Which Top Paid Survey Sites Pay the Most?

These top paid survey sites pay well and pay on time. Check out this list and earn today.In searching for the top paid survey sites, reviews and complaints are difficult to sort through to get to the best.

From the top list of the 10 best paid survey sites, there are those few that are top notch. When they call, I drop whatever I’m doing and take a survey!

They pay well, they pay quickly, and they pay the amount they promise.

Here is a list of which top paid survey sites pay the most and pay in cash..


Who are the top paying survey companies?

Highest paying for average surveys..

Pinecone Research—Each and every survey at Pinecone pays $3, and you’re automatically qualified for each one! This equals out to be about 20 cents per minute.  They’ll only send you survey invitations about 1-4 times a week, but it’s easy money! Payout minimum is $3.

A Pinecone membership is highly sought after, and is by invitation only at this time.  Right now they are looking for:

If you fall into one of these categories, I definitely suggest you sign up now while you can!

ClixSenseClixSense is technically not a survey site, but they always have a lot of high paying surveys available, $2-$7.   This site has a ton of other ways to earn as well.

FusionCash – This is a survey/offer site, but it always carries a good selection of $3, $4 and $5 surveys for you to pick from. There are always plenty of other $1 to $2 surveys to fill the gaps and keep you occupied.

Vindale Research Vindale is a surveys-only site with about 20 to 30 surveys available at any given time.  While there are a lot of low paying surveys offered here, it is very worth it to be signed up with them for those few high paying ones that come through.  I usually check with Vindale about twice a day and complete all of those $4 and $5 surveys before they disappear.  It’s easy money, don’t miss out.

Valued Opinions -Here’s a good site with steady-paying surveys.  There are usually about one or two a day.  Most pay $2.00, but each survey averages out to be .50 cents per five minutes, with higher reward for longer surveys.

MintVine – This site quickly turned into one of my favorites.  They still have minimal competition which equals out to higher paid surveys and higher qualification rate!  Most surveys range from $2-4 each.  Low $10 minimum to cashout, and Paypal payments.  It’s simple to cashout once or twice a week at MintVine.

OpinionPlus – This is a brand new site very similar to MintVine.  High-paying surveys with $10 minimum cashout through Paypal.  Because they’re so new, they have few members, which means extremely high qualification rate for you.  And this is especially true for MALE members, as they are in desperate need.

Highest paying for big-money research studies..

Survey Savvy – While Survey Savvy rarely offers survey invitations, some of those that they do offer can land in the $50 to $100 range. You are doubly eligible for these high-paying surveys if you download their Savvy Connect software on your computer. It is worth it to get on this site’s list.  Right now there is a $60 survey for new US members who download a piece of software on their computer and smartphone.  It’s perfectly safe, I promise.

MintVine– About 6 months ago this site would not have been on this list, but I have been getting great-paying research study invites from them lately. They only come about once a week, but my last two earned me $10 and $30. The $30 one was a 30-minute live session, just asking questions. It was an easy $30!

Which of the top paid survey sites pay cash?

These top paid survey sites pay cash with Paypal

These top paid survey sites pay by check.




Pinecone Research offers cash payment through Paypal or check by mail.  It takes about a week and a half for my check to show up in the mail. Paypal payment takes about 2 or 3 days.

FusionCash  pays cash through Paypal, but will also send check by mail, or directly deposit into a checking or savings account. All payments are issued on the 20th of each month after requested..  Check out this FusionCash review for more details.

Survey Savvy sends check payments only, but say they will likely offer Paypal in the future.  The check arrives quickly though, about 1-2 weeks max.  There is only a $1 minimum here, so you can cash out after one survey.

MintVine pays by cash through Paypal. They have an easy $10 threshold limit.

ClixSense pays by check or Paypal.  Low and easy $8 cash out minimum.

Vindale Research pays cash through Paypal, but they do have a high $50 limit.  Canada residents sign up with Vindale HERE.

Valued Opinions is the only one that does not pay cash. They do have a Visa cash debit card option, but you “purchase” this option for a $5 fee every payout. Their other best option is an Amazon gift card.

Are all of these survey sites legit?

Each of the top paid survey sites on this list are 100% legit. They all exercise fair and honest business practices and make an extra effort to not disappoint their members.

I hope this helped you decide which top paid survey sites you can trust.  Check out this list for more survey sites you should be signed up with.

Check HERE for more survey sites for Canada residents..

And go HERE for more survey sites for UK residents..

Are there any top-paying sites I should add to this list? Leave a comment..


9 thoughts to “Which Top Paid Survey Sites Pay the Most?”

  1. I’m an American living in the Philippines. Are residents of countries other than the U.S. eligible to do these surveys?

  2. The best survey site for me at least is Swagbucks. It is one of the few legitimate sites that I have encountered in my 5+ years of experience, making me close to a thousand dollars last year with minimal effort.

    Using this link and entering the code “freegiftcards”, you can start out with a load of free swagbucks


    Good luck making money!!

  3. Thanks for this incredible post! I’m looking for ways to supplement income while I grow my discount shopping site, and this looks like something I should be devoting way more time to. I’m a member of most of these, but I haven’t fully jumped in yet! Thank you!

    1. It’s definitely time-consuming, especially when you’re in the middle of such a big project like running your own website. I have a hard time keeping up with it all sometimes, but I hold out for the top-dollar survey invitations and devote my extra time to those..
      Good luck with your new site, JuneBugBoutique.. It’s cute, I’m sure it’ll do great!
      Thanks for the comment.

  4. I’m so honored to have your feedback! Thank you so much! This site is so amazing! I come here a lot and just get so inspired each time. You’re totally right about holding out for top-earning surveys…It makes it all worth it to see some significant cash flow. I go wrong by trying to stick with the same sites and not leveraging my time correctly. By doing so, I think some serious earning could happen with market research!

    1. New survey sites come and go daily, but yes, these are still the only ones I can earn guaranteed. And I try them all as I hear about them. Let me know if there’s any good, new sites that should be included here.
      Very good question.. Thank for stopping by.

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