images for your site. But there are free alternatives to both of these as well.

And if you’re not that into the social sites, like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, you could actually hire a Virtual Assistant who specializes in this area to get your name out there for you.

There is great potential in the possible earnings of a successful Virtual Assistant. For an Internet job such as this, your social presence and online reputation will get you far, and both of those are easily controllable, if you do it right and always focus on customer satisfaction.

Let me know what you think.. leave me a comment.

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