How to Advertise ZNZ


Hopefully by now you’ve signed up at the ZipNadaZilch login, and gotten your free ZNZ promotions capture page from the ZNZ Ad Team website.  But now you’re wondering what you can do with your new personalized affiliate capture page..

Here are a few easy (and cheap) ways to start your ZNZ promotions.


Start a Blog

As a new affiliate, starting your own website is ideal.  You need an outlet for your affiliate links so you can share more than just your capture page.  With a well-ranking website or blog, you can get your link on page one or two where people will see it, click on it, and you get paid. But if you don’t have your own website or blog, ranking on page one is not something that is going to happen quickly.  But for the long-term, you should definitely be considering this as an option.

How to advertise ZNZ

Social Media Sites

If you happen to have 500 Facebook friends and Twitter followers, you’d probably benefit greatly from posting your link to “public”. Include a short ZipNadaZilch work@home ad, and a sweet personal message, like “Do your friend a favor: share this link (or retweet)”.

Don’t be shy to ask people to share it forward–it usually works.  Most people will share if they are simply asked nicely.

And every time your link gets shared and people click on it, it will come from your own personal ZNZ account, giving you the credit, so you get paid.



Google AdWords Advertising Campaign

You could start a Google ad campaign with a small budget of about $30 to $50.

Here’s how it works:

Go to Google Adwords, and sign up (it’s free).  Choose some keywords that are relevant to the ZNZ purpose, like “work from home”.

You want to choose keywords that are low in competition, so that it’s cheaper, but will still bring in some traffic.  Choose your budget, and Google will advertise your ZNZ capture page on page one of searches containing those keywords you’ve chosen.  When your advertising campaign is started, it will continue until your budget has been reached.

This should give you a nice little boost in your ZNZ sales to get you started.


Video Marketing

Anyone can create videos and upload them to YouTube all day long..  It’s free, and it’s relatively easy to get your videos to rank on the first pages so that people will see them.  You’d just want to find competitive keywords to use in your title, and to add as tags.  Jaaxy is an excellent keyword research program with a specific YouTube ranking tool.  This is a paid program, but you can get 30 valuable searches for free.



Facebook Advertising campaign

Very similar to the Google ad, you can create a ZipNadaZilch work/home ad and pay Facebook to spread it around.   They make it so easy, even brand-new Internet newbies can navigate their way around this task.  And it can be as cheap as you want–you set the budget.  Want to just test the waters?  Give it a little $10 budget and see how it goes.



How to advertise ZNZ--think outside the box!


With all the different avenues available  on the Internet today, there are so many ways you could reach people.  You just need to get creative–think outside the box.  Finding new and unusual ways to get your message out there will set you apart from the herd in a saturated market.   This is how you can be successful in any affiliate marketing endeavor.

ZNZ Ad Team – Your Free ZNZ Marketing System

ZNZ Ad TeamWhile ZipNadaZilch has implemented a great business plan with great earning potential, they offer absolutely no support at all.  If any of you have gone directly to the zipnadazilch site to sign up, there is hardly any guidance, much less help and tips for actually advertising the product.  But there is a completely separate resource called the ZNZ Ad Team that might be exactly what you need.

What is the ZNZ Ad Team?

The ZNZ Ad Team is a free ZNZ marketing system that offers free training and a capture page that hosts your affiliate link.  The training is helpful and in depth.  It will give you ideas on marketing your new capture page to the public.

The capture page offers members a way to direct traffic to their ZNZ affiliate link, while also explaining the company and entire ZNZ process to your potential referrals.  The video description acts as a convincing sales pitch for your referrals.  This is ideal for people who do not have a website of their own in which to promote ZNZ.

When I first signed up with ZNZ, I dug through many, many ZNZ Ad Team reviews, but was never told exactly what to do with it.  So, here goes.  This is how it works:

When you go to the ZNZ Ad Team website and sign up, you’re asked to enter your ZNZ member numbers for ZNZ One, ZNZ Two, and ZNZ Big Cash.  If you’ve already signed up with all three of these, just go to your ZipNadaZilch page for each to sign in and get your member number.  Copy and paste them one at a time to the ZNZ Ad Team page.

ZNZ Ad Team capture page.

Here’s an important point you won’t find in other ZNZ Ad Team reviews:

You don’t really have to join all three to get your free ZNZ promotions capture page.  If you haven’t completed your offer requirements for all three, or don’t want to just yet, here’s what you do..  You can register for a free account with all three without actually having to complete any offers.  You just register, confirm your email address, and get your member number to include on your ZNZ Ad Team page.

But just remember, you will not be eligible for commission for those until you complete the offers directly with

For example, say that you’ve completed your one offer requirement for ZNZ One, but not ZNZ Two or Big Cash.  Now you’re ready to promote your ZNZ capture page.  The first referral you get signs up for all three: One, Two, and Big Cash.  You will get $20 commission for your referral to ZNZ One, but you will not get the $30 for ZNZ Two, or the $80 for ZNZ Big Cash.

But that is still an easy $20 in your pocket from one referral with the same amount of work and effort on your part.

Once you’re registered with the ZNZ Ad Team, they will give you your very own ZNZ promotions capture page with your distinct referral link on it.  It will look exactly like the page above, the one that you went to to sign up.  So, your referrals will go through the very same process that you did–signing up and entering in their member numbers.

Now that you’ve signed up with the ZNZ Ad Team, find out what you can do with your new capture page.

Ready to start your own website?  Wealthy Affiliate offers step-by-step instructions (for beginners) on how to start your own blog, and teaches you the many ways you can profit from it.  Free to join.  Check it out.