Here's an always-updated list of the top Canadian paid surveys...

Top Canadian Paid Surveys


Throughout this website, we have gone over all the top US survey sites extensively, but most of those sites are not available to various countries, including our closest neighbor, Canada.  Here is a great lot of the top paid survey sites for Canada residents.


Top Canadian paid surveys and their earning potential..


Pinecone Research is a the most highly sought-after Canadian paid survey site..

Pinecone Research 

Pinecone is a highly-sought after survey company with limited spots available.  Joining is by invitation only.  When Pinecone sends an invite, I come running.  You don’t have to worry about prequalification–you are automatically qualified for each and every survey you’re invited to, which is about 8-10 per month.

  • Surveys offered:  8-10 surveys per month
  • Survey value:  $5 each (in Canada)
  • Cashout minimum:  $5 minimum (one survey)
  • Payment options:  Check and Paypal cash payment options

Sign up with Pinecone Research


Global Test Market is a global site with high paying surveys, making it one of the top of this list of awesome Canadian paid surveys..

Global Test Market

This is a very reliable, surveys-only site with nearly unlimited surveys always available.

  • Surveys offered:  5-15 per day
  • Survey value:  35-150 points  ($1.60-$6.50)
  • Points value:  4 cents each  (23 points = $1.00)
  • Cashout minimum:  1000 points (approx $40)  This minimum is very easy to reach with the huge amount of surveys always available.  I personally cash out once per week with Global Test market.
  • Payment options:   Points can be redeemed for Paypal cash payment, or a ton of other prizes you choose from, like Amazon gift certificates, hotel vouchers, car rentals, DVDs, and a lot more.
  • Paypal payments made within 7 days from request, usually a lot faster.

Sign up with Global Test Market


Survey Savvy and the Savvy Connect app are two of the best paid canadian survey sites.

 Survey Savvy

This is a MUST-HAVE for any country.  They offer some big-money opportunities, including research studies and projects, but also still offer a few shorter $1-$5 surveys each week.

  • Surveys offered:  5-10 per month
  • Survey value:   $1-$75 each..
  • Cashout minimum– $1.00.  Cash reward system.. everything is offered in dollars
  • Payment options:  Check payments only, but it comes in the mail rather quickly, usually within a week to 10 days.

Sign-up with Survey Savvy


As far as Canadian paid surveys go, Swagbucks doesn't dish out much, but they do pay for a lot of other things you're probably already doing anyway.


This site isn’t much for surveys, it is a valuable spot to be a member.  You can earn extra cash for doing what you’re already doing.

  • Different ways to earn:  Surveys, daily polls, microtasks, searching the web, watching videos, shopping, installing toolbar or Swagbutton.. 
  • Surveys offered:  About 10 surveys available at any time
  • Survey value:  50-150 swagbucks
  • Points value:   1 cent each
  • Cashout minimum:  450 swagbucks for $5 Amazon gift card or 25,000 swagbucks for $25 Paypal cash payment
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, Amazon gift card, plus lots of merchandise options

Sign up with SwagBucks!


Fusioncash is my absolutely favorite US and Canadian paid survey site.

Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is one of my favorite sites.  They have top-dollar surveys always available, and a lot of other fun ways to earn.

  • Different ways to earn:  Surveys, Trial Offers, Microtasks
  • Surveys offered:  About 20-30 surveys always available under the FC Surveys section
  • Survey value:  MED to HIGH.  1.00 cents to $6 each
  • Cashout minimum:  $25
  • Payment options:  Check & Paypal

Sign up with FusionCash HERE


At Clixsense, you can earn while viewing ads, watching videos and playing games.. but its high paying surveys is what makes it one of the best canadian paid surveys.


Clixsense is another spot where I spend a lot of my time.  It has some of the highest-paid surveys always available, and its low minimum makes it easy to cash out a few times a week.

  • Different ways to earn: Surveys, Offers,  Microtasks, Viewing PTC ads
  • Surveys offered:  Nearly unlimited amount of surveys available, with immediate access to many different survey sites in one spot.
  • Survey value:  HIGH. Clixsense always has a lot of $3-$6 surveys available.
  • Cashout minimum:  $8 ($6 for Premium Members)
  • Payment options:  Check, Paypal, Paytoo, & Payza

Sign up with ClixSense


Shopper's Voice has one of the best sweepstakes of all the top canada survey sites.  $1500 per month is actually being paid out to members like you!

Shopper’s Voice

Get free samples sent to your home through Shopper’s Voice!

Take quick, easy surveys and get relevant coupons and random rewards like gift cards.  Plus members are entered in Shopper’s Voice monthly sweepstakes.  One member a month actually wins $1,500!
And since this is a somewhat new online company, your competition is much less than the average number of people signed up, giving you better odds at winning.

Sign up for free at Shopper’s Voice and take your first survey to be entered into this month’s $1,500 sweeptakes.


Survey Downline has top-dollar surveys and research studies.. Big money potential!

Survey Downline

Survey Downline is a good site with good opportunities.  They offer many standard surveys each month, and a few higher-paying research study surveys paying $50-$200 occasionally.  I definitely recommend signing up and keeping a close eye on all of Survey Downline’s email invitations so you don’t miss out on those top-dollar studies.

  • Surveys offered:  20-25 per month
  • Survey value:  $1-$7, with a few $10-$20 surveys here and there
  • Points value:  dollar for dollar value
  • Cashout minimum:  $20 minimum for Paypal cash payment; $15 minimum for Facebook credits payment
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payments;  Facebook credits

Sign up with Survey Downline HERE


Of all the Canadian paid survey sites, Ipsos i-Say is the most popular.

Ipsos I-Say Panel

Ipsos offers about 5-6 surveys per month, with reasonable rewards offered.  While this might not seem worth your time, being a member is valuable mostly because of the “Poll Predictor” drawings.  This is like a sweepstakes for prizes of your choice.  With people actually winning prizes left and right, it is very much worth your time to remain a member and take all of the surveys offered to you for this reason alone.

  • Surveys offered:  5-10 surveys per month
  • Survey value:  10-100 points each
  • Points value:  1 cent per point
  • Cashout minimum:  1,000 points ($10)
  • Payment options:  Paypal cash payment, American Express gift card, iTunes credit, Airline miles..

Sign up with Ipsos ISay Canada Survey Panel! 

And HERE is the FRENCH Ipsos website.


Sign up with MySurvey Panel from this list of Canadian paid surveys.

 MySurvey Panel

  • Surveys offered:  5-10 per month
  • Survey value:  50-150 points
  • Points value:  1 cent each
  • Cashout minimum:  1,110 points ($10)
  • Payment options: Paypal cash payments, gift cards and merchandise.  Uses the “Perks” plan, like Global Test Market from above.

Sign up with MySurvey Canada HERE


VIP Voice pays Canadians sweepstakes points for taking surveys.. Kind of a fun way to earn..

VIP Voice

VIP Voice is a very different type of survey site.  You take surveys for bonus points, which go toward auctions of the prizes of your choice.  The system works on a points-per-level basis, whereas the more surveys you take, the higher you level up and the more bonus points you will get per survey.  It ranges from level 1 (25 points per survey) up to level 5 (200 points per survey).  You reach level 5 after you’ve completed 20 surveys.  You can save up your bonus points to put them toward the auction of your choice prize.  There are lots of prizes, so chances of winning are actually better than you’d think, depending on the prize you choose, of course.

  • Surveys offered:  5-10 per month
  • Survey value:  25-200 points
  • Points value:  Each point is one entry into auction or sweepstakes of your choice.
  • Cashout minimum:  Spend points anytime on auctions or sweepstakes
  • Prize/auction options:  Cash, gift cards, technology such as tablets..

   Check out VIP Voice HERE!    or..   HERE!

Always Be Earning Online..

Constantly be earning in the background with some of these popular sites.


Mobile Xpression Rewards are a great addition to the earning potential of these top paid canadian surveys.


This is not a survey site, but participation can lead to cool prizes.  MobileXpression is a small piece of software you install on your phone or tablet, so the research company can monitor consumer shopping behavior on mobile devices.  It is lightweight and harmless, I often forget it’s installed.  Occasionally my Netflix will periodically stall on my Kindle, so I close the app while I’m streaming.  However to be fair, my Kindle no longer runs anything smoothly while streaming.

For installing the app and keeping it for one week, you get an automatic $5 Amazon gift card in your email inbox!  As long as you keep the app installed, you’re continually entered in their sweepstakes for more gift cards or cool prizes.  Prizes are awarded every Monday to members–people are actually winning iPads and other awesome stuff!

Note that you don’t have to keep the app running all the time.  You can disable it anytime, and it will restart itself when your device restarts.    If you have a qualifying cell or tablet, I suggest you try it out. Choose your device:

Check out Mobile Xpression – Canada.


In addition to these top Canadian paid surveys, earn rewards for the shopping you already do.

Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel

This is a cool one!  You download a simple app and scan all your purchases.  Once a week, you take a quick survey answering general questions about your purchases/shopping habits.  Earn points to cash in for gift cards or stuff from their electronic mall of goodies, just for spending a half hour a week at the most.  Easy and actually kind of fun!

Register for the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel HERE

if that link redirected you, go HERE.


Permission Research

Download and install an app on your mobile device or desktop computer for a monthly entry into their $100,000 sweepstakes. Keep the app installed on multiple devices at once for more chances to win.

Sign up with Permission Research

We will update this list as new Canadian paid surveys come available..

Did I miss any valuable Canadian survey sites that should be on this page?  Leave me a comment..

Here is an another profitable Canada-based website I trust.  It happens to be my #1 source of online income.  Check it out!




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  1. I have been a member of Survey Lion for a few years now. They only send you about a survey or two a month but you most always qualify. You can make around $2-$10 for the surveys although I didn’t get the higher paying ones until about the 2nd or 3rd year of doing them.
    They used to have a referral program but stopped for some reason.
    It’s great you posted all of these sites for Canadians. It is good to know which ones to spend time on. I am going to try devoting more time like you have been. Making $50 a day would surely help.

    1. Hi Adriana!
      If it is the security of your Paypal account you’re worried about, you might consider opening a separate account for yourself. You will have to use your actual information (correct name), but you don’t have to add a credit card or bank account to your non-official account. You won’t be able to withdraw your funds or get the Paypal debit card for spending it. BUT you are allowed to transfer your cash back and forth at will. After your payment comes in, you can just transfer it over to your official Paypal account, for free!
      Just a consideration.. Good luck!

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