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Vindale Research just credited me $11 for a 15 minute survey!  While $11 might not be considered much in the real world, an $11 credit in the world of online cash-surveys can make you feel like you just climbed a mountain!

I’m sure that most survey-takers know what I mean.  I’ve wasted way too much time on bogus sites (see my list of scam survey sites to avoid) for pennies, or worse (constant survey rejection!)  So those dollar credits are much more valuable than any paper dollar in the real world!

I have always had consistently pleasurable experiences with Vindale Research, and this latest credit has motivated me to tell as many people as I can all about them.

Of all the online Vindale Research Reviews, complaints are limited..  

This is probably because they’ve got an excellent referral system.  Refer a friend, they pay a $5 commission.  And you could get this cash too.  All $5 VINDALEyou have to do is sign up and start sending emails to everyone you know.

But even more so, they make it very easy to earn your survey cash while you’re there.

What I value most in a survey site is a successful qualification rate. I get so frustrated at these sites for making me fill in tons of profile information, and then they send me a bunch of non-relevant survey offers that I don’t qualify for.

When I continually get those messages telling me “Sorry, looks like you don’t qualify”, I know that all of those profile questions I just spent so much time answering were not for the purpose of survey pre-qualification like I was told they would be.

This is where Vindale stands out from the crowd.  They seem to actually use that information you give them about yourself and your habits for pre-qualifying you. Out of all the links they send me, I would estimate that I qualify about 95% of the time, which is a huge time-saver.

And when I get through one survey, I am credited immediately, and directed right to a new survey. I have sat for hours going from one survey to the next just within Vindale, without having to check my dashboard for more surveys. They just throw them at me!  This is why Vindale is on my list of the best paid survey sites.

But Does Vindale Research Pay?

This truly does seem to be an honest and fair company who actually pays when they say they will, which is becoming a rare quality these days.

I have requested payment twice now after reaching the threshold limit, and have received my payment from Vindale both times.  And in using the Paypal option, you’ll get it quickly!   So I can give you a resounding “yes”–Vindale Research does pay.

Sign up with Vindale Research:  

Vindale Research Compliments:

  • $2 bonus for completing your initial member profile.
  • Straight-forward reward system arrangement. You’re told how much you’ll get ahead of time, and you get that amount.
  • No wait-time or “pending” on cash rewards. Accounts are credited immediately after a survey is completed.
  • There are always lots of surveys available, and they make it easy to pick and choose which ones you want.
  • Most surveys are worth $1 and up. While there are some that only offer 50 cents, the majority are more, and there are always a few daily that pay closer to the $5 range.
  • It’s pretty easy to reach the threshold limit with their volume of surveys available.
  • Low disqualification rate.
  • All surveys are worth cash, no “Earn one entry into monthly sweepstakes”, like I’m sure we’re all familiar with by now.
  • Easy check or Paypal cashout options.
  • They offer a pretty good referral incentive. You can get $5 for every friend or family member you refer–as long as they don’t live in your house.


Vindale Research Complaints:

  • Surveys only–no other ways to earn cash here.
  • $50 threshold limit on the payout.  If you’re doing surveys only, this could take a while to reach.
  • Payments are only cashed out twice a month. When you reach your threshold (or whenever you’re ready to cash out), you must request payment before the 15th or the last business day of the month.
  • Some survey offers that reward less than a dollar.  20 minutes for a 50 cent survey works out to about 2 cents a minute.  Your time is worth more than that.


It is more than likely that you will find these cons in most survey sites, so you have to pick and choose the benefits that are most valuable to you.

In my opinion, the pros (by far) outweigh the cons at Vindale.  They pay well, and they actually will pay.

It’s free to join, and all members get a $2 bonus for completing their first member profile.  Sign up with your location below:

Vindale Research (US Residents)

Vindale Research (Canada Residents)


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11 thoughts to “Vindale Research Reviews / Complaints”

    1. What is it you’re confused about? Earnings, payments, which survey sites to use? Tell me what you need to know.. maybe I can help.

        1. With Vindale, you have to accumulate $50 worth of credits before you can get your cash. Once you get $50 or more in your account, you can “request” a cashout. Requests are usually approved within the day, however, their set paydays are on the 15th and the last day of the month.
          During your request process, they give you the option of getting a check in the mail (which takes about 7 extra days to get there), or a Paypal payment, which always comes through on payday, as promised.
          I know the $50 minimum is high, but they do it so that you will keep coming back and participating. If you’ve earned money with them already, hang in there until you get your payment. If you’re active on other survey sites as well, little payments should be coming in somewhat steadily.
          Good luck, and have fun!

  1. I have heard Vindale in recent times had some pretty negative reviews regarding non payments. The interface is also a template of swagbucks I believe. There are other more successful survey related sites that could help you make money from surveys though. Good luck survey goers!

    1. Vindale is nothing like Swagbucks, in appearance or the way they operate. And it is one site that I can depend on for a payment on the 15th and the 30th of each month. I will admit that their surveys do seem to be lowering in value as more and more people sign up. I continue to check daily for those high-paying ones and usually avoid the rest. It’s always worth it on paydays.

      1. I never get high-paying surveys. I start the survey from my inbox immediately and it’s always ‘unsuccessful’. I don’t understand at all. I get through only on less-paying ones 0.28 cents – 0.50 cents. I never got anything beyond that. I think I am literally wasting my time browsing for surveys around on Vindale. The only reason I could figure out is that I live in Australia and the time difference. I appreciate suggestions in this regard.

        1. Vindale’s survey rewards have gone down in the last year, I’ve noticed. But I still check it daily for those high-paying ones.
          I suggest updating your profile. The specifics of you and your lifestyle directly influence which surveys you’re offered. For example, I never got the good offers until I changed all my survey profiles to reflect my new business and income. Suddenly I had a continuous stream of top-dollar surveys available to me daily. This post has my best tips on how to earn the most with online surveys. Check it out.

  2. Thank you Angie for taking time out to assist us in this field. You have been most honest and helpful and I commend you for that. I, too, have been looking for 2 years for an on-line work at home job without success.

    Do they accept international members i.e. the Caribbean or directly the Bahamas?

    God bless you in your future endeavors.

  3. Thanks for this site I just recently Cash our on my first 50.00 it was so easy ..this company is for real. I won’t get rich but it does pay

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