Zip Nada Zilch & ZNZ One Reviews

ZipNadaZilch Reviews

So you’ve heard about ZNZ One, or Zip Nada Zilch, and you want to know if it’s legit, if it really works.. I’m here to tell you that it is legit, and that it really can work.

I am not a salesperson. Very recently, I was home on my computer asking Google the same questions you’re asking—Does ZNZ work? Is ZNZ a scam? Is ZNZ One legit?  What is ZNZ One?

All I had to do was try it out, and my questions were answered.  Now I want to make sure you understand the potential opportunity you’d be leaving behind if you choose not to sign up.

What is ZNZ One?

Top companies all over the world are paying ZipNadaZilch top dollar for getting customers to try out their products and services. ZipNadaZilch is paying affiliates (that’s you) top dollar to keep this system going and keep bringing in new customers. You can knock the system, but it truly is a win-win for everybody! These fortune 500 companies, like DirecTV, get a steady stream of customers visiting their sites and signing up to try out their products and services. And those customers get paid good money for passing the word along and bringing in a new set of customers to try out the products and services.

There are different levels to the ZipNadaZilch program.  ZNZ One is the first level.  It pays out the least commission ($20 per referral), but it is also the easiest and free way to sign up.  There are many different levels offering different levels of commission, all the way up to Big Cash, which pays $130 per referral.  You sign up with each one separately.

Basically, when you sign up, you’re presented with offers—mostly free trial offers, or discounted service offers. You choose which one to participate in (I chose a free credit report), and you’re a member.  You are free to promote ZNZ One and are eligible to earn commission.

Does ZNZ Work?

After reading through soooo many positive ZNZ One reviews, I was still left asking one major question—can I trust these reviews? These people are just trying to make money off me joining, right? Well that thought is exactly what got me to finally go to the ZipNadaZilch login page to sign up.

All of the many, many people writing these ZipNadaZilch and ZNZ One reviews aren’t likely to be spending all of this time promoting a company that doesn’t pay out.

Makes sense, right?

I finally just went to the site and signed up. Like I was promised, I didn’t have to pay anything.  For the free credit report trial, I did have to put in my credit card, but after about a week, I cancelled that account and was never charged a dime. And I was in the ZNZ One club.

ZNZ One Reviews - My first easy commission from ZNZ.Then it was time to test it out. I made a few little ads on Facebook, and boom—got my first three sales within 5 days. Just like that. $60 was transferred from ZNZ One into my Paypal account. Keep in mind, you don’t have to have a Paypal account—they will send you a check if you prefer. Or you can choose to work towards prizes, like an iPad, iPhone, Apple MacBook Pro..ZNZ One Reviews - Great prizes for ZNZ referralsZNZ One Reviews- Great prizes for ZNZ referrals
ZNZ One Reviews--Cash payments through Paypal




ZNZ One Is FREE to JoinZNZ One Reviews - The Internet is your playground--go out and play!

Still skeptical?  That shouldn’t matter, because it’s free.  You can quit reading all those ZNZ One reviews, and just go try it out.. Sign up with ZNZ One.

It doesn’t have to cost you any money down the line either—marketing, blogging. There are so many free outlets all over the Internet for you to talk, chat in the forums, on social media..

The Internet is your backyard playground—go out and play.


OR if you want to increase your earnings right off the bat, go ALL IN with ZNZ One, ZNZ Two, and ZNZ Big Cash.  Sign up for all three here.


If you have any questions about ZNZ, I would love to help. 

Just leave me a comment below



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