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Finding home-office jobs in your work-from-home job searchThe work-from-home job search is a common Internet activity these days.  Huge volumes of people are actively seeking out online jobs, and working online is a concept that is becoming more and more popular–and competitive.  You have to be quick to find those good opportunities before everyone else beats you to them.

With the startup of so many new online companies, jobs are out there. It just takes some work to sort through the scams to find those legitimate online jobs with NO FEES.


Finding Work-From-Home Jobs Online

To try and keep up with trends and offerings of official work-from-home jobs available around the country, I spend a lot of time and effort digging through the some of the best job search engines online. I mostly look through part-time jobs—home office work—something I could do remotely from my own desk and computer.

In searching for local jobs hiring, my area produces slim-pickings in the form of remote, or telecommuter positions.  But if you live in a big city, your local results would likely bring up more options for you.

In your job search, don’t forget about corporate-America out there–they’re online too and many are hiring workers from home just like you.  This can be a great way for you to get all the great benefits of working for a corporation without having to commute.Remember to include "Corporate-America" in your work-from-home job search..

A true telecommuting job shouldn’t require you to be local to the business’ actual location, but this is often not the case.

Many online job listings offered (at least the more professional ones), want their remote workers to be working in a location somewhat close to the actual business office. Some even specify a face-to-face interview, implying that you would not be strictly a telecommuter.

However, there are some people that prefer to have a home office near to home. Having a physical employer and an actual brick and mortar location to check-in with or report to gives some employees a better sense of job security. Plus, a lot of the time certain benefits would not be available to out-of-state employees.

If this is a possibility for you, I would suggest that you first check out the companies in your own area. Larger businesses with call centers, like AT&T, usually hire remote workers. If there are any of these types of businesses in your city, check with their website or go see them directly, and see if they have any remote positions available.

You could also go visit some big retailers online that you’re familiar with. For example, Amazon usually has work-from-home jobs offered on their website. You can check out see if there are any virtual positions in your area that match up with your qualifications.

 Resources for your work-from-home job search..

Sort through the want-ads at some of the top job search engines.  Most are free to use, and you can honestly find legitimate jobs that you can do strictly from your home office.

You can usually find work-from-home job ads for professionals as well, like certified nurse positions, medical billing and coding, transcriptionists..  Check out this list of some actual online job listings you can find through the jobs search engines.


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  1. Hey, Angie

    There’s plenty of awesome information here on helping people to find the right online jobs that suit their needs.

    I’ve heard all the hype about people becoming rich from stuffing envelopes before and everyone would be doing it if was really that simple to make big money. Thanks for confirming what I already know and that makes 2 of us who think the same 🙂

    I personally don’t need an online job as I’m building a successful online business but I’m sure there’s plenty of other people who will benefit from online jobs.


  2. Wow! I wish I had seen this when I was looking for a job that I could do from home. You have some great information here and it’s so specific. I appreciate you sharing it with us.

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