Is wealthy affiliate scam? Or a successful new business.

Wealthy Affiliate University – Scam? or Successful New Business..

Wealthy Affiliate University – SCAM? or SUCCESSFUL NEW BUSINESS? 

So, I’ve talked a lot about Wealthy Affiliate here, because it is a major part of my life and my income.

So here is my official review.

While my opinion as a member may be a bit biased, I promise to be completely objective here, detailing the GOOD and the BAD..

My personal experience of Wealthy Affiliate University…

 The Free Trial Offer

The free-trial deal was supposed to include most of “bells & whistles” of Wealthy Affiliate University.  Enough to try it out and make sure I liked the job before I committed to it full-time.

I initially joined for free, as promised.  Registration consisted of name and email, no question of a credit card whatsoever!  To prove I was a real person I had to confirm my email address.  That was that.

Once I was in, I’m told to setup a username, fill out my profile to introduce myself to the community. I was immediately given access to the lessons—10 lessons for a 10-day trial period.

I jumped right in and found the lessons to be incredibly fascinating!  Maybe most of you knew a little about affiliate marketing already, but it was mostly new information to me. I had no idea how so many people were making all this money online and how easy it could be for me to get in on it too.

My ten days worth of lessons were finished in two days!  I was overly eager, I zoomed through the lessons without waiting.

Here’s the gist of the lessons and what I learned..

Online Entrepreneurship Certifications:  10 Lessons

During the first course, they roll out the Welcome Mat..

“We’re so happy to have you here..  Here’s how to complete your profile, add your picture.. Here’s how to ask for help, and here’s a quick tour of Wealthy Affiliate”, blah, blah, blah…

Now while this IS very interesting, you can skip it, or skim through it and move on to the good stuff.


Here’s all the SECRETS I never knew—how to actually make money online.  How it’s all possible, how others are doing it.  CREATE CONTENT on a website, use KEYWORDS and SEO to get visitors, and GET COMMISSIONS from other businesses when those visitors click  on your links.


You pick a topic that interests you, and you start your website.  Your “content” that is necessary for the entire process to work, can be writing on your blog or website.  You can use your site to make an online store.  You can create videos and learn how to make money with those.. Whichever way you go, you’ll be learning how to GENERATE your own INCOME with your content.


Here’s your two free websites.  You get to design them, color, theme, etc..  You get to choose the names of both, and they’re widely available. You can add whatever you want to these sites, there are zero limits.

But, these are not custom domains—they are sites (example: yoursite@siterubix .com).  You can do whatever you want with these two, and they’re yours as long as you’re a member—for free or paid.

Your SiteRubix websites are LIVE, and reachable by the public.  So, as soon as you publish your site, you are officially a webmaster with your own website online.

If you follow the lessons, you can make these sites successful.  However, most people decide to choose a custom domain after they design their ideal website.  This will be on your tab, as most domains cost about $10 to purchase, and as an annual recurring cost to keep it..

I was surprised by this, as it is not mentioned anywhere in the WA starter lessons.  But it’s a small price to pay for your very own personalized dot com website.


I used to think that you’d have to be a programmer, or be prepared to dish out hundreds of bucks a month to have your own website.  I was so surprised to find out how easy and inexpensive it is!

The next few lessons show you in detail how to setup your website.  You can choose from thousands of different themes, and design it to give it the specific look you want.  You’re -shown step-by-step lessons of how to add categories, posts and pages, images..  It is all spelled out for you in text, and video walkthrough.  It’s so simple, and a lot of fun!

And keep in mind, it is all still FREE at this point!


I was already shown how to make money with my website, but these final lessons focus on the different types of content (articles, posts, videos, social media, etc) you can add, and how to attract visitors and ultimately profit from your content.

This is where you learn about SEO and how to use it.  SEO is “search engine optimization”, and it’s basically how to setup your website so that Google notices it..

Since it’s the search engines that will bring you the majority of your visitors (at least at first), you need to know what they people are looking for and what they like to see in a published website.  It’s really just a few simple steps that will quickly become second-nature to any website owner.

In two days (by Lesson 10), I had TWO published websites, live for the world to see.  Please keep in mind that both of these have changed in content and design many times over the years, as I continue to learn new things at WA on a daily basis.

Affiliate earnings and how much you can make.

Starting at Wealthy Affiliate, you’re given two sets of lessons.  You can start with either one, but most WA members eventually study and actively practice both earning methods.

Affiliate Certification Training

—  Certification Training teaches you how to make money from any niche, or topic of interest you choose.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

—  Bootcamp teaches you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate (if you choose).

No matter which training you start with, you are carefully walked through the entire process.  The Bootcamp training is a fantastic advantage to the already beneficial membership.  Wealthy Affiliate is it’s own affiliate program that pays its members very generous commissions for referrals.

As a Premium WA member, you get $22.50 commission payment for anyone who signs up under your link.  And this is a recurring commission—meaning you get it each and every month as long as that person stays a member.

So even if you only get as few as three new members per week, that’s about $250 per month, every month.

And this is only through Wealthy Affiliate.  You will be promoting many different products or services in addition to WA, which has the potential to bring in a lot of extra money.

For example, I promote an awesome survey site called FusionCash, because it was where I started with online earning and where I made the most money.  Now, in promoting it, I make ten times more than I did without a website. It is one of my more profitable affiliate programs.

And all I did was mention FusionCash and post a link.  Simply talking about my success at FusionCash gets people interested and they click on the link, which almost always brings me a commission.

With each FusionCash click, I earn $1 – $2, which is a tiny amount compared to many other affiliate commision programs.  But this one little link brings in about $300-$400 per month all by itself.

And from my three websites, I promote about 200 different programs. It’s that easy.

Wealthy Affiliate brings in the majority of my income, but many, many other “free” programs add up to a lot of cash!

Now this may take a while of devoted blogging on your site to get to this point.  It took me about 6-8 months to see a steady stream of visitors, clicks and signups.

But the niches I chose off the bat were highly competitive.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you suggestions of very narrow fields which will bring in immediate traffic simply because of a lack of options.  You just answer the people’s questions.

As long as my websites are active and I’m continually doing what WA taught me, Google automatically continues to reward me with more visitors.

WA taught me how to it all, and I’m still learning new stuff every day.

Keeping that big money in mind, let me tell you my Wealthy Affiliate complaint.

The cost.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a free service.  It comes with a hefty monthly fee.

But let me clarify–the free trial was actually free as promised..  The two websites also promised, including designing and publishing, really was free as well..

However, after the 10-day free Starter trial period is over, you’re required to pay the first monthly fee if you want to continue on with the lessons and keep building up your website and your content, and most likely you will.

I promise, it’s unexpectedly very addictive!

Okay, so the good news is that you’re offered a discounted rate for the first month of $19.

If you’re still there 30 days later, you’re billed $47 for your next month and each following month that you remain a member.

Okay so I know exactly what you’re thinking because I thought it too. If you could see profitable results immediately, then it would be a piece of cake paying a monthly fee out.  But no, they tell you straight up that it will likely take a while before you see traffic and earnings coming in.  It is very likely that you’ll get a few commission payments straggle through during your first month and your second month..  By the third month, again this depends on which niche you’ve chosen, you will likely get your first steady stream of income.  Not enough to live on, and very likely it won’t be enough to cover your monthly payments yet either.  But if you continue to follow the lessons, and adding content to your website or blog on a regular basis, the people (and the big money) will come!

Kyle, the WA owner hosts all the video lessons himself. As skeptical as I usually am, I believed him when he kept saying, “just keep working, it’ll happen”.  He gives a time-frame for success somewhere around 3-8 months.  And by the 12 month mark, you’ve got cash payments coming in from all over the place on a daily basis.

But still, just starting out with something so new, you really don’t want to pay a bunch of money on a promise that things will come back to you eventually.  But that’s what I did.  I believed in it, and honestly, I was having fun and I didn’t want to quit!

At about the six month mark at Wealthy Affiliate, I started getting regular traffic, and clicks, and the payments slowly started coming in.  And mind you, I chose the hard “make money online” niche that everybody seems to be doing!  Another niche probably would have made it happen in half the time..

But the point is that now my monthly payments going into WA are a tiny portion of what WA is giving me each month.  I would be paying $47 on the 13th (or whatever day of the month that I happen to start my membership on), and I would get a $64 payment from Wealthy Affiliate send directly into my Paypal account on the first of the month.  The next month it would be higher, and the next month even higher, and on and on…  I quickly learned what a terrific value that service actually is.  I could have easily taken my website over to a different hosting company for a little bit cheaper, and left WA for good, saving myself that outgoing payment each month.  But not being a member, I lose my biggest monthly commission payment each month.

After a year, I had good money!  I went ahead and paid the yearly subscription fee of $375, which cut my monthly payments down to $29 per month.  And out of that $29 per month, I am getting $22.5 handed right back to me, per referral, for each and every month.  Wealthy Affiliate is easy to sell–it’s worth it and people can see that for themselves for free.

Worst case scenario–quit when your trial period’s up.  Nothing lost on your end, and a lot of new knowledge gained.

My favorite part about my new Internet business…

I recently had a family crisis which took all of my time and left all three of my sites completely neglected for about two months.  I was worried about losing the income after being away for so long.  But the flow of visitors, clicks, and commissions coming in never even slowed down!  My business was running, and thriving without me.

Set it and forget it..

Affiliate marketing is not exactly what you’d call a ‘passive income’, because you have to put in the work.  But once your content is published and your affiliate links are placed, it’s there forever.  Set it and forget it!  If I completely walked away from my websites today, the money would probably still be flowing in for about a year or two.

Is wealthy affiliate scam? Or a successful new business.

THE KEY TO SUCCESS at Wealthy Affiliate

Take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Community to learn tricks and tips.

When I joined, I automatically assumed that these people are my competition.  Why should I

turn to them with any questions or comments?  I’m not a social person, personally.  But there are no competitors there.  They’re all friendly and helpful.  It’s the strangest lifestyle.  Everyone has one common goal, but very different methods of getting there.  There are many successful people at WA, many of whom are owners of popular sites that you probably visit on a daily basis.  Ask any question, anytime, and you’ll get professional answers or suggestions, usually within minutes.

Only promote products and services that you believe in!

You will come across plenty of affiliate programs offering you outrageous, hard-to-pass-up commissions just for mentioning them or linking to them.  It is just bad business to promoting products or services or websites that you are unfamiliar with, or that you know your readers will not be happy with.  It may earn you a commission, but it will probably lose you respect and credibility with that reader who trusted you.

Follow the instructions step-by-step and it WORKS!  

If you complete each step of each lesson, you will earn money from your website. No limits.

And each step of the process was fun.  Every little step or accomplishment gets you excited and you’re ready to do more and more!

You can actually see how Google notices your hard work and rewards you with better rankings, more visitors to your site, and ultimately, more earnings.

Depending on your devotion, the sky is the limit from there.

After a year of blogging, I quit my full-time job and worked solely from home, earning more than I was before.

I am now up to three websites total, which bring in three incomes.

I am my own boss..  I work my own hours. It’s a completely new lifestyle.

Wealthy Affiliate changed my life.

Get your new business started for free with Wealthy Affiliate.


Top FREE Job Search Engine List

We have discussed how to make money with crowdsourcing sites like MTurk, and MTurk alternatives, plus a lot of other work-from-home money-making opportunities.  But there are also legitimate job search engines online where you can find actual job listings for strictly-online jobs.  They are lined up in “want-ads” fashion just like you used to see in your local newspaper.

Know where to search for jobs all over the world with the top free job search engine list..

While I personally believe that FlexJobs has the best selection of work from home opportunities, it is not a free service. It’ll cost you $15 a month just to be able to apply for any of their job listings, but I guess this is why they don’t have a lot of scam ads to sift through.

However, there are plenty of great, FREE online job search sites, and if you know what you’re looking for, it becomes easier to sort through the rubbish to get to the real work-at-home jobs.

First of all, each site is a little different, with different categories you have to familiarize yourself with. But here are a few magic keywords for any job search engine to find this type of job:

  • Work from home
  • Remote
  • Telecommute (Telecommuter)


Top (free) job search engine list..

Career BuilderCAREER BUILDER for one of the sites on the top free job search engine list

For a free site, Career Builder is the best job search engine for finding telecommuting jobs. I always skip the categories all together and type “work from home” in the keywords field, and get loads and loads of great stuff.  Easy peezy..

Indeed, One Search All JobsINDEED job search engine, One Search, All Jobs.  This top free job search engine list includes Indeed..

This site almost makes searching for jobs an easy task. In the “WHAT” section at the top, type in “WORK FROM HOME”, and you’ll have many options to choose from.  For more specific results, you’ll need to add your city and state.  You can also sign up for their RSS feed and have the updated results sent directly to your email inbox daily or weekly. Job Finder is on the list as one of the top job search engines..This site’s registration for matching job alerts is a little more detailed, asking you more questions about yourself. But their results better match what they think you’re looking for.  They usually host a lot of telecommuting customer service jobs on this site.

Monster Jobs-Job Search

Monster Jobs is a great local job search site, but you can find some remote positions and work-from-home job opportunities MONSTER is a valuable site on the top free job search engine list. in there if you dig. The best thing about Monster is that it comes with a boatload of other useful resources. Yes, most of these online job search engines do offer resume-building tools, but for some reason I find Monster’s to be easier to use and somehow more valuable. They also have a great mobile app, and a very interesting salary wizard. You should check that out, at the very least.

Simply Hired

I only recently signed up for Simply Hired’s RSS feed, but it has been surprising me with it’s great options.  Don’t forget this one when you’re out there digging.Browse the SIMPLY HIRED online job search engine list to find a good internet job.



Since it’s likely that you already spend time on other social networking sites, get to know your way around LinkedIn.  A lot of people don’t realize that many, many employers actually go there to post their job listings, andLINKEDIN is THE TOP job search engine list for professional career networking.. there are usually a lot of them.

Sign up with LinkedIn (if you haven’t already) and create yourself a fantastic profile.  Try to spend an hour or two on the site each day.  Network yourself in the field you’re interested in.  Follow others in that field, and chat with who you can.  Opportunities just seem to present themselves on this site.

Follow me on LinkedIn, and I’ll follow you back.

Good luck..


Don’t want an actual job?  Are you just looking for a guaranteed way to earn quick cash?  Sign up with the best cash-paying survey sites here.  Or check out these 25 sites for making quick and easy cash online.. today.

Jobs I Can Do Online

Many different types of jobs I can do online

Just like in the physical employment world, there are many different avenues that you could pursue when looking for a job online, including nursing, medical billing, transcription and data entry. I’ve included here some various category options for you to consider along with a few actual job listings from each category.  For more tailored results, you’ll want to visit the top job search engine list to know where to go, so you can browse specific jobs in your area.

While this list focuses on different types of jobs that are possible to do from home, you can also check out this list of actual online jobs that are always hiring.

Different Kinds of Jobs I Can Do Online..


You’ll likely run across a lot of these in your search, most of which will not be legitimate work from home jobs. But there are good ones out there.  Here’s an example of one I  found on FlexJobs:

  • UPS – Business to business Sales Consultant, Non-management, Telecommute (August, FlexJobs)

FusionCash is another great job I can do online..  Easy cash..

Nursing Jobs Online

Are you a registered nurse with actual experience under your belt? There are good work-from-home opportunities out there for you.  You could do medical billing, assist with disability cases, or provide your knowledge to actual patients over the phone.  Here are some examples of actual jobs nursing jobs found online:

  • Nursing jobs I can do online.RN – Registered Nurse – RN Case Manager – Work from Home

Job type: Full-Time
Work at Home? Humana Cares (August, Career Builder)

  • Looking for Pregnancy Writers!!

Telecommute Job. Home-based Writer/Editor for freelance temporary position. Will write, edit and merge content on the subject of pregnancy and birth. A minimum of one year professional writing/editing experience and expertise/credentials in pregnancy required.

  •         Nurse Auditor

Full-Time Telecommute.  Nursing degree is a plus. Unrestricted RN license is necessary.


Medical Billing Online Jobs

Some examples of actual medical billing online jobs:

  •         Coding Specialist III

Certified Professional Coder. Telecommute option. (FlexJobs)

  •        Medical Language Specialist

Remote Medical Language Specialist will transcribe and edit dictation work types by physicians while ensuring accurate clinical facts. 2 years of experience as medical language specialist and ability to edit voice recognized documents are required. (FlexJobs)

Posting referral links is a simple job I can do online for easy money..

Typing Jobs Online

A few examples of actual typing jobs online:

Many typing jobs I can do online.

  • Transcriptionist

Must have transcription experience, the ability to transcribe 30 minutes of audio within 22 hours. $10 per 15 minutes of sound transcribed. (FlexJobs)


Translator Jobs Online

Do you speak more than one language?  You would be a valuable asset to a lot of people.

  • Work From Home – Korean Speaking Customer Service Rep –

Job type: Full-Time. Bi-lingual in Korean and English/work from home. (Career Builder)


Customer Service Online

Some examples of actual customer service online jobs:

Call center jobs I can do online, from home.

  • FedEx Customer Representative. “Remote worker postion” to provide in-bound and out-bound assistance to customers regarding package inquires, problems and selling company services.
  • Game Advisor – Work from Home  Video Game Advisor/Specialist– assist fellow gamers with strategy and billing issues.


Work from home stuffing envelopes…

Please, PLEASE don’t even consider it. These are scams! Anyone can go to Kinko’s and have their envelopes stuffed for pennies, so why would they want to pay you $5.20 per envelope? There must be some reason…


More great ways to earn your rent money online:

Blog for profits.  Starting your own blog is so much easier than you think.   Learn how to start your own website and how to use it to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s absolutely free to get your own website started.

Check out this list of great sites where you can start earning a little extra cash online right now.

Plus, another great way to get paid quick is taking paid surveys online.  Check out my list of the top 5 survey sites that pay the most.

Leave me a comment (the link is up at the top of the page) and let me know about any job categories I should add to this list..